Square Enix Average Salaries Are Sky High

According to online research site Nensyu Labo, here is a list of the mean yearly income for the game industry with numbers crunched from public reports filed by the companies.

Square Enix: ¥21,680,000 (US$272,988)

Sony: ¥9,230,000 ($US116,189)

Nintendo: ¥9,140,000 ($US115,032)

Sega Sammy: ¥8,220,000 ($US103,486)

Konami: ¥6,780,000 ($US85,371)

Namco Bandai: ¥6,400,000 ($US80,577)

Tecmo Koei: ¥6,150,000 ($US77,418)

Capcom: ¥5,710,000 ($US71,891)

A couple things to keep in mind: The strong yen makes the salaries appear much larger in US dollars. Also, this doesn't necessarily mean your typical Square Enix employee is earning $US200k. Rather, it probably means there is a layer of upper and mid-management with very high salaries.

The ranking also showed which game developers brought up the rear of the pack — namely folks like Nippon Ichi Software (3,700,000 or $US46,512) and Tose (¥3,500,000 or $US43,995). Give those people raises!

ゲーム業界の年収 [Nensyu Labo via 2ch]


    I'm sure the effort they out in deserves the reward. But the products them selves leave much to be desired and certainly don't.

    I'm sure the effort they put in deserves the reward. But the products them selves leave much to be desired and certainly don't.

    I'm sure if this is an online research company the figures are way off. Look at the articles in the past (even Guinness Book of World Records) that guess and are off by thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands

      It's MEAN income, this statistic is completely meaningless precisely because of all the executives at the top end completely skew the results positively. It just means that the board are probably voting themselves healthy bonuses on a bi-monthly basis and arranging golden parachutes. It's no less dishonest, but I'm sure the Median income for all these companies would be more or less the same.

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    Yeah, I heard the income for the actual artists in Japanese games companies is closer to $20K per year and they have to live in share accommodation just to survive..... To average out to those figures means the management must be on astronomical incomes.

    No wonder there taking so long to bring out FFXIIIversus and Kingdom Hearts 3 if there paying them that much by the hour.

    This is why you should use a median and not an average....

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