Super-Modern Mario Bros. Is Both Delightful And Terrifying

Watching this video, I can't help but teeter back and forth between desperately wanting to play it and desperately wanting to shun it.

On the one hand, the concept is ridiculously cool. The eerie lack of music lets you hone in on the ultra-realistic sound effects. Gone are the cute and familiar Mario jump sounds, replacing them for echoing footsteps and soundless leaps into the air. Mario clunks on top of pipes.

The violence is toned up, too. Goombas splatter into shards of bone and a splatter of blood. It's like the YouTube creator took a cue from Mortal Kombat.

But on the other hand, mothers and fathers everywhere would have been more hesitant to let their kids be raised on the plumber's adventures had it been stripped of its innocent appeal like it has in this video.

Still pretty cool though.


    needs some dubstep

    I can't tell if this article's completing missing the satirical, and somehow sarcastic, nature of the video as a way of being cool, or if the author really just didn't get it....

    Both worrying.

      or maybe I'M THE ONE and reading too much into it. And the creator actually wasn't poking fingers at modern-day video games and their over-use of the same (now cliched) elements...

      In which case, I will continue to cringe.

      not sure I get it

      was the video another jab at "modern games" or somthing?

      complaing about modern games is getting about as old as the games themeslves

    It just seemed like something amusing to me. I'm sure there's a deeper meaning and we could waste time thinking about it, but when Mario fell onto his head at the end I laughed.
    That's the point, surely.


    Hahaha, didn't expect the last part - which is actually hard to do with the amount of stuff we see on the net these days.



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