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    Was talking to some people on TS last night and it sounds like the meat was awesome!

    Can't wait for a write-up.

    Whoops! Sorry, was a bit late with this.

    Also -- thanks for having me at the meat warming! It was awesome. Especially all the incredible food, most of which I didn't get to eat because I'm too much of a pussy.

      I saw the photos, sweet jesus Shiggy is a mad scientist.

      I request the videos that Ben took. Everyone must see the awesome dance moves of Mark Serrels,

      You made up for it on the dance floor.

      Thanks for coming and the epic cheesecake senor!

        I felt bad for bringing a cake when I saw that Bish spent like a million hours actually making one with his bare hands!

          If it makes you feel better, we forgot about your cake until yesterday afternoon when we saw it in the fridge.

          He is a mang among meng, that guy.

          I've never been so happy to get the diabeetus from such an amazingly sweet, multi-tiered cake. Sheer joy.

            It's all I ask from any of you.

            Diabetes, I mean.Not joy.

          I thought Cakesmith would have made a cake, for obvious reasons.

            By the time I arrived Bish had already been in the kitchen for like 3hrs starting to make it.

      HI MARK!

      Watching you try to work out who I am was fun. Though probably a little mean on my part. Sorry about that!

    Meat write up:

    I went. It was fun.

    The End.
    I'll try and get a proper write up done but I have a crap load of work to do today/this week. On the plus side, last week at this shitty job \o/

      My meat write up:

      I went. Bish was awesome. Other people were pretty cool too.

      Yay Bish!

      I probably won't do a proper write up :p

      Last week! \o/ Congrats man. Also jelly re: meat.

      Mmmm.... meat jelly.

    Good morning!

    It looked deadly...

    Dude that Halo 4 leak is bizarre.
    Crappy footage of an SDTV playing recorded Halo 4 beta footage off a VHS tape?
    And that music! AND it was filmed in a BARN!
    What the hell? hahahaha

    All in all though it does look legit. Looks like we got KillCams in Halo. That should make some fanboys very upset.

      Killcams? Eeeewwww.
      Meh. Whatever. They come in handy.

      I hope whoever the guy who leaked the footage has some luck finding a new job.


    I'm just putting in my references now and then FREEEEEEDOM. Until my exam in two weeks.

    How was everyone's weekend?

      Hoorah freedom! Weekend: uneventful!

    So hard to be here at work after such an epic weekend.

    Thanks so much to everyone who came - you are all awesome and I had one of the best weekends I can remember. So much fun!

    Hey there everybody!
    (insert stuff about the meat)
    I am hesitant to put up my meat write-up because it is really long, and with the new format there aren't spaces between paragraphs so it will look like a giant wall of text. And I don't think that would be fun to wade through...

      If you really want to try, you can force a line break by holding alt and punching in 255 on the numpad on the empty lines.
      Like this:
      [alt + 255]
      Turns into:
      Like this:

      Also, there are itsy bitsy little spaces between paragraphs for me. I am using internet explorer which derps 90% of the time, but apparently makes TAY more readable! \o/

      You could put dots where the spaces should be.
      like this?

      WALL PLZ

        We could build a house made from Meat-writeups!
        And then there'd be an imaginary house, that would require a TAY-warming meat, which would require post-TAYwarming meat writeups, with which we could build more writeup houses, or add extra ROOMS to the TAYwarming-writeup house writeups, which in turn would require writeups, and more meats!!!
        My heard hurts /o\

    Spent all weekend wishing I was in Sydney for meat. Then I got owned by two giant stone gargoyles, and wished I was in Sydney for meat even more. Then I went back and smashed those gargoyles, and felt pretty good about myself... and then I got owned by skeletons in the graveyard when I accidentally ventured down there again, and wished I was in Sydney for meat.

    How was your weekend? Yes, you.

      Sounds like my weekend, only replace gargoyles with Pro evo and study


      They drove all the way back in a lancer and I am lead to believe there was some rallying performed.

