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        Well you started out with nothing and you're proud that you're a self made man

          And your family all come crawlin', slap you on the back and say:


    Morning TAY, I was wondering how would I go about nominating people for Kommunity Kudos?

      Email to: mark.serrels @ kotaku. com .au

      Also, I feel honour bound to point out that it’s actually almost 4pm :P

        I feel honour bound to point out (mostly to me) that I'm half an hour behind you all.

        On the plus side, I don't have to get out of bed quite as early?

      Interesting. I always send my kudos noms to (at)alluremedia(dot)etc. and that seems to work as well.
      WHICH ADDRESS IS IT?! The suspense!

        I always cut out the middle man and use the Contact form on the side of Kotaku. Easiest. :P

    I see what you all mean now by the comments being a little bit broken.

      Yeah... they're only like that because a comment in moderation is replied to before it has finished being moderated, thus causing what you currently see below.

      :P you probably know the reason but in case you didn't... (I think someone mentioned it already)

      It happens when someone replies to a comment in moderation. As the person who has the comment in moderation is the only one who can see it, it happens when they reply to their own in moderation comment. Everyone's comments go in moderation for the first time they post with a different name/email but once you've been approved you'll get instant messages unless you put two or more links in your text.

      So when people reply to replies to moderated comments they also get stuffed up (see below). I'm not spurting out this info at you in particular for any reason just letting you (and others) know what's the dealio behind it :)

        I'm sorry


          No need to apologise man, it's all good. Doesn't really bother me but I thought I'd just say what happened for those who still didn't know

      Figured I'd comment here instead of adding to the TAYelstrom below.
      The mention of colour theory intrigues me. Perhaps you could assist in colour options for my prospective tattoo (if colour is even a good option?) if you're willing at some point?
      I have next to no sense of visual art, let alone colour co-ordination :s

        Well you're probably best off asking an acutal art student as my knowledge is limited. But try looking up the colour wheel it gives a basic idea of what colours go together. (I.e Blue and Orange as they are effectively opposite)

        If we're talking about a tattoo however then its comes to a matter of personal prefference and what that tattoo is a picute of. Personally I prefer tattoos to be black and skin colour but a small splash of a bright or highly contrasting colour can be used to great effect. For example say you got a tat of a feather then one half of it at the base might start in a dark green/blue and then quickly fade into the standart black of the tattoo ink.

          That was insanely helpful, thanks CJ!
          My mind runs wild with ideas for colour (orange/blue/white currently) for the tat, though I've no idea what it'd look like to be honest.
          Now I just need to find an artist that'll draw it up for me /o\
          Thanks again man!

            Well with that 3 part colour scheme you get 2 complementary colours that go together and then the white acts as a contrast to break it up a bit

    ROCKETMAN and others with awesome taste in music!/s/Idea+Of+Happiness/4Cq7QW?src=5

    Hi all
    I’m flying to bangkok in a few weeks and want a handheld console (no tablets or ipads at this stage) to help me pass the flight time.

    Planning on buying new if possible (but not necessary), and either looking at a PSP or a 3DS/DS. Trying to be as stingy as possible too.

    With the PSP, I want to be able to hack it and play more games, although im not sure the most recent model is hackable.

    With the 3ds/ds the price difference is very small between them so im thinking a 3ds may as well be the go. Do the R4 cards work on these? anyone have any experience?

    Next question is battery life and how to extend it, as both will probably struggle for the 6 or so hours there and back. What extended battery solutions work the best for you?

    Thanks in advance for the help

      continuing on from this, will a psp last battery life wise? all i would play on it is crash bandicoot and spyro probably.

      Leaning towards a 3ds for zelda and an R4 card which means i can play whatever i want from a long list (mario, mario kart, pokemon minly) but can i solve the battery life problem?

        Looking into it more, seems as though the PSP might be the better option. (changeable battery etc.) how easy are they to hack? mainly looking to use it to play PsOne games, tony hawk, crash bandicoot, spyro etc.

        I have googled it a bit, any easier writeups for directions?

          Do you have a PS3? I'm pretty sure you can just buy/download PS1 games from the PSN and play them legit on your PSP (saves you the trouble of hacking it). I don't think you need a PS3 for it but it would probably make it easier. My PSP has been hacked for ages so I've never tried this out but I hear it works fine.

