Swear At The Ref And Get Yourself A Yellow Card In FIFA 13

Swear At The Ref And Get Yourself A Yellow Card In FIFA 13

Kinect support for FIFA 13 won’t just mean calling for formation changes or ordering substitutes in; you can even swear at the officiating and get yourself booked for dissent.

In a live demonstration on stage at Microsoft’s E3 keynote, EA Sports label chief Andrew Wilson showed that your voice can issue managerial commands as well as call for a through pass from your teammate. In a humorous aside, the system recognised a bleeped-out swear word after an unfavourable call by an official, and issued a yellow card.


  • Now, can they use a system like this to punish players in other games who swear.
    Imagine that player with the high pitched voice screaming into his mic, and losing 50% of his current health for every violation.

    • health would not make a difference. removing a kill or objective scores would but i would suffer heavily in that. maybe doubling the respawn delay??

      • There could be plenty of options, maybe selected randomly each time. So someone could end up with a whole bunch of penalties.
        “You are fined one kill for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute”
        “Your repeated violation of the Verbal Morality Statute has caused me to notify the San Angeles Police Department. Please remain where you are for your reprimand.”
        “John Spartan, you are fined five credits for repeated violations of the verbal morality statute.”

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