Star Trek's Intro, Reborn For The 21st Century

One of the biggest problems I've had with Star Trek over the years is that, recent movie aside, it's so dorky. So old-fashioned.

This re-imagined intro sequence, done by artist Shawn Sheehan, flips that to its advantage, crafting a clip that revels in its retro chic so much it nearly drowns in it. And it works! I don't think I've ever appreciated that theme song until now.

Live Long and Prosper [Shawn Sheenan, via Laughing Squid]


    I loooooove motion graphics, and this was beautiful.
    Though I think there was just...too much happening on screen at once - lose Kirk's dialogue altogether.

    The more he reveals about himself the more I feel that I need to stop reading what he says... It's what's best for all involved :-P

    The dictated text is pretty dorky. The rest is good.

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