Street Fighter Producer Says Capcom 'Didn't Even Acknowledge' His Harrowing Hospital Visit

Popular Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinoro Ono says even after he worked himself to the point of exhaustion and took a terrifying trip to the hospital several months ago, Capcom put him back to work at breakneck speed.

Speaking to Eurogamer's Simon Parkin at Capcom's Captivate event last month, Ono paints a grim picture of working conditions at Capcom:

The situation is the complete opposite. Nobody told me to take a rest. When I returned to work, Capcom didn't even acknowledge that I had been in [the] hospital. There was no change in my schedule. I was at home for an entire week before the doctors allowed me to return to work. When I returned to my desk there was a ticket to Rome waiting for me. There's no mercy. Everyone in the company says: 'Ono-san we've been so worried about you.' Then they hand me a timetable and it's completely filled with things to do.

Jeez. Be sure to check out the rest of Parkin's interview: it's a great read!

The Rise and Collapse of Yoshinori Ono [Eurogamer]


    Yeah, Japan has some of the worse hospital care and response in the world. Heard one story of a guy who had probably nothing more then a mossy bite but they decided to slice off the area around it.

    Lol that picture when i read the title i thought from what his right hand looks like he had his hand cut off

    If I got to make video games and get trips to Rome for a living, I wouldn't complain about shit.

      Yeah, I hear it's a really high-paid, low-stress job with reasonable deadlines, complete creative control, and plenty of leisure time when traveling on company money...

      You would if you were working about 80hrs a week.

    I don't understand why though... isn't Street Fighter the same game they've been releasing every few weeks?

      ah, but you're forgetting that they need to work on the 100-something Kilobyte unlock keys for the DLC. That takes tremendous work and dedication y'know!

    If he is still working there I doubt he will be for much longer.

    that article was a great read.

    You know, we have accrued leave/sick leave for a reason. No one's there to hand you free holidays, this ain't school.

      Hahahaha, you think Japanese are allowed to take sick leave , or even holiday leave?

    Ono-san, I think that the steam rising you saw before you collapsed was a hint that it could be time to move to Seattle, and find a Valve to use as a creative outlet that won't eventually kill you and complain about the loss in profit afterwards.

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