      Don't worry Shane. You get to a point where you can one or two shot those skeles and when you do you feel like the biggest badass in the world.
      I love how subversive the game is though. Skeltons are always the easy beginners enemies. It's ingrained in us. Then you play Dark Souls and you are all "Oh look! Skeletons. That's the starting area" then POW!
      Uncaring rape sans lubricant.

        Yeah, it's a pretty damn cool game. I'm getting more and more into it the more I play. Appreciating all the design choices they've made to differentiate the game from Demon's Souls.

        Also, after the Demon's Souls skeletons in 4-1 which gleefully slaughtered me about thirty million times, I never expected them to be easy foes in Dark :)

        I took down two of them, but there were four in all. It was a very long battle - took me about ten minutes and I died in the end. Now I have to suicide run back in there to get my humanity back! :P

          There is a trick with them Skellys, but I am sure you will find out why soon enough.

            Once I retrieve my souls, I'm going to continue to avoid that area for a little while :)

              Indeed. I recommend heading back to the dragon bridge where you meet the sun knight guy.
              The Gargoyles dropped a key that unlocks a door there.

    Mad props to Pez by the way for the weekend. Excellent host and all round good guy. And that food! Bish and Shiggy, I tip my hat to you.

      Thanks sir, but I really just provided the space, it was all the freaking awesome TAYbies that turned it into an epic housewarming :D

      And seriously, that Bish guy. Tirelessly cooking away all day to give us food.

      And Shiggy with dat insane deep fried cheeseburgers and dat bacony, rib-filled chicken.

      Man, SO GOOD.

      Apologies to everyone for the mish-mash sleeping situation... I had no idea 11 people would be staying the night!

        It was mostly a pretty sexy situation, so it's all good.

    Herro peoples,
    Meat was awesome. Excellent chefs were excellent. I'm still trying to work out how much extra gymwork I need to do to work off that deep fried cheeseburger...

      Three days of constant everything.

    Mornin' TAY!

    Such a freakin' sweet time at Sydney over the weekend! Big thank you to everyone that put the effort in to get it all together, and for everyone that managed the trip. Special mentions to Bish for the insane amount of time he spent cooking and being responsible, Shiggy for the crazy cooking that happened, and Pez for hosting a large bunch of crazy people at his house and for organising everything!

    I'll hopefully get a short write-up on TAY today.

