Study: Kids In China Are Learning About Sex From Video Games

Earlier this month on Children's Day, the China Youth Internet Association in conjunction with the Communication University of China released a study indicating that more than half of all minors ages 13-18 are learning about sex through sex in video games and video game related materials.

The study reports that over 40 per cent of young Chinese internet users come in contact with sexually charged material while online through websites using sex to promote things, to seeing explicit images on message boards. This study is very interesting in that it shows China's ban on "vulgar marketing in online games" as being ineffective.

The study points out that of the young people surveyed, 38.7 per cent say that they have come into contact with sexual material through game advertisements and promotional material. On top of that 42.1 per cent of the youths believe that there is too much "filth" online. Breaking down the genders, 34 per cent of Chinese male youths say that that they actively seek out adult material while 9.1 per cent of female youth say they do.

Interestingly enough, the study actually bothered to ask the youths what they thought about the state of their internets in relation of sexually charged material. According to the study, 71.6 per cent of all surveyed said that they found being bombarded with pictures of sexually charged advertising had little or no effect on them.

Another fabulous thing that the researchers did was that they didn't condemn video games or sexually charged material. Instead they recommended that the government strengthen sexual education courses to better educate young people.

色情游戏是未成年人网络污秽信息来源 [Tencent]

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    all the study shows is that they come into contact with adult material....cant conclude that they are learning about sex from it

    that said its probably just evidence of too much tollarance for sexual imagry in chinese society

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