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      I hate Mondays. Just hate 'em. Therefore, I decree, from this day forward, there will be no more Mondays. Got it? Today is Tuesday, then. Happy Tuesday, everybody.

    Finished tafe last week. Had my last shift at work last night. Now all that's left is to pack. Oh I just want to be on a plane. Friday can't come quick enough.

    @CJ - not sure if you saw but I replied to your question from last night. You don't need to make an account to use Pokemon Online, but if you attach a password to your username it registers it so no one else can use it. But I'm pretty sure you don't have to register an email address or anything like that.

      Man, I just replied as well! Repost!
      "I didn’t even know you could do this. xD But yeah, I just tried it now and this is how it works. Not really an ‘account’ just reserving your name for each particular server."

      For anybody else who is interested, a few of us are going to play Pokemon Online later this week. Go grab a username and add it to TAYNAMES and we'll get battlin' soon!

    I forgot to turn my alarm off last night when I was drunkenly climbing into bed after the Meat.
    It's okay though because now I've had breakfast, and I didn't even have to get out of bed. Best husband!

    Anyway, the Meat was awesome, as were the ribs and finally meeting Freyr. And Lamb didn't break anything! \o/

      Oh, and if anyone sees Bishy can you tell him I said hi? :P

      And nothing broke me! \o/
      I'm suspecting that Trjn went through his house saying "Now that could hurt lambo, and that could hurt lambo..." and hid everything that looked even the slightest bit dangerous :P

        So the only things in his house were four walls ceiling and a floor... And only because he couldn't get rid of those

          Did they wrap you in bubble wrap?

            Did Trjn move the Meat to the padded room at the asylum, just for Lambo?

        Nah, he just has nothing in his house

    I left my knitting on the floor and now the dog has decided to make it his pillow. =/

      This is a good thing about dogs. Because they spend most of the time on the floor, if you pick your stuff up, it's safe. Not so with cats. If I don't put my clothes away and just leave them on my bed, they often become nice cozy cushions for my cat...

        the dog also lays on the couch and bed.

          Ohhh. There's probably something wrong with my dog then, because she doesn't xD
          Or maybe I just forgot that not all dogs are as small as mine :P

            Yeah, Sid can easily jump up on things. He likes resting his head on everything.

    Greetings TAY!

    First of all I want to say that the Meat was awesome. I also want to apologise to everyone at the Meat for being quiet and such, was a bit overwhelming meeting you all for the first time.

      It's always good to put a face to a name man. Good to meet you too! I'm just glad we all made it through rape-park unpenetrated.

    MGS4 continues to be awesome. Infiltrating Shadow Moses Island is interesting, particularly because I still haven't played MGS1. Which I will have to rectify by getting some PSN moneys.

    Mornin TAY! Hope you all enjoy your day off! WHY NOT ENJOY IT MORE WITH A HEALTHY DOSE OF POTAKU EPISODE 2?!

      I don't have a day off! Argh!
      I'll give it a listen later, though.

      Fine, Shiggy! I'll abandon study and listen to it today. For science!

      SHIGGY! I listened to it on Saturday and loved it! I love the format. Two regulars and two guests. It works so well. It means that each episode is going to be different, so you never quite know what to expect. GO YOU GOOD THING.

    the latest ep of legend of korra was soo god, finally got to see aang being a badass

    young justice was a little predictable, most of the way through that episode i was thinking that the twist at the end was coming.

    So I went for a frolic in minecraft. I was bouncing around when i jumped into Nob's sugar cane farm, only to find a creeper.
    I high tailed it out of there, lamenting at my thing being destroyed. When I checked though, the creeper was still alive and hadn't blown up. Thank goodness. I'm currently hiding in Nob's storage shed.
    This is what i get for playing without headphones on.

      If you are creative or the terrain allows it, you can do what I did against creepers before I quit out of frustration: dig down down down down down... Then straight and build a tunnel, from there start digging down. You have effectively created yourself either a subterranean tomb where mobs will come to chew your lower rear or a quick escape route to flee fast! :P

        I think it's the former, rather then the latter

    Boss Fight gig this week. Wednesday 13th of June @ The Zoo, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Starts at 8.

    Video game music live.

    Epic weekend was epic. (Yes, it's still the Long Weekend, but as a uni student sitting here doing assignments I don't consider today any different from a regular weekday! I prefer to think of this weekend as being without work!)

    I have a mini-writeup of the latest little Sydney meat but I'll probably wait until tomorrow so it can get more exposure. Suffice to say it was awesome and Pez got some kickass presents.