          In case you're wondering I have a fat PSP which I hacked myself by prying at random things inside the battery. I don't recommend it :P. Previously I've hacked it using programs and whatnot but Sony change it with every firmware update.

          Based on what I've read on previous PSP related questions in TAY, the 1000 and 2000 are easy to hack, 3000 is harder and apparently is only temporary. No idea on the Go or E1000 though.

        My fat PSP would last around 4 hours maybe? (been a while since I've played it)
        DS will last a while
        3DS will struggle to make the 6 hours. I think mine lasts just under 3 hours with Wi-Fi off, mid brightness, mid sound and 3D on, about 5 with the same settings but 3D off.

        can't help on the extended battery front as I've never owned one but I heard good things about Nyko 3DS battery upgrade but it does replace the whole back if I recall and makes the console a bit bulkier.

      R4? I dunno. But there are other brands/models of flash cards that work for the 3DS. As far as I know none of them can run 3DS "roms" as of yet but they still run DS games. Certain cards can run other types of emulation as well as DS such as the SuperCard DSTwo being able to run SNES/GBA. I have a SuperCard thingy and it's good but I haven't used it on a 3DS yet or tried out the SNES/GBA emulation but it's definitely one of the better flash cards for the system.

        I would be using the card for DS games, and probably buying the 2 or 3 3ds games that i want if i went down this path

      Battery life:
      I find that my PSP and 3DS both last about 5 hours when playing games, DS gets about 8. On lowest light/power saving settings wherever applicable. The only thing I can think of that would extend it is if you had a laptop with you and had a USB charger as well, for a little battery top up.

      DS flashcarts are hit and miss with the 3DS. Continual firmware updates generally mean that the older flashcarts cease to work, so you might need to see if there are any flashcarts around still updating their firmware to keep DS capability for the 3DS.

      Last I checked (over 6 months ago?) the PSP 1000-3000s were all able to be hack through software means. No need to clip your own battery or buy pandoras these days. Usually the latest firmware updates mess with this a bit, but when I was poking around, if you had something on 6.20 firmware, you were still good to go. If you can get a cheap, used PSP slim, there's a good chance it'll be on old firmware.

      I want to tell you to get a 3DS, just so there are more people around here for Streetpasses (and my obvious bias :P)

      PSP is actually A LOT cheaper, as you would be buying it second hand.
      I got a psp 1000 for bee off ebay for $50 with 5 games - but that was lucky - still you can usually get them for between $50 and $70 on their own including freight.
      Cash converters' online webshop is another great place to pick these up on the cheap from, including games.

      I'm really not one for piracy anymore - so the benefit of the PSP is much greater to me, as you can buy a decent capacity memory stick and fill it with legit PS1 titles and more from the PSN store. Plus the games, imho, are much, much better and varied.

        Also, as other have said, if you want to hack it - get a PSP1000 (the original) - but whatever you do DO NOT buy the brand new store-stocked PSP - it's a plasticy, dumbed-down piece of trash.

        I, personally, own a PSP3000 and it is the most glorious thing ever. It's lighter weight and has a couple more features - just so damn awesome.

    Sometimes I click on Popsugar articles in incognito mode :P (Chrome)

    Anyways I clicked on that Amazing Race one because I'm bored and I don't really want to study atm (just prolonging my break). So that Paul and Steve... Is Paul (or Steven, whoever is who) Asian? I've seen their stupid faces plastered all over buses and I can't help but to think whether he is or not. Not that it really matters but just curious :P. Randomly clicked on another article (from a different website) saying that he was your stereotypical Asian accountant so I guess he is. Doesn't look full Asian though :/. Oh and I totally don't like him and his arrogance. Also saw some clip (which I assume is the ad for it on TV) and he's all "I HAVE AN IQ THAT PUTS ME IN THE TOP 2% OF AUSTRALIA" shutup dude.

    Not really sure where I'm going with this but I'm just wasting time during my self given 'break'. So how about dat Financial Management people? ooo yeah!

      Yep, that dude is a monstrous wanker by the looks of things.

