Sony Bidding $555k On New Domains, Microsoft Over $2m

There's gold in them thar digital mountains, especially when it comes to the whole Top Level Domains (TLDs) thing. TLDs are personalisable domains that allow you to replace the '.com' in a web domain with something else entirely and there is a massive bidding war going on.

According to this New Statesmen report, Sony has bid over $500,000 on three separate domains: .playstation, .sony and .experia. Microsoft is pushing the boat out further — obviously it has more products to market, hence more domains. Microsoft is currently bidding for .azure, .bing, .skype, and .xbox among others.

Incredibly, according to the report, bidders for these new domain names have to drop $185k just to bid! This is incredible.

I have to wonder about the legitimacy of this whole thing. I think everyone who has ever used the internet — even once — is aware that the word '.com' is a thing you have to type for a web address. I wonder just how much of a barrier '.com' is, really.

Is it worth all this cash? I sincerely doubt it. Part of me thinks these new domain names will just confuse people further.

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    I guess $185,000 per domain is not expensive for a huge corporation but I'm with you Mark, I don't see the point. Also according to the Eurogamer story the companies have to keep paying $25,000 a year to keep the domains.

      It's absolutely worth it if you're Sony/MS/Some other big company. You don't want some random company to own a TLD with your brand. It's a defensive move as much as it is a marketing one. And in the event that these new TLDs catch on, they'll be glad they got them early.

        This is surely worth it. I once bid $1,500,000 on the domain name Totally worth it. However it was robbed from me after I decided to attend the anniversary of the living dummy. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    It's a branding and legitimacy thing. They want it to own it (and so that nobody else owns it), but also as TLDs become more and more common they'll become "stamps of approval" you'll see the .sony and know that this is an official sony product/website and something to be trusted.

    Also consider that from a gaming point of view, obviously every game company making a game on your console will want to register a url using your domain, so they're making back some of that annual fee.

    If I had the cash i'd buy out .redundancy , so to get to my site you'd have to type redundancy.redundancy

      These examples are what will make it confusing... eg: & (even though you don't really need the www anymore)

      Both seem stupid as hell, so I expect that these domains won't replace the "Global Home" sites.

      Global Home -
      Then these domain names will be a new sub domain option.

      Although I think the domain on the end is backwards, should at the front, that way addresses are given a level structure and follows more like a filepath


    If I had the cash I would buy .kotaku just to mess with you guys

    It's the natural evolution of the internet. Eventually .com will fade and become history.

    Id like to own .market and .world

    I wonder if .chickentonight or .trojan are available

    The $185k bid is a DEPOSIT. You get the money back after the bidding ends, assuming you loose. Its a detterant to TLD sitters.

    I reckon they're looking much, much further into the future. Who knows what the internet will become? Owning your own brand, just in case, makes perfect sense.

    Yeah, but it's also much cooler, and possibly more logical.

    Instead of going to "", you'll be going to simply "".

    Or, you would if you're some kind of crazy person that uses bing.

    But it would also mean that, when Sony puts out a new TV, it would be listed at nickname.bravia, instead of

    I'd like to own .www
    Then i can just make up silly palindromes and loop shit around

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