    Potaku was great again.

    Now, back to work...

    Seems I left the cans of Pepsi Max in the freezer over night. They exploded. The freezer is a winter wonderland of brown. :P

      sounds like my bathroom the last time i got food poisoning

    How about that Commercial Banking and Finance? Guys? No? Nothing?

    Usually after an exam I'd just chill, I'll be in too much of a cbf mood for anything but I have an exam tomorrow... so no chilling for me :(

      Poor bub!

      Actually... I shouldn't joke because I'll be in that exact same situation tomorrow night. haha It's not good.

        Haha exams. I thought I had finished with those bastards, but then I signed up for a grad dip ed. Fortunately I only had one exam a few weeks ago.

      I gots Maths tomorrow and Physics on Friday. I know that feel, bro.

        (if you're still here)

        How'd your first exam go? :)

        I remember my first exam at Monash... It was accounting (gross) and I seriously thought I failed but ended up with a 74 :P, exams are weird!

          My first two exams were good, I think. Biology was both easy and hard, and chemistry was weird... but I think I did well. Et vous?

            What are you studying, if you don't mind me asking? You seem to be doing an odd mix of things!

              Science Advanced with Honours at Monash ;)

                Oh I didn't realise they did general science degrees (thought you had to split off into specific areas). Cool!

            Good to hear, HDs all round!

            (had to Google et vous :P)
            Yeah not too bad :). Had to learn everything a week before each of my Finance exams and I HATE it when they don't give solutions on blackboard (I can use cool Monash terms cause you'd understand them!). I swear one of my units is ran by an absolute idiot. Apart from that s'all good!

              All my units use Moodle :P

              (Also, you a monash dude too? cool!)

    Howdy Tayberinos!

    I finally knocked Brutal Legend off my pile of shame. It was... competent. A little bit more and it'd be a classic.

    I also took the plunge and bought PS plus. I like thus far, I hope we get Just Cause 2 in the game library though.

    A public holiday Queen's Birthday question: Best royalty in video games? I'm backing the Prince from Prince of Persia (Sands trilogy)

      Best royalty in games... Ganon! I would say Bowser, but his ambitions are always small and fail, but in OoT, Ganon took control of Hyrule for seven years, in which time he managed to completely reshape the land. Then, when banished to the Sacred Realm, he completely corrupted that place too!

      The King of all Cosmos from the Katamari series. That guy is just weird.

    The Meat was awesome. We consumed meat from animal bones, drank some booze, went for a walk through a park, DAN! did a wee in a bush, then we played more video games. Everyone is better at Trials than I am.

    Hi all,

    I am powering through Sen's Fortress. Expect to hit the rooftop bonfire tonight. \o/

      And as we seem to be sharing our current views:

      The last time I played (before the line on our TV made it next to impossible), I made it to just before that bonfire but did something stupid and died. Next time I get to play I'll have play through the first part again. And probably again and again and again. :P

      Haha, how much fun* Sen's Fortress is if you're oblivious to the existence of that bonfire.

      *may not be the correct word

    I hope the other uni bums here are having a better time studying. IT'S ALMOST OVER, GUYS. I'd rather do a second research essay than do an exam. I study history, yet all of my units have exams. Best part, they spend the semester telling you that you can't bang out a good essay in a few hours and then at the end of it you have to put out 3 or in some cases 4 in 2 hours!

      Same for me with computer science subjects. Writing code on a piece of paper in an exam is just weird :P Luckily(?) I only have theory subjects now, but they have exam essays...

      So glad the days of multiple essays in a single exam are behind me, though. (Sorry! :P)

        Yes I'm so glad that's over too (also sorry!)

        It killed me in the final exam of high school where I had to pump out 3 essays for English :(. My hand hurts and there's ink all over everything (not a euphemism)

        The two exams I just did are short answer theory ones so there's not too much writing but for marketing (my next 2) there's going to be essays and longer answered responses :(.


      I only have one exam, and it's tomorrow.
      I can't stop freaking out over it.

        Is it your first Uni exam?

        (if it is)
        From my experience with Uni and its exams, they're really not too bad. Some of my friends don't even do half the exam because they have no idea what's going on in and they still pass. As long as you show some form of understanding and did well for your coursework (depending on how much the exam is worth) you'll be fine :). Try not to stress too much over it and sometimes during the exam you'll randomly remember information you picked up throughout the semester.

        HDs all around!

    Hi everyone. I hope your day is going well.

    My day has been going well, it has been nice just having a day to relax. I've been watching some TV Shows-Legend of Korra and The Ricky Gervais show if you must know.

