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    Another page bites the dust
    Another page bites the dust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another page bites the dust
    Hey, I'm gonna get you too
    Another page bites the dust

      Hey, I'm gonna page-get too,
      another page bites the dust!

    Re: Dragon's Dogma.

    Avoid like the plague. What a steaming pile of doodie.

    1) Pawns talk non-stop. They even interrupt themselves to say inane banter about every single little frigging thing. An example of what happened when I walked down a road:
    Pawn 2: "Well sturdy, this place!"
    Pawn 1: "It's safer on the road than in the brush, but still, we'd better be wary!"
    Pawn 2: "Well study, -" the pawn is interrupted by it's own dialogue popping up.
    Pawn 2: "I wonder if there's ore in all these crags that litter the area."
    Pawn 3: "We'd better be careful of goblins!"
    Pawn 2: "Well sturdy, this place!"

    Of course it's sturdy, it's a frigging mountain!

    2) Gameplay is kid of fun, but glitchy and unresponsive. You can be in the middle of a fight, guarding against an attack, and the attack will go straight through your defenses. Your attacks sometimes don't register on enemies, and sometimes the buttons don't respond to what you're pressing. Also, enemies are cheap and your pawns are dumb as hell.

    3) The interface is a mess and there's little to no direction as to what you're supposed to do. At one point I had no story quests in my quest log, and attempted to speak to every single NPC I could find in order to figure out where I had to go/what I had to do next. Turns out that NPC didn't spawn properly in the game. I had to reset my 360 in order for the NPC to appear. And then, once that was done, there was no more guidance or indication of what the heck I'm supposed to be doing.

    So yeah, I'm taking it back tomorrow and I'll use all those saved hours to finish Max Payne 3.

      Also, that exchange between my pawns happened in the space of two minutes. I swear there was no break in the dialogue whatsoever.

      Also, 2) Gameplay is kind* of fun. Herp derp.

      But the demo you were able to grab onto a Griffin and stab it as it flew around!
      That was pretty cool.

        I thought it was cool too! But when I tried it in practice, it didn't work as intended. Grabbing onto a Troll twice got me stuck on him, unable to let go or attack (necessitating another reset of the console). I took him down the next time without using the grab mechanic, but by then I was over it :(

    So do you like Quentin Tarantino?
    Did you think you couldn't possibly like the guy more than you already do?
    Well, have I got something for you!

    I know PuppyLicks saw this but, something I saw on Reddit this evening that blew my mind:

      I haven't seen Inglorious Bastards yet so I will not read this. :P

        Oh man you are missing out. I loved that movie! Actually I loved all of Tarantino's movies, I really want to watch Reservoir Dogs & Pulp Fiction now, need to acquire HD copies damn it >.<

          Haven't seen Reservoir Dogs yet either! After seeing (and loving) Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill 1/2 I vowed to watch all of his movies... I just haven't got around to it. :P

          Kill Bill (the first one especially) is up there as one of my most favourite movies.

            Oh man Reservoir dogs is awesome. Was the first Tarantino movie I saw and I loved it.

      Was that in the fan theory thread?

      Because it shouldn't be. It's practically canon. Hell, it might even be canon. Really awesome stuff, heard it before and it really makes me enjoy he stuff even more.

      Sweet holy crud - that's awesome!!

      Also, inglorious bastards was glorious

    Oh boy, haven't put in a day that long for ages. Effectively been working 14 hours today. Had a full days work experience at a local travel agent and had a great time. Got to play around with a couple of new systems that we haven't covered at tafe, Calypso and CrossCheck specifically. Made up a bunch of fake bookings for flights, hotels, cruises etc. also helped one of the ladies put together a bunch of document wallets for a group of 12, except half of the tickets needed to be reissued because the airline changed the time of a flight. Sent off 6 tickets, only got 2 back before the clients came in. Stress mode activate!! And after all that had to go straight from there to Coles and do a shift there as well.

    And of course now I can't sleep. Yay for logic

      Sounds like a busy day! How you been dude? Don't see you 'round these parts much, but I guess as you said earlier this year you'd be busy with tafe etc.

