Star Wars: 1313 Looks Good Enough To Rip The Arms Off A Gundark

We saw a pretty muddy clip yesterday, but today Lucasarts has released official media for its upcoming Star Wars title 1313. And, yeah, at least visually, the thing looks great.

I'm not sure the world, let alone this E3, needs another third-person, cover-based shooter, but just seeing the "classic" Star Wars universe make a video game return is good enough for me. For now.

In the gallery above you'll find three gameplay clips (direct-feed, not capped off a livecast) and a bunch of screenshots.


    Graphically speaking it is by far the technically best looking game of the show for me so far. Watch Dogs very close behind and Beyond just behind that. 1313 looks like Uncharted: Star Wars which I am very happy with.

      Square Enix just beat this with it's Luminous Studio game engine.

    Concept sounds great, not liking the over-dependence on cover showing in the gameplay preview.

      I'm still out on the Uncharted like climb the burning vehicle section. Looks awesome, but I've climbed over so many exploding machines, it doesn't feel too fresh any more.

    What is this running on?

      High end PC with an Nvidia GPU, is what they said. They didn't say specifically what GPU though.

        Cool, thanks. Those particles and smoke look amazing.

    About frickin' time a new Star Wars games came out that's based in the classic time period.

    Now if only we could get Battlefront 3 some time soon...

      PC running the latest nVidia tech (unsure how many gfx cards though, they didn't say).

    Not getting on the bandwagon till release. Will admit it looks good but it's going to take an amazing game to make up for TFU2.

    Not getting on the bandwagon till I've played a demo and read the story basis. Will admit it looks good but it's going to take an amazing game to make up for TFU2.

    It looks great yeah until you listen in and realise it's running on High spec Nvidia hardware and therefore enhanced with PhysX.

      Nope, still looks great after you realise it's running on high spec nvidia hardware and therefore enhanced with PhysX. :P

    It looks cool and everything, but I got absolutely zero Star Wars vibe off what I saw. Is it really a Star Wars game?

      That depends on whether you get a Star Wars vibe from the originals or the prequels. They're both Star Wars but definitely not the same vibe.

        I'm actually with Zero on this one... meaning I got much more of a 'prequels/TFU' vibe from this and absolutely nothing that made me think of the originals.

        Call me cynical, I am. :-P

    Looks nice... a good candidate for next gen consoles rather than current gen, I think. Now all we need is another Rogue Squadron.

    Is anyone else a bit weirded out by the fact that the game is named after 1 floor of a city? does that mean it'll only take place there? Or it'll start/finish there?

    I'm hoping there'll be some exploration in terms of space flight/combat, but that would require going to other worlds, which doesn't relate to the title (as yet anyway).

    Overall it's an interesting take on the star wars universe, no jedis or siths in sight (yet) so it'll be interesting how they give it the 'feel' of star wars without those key ingredients. It could really flesh out the star wars universe more and show a different side and get it away from the whole 'it's not star wars without jedis and prequel robot soldiers' bs that seems to make up everything SW related.

    Fingers crossed.

      I hope the whole game isnt stuck inside some underground building

      Well, considering the city covers an entire planet, there seems to be a lot of room for variation.

    Looks like Uncharted.

      Was more like Star Wars meets Mass Effect to me

    I love the concept of the game and the grittier take, but seriously that character design is awful. When i think of a bounty hunter (even a younger one) i think of someone with street smarts who has grown up the hard way. That main character looks like he's come off a college education paid for by his parents and couldn't grow facial hair if he tried.
    Please may this NOT be the main character...please!

    I'm still trying to work out why I should care shoot this game. I want another X Wing game. Alliance id's fairly dated now and yet it is still better than any start wars game since. I'm including kotor in that, too.


    Surprise SWTOR add on, & I might regain interest in SW software

    A star wars game that doesn't suck? Please??

    I see a repeat of what how EA marketed Battlefield 3.They're gonna show this game running only on high-end PCs until we see it on consoles and it looks nothing like this.

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