Star Wars 1313 Looks Absolutely Amazing

I don't know how it plays. I haven't played it! But the new Star Wars game, 1313, looks incredible.

This clip we've got here shows the PC version of the game, and while it looks cinematic, it's said to be entirely in-engine. Most of it being, clearly, gameplay footage.

No further info on release dates or platforms. Aside from PC. So if you think it might be a Durango/Orbis game, well, maybe you should keep on thinking that.

You can read more about the game, and see some art for the project, here.


    This looks fucking incredible. A mature star wars game tackling more of the gritty issues in the universe? Yep, the only other game that came close was KOTOR.

    I think Star Wars is best suited to an open-world game instead of what we've been given. There's a big, rich universe that deserves proper exploration, which Bioware has done with KOTOR/Old Republic, but let's face it: KOTOR is dated now, and not everony is into MMOs (though I hear TOR is going F2P next month, so I might check it out).

    I'm very interested in this - always kinda dug the Bounty Hunters from Star Wars, and it'd be nice to see one that isn't wearing Mandalorian armor get some attention.

      I think it's more just that open world games tend to get more freedom to move away from the done to death elements (also less Jedi usually works out better). Knights of the Old Republic doesn't have to feature blowing up a Death Star or tripping up chumps on Hoth. Rogue Squadron for instance shines when you're doing the random EU missions instead of the trench run you've done a thousand times. Republic Commando and Battlefront ruled.

        Man, Republic Commando was such an awesome game. Shame it never got a sequel.

      TOR was fun, nice plot interaction for a MMO.... But it dragged and I gave up due to other games and a complete lack of ability to change reset ect your validator on your phone, it it goes free to play I may go back if I finish the massive backlog

    Please don't screw this up LucasArts!

    Yes, I do want to see a darker and grittier star wars.. thank you.

    1313. So a city that spans at least 1000 floors. Limits the location settings some. Coruscant, Taris, Nar Shaddaa. Can't think of anywhere else in the universe that would have that many floors in a city. Sigh. Another fail from LA. It looks good but unless the story delivers, it could go the same way as TFU1 and 2.

    For me this has been the best thing to come out of E3 so far, I have been waiting so many years for a leap forward in graphical technology. If this is what the next gen is going to allow then I'm all for it sooner rather than later.

    Really cannot see this being on current gen consoles. Apparently the demo was being run on a high end pc with an Nvidia card. Would have to be scaled back quite a bit for current consoles.

      Meh, wouldn't surprise me if this is one of a dozen games already being built for the next Xbox. Which I expect to be announced at next year's E3 for a 2013 holiday release.

    I hate you so much, GameTrailers player. Ridiculous compression and audio offset... can we get this video on youtube? Also, yeah, that -does- look impressive. I'm inclined to think that the inside face of the cylinder you're descending through is a lot simpler than it looks, but it all comes together excellently.
      A much better version.

    I will maintain my sceptisizm, I rememebr when SW:TFU was announced and poeople flipped out at that too.

    SWTOR lessened my interest in the Star Wars IP - I still love it, but the whole TOR MMO experience put me off it a bit.

    This looks refreshing and I'm keen on seeing more detail on it.

    Am I the only one that thinks this game looks terrible because of the characters eyes in this video?... they're dipping into the uncanney valley.

    That looks amazeballs! Hopefully it'll turn out to be an awesome game.

    Can we all agree to not use the word 'Amazeballs' on every other E3 reveal going forward?

      And say what? Amazing? I think not! I am amazeballed by your ignorance, sir.
      Good day!

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