Sounds Like Assassin's Creed Will Debut A New, Female Assassin On The Vita

According to a report on NeoGAF, the latest Game Informer contains a preview of a Vita-only Assassin's Creed game called Assassin's Creed III: Liberation.

It's unconfirmed, but other GAF users are also saying they read the preview. Among salient facts about the game: It will star a female assassin named Aveline, will take place in New Orleans (yes!) during the same time period as Assassin's Creed III, will have multiplayer, and won't feature Desmond. Aveline will meet Connor from Assassin's Creed III, and her mentor will be an escaped slave, which combined with the location and time period could mean that "Liberation" could refer to the liberation of American slaves. Oh, and it will feature alligators! Awesome.

That image up top is of Shao Jun, the woman assassin in the short film Assassin's Creed Embers. I've been wanting a female assassin to turn up since seeing that; sounds like we'll be getting our wish.

Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation (Vita) revealed in Game Informer [NeoGAF via Joystiq]


    Averline, huh. From Orleans. Is she also a guard captain?

    Interesting setting though.

      Aveline* - I blame the phone typing.

    I still think a main game staring a female Assasin would work perfectly fine

      Perhaps Desmond doesn't have any female ancestors though.

        Generally how these things work is you get a male ancestor and a female ancestor together and they make a decendent.

          Yes but only one of them holds the bloodline. As long as every pair of ancestors have a son, the bloodline remains male.


    Sounds great!

    Awww... i thought that was the Ninja girl from the animated short film

    The one where Ezio was an old man and told her about "how to be a good assassin leader" person

    Sad face - i would have finally had my Japanese (or Chinese would have been cool too actually) themed assassins game

      looks like her alright.... hopefully this game will find it's way to the xbox/ps3/wii u in one form or another!

      Ninja Gaiden

    The pile of Vita game announcements keeps on growing. Awesome!

    This & the eventual Bioshock game are why I got my Vita *happydance*

    Great news. Not only does it changes things up a bit with the Assassin's Creed franchise, but even better that it's Vita exclusive as well and not a port. Since it isn't connected to Desmond in any way, it opens the possibility of other spin off titles appearing down the track, and hopefully more variety in settings and enemies.

    Love N'Orleans! Looking forward to getting my stab on in the Big Easy!

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