Super Mario 3D Art Melts My Feeble Brain.

I love 3D chalk art, mainly because my tiny, feeble brain cannot comprehend how they're made, so it's practically the same things as magic. It's like showing a caveman fireworks. But when you combine 3D chalk art with video games? That's cranking things up a notch. Combine that with a step by step video showing how said 3D is created. That's pushing it into the stratosphere!

This genuinely may be one of the coolest YouTube clips I've seen all week.


    The artist is hot!

    normally I hate this nintendo fanboy crap, but that was a really nice drawing!

    He was cool enough to give the A and B buttons concave tops, but then only gave the D-pad round indentations rather than the arrow? Laaaaame :P

      And the controller had a shadow, But Mario didn't!


    Though, I admit I was wondering for most of the time where his gold buttons were :P

      Hey there, hopefully this is far enough back to avoid spoilers for everyone else.

      So I'm working on solving the metapuzzle, but I'm not even sure I'm on the right track. Some commenters are talking about matching pairs of words and looking for patterns or something in common which is what I've been doing, but I'm not making much progress.

      I've considered pairing words that start with the same letter, but that doesn't work.
      I've considered rearranging the words to fit the order in which the pictures appear in the trailer. Nothing there either.

      The one lead I thought was making sense was that I was pairing words that would then have answer an that provided another word...for example Scottish Lake Monster == Nessie. But after finding a few pairs with that, I've hit another dead end.

      Are you able to point me in the right direction at least, and tell me whether any of those options I've tried is on the right track?

        I will say that the last option you did is definitely the right track. Some choices may not be as intuitive as others, but Google can help!

          Thanks, I think I'm making progress and beginning to see a pattern, however I've got to a point where nothing is making sense anymore and I suspect it's because I have the ordering of the static images wrong. I can't figure out what to do with them, there's no static in the trailer at all.

          EDIT: So I think I've matched most of the words now and found the meanings to the matched words, but I'm not sure where to go from here, and the final 2 unmatched pairs of words don't make any sense when matched (I see no match for hawkins for example). I'm not sure how some are getting a question out of this, the only pattern I can see is the repeated first letters of the meanings but they don't form anything coherent.

          Last edited 07/08/16 4:29 pm

          People are talking about a "question"...where on earth are they getting this question from?

    So awesome.

    Oh wow. I can't even imagine the calculations necessary to make pictures like this work. So amazing.

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