    Just because I was busy,
    Re: SMT 4.
    Now watch and weep as it doesn't get an EU release and Australia is oce again left to shake their fist at the sky, as I sit back smug with my US 3DS (incorrectly) claiming I had the foresight to expect this to happen, and drink your tears of rageful sorrow.

      This is why I refuse to buy an AU/EU 3DS. In fact, it's why I don't have a 3DS already, I want to also play JP imports and can't justify two systems for that yet. It calls to me. Haunts my dreams. Tantalizingly close, yet just out of reach. :(

        Yeah, I really dig a lot of the Atlus published games, so whilst the absence of the Australia Tax was the primary reason for buying a US 3DS, a lot of the niche games I expected to come out played some part in it as well. Releases over here with Atlus games are pretty flakey.
        It's a bit arse having to wait a week or two for your games, but I'm hoping it'll be justified eventually.

          SMT at least is probably pretty safe. Ghostlight do a good job bringing them over for Europe. But there's always a lot of niche titles that slip through the cracks, plus we still tend to wait forever for less mainstream releases compared to the US as well.

    Toshiba L840 get!
    Hurray for getting a proper laptop at last \o/
    after $100 off, it's $598 :P

    i'm a happy happy dawdle!!

      Nice work! :) Hope it gives you many hours of enjoyment!

    So I feel a bit dirty right now. I swore to myself that I wasn't going to buy Dragon's Dogma, because on-disc DLC shits me to tears. But. I love Capcom games, and I love third-persion action adventure games with giant monsters. So I think I'm going to do what DanMazkin suggested and just not buy the DLC when it's released. But I still feel dirty.

      Last Capcom game i bought was UMvC3, and before that, the SEXY CE of Dead Rising 2....

      I can hold out pretty well.. but daym... Dragons Dogma looks soooo goooddd.!!!!

      Let me know how it goes, man! I'm very interested to know!

        I also want to hear good things from some one who has played the full thing for a few hours. I will tolerate hearing not-so-good things, but that's a 'plan b' at the moment in case 'plan a' doesn't pan out.

        TheLastQuestion, are you a bad enough dude to play this game and give you opinion of it?

        ... and rescure the president?

      Wait! Wait!
      I downloaded the demo this morning.
      I will play it tonight.
      This will either make me want to buy the game even more, or put me off it.

        Your face could explode into a thousand tiny rainbow coloured popcorn pieces.

          Even in death, Bish provides us with food. How noble.

      I would be absolutely all over Dragon's Dogma if it was multiplayer-capable. It looks like Skyrim and Monster Hunter had a baby.

    My clothes washer is broken!!! It wasn't even anything (probably) that Pyrean did.

    So that 3DS Castlevania... thoughts?

    I love me some Metroidvania and I loved Lords of Shadow but this is kind of a disappointment. Why not put a Lords of Shadow sequel on console? I've always felt Metroidvania work better on handhelds and that's where they've been for the past few years. Just because our portables are able to do a 3D game like that doesn't mean we have to have one. Don't get me wrong I'm still interested in it since I really liked Lords of Shadow, not as a Castlevania game but because it was still a solid hack and slash action adventure (I think that's the genre?) game.

    This is kind of how I feel with Zelda on the 3DS. We've seen what the 3DS can do with OoT3D but does this mean future 3DS exclusive Zeldas will be 3D? I've always enjoyed a good mix of 2D "classic" Zelda (top down etc.) and 3D Zelda. I grew up with both and it was good having such a similar, yet different experience on the console and handheld. But now with the current tech most games just feels like crummier versions of console counterparts. Back then they had to deal with the limitations of the handheld a design a game around it, now we're just getting console games that we can move around. There's nothing separating the two different experiences now, they're just basically the same.

    This is not to say all handheld games should try to be different, I don't mind it as long as we still get the own unique "handheld versions". Obviously other franchises come to mind such as Metroid and Mario. When was the last time there was a proper 2D Metroidvania style Metroid? 2D and 3D Mario games are a whole different beasts. Nintendo is going in the right direction with it at least with New Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Land 3D, which seems to combine the best of both worlds. The same can sort of be said for Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks but there was something about it that just seemed "off". Didn't feel like a 3D 'console' Zelda and it didn't feel like a 2D 'classic' Zelda either.

