So Game Masters Is Really Quite Amazing…

So Game Masters Is Really Quite Amazing…

I can’t verbalise precisely what I was expecting from the Game Masters exhibition at ACMI in Melbourne, but I can tell you that I was pleasantly surprised. I knew that video games would be present, and I knew they would be presented in a gallery style format, but I wasn’t prepared for the care and detail that has gone into making Game Masters a truly spectacular celebration of games and the people who make them. It looks incredible.

The layout of the exhibition is pretty spectacular. I managed to snap a few shots of what you can expect to see when you arrive at ACMI, but really for the full scope and scale of it, you should head in. If you live in Melbourne, or get the chance to go down there at any point, Game Masters is a real must visit.

Each of the 125+ games are playable, which is fun in and of itself, but the games chosen, and the presentation, is what really makes Game Masters magical — Tim Schafer’s legendary job application to Lucasarts is on display, multiple different pieces of concept art, the original design document for Deus Ex (complete with scribbles). Those who simply want to go and play games are catered for, but Game Masters provides plenty more for those who take the time to examine each exhibit.

ACMI has really done a great job with this. Head here for more info.

This is Tim Schafer’s job application for Lucasfilm!

This is Phil Larsen from Halfbrick… at the Halfbrick exhibit!

The design document for Deus Ex.


  • Im extremely cut, was in melbourne for almost 2 weeks and i had to leave the day before it started 🙁

    • That being said, i did spend some time in the electronic media exibit downstairs next to the indie game exibit, its pretty great as well… and free.
      They have a hidden section with Quake LAN’d up, spent a few hours in there lanning it up old skool.

  • ACMI exhibitions are generally of the highest quality! I lost myself in the free history of the moving image exhibit ( which also contained a games sections ) for hours and still could have gone back and seen more. I cannot wait to get down to Game Master this weekend!

  • June-October 28th. Thank god for that. I’m in the US for 6 weeks so I guess I’ll head there this weekend to catch it before I go. Was looking for something to do and this will work.

  • SO many memories past/current in that top picture alone. I have both those 360 controllers, the MW3 and GoW3 ones 🙂

    I spy the Saturns Virtua Gun in black, although I had the bright blue one back in the UK, just in case I decided to do a bank robbery with it.

    Christ is that an Amiga 32CDX I spy, with possibly the worst controller ever made above, with the Jaguar dial pad controller coming in a close 2nd for worst ever. Still I rememeber picking one up just for AVP.

    Anyone know what that white wheled monstrocity is bottom middle?

    Also is that a wood veneer Atari 2600 in the bottom left ocrner, my Gran had one of them with Moon Patrol…great game…I think 🙂 Great story!

  • There was a really small and shitty one in Bathurst just before I left, but, like everything in Bathurst (including the curvy up-and-down road which goes nowhere) it was rubbish. Supremely jealous of our Victorian brethren.

  • Mark, I’m not surprised at the level of professionalism & creativity you saw there.

    Conrad Bodman (co-curator of this exhibition, co-curator of the original ‘Game On’ exhibition) is an incredibly switched on guy. I had a ball back in 2008 hearing about his first coinop experience (Asteroids) and his slightly more recent favourites (eg: Rez).

    Can’t wait to see Games Masters in 2 weeks time. 🙂

    • They didn’t when I went to the original ‘Game On’ exhibit, but it seems they’ve changed the rules? Or special exceptions for journalists?

      • Yesterday (Wed 27th) was the ‘day zero media-only day’
        when they only have a limited number of people in – purely for the purpose of promoting the event in the media – hence photography is allowed.

        Today is day 1 (for the public) and I /suspect/ photography will be discouraged, if not banned.
        I’m sure a K-Au reader will post the exact rules here any minute now…

        • What’s with the photo ban anyway? Do they really think that is an realistic or even acceptable policy in this day and age?

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