Skyrim's First DLC Is Tentatively Scheduled For June 26

Skyrim's Dawnguard expansion pack will be out for Xbox 360 on June 26. That's the plan, anyway, Bethesda's Todd Howard said today. Ya never know. [Joystiq]


    I sunk over 200 hours into Skyrim and thoroughly enjoyed every moment.. that said, I really can't get excited over upcoming DLC.. I don't think that they can offer anything new to the game that I haven't already experienced. That said, I'll be happy to be proved wrong!

      My play time hit a brick wall at about 76 hours, with two characters in the high 30's.

      I for one hope they can recreate the magic that was Bloodmoon/tribunal, two of the best expansion packs I've ever layed my hands on. Failing that, an Isles of madness or Point lookout would be just swell.

      Just... not another Anchorage or 'Pitt'. Cool idea's, sure, but piss poor execution.

        Also, with the amount of content being churned out by the community, I think it'd probably be worth my time to dip my toes back into the game.

    its also released only on xbox for 30 days before its released on PC and PS3 later.

      At least Bethesda are remembering who their original fans are.

        if thats the case, then they're delaying the release to PC users out of rememberance?

        How are they remembering their original fans by doing this? TES was on computer before the dawn of time.

    Well, after the e3 reporting reflecting a general sentiment of disappointment towards the future of xbox, early content rights are the only thing going for them. I hope we see a really well fleshed out skyrim expansion, story + character expansion, and not just "padding" to give is a few more hours of exactly the same

    195+ hours on the PS3. 40+ on the PC. My favourite game evah. Can't wait for Dawnguard.

      Damn, you're lucky you could get so much time out of the PS3 version.

      Kotaku needs to do less one sentence stories.

    More Skyrim is good.
    timed exclusive is BS. if it were just new weapons or maps etc (like the CoD DLC packs) then it wouldnt bother me at all, but c'mon... things with a narrative? yeah. they should all be simultaneous launches. as it stands at the moment, theres gonna be spoilers floating around the net for a month before PC & PS3 users even get the chance to play it.

      Can people shut up about timed exclusive. PS3 is worse they get exclusive content and timed exclusives

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