    Okay I tried that alt255 thing and nothing happened, so I'll take lambo's suggestion. Brace yourselves for potentially giant wall.
    Weekend at Pez’s
    Damage Report: One broken bowl, one mysteriously half-broken door-handle, two potentially ice tea-soaked PS3 controllers, my brain (but I wasn’t using it much so that’s okay)
    Train lines are down in the city which means I have to go a slightly complicated alternate route to get to Homebush. I am wearing a beanie, a thick brown-grey jacket, slightly old jeans and am carrying a sleeping bag, so I look a little like a hobo. Or maybe a lot. People keep staring at my sleeping bag like they’ve never seen one before. After a long time being stared at I finally get off at Homebush and I’m honestly surprised at how close Pez’s place is to the station. I walk about two minutes in one direction and there it is. A car turns into the building in front of me, and I think ‘wouldn’t it be funny if that were Pez and the gang?’ And then it turns out to be Pez and the gang! Apparently while I was thinking that they were thinking ‘why is that hobo looking at us?’ There’s an awkward moment where DAN! and I try to communicate with each other through a window but I give up and go around the corner to the front entrance.
    There’s a strange contraption one has to use to contact Pez in his apartment to be let in, and I flail my arms wildly for a few minutes before figuring it out. There are already a lot of people, but I think most of them had stayed overnight or were internationals anyway. This time my arrival isn’t awkward at all! Bish is already set up in the kitchen (and I will note here that he rarely leaves it, dedication bro). When I get in, Pez and the gang (sounds like a great new band, eh?) are stocking the fridge with cider. So much cider. Soon after, Bish and Rize try to fix a problem with the stove. The apartment starts to smell suspiciously of gas. I can’t remember how it was resolved, but it was a really simple solution, and people were yelling at each other for being idiots about it. It’s a nice atmosphere.
    Pez has these two plush rams that he got as gifts for getting a home loan. Throughout the night they are subjected to immature posing. A few more people start to flow in, including Freyr and extra interstate guest Trjn! Doc What breaks out some Wii/Gamecube games, and makes Harli try a Haruhi Suzumiya dance game. But no one knows exactly how you’re meant to dance in that game so it ends in spectacular failure. Then he brings out a Naruto fighting game, and it takes me forever to get used to the controls, but Harli sits down with it and schools Doc almost instantly. Then they start dog fights in the game, playing as two dogs instead of any of the proper characters. It’s quite an intense match.
    Somewhere around here, Fatshady, who is not at all fat, shows up with Minishady, who is most definitely mini, and spends the better part of half an hour clutching onto his dad nervously. He has a box of Shapes as a gift for Pez, which is awesome. It doesn’t take long for Shady Sr. to break out the Trials Evo, where he promptly destroys Trjn, Freyr and I in multiplayer. Before we finish the round, I duck out to go shopping with Pez, DAN!, Shiggy and Bish, who is our ever-frustrated driver for the evening. Apparently we’re going out to get Maccas, but also to pick up more alcohol because it is assumed we don’t have enough already. What should have only taken a half hour tops turns into a 90 minute adventure, with Pez guiding Bish down the wrong side of Parramatta Road. We hit a place which is apparently Ruffleberg’s workplace before Shiggy takes over as navigator and takes us in the opposite direction.
    Pez and DAN! suddenly realise that they should have gone to the bathroom before they left, but the car ain’t stopping any time soon and Bish tries to prepare me for the grim possibility of being peed on. But that’s hard to prepare for. Somehow they manage to hold it in while we are in Dan Murphy’s, where we pick up another three cases of cider (or maybe one was beer). Also, I promised to buy Batgirl a beer, some six weeks ago, and decide to buy her the worst beer I can find, which ultimately becomes VB. It looks really silly going through the counter with three cases of stuff and one little VB. As we walk out into the carpark Pez wonders if we’ve bought enough. But that train of thought is lost quickly, and we start talking about DAN!’s apparent ignorance of cars moving nearby him.
    Speaking of cars and danger, when we finally get to Maccas, Pez is so excited that he can go pee, that he dances his way out of Bish’s car and into the path of an oncoming car. It is at this moment that I realise that these people are crazy awesome and that this is the best meat ever; in my head you can’t have a proper meat until someone nearly dies. So those two run off to the bathroom like giggling schoolgirls, Shiggy orders $50 worth of cheeseburgers, fries and nuggets, and Bish has an old man moment when he forgets if he locked his car or not. When DAN! comes back he decides ‘hey, screw these Maccas chips, I want some food from the KFC next door!’ There’s a hipster joke in there somewhere but I’m too tired to make it. When we leave Maccas Bish goes over to KFC and starts pounding on the windows to get DAN!’s attention.
    So we’re on the road again and I’ve really lost my bearings now but it doesn’t matter because I’m stealing DAN!’s chips, which even he admits aren’t that great and in the end he relinquishes them to me. We get slightly lost again as we figure out how to get back into the apartment, but the detour is good because it means we can fit in a rousing chorus of ‘500 Miles’ right at the end. Bish panics driving into the car lift, which is a really freaky experience. Back in the apartment, we start loading up the fridge with the new drinks (and the fridge looks fantastic here, mind you) when Mark and Ben show up, with a projector and a Kinect and Dance Central! Shiggy starts cooking dinner, which at first looks kinda gross, and then just gets amazing. While he’s blending the chips and nuggets that will act as stuffing for the two chickens, Rize and I start feasting on the leftover nuggets, and Freyr joins us for some of the chips. Once that’s all stuffed in, Shiggy coats the chickens in bacon and adds some ribs along the way, and I think a little bit of cider. It goes into the oven for an extended period of time.