        Yeah tafe's been keeping me busy. I really only get on Tay of a night now. But things are going really well. My course will be done next week, in 16 days I'll be on a plane to Iceland and you probably won't hear from me for a month. If anyone says "who's this guy" when I get back I will very upset though

          I suppose this would be a bad time to ask you who you actually are then, I'm guessing?

          Oh boy, is this awkward or what.

            I'm the VP of the surly, red hoodie wearing brotherhood, don't tell me you forgot :'(

          Oh man Iceland, have fun =D

          Ah don't worry dude, I won't forget you! We need to organise some sort of gaming night on Steam when you have sometime to yourself in the near future!

            What is spare time you speak of?

              Oh right.. Carry on then D=

      You should learn to drive an airplane.
      Air-drive evryone to all the meats!

        There's a regional airport near where I live! Nova, I'll meet you there!

        Wait till the government finally decides on a second airport location... So about 2052

      Oh I didn't know you were going into travel! I'm doing work experience at a travel company, too! Working on a new website for them. I'm glad I don't have to worry about all this booking stuff though. :P

      Get some sleep, you!

        Yep, hopefully should be away from Coles and a proper travel agent by about August. Fingers crossed anyway.

        If you want me to sleep, stop talking to me :P

    Ha! Depths and Gaping Dragon, I spit upon thee. You are done.

      *golf clap*

      Were you playing Dark Souls this time, or just some pesky neighbours?

        I hope he wasn't dealing with his neighbour's Gaping Dragon, he's a married man!

        (See, it's funny because the Gaping Dragon looks like... well... Have you ever seen that movie "Teeth"? It's a bit like that.)

          Ha! I saw 30 seconds of that movie and bailed.

            Weirdly, it was liked by critics way more than it was the viewing public, which is bizarre for a comedy/horror film.

      Oh dear, at the rate you're going you'll be ahead of me within a week.

      C'est la vie.

    Finished work early!

    But now I'm wondering what this sleep thing people talk about is

      Work? Pssh, work is for the weak!

      Or, y'know... those of us that like that "life" game.

    Morning All... Hope everyone is having a good one.
    I'm so excited about this concert tonight, Seeing Dappled Cities :)
    Pity I'm going on my own though. But It should still be awesome.
    Now to convince my body to get out of bed and go to work. The best part is I've taken tomorrow off. 2 LONG WEEKENDS IN A ROW!!!! I Like this Idea!!!!

    Mental-health day today.
    Organise formal training/education
    Find out where the hell the webcam I ordered 2 months ago is

    How are we all today?

      Pretty amazing, i haven't felt this good in years, Also not bragging but i seem to have put on a little muscle and taken of a little weight. But my handsomeness has still remained in tact. It is raining outside as well and i am a big fan of cool rainy days at work. It makes everything more relaxed.

      Have a lovely day friend.

        Definitely agree with you on the weather. Drizzle and a light breeze, and I'm a happy camper.
        Well, not camper. I hate camping.

          Who does like camping. Actually i don't mind camping but you need so much beer and food to make it okay.

      I have a feeling today is going to suck donkey balls. I slept horribly, and the best coffee shop in Brisbane burnt my coffee for first time ever :(

        Its not that bad man, just do alittle dance or sing a happy song you will be fine

          I just have to endure today and tomorow, then it's on. Some friends and I are having an Avenger and pancakes gathering tomorrow night, following by copious amounts of alcohol. My hangover tweets on Saturday morning will be glorious.

            Wait avengers AND pancakes. You are friends with my kind of people. Don't be to angry or sleepy or sad everyday can be pretty okay even the shit ones if you manage to do one or two fun or funny things. Which is why i dance and sing and talk crap so much :)

        Where do you get your coffee? Frisky Goat?

          Valentino's Cafe - it's a little family-run Italian coffee place in Lutwyche.

            I think you've mentioned that one before. Shame that a lot of good coffee places are tucked away where I can't get to them. I go to Pour Boy on Wharf St. Not the best but good enough.

    My motherboard works. Kind of. Got home last night, installed everything, started to download Diablo and update drivers/Windows/MSE. Went out for dinner.

    When I came back, restarted the computer and it just didn't want to get past the starting Windows screen (monitor would cut off, power and HDD LEDs were still active). Faffed about for a little bit before reseating the GPU (for about the third time) and lying the tower flat on my bedside table.