    I might also play some games later, maybe some LBP 2 if my PS3 decides to download the patches and not get an error 80% into the download. Using a wireless connection in the rain is not the best.

    Play it without the patches you say? Well I usually feel off playing a game when I know it has a patch or update. It's always in the back of my mind.

    If that doesn't work I still have some progress to make in Infamous 2. I'm really enjoying it so far. It's more infamous with some new powers which is fine. I still wish Cole moved faster on the ground though. An electric hoverboard of some sort would help I think.

    Finally, I have to call someone tonight and borrow some money. I hate borrowing money but something came up. That will be one awkward call.

    Anyway that's my update for the day. TAY seems to be quiet today.

    NB: Finished watching the season 2 finale of LAID on the ABC and what a twist. The third season can't come fast enough. One of the best local shows I've watched in a while.

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    Post #1: Shane on Monday, June 4, 2012 at 8:34 AM

      Apparently Mr Freeze and I have to wrestle for the coveted position 20.

      OMG 1st! I just want to thank the academy, and...

    My Meat Report, by Strange.

    Rock up to Bunny's street and start looking for 6/19*. I'm sure it's Unit 6, Number 19 but Mr. Strange confuses me when he says it might be Number 6, Unit 19. After some debate we decide I'm right (of course :P )and he dumps me outside number 19 and runs, leaving me to find Unit number 6 by myself and hope to god it's the right place, but thinking I have the pan full of food to leave as an apology if it isn't. :P
    Thankfully, when I get to unit 6 the door is open and I can see TheLastQuestion standing there. Phew!

    I hand over my offering of vegetarian food to Bunny who puts it in the oven for me. It's a dish with rice/wild rice, dried cranberries and butternut pumpkin, by the way. I then start drinking because even after meeting these people on numerous occasions I still get nervous.

    Nobody introduces us, but there's two people I don't know so I assume they're Freyr and NoobHeadshot. I wave and say "hi". Bunny, DAN! and Lamb are there too. People are playing Trials.

    Welbot and then Sughly arrive and some Rock Band is played. Freyr steals the song I wanted to sing (Alice Cooper's Poison) but I don't care because she sings it well and I'm not drunk enough to try singing yet. :P And then I got drunk. The end.

    Oh, wait...there were ribs. Huge caveman-like beef ones that were made of awesome and yummy pork ones that made me feel like a dog chewing on a bone. I think DAN! and Lamb liked the dish I made for them but they may have just been being polite. On the plus side I didn't notice them surreptitiously spitting it out. :P

    There was also gossip (Question's admirable ability to keep out of this silly conversation is awesome), discussion on the Hitman and Tomb Raider trailers, more Rock Band(DAN! can make songs I hate sound great), more Trials, Street Fighter or something and DAN! wanting to know everyone's real names and Hi Bishy! But yeah, mostly I just drank and laughed so hard my old lady bladder couldn't take it anymore so I texted Mr. Strange to come and pick me up. Everyone walked me out to the car and I was scared my husband would accidentally run someone over. I don't think that happened though.

    *not the real number, obviously

      Sounds like fun! I've never been to a meat at someones house before.

      I might get to meat QLD TAYbies if I can make it to this gold coast meat in December, though!

      HI STRANGE!\

      I am sorry I didn't introduce myself, I think I'd already said "hi I'm Freyr" a few times and so I just began assuming people knew. YES THAT MAKES SENSE.

      And I'm sorry I stole your song /o\ BUT THEN YOU WERE DRUNK ENOUGH TO SING AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.

        I'm sorry that was the only thing I said about you. I suck at Meat write-ups.
        Hey everyone! Freyr is all cool and stuff! :D

      I don't like gossip! I just want people to be nice to each other and get along :D

      So I just realised there was a new TAY.
      I like Dan (!). He's super polite when you make him terrible attempts at vegetarian food. Not to say yours was terrible. Sounds nomlicious!

    My kitty is sick again. :( Badly abscessed tooth, probably into the bone. She's always had bad teeth but I hadn't realised it was so far advanced until she started acting oddly last week so it must have flared up pretty quickly.

    Sadly she's 19, has a thyroid condition, heart flutters and possibly has issues with her kidneys as well, so there's a better than even chance she wouldn't survive the anesthetic for dental surgery and I don't think it's worth it even if she could. So she's on antibiotics in the hope that'll kill the infection off. Here's hoping. :(

      Hope everything turns out alright for you and your pal. You're in my thoughts.

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