So Disney Actually Made A Real Wreck-It Ralph Game

By now I'm just going to go ahead and assume that you've already seen the awesome trailer for Disney's upcoming movie Wreck-It Ralph. If not, you really should. After watching it I thought to myself, 'someone should really make the Wreck-it Ralph game'. Turns out Disney was way ahead of me.

If you head to the official website for Wreck-It Ralph, you should be able to find a game-and-watch style game based on Fix-It Felix from the movie. I'm going to be honest here — the game is not very good. In fact, it's pretty terrible. That may, however, actually be the point. Who knows!

Anyway, I thought it was kind of cool!

In fact, I'm more hyped for Wreck-it Ralph that I was for anything shown at E3.


    And if you haven't seen it yet:

    My thoughts exactly. Wreck It Ralph is the biggest gaming news in ages, it's gonna be huge and I'm pumped to see it.

    Can you post a link to the game? All the google searches just bring up people hyping up the movie. And damn, does it look like an amazing movie.

    I wonder what it took Disney to get the rights to some of these characters...

      I'd say very little. They're Disney, they ask you for permission, and you give it. You ask them if they'd like for you to shine their shoes, or whatever else, and they smile politely, decline, and take your property. You then smile as it's murdered on screen, because in the end, it doesn't matter, it's a Disney Movie, and all publicity is good.

        haha fair call then I guess.

        I hope that Sonic is in it.

      After the Mattel fiasco with Toy Story, I imagine that more than a few companies were tripping over themselves at the potential exposure they'd get from having their characters in there.

      For those that don't know, Bo Peep in Toy Story was originally going to be a Barbie doll. Mattel said no, so Pixar made up an original character. Toy sales for every real toy featured in Toy Story simply exploded and Toy Story 2 and 3 featured Barbie and Ken rather prominently.

      Nobody would want to make Mattel's mistake again.

        Thanks for the info Trjn, I wasn't aware of this happening with Toy Story.

        And I'm looking forward to the light shed on violent video games vs retro XD.

    Has anyone finished the game? Do they throw him off the building?

    Mark, I have also read on KLOV (a forum where peope who own arcade machines hang out) that Disney brought a "real" (?) mockup Wreck-it-Ralph arcade cabinet to E3.

    How awesome.

    Quoting from the post... "It was mocked up out of a blue Nintendo cabinet and aged a lot to make it seem really was pretty cool because the bezel, cpo, marquee etc were all custom but in the same style as Donkey Kong".

    For those K-Auers who don't speak "old school arcade nerd" ;-) ...the above means they did TONNES of work to make it look JUST like an arcade machine from the 80's.

    After watching the Wreck-It Ralph trailer, I thought to myself "It would be cool if they made a Mario movie"
    Um, yeah...

    They nailed it. They really did. Born in 77 I spent a lot of time, a *lot* of time in arcades in the 80s as a very young boy. I remember games like Cops & Robbers, Elevator Action, Dig Dug etc. The look of that game is a bit more detailed than games back in the very early 80s (trailer says hes been doing it 30 years, 82) but the sound, the movement, the way it plays, abso-freaking-lutely spot on. Love it.

    The trailer was incredible, it feels like this truly is a movie for my generation AND my sons generation, it's so wierd.

    Can I ask all that read this and have a Linkedin entry to pretend that they worked for Tobikomi on ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ (1982 – 1983)… just for a laugh.

    I get the feeling this film will be MEGA - not for the quality of the production, but for the memories and nostalgia that it instigates. That said I want to try and use this support to reboot interest in amusement.

    You guys (and gals) get it - but I need to kick-start interest in the November release and in the films core message that coin-op is still king! (after this years e3 the job is not as hard as it once was!)

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