Start Your Day With This Incredible Blade Runner Animation

Swedish magician and reader Anders Ramsell has uploaded this clip that recreates the opening sequence of classic sci-fi flick Blade Runner as an animation. That uses over 3000 paintings.

To be exact, it employs 3285 watercolour images to show the film's famous intro scene that begins with talk of turtles and ends with a bit of the ol' claret being spilled.

What's even more insane is that it's labelled as a "teaser". As in, it implies he'll be trying to do the whole movie like this. Nutso.


    This is awful ... yeah it took a lot of effort ... but Jeezus. It's unwatchable.

    Think i'll stick with my blu-ray.

    That look as messed up and as difficult to understand as Phillip K Dick's mind.

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