Sony's Best Commercial In Years

For around a decade, Sony and its various advertising agencies managed to create not only some of the most memorable commercials in gaming, but straight-up of the most memorable advertisements.

While things haven't been too bad lately - Kevin Butler has his fans, and as corny as it is, "Michael" was a neat idea - there's been nothing to really grab me by my shirt collar and make me watch it over and over and over again.

Until now.

These are Sony Japan's new ads for the upcoming Crystal White version of the PlayStation Vita. They star crooner, actor and voice-over man Shigeru Matsuzaki absolutely belting one out.

If you've played Katamari Damacy, you may already know who the guy is.

Does it have anything to do with video games? Nope. Can you watch it a few times then walk around for the rest of the day singing "AH WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH"? I sure as hell have.

The full clip is up top, but to the left is a shorter, peppier version.


    I've never been one to write something negative on Luke's articles because I figured this guy is trying his hardest, But for f$%ks sake! Get rid of him, all he seems to do is browse reddit and post anything from that. And how the f#%k is this sony's best commercial? this is terrible. The michael commercial was great, the one where people are trying to create a massive human mountain was incredible, the finger gun shoot out at the train station was hilarious and all the other vita ad's showing how people play great games wherever they want are great.

      I bet your post gets deleted because you are saying it how it is, Happened to me last time i bad mouthed the fool

      It's not easy to find new news that has never been posted anywhere these days. So judge him on his writing, not this ability to find stuff no one else has already found before him.

        its not the fact that it gets posted elsewhere, i dont think most people mind that. but his articles suck. this commercial, as stated by knifeyspooney, is no where near sony's best commercial.

    I have succumbed to the temptation to sing 'woah woah woah woah', but it is interfering with my current habit of singing 'lollipop lollipop ooh lolli- lolli- lolli-'. I'll give you three guesses which new-release game I'm playing at the moment.

    Sorry Luke, disagree. Not my scene and didnt seem very special at all to me.

    I dunno. I quite liked the ad where they got actors to dress up as playstation characters.

    'Double Life' will forever be the greatest PS ad. Still remember the first time I saw it. I knew then games had finally started hitting mainstream culture :)

    So... Luke, if your reading this, did you perhaps smoke a joint before posting this?
    I'm not sure anyone see's the appeal to this except screaming WHOAH HO HO, WHOAOH, but even that is a stretch to either stupidity or better put unusual behaviour.
    But no worries dude, keep the joints smoking and all will go well after all Kotaku needs some insanity to break the ice every now and then

    -__- I saw this every 2 minutes on the trains in Japan when I was there a few months ago. This ad made no sense there, and it still doesn't make sense. Definitely not the best ad Sony has made.

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