    Eventually, Cakesmith drags me away because I know my way to the station and he needs me to come pick up Batgirl with him. Alex-themed adventure, yo. The temperature outside has dropped dramatically, and I’m glad I packed warm. At the station, we see a train come in and think ‘maybe that’s Batgirl’s train’, but then we can’t see her anywhere. We’re about to wander off when she magically appears from behind somebody taller than her, which is admittedly everybody. Cake and I fight over which way we should go to get back, and I win when Shiggy shows up and agrees with me. He’s off to the train station to pick up Heather (side note: I am pretty sure her name was Heather, but as I was getting drunker and drunker I remain somewhat uncertain, She is patiencemaddox on the twitters) and Hollie, who I have never met before! Also, I miss out on the deep fried cheeseburgers, which makes me sad.
    So there’s a lot of people in the house now, more showing up as time passes, and I start to wonder how many people are staying over and where they’ll fit. For now, I’m distracted by card games. Specifically, Cards Against Humanity, which is apparently a game ‘made for horrible people’ which means it is perfect for us. #35 is sitting next to me and he gets some amazing cards. I’m not gonna repeat the absurdly hysterical things that were mentioned here. This game is the only way in which child abuse could ever be morbidly funny.
    After that, Mark and Ben set up Dance Central and have an epic dance-off. Most of us are too hesitant to try dancing, but Shiggy and DAN! take up the challenge with little hesitation. DAN! is schooled by Shiggy. Some videos are taken of these dance-offs. After, I join #35, Cake, Batgirl and gingerchris (by the way gingerchris is here, guys!) for some zombie dice game. I never caught the name, but Batgirl has all the luck and I have none of it and it is mean. Dinner is served, and it goes fast, but it is delicious. After that I played some more Naruto against some more people, then Ruffleberg makes me play him in Mortal Kombat, where he destroys me, but I’m satisfied because I beat him in Naruto!
    My memory starts to get a little blurry here. I don’t recall drinking that much, but I also wasn’t keeping track of my drinking so anything is possible. I remember going outside for a while with #35 and Rize, while DAN! sets up a game of Kings (it’s called Kings, right? It’s that drinking game where a deck of cards is assigned different rules you have to follow). I don’t play, but it’s amusing watching everyone pick on Pez. It is at this point that we run out of alcohol, and it’s not even 11pm! Turns out we didn’t have enough in the end. When that’s done I head back outside because fresh air is nice, and I hide behind some towels, but Cake kicks me in the foot so I stop hiding. A few people start disappearing. Pez is looking half dead and starts talking about sleep, so he gets out all the blankets and beds and throws them in a pile. Batgirl and Cake keep stealing the blankets from me, so I lie down on the floor for a while and shiver while people walk over me. Shiggy and Holly start cleaning up the kitchen, after Bish leaves. And really, way to go Bish, slaving away in the kitchen for 12 hours. Clap for him. He’s a champ! And I forgot to mention the cake he made. It looked awesome, and apparently tasted just as great. THERE WERE COOKIES ON TOP, DAMNIT.
    When only the people staying over are left, we start setting up the beds, and my earlier qualms about space become a reality. Sneakily, I make a clean space on the floor in Pez’s spare room and set up camp there, hidden away from everyone else. Shiggy expresses jealousy about it, but he gets to sleep on a mattress with three ladies, so shut up, Shiggy. Things look like they’re about to quieten down when suddenly, the 5kg tub of Nutella that has yet to be mentioned comes into play! Pez shoves a hand straight into it, high fives Rize, and then smears it all over his face to make a beard. While they clean themselves up, Batgirl and I erupt into giggling fits on an inflatable bed as DAN! joins Hollie and Heather in a gospel choir above us. People get mad at me for stealing their bed so I roll off and crash into a wall. Admitting defeat, I crawl into bed, as does everyone else. Pez comes out in his boxers to yell at everyone for being loud because he’s trying to sleep, damnit! While people in the main room are still talking, I pass out.
    Fast forward to about 7am, and I wake up with a killer headache. I really don’t remember drinking that much. Cake wakes me up properly at 8:30 or so and I feel a little better. Everyone else is dressed and ready to go out for breakfast. Batgirl departs as we head into the cafe, where most everyone orders the Big Breakfast. There’s a lot of bacon on the table. Shiggy keeps offering me some of his food, and I decline each time, but apparently not politely enough because everyone scolds me. D: When we get back into the apartment, I keep thinking to myself ‘my brain is about to burst, I have assignments to do, I should leave now and take a nap when I get home’, but we start watching trashy TV and then play Trials and I decide to stay. The game quickly becomes about who can bail the most in one run. Pez goes undefeated at 503 faults, and we’re pretty sure he broke the game to do it. The screen was going crazy, it was magnificent. After that, we play some Little Big Planet 2, where Doctor Octopus repeatedly murders Spiderman in horrific fashions. When Shiggy, Heather and Hollie decide to leave I head out with them. On our way to the station we discuss my hobo characteristics, where it’s decided I beat people to death with my sleeping bag, which is actually full of rocks. And then we part ways and I spend several train trips trying not to doze off, which isn’t hard to do because there are shrieking teenagers on every one of them and their voices sound like banshee screams. But everything is all good now and I can look back on one of the best weekends I’ve had this year. In fact, it probably was the best. Happy housewarming, Pez!
    You’re all bloody legends.

