So Who's Staying Up For The E3 Conferences?

Last year I stayed up and liveblogged, and despite the fact that liveblogs are kinda old school, I heartily enjoyed it. It seemed like some of you guys did too, so I'm stocking up on Pepsi Max and doing it all over again this year. WHO'S WITH ME!?

The major conferences are kicking off at these times...

Microsoft June 5: 2.30am - AEST Sydney June 5: 2.00am - ACST Adelaide June 5: 12.30am - AWST Perth

Sony June 5: 11.00am - AEST Sydney June 5: 10.30am - ACST Adelaide June 5: 9.00am - AWST Perth

Nintendo June 6: 2.00am - AEST Sydney June 6: 1.30am - ACST Adelaide June 6: 12.00am - AWST Perth

Hope to see you guys and girls then — work/uni/TAFE/school be damned!

And while I've got you — let's make this an early E3 prediction post. What do you guys expect to see? What do you want to see? Do you expect any massive no shows?

Let us know in the comments below. Here are some of mine, which are pretty dull and predictable.

Expect to see... — A massive amount of 3DS games — Push for PS3/PS Vita integration (which I won't be too fussed by) — Sony to have the strongest 'core' exclusive line-up — Random 3rd party developer dragged on stage to talk about how Nintendo has support of third parties this time round! — Loads of Kinect. Maybe even something interesting for us?

Want to see... — Strong line-up of 3DS games — Strong (genuine, not just lip service) third party support for Wii U — A quality exclusive for 360 that isn't Halo 4 — The Last Guardian or, at least, proof it still exists — A new Hideo Kojima directed game

Expected no shows... — Bungie's Destiny — The Last Guardian — Any new hardware of any kind

Alright, your turn!


    Not a chance, I find them really crappily produced. I'm in this mostly for the trailers, which I'll watch on in the morning when they're actually viewable. :P

      Predictions? Pikmin and Quantic Dream's next game will be crowd pleasing.

    Umm... Mark, Brisbane is on AEST (same time zone as Sydney, not counting daylight savings). ACST is Adelaide/Darwin.

    My classes on Tuesday and Wednesday are both at 2pm, so I'll be able to sleep in relatively well after staying up so late (I am usually in bed by midnight).

    Only really watching the Microsoft and Nintendo conferences. Sorry Sony!

    I'm with you Serrels! I got my stockpile of junk food and cans of coke ready for the 2am -11am of eyeballgasms and making video reactions to each conference!

    No freaking way i'm staying up to listen to sales figures and market share percentage bullshit.

    If they do announce new hardware, someone come over and wake me up. :P

    You may be disappointed, Nintendo themselves have confirmed that 3DS won't be making much (if any) of an appearance at this E3, they're saving 3DS talk for later events.

    Geared up to take a sickie tomorrow for this. I did it last year but went to work the following morning & god, it was dreadful. :S

    E3 predictions, a glimpse at the new Xbox 720 & PS4 which I know won't happen.

    Announcement of KH3 then? Sony can end their conference with a bang if that's the case.

    Sony only for me.

    Thanks for posting those times, they fit in with my time off from work perfectly so I will definitely be staying up for the late ones.

    I am really dying for some GTA V info, even though its unlikely there will be some at e3.

    I'm not staying up for any of these. I will be up for the EA conference which starts at 6am AEST apparently.
    Hopefully they'll show some more of Overstrike too. That game looked like it'll be fun.
    And I'm still holding hope that microsoft will announce that Win 8 can play Xbox 360 games with an Xbox controller :P (wishful thinking, I know)

    I'll be staying up for the MS and definitely nintendo conferences, but I don't really care about what Sony have to show, so I'm not bothering with theirs.

    Is there anywhere that let's you stream the conferences on a mobile device? That would be easier than messing around with the computer.

      Gamespot are live streaming on their page. There is an app for iOS and Android

    ME! Only Sony and Nintendo though. There's not much I'm interested in from the others. I'll be catching up the morning after for them.

    As for predictions... I don't really like making them. I'll just say I want something to surprise me!

    I thought based on today's Nintendo Live broadcast the Nintendo presentation would only focus on Wii U. Where are the pundits claiming that Nintendo would be ditching the Wii U brand?

    I'll be staying up for all the conferences.

    What I'm excited for:

    Black Ops 2- I am really curious to see the new gameplay additions they've made. The stuff Treyarch is doing sounds cool.

    I've posted this a bunch on TAY but I'm super excited for Need for speed: Most wanted by criterion. It's dumb they are using the same name though. I just hope the open world and exciting cop chases return.
    Crysis 3-I've played non of the crysis games but I like watching their gameplay.
    Dead Space 3- All the new changes have me intrigued. I really need to finish the first one.

    Far cry 3 baby! Far cry 2 had its issues but it was a fun game. I'm sad that the fire tech might not return but I'm hopeful that they make up for it by having more missions and just more stuff to do in the open world. Far Cry 2 was too empty at times.
    Anything Rayman related
    More AC3 footage.

    All the new Vita games. Possible price drop? I hope so.
    God of War Ascension singleplayer footage, Last of Us.
    Last Guardian. Pleeeeease don't be cancelled.

    More concrete info on the WiiU
    A 3DS lite maybe?
    The new WiiU games.

    All the gameplay demos.

    AND MY AXE. I'll definitely be there, will try to grab some sleep in between conferences.

    I have a Chinese exam tomorrow. [sob]

    If my Tuesday night was not interrupted with work travels across the tasman. I would. I strongly believe that either sony or microsoft (or both) plan on announcing their console will be out for xmas to rival the wii-u for sales.

    Didn't know it was tonight! Unfortunately, I won't be staying up, but I'm hyped to watch them in the morning.


    I'll likely be here with you Marcus Decimus Peridius, I hope to see the last guardian but you've gone with expected no shows and no I am sad. I am just interested in whatever, seeing who's going to take the next big leap and push the medium forward. My prediction: nobody.

    Meh, not really. Those conferences really bug me with how lame they are. I'll wait for titles that catch my interest as I browse the internet (but ignore all teasers because they're always lame).

    Also, you should live STREAM your reactions Mark. The stare would be perfect for say, an announcement of Call of Duty: White Ops.

    Damn right! I love staying up and watching the news live, even though I'm not too fussed by Sony or Microsoft's showings this year.
    I expect:
    - a bunch of Kinect and Move games, mostly sport/casual titles that still won't sell me on the peripherals.
    - 3DS and Wii U games
    - I'd be surprised if neither Sony nor Microsoft announce new consoles this year. We know they're working on them, seems like the right time to officially detail the projects, despite their claims of a 10-year life cycle for the current gen.
    - If last year was all about 3's, this year is 4's: Halo 4, Doom 4, and a possible, hopeful, Fallout 4

    I want:
    - Kinect games that make me want to upgrade.
    - Info on Luigi's Mansion 2, Pikmin 3, New SMB 3DS, Fallout 4, South Park: Stick of Truth, Aliens Colonial Marines, the new Oddworld project
    - Wii U news and details, as well as whatever Microsoft and Sony are working on, deep in the bowels of the Earth.
    - and maybe something from Valve. They've been pretty quiet.

    Hehe, soon as I read 'What I want to see' from Mark expected the word Kojima in there somewhere, was not let down. Oh you! :P

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