    Eh random ramblings...

    - What do you think of the new Castlevania game on 3DS? (it's a Lords of Shadow sequel)
    - I hope we don't lose the 2D "classic" style of gameplay for some older franchises

      I loved LoS, this might convince me to buy another 3DS. Wary, but interested.

      I agree that 2D games work a lot better on handheld. Especially on the 3DS because of the lack of the second circle pad.

      I've actually been playing Metroid Fusion lately. A 2.5D Metroid would be awesome on 3DS.

        A la Shadow Complex?

          I had to Google what shadow complex was, but yeah that looks about right. A 3D game that you play like a 2D one. In fact the wiki article said it was similar to Metroid. :P

    @Batmang meat discussion on last page

    Rocketdude is coming? Hahaha I gotta meet the infamous Rocketman! I think Ruffles said he was interested too and possibly Jugsy? I dunno. Anyways, I'll be free from June 21st for a month or so. This means I'm more likely to attend a meat :P.

    Now who wants to give me a lift... Nova? It's possible I might have my licence then so who knows...

      I've got to go if Greenius and Nova are going! Xenomeat!

      Will have to see what I can do about that one...can't make it to Can'd Meat 3.0, but Melbourne might be possible...

      I might be. I need to see what's going on with work.

      Well the more interstate friends that will be there the more motivation I'll have to show up :D

      I hate how y'all like already met and stuff though :/ I'll be 'that guy' that no one knows

        I really wouldn't worry about that, honestly. It was pretty easy to slot into the group during my first meat. (Probably would be more awkward if I only met one or two people xD)

          I think your first meat is the kind of thing that sounds exciting, then when you're just around the corner from everyone else or downstairs or whatever, you get really nervous because hey, meeting new people feels scary and all, then you buck up and head round that corner and say hello, maybe there's a little moment where you don't say anything but after that you're on easy street and having too much fun to care!

        Depending on how it goes up here, you and I could be "those guys".

    Continuing on (again) from my previous posts, i picked up a psp 3000 from cashies.

    im in the process of installing custom firmware on it at the moment, anyone have any suggestion on where to get psone iso's for it? Im fine with buying them if i have to, looking for Tony Hawk, road rash, spyro, crash bandicoot etc.

      OMG roadrash! Awesome game man.
      As for ISO's and such, I recall using EMUparadise a while back, though I'm not sure if it's still in existence.

        Road Rash was so cool! I never got very far but I loved it.

      Well like I said above I'm pretty sure you can just buy them off the PSN. I don't think Spyro is on there though as I recall Crazyguy complaining about it. I guess you could YARGHHHHH it if need be.

        next QUESTION! (sorry, excited from the nostalgia trip) can i rip all of my old PSone games to iso files and then throw them on?

          I honestly can't see why not, though it may be easier to download them, so long as you own the originals of course.

          You probably can but I have no idea how and it'll most likely have to be hacked first.

          Probably easier to just YARGHHH them and technically it's not so bad because you do have the original games :P


            ROAD RASH
            METAL SLUG
            ARMY MEN
            TONY HAWK
            HOT WHEELS

              Oh I hate you so much. Less Army Men.
              But the others are complete legends!

    I downloaded Diablo 3, but every time I go to play it, even though my account clearly says I have a Starter Pack attached to it when I open it up in my browser, when I'm actually trying to start a game of D3 the game tells me my account doesn't have a D3 licence attached to it. :(

      I think there's different launchers required? Correct me if I'm wrong.

        Nah D3 is the same edition for starter & full, unlike World of Warcraft where there is just a starter edition downloader, because a starter can't access the worlds beyond Eastern Kingdoms & Kalimdor. So it's just smaller.

          Ooooh, I knew it was something like that. Thanks for the heads up!

            No worries! Makes sense, I mean if you're only giving someone access to 1/4 of the game no point in making them download 100% of it, when it will work fine with the original expansion :P

      My friend got this, change the password to your account, that fixed it for her. Apparently it's a common issue amongst accounts with only the starter edition. Hope this helps :)

        It works now! Thanks Virus. :)

        Well, when I say "works" it's chuggy but it's definitely playable at this early point.

