Stupidity Was Immensely Rewarding In Space Quest III

Stupidity Was Immensely Rewarding In Space Quest III

The Space Quest series prided itself on making available to the player many gruesome and hilarious ways in which to kill its hapless protagonist Roger Wilco. It was almost like a sci-fi version of Gary Gygax’s Tomb Of Horrors D&D module. With the recent Kickstarter from the The Two Guys from Andromeda, the brains behind Space Quest, I couldn’t help but reminisce over Roger Wilco’s many, many deaths.

I’m not sure why, but Space Quest III is the one I remember the most clearly. Maybe because the graphics were a step above the previous two titles, allowing for some fairly hardcore images (for the time). Falling would result in a squashed, bloodied pair of legs while failing to activate the shields on your ship delivered a tiny shot of an eviscerated Wilco. Hundreds of unsightly fates awaited the player and even playing cautiously, being twisted into a meat towel by a metallic robot terminator with the ability to turn itself invisible was always, always possible.

Today it seems a lot of games simply block your path or stick you on rails, eliminating curiosity from the equation. Space Quest — actually, most of Sierra’s titles — made no attempt to protect you from your own stupidity — or genius. Hilarity, as well as some of my most memorable gaming moments, were the delicious result.

Space Quest 3 – Ways to Die Part 1 (With Sound) [YouTube]


  • SQ3 introduced the Aluminium Mallard! I also feel like it was also the most ‘fun’, even though it arguably had even less of a story than SQ1+2. It was just so much darn fun. I’d argue SQ5 was the best of them but I’d probably be alone there. I was so disappointed there was no voice acting.

    God I have to go play SQ3 right now. I just found my space quest collection disc while I was cleaning up the other day too.

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