Such A Pretty Video, Such A Terrible Game

Ah, Bleeping Relics, we meet again. The Beligan retro crew with a taste for rad hardware (and a very nice camera) are this episode sitting down with Puck Monster, a rather crude Pac-Man clone.

Which should be a recipe for five minutes of boredom, but this isn't about game reviews, or judging companies who choose to copy other company's games.

It's about appreciating interesting old pieces of video game hardware. Which this certainly is.

#002 • LSI GAKKEN PUCK MONSTER [Bleeping Relics]


    I remember a friend of mine had this one, it keeped a room full of kids intrested and distracted at a grown ups party once, well for an hour or so till the battteries ran flat, ah simpler times.

    I had a proper one of these as a kid, same casing, same colors but it was an official "Pac-Man" machine.
    I guess this must be the knockoff of that, hard to believe it could get much cheaper than the real one was!

    Holly quad DD cell Batman, that's allot of batteries.

    They could have polished out the scratches and cleaned the thing, I see dirt in all the groves, sorry my nitpicking graphic designer eye sees this.

    Very nicely made but yes game is pretty crappy.

    Oh my god, I had this unit! :D

    I had a lot of fun with it before my C64 took over my life.... Actually, mine may have said pacman on the top (can't remember, too long ago). The sounds are identical though.

    The memories!! I clocked the shit outta that game!

    I used to have this!!! Really when I was a kid it was the best version of Pac Man I knew and it was insanely hard at the time!

    I had one of these among my crazy collection of battery-munching electronics. I was rubbish at it too XD

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