          No worries, happy I could help!

          Shame it's laggy, but yay that it's playable!

          I ended up buying the game because It was almost unplayable on the starter account lag and I was watching Pyrean play it with much less lag on the full version (that, and it wouldn't let me play with him on a starter account)

          Afterwards I felt so ashamed for having fell for that. There are few decisions I wish I could reverse in my life bu t that is one of them.

          If you buy the game only do it because you are having fun!

      I had the same problem. Gave up and went to bed, it worked the next day.

    I ordered Warriors Orochi 3 and Catherine from Ozgameshop and they arrived on Monday. I’ve managed to play a little of both

    Warriors I got because I love the franchise thinking it’s about the perfect formula for co-op hack and slash few vs many play. I hadn’t brought one in a while and this one seems to be just as good as the others. They keep refining the formula a little to improve it. The online multiplayer is rather clunky but I’ll forgive Koei for that this time as it’s the first time they’ve bothered to include an online option.

    Catherine I bought for three reasons. I was kind of curious about the difficulty having heard they’d had make a “very easy mode” patch after release because people were finding it too hard. I wanted something a bit different for the normal games I play and I haven’t had a go at a puzzle game since Tetris. Lastly, they used sex to market it and I evidently still have the sexual maturity level of a 12 year old.

    I’ve only played an hour of two of it but I’m quite enjoying it so far. It definitely scratches my “something different” itch. The puzzles seem quite fun so far. I’ve got it on normal difficulty and have failed one of the challenges about 10 times already (due to the time limit) before managed to pass it.
    I’m liking the way they’ve tied in a story with the puzzles. A little bit of the story seems to be told whilst you are working on the puzzles (the existence of which is explained in the story as your characters nightmares.) I’m not a huge fan of the actual story which is essentially about a guy who cheats on his long term girlfriend who’s thinking about mirage (who represents stability) with a wild girl (who represents excitement) and you have to juggle these two relationships until he can figure out which one he wants whilst trying to stop his nightmares from killing him. I find it hard to relate to a cheating douchebag but then he does still manage to come across as human and, as he didn’t go out looking to check (she basically forced herself on him) I do end up feeling a little bad for him.

      Catherine is on my to-buy-when-I-see-it-cheap list. Looked pretty cool from the demo I played a while ago. Normally I don't like puzzle games on home console (more of a handheld genre, imo), but the story sounded interesting/different enough to give it a go.

        Holy carp. I just looked up Catherine on PSN and it costs $99.95! o_o OGS has it for $37...

          I was just going to look up the price again for you. Gotta love that AUS mark up :S

        I'm not really a puzzle game guy as I mentioned before yet It's given me no reason to regret the purchase so far. I recommend buying if you see it at a price you like.

      Hi Gorzy!
      Boring night at work?
      I will tell Pyrean that he broke it.

        Haha, he'll be convinced I'm telling everyone he did break it then because when I was telling the guys at work last night I mentioned that he was the last one using it but i'm pretty sure it's nothing he did. The first thing they do when Pyrean turns up for his shift is yell at him "Gorzy said you broke the washing machine!"

    In this week's instalment of 'Things Greenius Hates', we have:

    - Being sick. Usually I'm sick every now and then but my symptoms are only mild and usually just comprise of a runny nose, blocked nose, sore throat, coughing, headaches, ya know, nothing too major. I don't think I've been sick at all this whole year and now I'm starting to feel like crap RIGHT BEFORE MY EXAMS. Really body? FML. Don't feel like eating much and when I try to I feel like I'm going to throw it up, I also feel a bit lightheaded and in a giant "cbf everything" mood...

    - Exams. I hate you. They're ok I guess as long as they're evenly spread out which gives me time to study (try to learn everything from the semester in a week). But the worst thing some units do is NOT give you solutions to questions. WHY!? I learn so much more when I have the solutions and can study and see what the patterns are. What's the point of putting a bunch of past exam papers if there's no recommended solutions. How am I supposed to know what type of responses you want... It's hard enough trying to figure out the answer from the crappy lecture notes and the useless textbook so why not just make life easier for everyone and put the solutions up. Kthx.