      Oh and I forgot to put in this totally expertly recorded not at all done on an iPod Touch video footage of Mark and Ben's dance-off.


          Yeah, I'm too scared to click on that link, man. :p



      Awesome write up. One correction though, it was me who broke Trails and got 503 faults :D I put a video on youtube. I'll link it when I get the chance.

        Breaking Trials was fantastic.

        Just imagine four guys all doing bailouts and nothing else, that's how you break Trials Evolution. It's a miracle the 360 didn't red thing.

      Damn you guys, now I'm jealous! xD I'll definitely be there for the next Sydney meat!

      Awesome write-up is awesome :)


      We've eaten black eggs together, this is the logical next step.

    Top o' th' mornin', TAY.

    Looking forward to the Meat breakdowns.
    Also, is next week E3? Does that mean we'll get all the cool info leaked this week? Or pre-show announcements?

    Saw my family yesterday for belated b'day celebrations


    FETH - YEAH!!!!!!!


      That's pretty awesome, man. I wouldn't mind seeing them!

      Family comes through sometimes \o/

      D: so jelly man. They are flipping awesome!

      I think I imagined the spacing in the final line incorrectly...

    Morning everyone,

    Just woke up and even though I was in a comfy bed, I oddly wish I was still sleeping on PEZ's inflatable mattresses or his floor. Meat was fantastic, I had so much fun and met lots of people.


    " I don't think of these get things as meats any more, it just feels like a bunch of friends getting together and hanging out."

    I agree completely. Thank you PEZ.

    NB: Next time we are tying Bish down on a chair and letting him sit and relax. He was seriously the MVP of the weekend.

      As much as I'd like to take credit for that, it was that hipster guy with the fringe who coined that one.

      And I think I'm ready to declare you the big lebowski of TAY. You sir just go with the flow. You just need to start drinking white russians now.

        Pez, I am disappoint.

        The Big Lebowski was the rich guy. The Dude was just a dude that happened to be called Lebowski.

        Still, aside from completely whiffing on the reference, the idea has merit. Just nobody piss on Masha's rug. It really ties the room together.

          oh man, it's really been too long since I watched that. My references are all out of whack.

          Though now I really want a white Russian.

            I had a white Russian once and it was great. I'm happy for that to become my thing.

    Bailout finish.

    That is all.

    Meat Warming write up

    The drinking game went horribly wrong somewhere...
    Pez drank Bourbon and Ice Tea... Flu and I drank bourbon with the coke dregs for colour.

    Other stuff happened before that, but I'm sure people with more time will cover that!

    @ AlexPants. Great write up. One thing though; Spiderman totally kicked Doc Ock's ass. :-)

    LBP 2was fun, I'll gladly stick my grapple onto PEZ's face any time.

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