Some Dude's Trying To Play Q*Bert For A Ridiculously Long Time... Again

OK, well, not just "some dude". The record-seeker is Ed Heemskerk, who set the marathon record for Q*Bert at 68.5 hours back in March, is bidding for a 100-hour stretch on a single quarter.

Heemskerk's last bid set a time record but failed to eclipse the overall high score mark, which, at 28 years old, has moved out of the house, gotten a good paying job and is getting serious about a Ladybug high score it met at a wedding. Rob Gerhardt's mark of 33,273,520 has, since last year, survived five attempts to beat it.

One hundred hours is not fooling around. The most I have ever done without sleep was probably 41 covering a Marine Corps training exercise. The only time I went 100 hours straight without doing something was when I won a fraternity bet going that long without taking a dump. That was before I became a coffee drinker, obviously.

If Heemskerk hits 100 hours, that'll be at 2am AEST Wednesday . If he beats his old mark, that'll happen sometime around 7.30pm AEST on Monday. You can check on Heemskerk's progress at the link below.

Ed Heemskerk's 100-Hour Q*Bert Record Attempt [Scott Patterson]


    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      It's a joke, moron. If you can't understand it, that's your problem. It's not up to anybody else to spoon-feed you.

      Oh now I get it.
      It just takes a bit of comprehension, I think the sentence is a bit bulky like that. Basically, the previous high score is 28 years old, and the joke is that at 28 years old, the high score has done all those things.
      The joke is that high scores can't do those things.

    I read it and laughed so hard, milk came out of my nose!

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