    In this week's instalment of 'Things Greenius DOESN'T Hate', we have:

    - You

      Hope you get well soon. Maybe take a day off to recover? How soon are your exams?

        First one on Monday the 4th then 11th, 12th and 21st. I'm feeling alright for the first one since the nice people decided to put up solutions to past exams and tutorial questions, so it's as easy as just going through them and memorizing them. As for the others... no freaken clue on the subjects in them...

        Technically I'm on "holidays" now and I don't have to go back to Uni until exams. But taking a day off from studying will be bad cause I gotta learn so much. Just depends on how I'm feeling tomorrow.

        Thanks though :)

          We've got an exam on the same day! Good luck on the twelfth, buddy bud. Just think "that guy I've only ever talked to on the internet has an exam from 1:30-4:30 today". I don't know what this will accomplish, but do it anyway. xD

      I was going to say something empathizing with you, then I noticed that you included me in thing you hate. Then I realised that I'd missed the sentence where you said things you don't hate. So I'll just link this:

        Oh, and get well soon! take lots of drugs! (of the medical kind![and only as much as requred, not lots!])

          Why so responsible?

          @Greenius, with the exams and the sick and the hatin' on it all, could it perhaps be stress-related?
          Take some time out, meditate, drink some tea.
          Then punch and click ALL the things.

            Perhaps but I don't think so. I'm always in stress/panic mode when there's something due, a test or exams but I've never been sick in any of the other times because of it. Guess it's just bad luck having them in the same time frame :P

            It's not easy being Green

              Seems like every second person in Melbourne is sick!
              Get well soon and good luck with exams.

    Pulled together every photo I could find from the meat this weekend (including photos I took myself and others I stole from everyone's Twitter feeds) and chucked them into an album for TAYbie viewing pleasure. Probably missing a few, though, but I think 70 photos or however many this is will be enough for now.
    There's a lot of pictures of Shiggy cooking dinner...!cpZZ1QQtppZZ24

      Picture 58:
      What in the hell IS that? It looks like a screwed up geode, or perhaps a bouncy-ball you've cut open?

        I believe that was a century egg? I can't remember who it was who ate that thing...Flu and someone else?
        Yeah my memory's great. Hopefully someone else remembers better than I do.

          I believe from what I saw on Twitter, Serrels got in on it?

          The hell's a century egg?

            On second thought... I'm not sure I want to know if it's anything like the namesake.

              Haha, I don't even know what it is. It looked disgusting so I stayed far away from it!

        Serrels Stare Mark II??

          Pants, is that the photo you took when you were sitting awkward in the corner?

            That's the one. And yet only Ben was looking at the time. :p

      Wait... that nose ring that Pez has in is real!? I saw someone mention it on Twitter and assumed it was a fake. haha

      So... what happens when you sneeze? A game of Horseshoes?

      Woo! Stalk all the people...

      now I gotta work out who's who...

      So this was Pez's place right? I'm sorta jelly!

      Looks like the kind of place I had in mind but no one would rent to us and Pyrean was about to end up on the street so I had to settle for place a little more... quaint...

    I feel like the Jarl in Whiterun is pretty ungrateful. I mean, he'll *let* me buy property in Whiterun? Bitch, please. I'm the Dragonborn and I've saved your arse a couple times now. Why insult me like this?

    /o\ TAYnames doesn't work for me *flails arms about*

      Just opened it and it's working :P

      Both the actual site and the tinyurl one.

        Started working again for me, weird!

      What do you mean it doesn't work? It's working fine for me!
      Hey, that looks like fun. *joins in flailing*

    Greetings friends!

    How is everyone this evening?

      It goes well! About to pop on some anime and relax a bit.
      So you're back at your old job now, but you're still at the crappy place for the next two days as well? Does that mean you're working all day and half the night? I know it's just a week do you manage that, mang?

      Hey Cakeman! How goes the new job?

        Getting a head ache at work because of other peoples F-ups :S on the bright side I get to go home in 3 hours! Yey!

          And I can't even reply to the right Person! Now it looks like I think I'm Cakesmith! everyone know's i'm really Greenius.

            all good dude! I am a forgiving man. *pulls out a gun and holds it to your head* now get on your knees and beg for, forgiveness!

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