    That worked.

    So now I know what Diablo 3 looks like with a stable framerate on maxed out settings on 1920x1080. It's such a huge difference. Can destroy all of the environmental objects without my computer stopping to have a breather.

      What the actual fuck you are probably got a loose cable or something bunny, also you are having some shit luck with your computer :P Hopefully you can click all the things when you get home.

        Nah, the latest problem is pretty simple. My case makes it difficult to seat the GPU properly. Laying it down sideways makes it a non-issue while mucking about to get the GPU in the right position while vertical is a little finnicky.

          You could probably find some sort of bracket to make sure it stays in place?

            Probably. The problem is that my case has these odd little plastic clamps to hold the various cards in place. They don't fit around my GPU and make it difficult to just put some screws in place.Having it sidewards is actually a pretty elegant solution.

    I'm sure everyone's heard about that naked guy who got shot and killed by the police because he was EATING the face of another man (zombies?).

    Well I just saw the victims 'face'.


      What the hell kind of porn were you searching for that brought THAT up? :P

        There was an article on Gizmodo that talked about it and it showed up on the bottom of Kotaku :P


      Without trying to instigate nasty things (well, I guess I kinda am) can you link me to the image? Or ROT13 the link perhaps?

        That link is safe (just a general description) but within that link there's two more "CRIME SCENE" and "FACE PHOTO HERE" which go straight to the nasty stuff. Definitely NSFW

          Alternatively you can Google image search the victim "Ron Poppo" for a clearer pic :/. Hard to see what's what in the one I linked above.

            Creepy. Cheers man!

            Not once have I ever had the urge to act on the urge to eat someone's face.
            Yeah, figure that one out.

          Holy fuck man... That's REALLY bad - way worse than i thought it would be!


      Tripping on drugs, pretty gruesome stuff.


        Had a look on the story over at Gizmodo, man, that comments section is gonna fire up o.0

    Mornin' TAY!

    So, is anyone interested in some ME3 multi tonight on PC? I've started getting back into it, and even more so now that I've done a bunch of promotions and the Whiplash character is available.

      I'd be up for it at some point. them new Vorcha characters are pretty cool, but yeah. I want Whiplash dammit.

        Yeah, I've seen one in action and the flamer ability looks pretty devastating. They're comparable to Drell in shields (bad) and movement (good). Where the Drell flip around, Vorcha leap and scuttle.

          yeah, I unlocked the soldier one last night. their health regen is a lifesaver.

    Have slain the Gaping Dragon. Am currently researching my options from here. I'm thinking I might venture into curse frog territory, because I haven't actually seen one of them yet, and am curious. Also I want to fight this Kirk chap. Then I might head back to the Undead Asylum and tackle the Stray Demon before moving on to Blighttown. If I can clear all that out tonight, I'll be happy.

      You're ambitious, son, I'll give you that.

        BISH IS A DAD
        No Freaking Way
        I want Bish as a dad. You suck Shane.

      What, how?! The curse frogs are everywhere in that sewer place!

      If I recall they were kinda down the traps/sudden drops so maybe you were more careful than I was :P

        Yeah, I didn't fall in anywhere. Stayed far left on the giant slide, dropped me right in front of the boss.


      Damn zombies taking all our jobs away from us hard working folks.

      *shakes fist*

      But your fro smells like popcorn and death.
      I really rust want to smell your fro now.

        Trust me, there is nothing worse than coming home from work smelling like popcorn.

          Coming home with blood and guts and fecal matter listening to Nickleback with a boombox through a ghetto neighbourhood who mistake you for a someone else in there turf war with the mexicans.

            Popcorn is worse.

              Yeah, if you ever want to stop eating popcorn, get a job at a cinema.

                It's a bit like pizza whilst working at pizza hut, or maccas whilst working at McDo- oh who am I kidding, if I worked there, I'd still eat as much as I could carry.

    So, horror movies. Which is your favourite?

      I generally dislike horror movies and haven't seen that many but when paranormal activity came out a friend of mine and I waited till midnight to watch it. We then procceeded to laugh our arses of at the movie for about a hour and a half. :)
      Paranormal activity 2 is just as funny.

      My favourite horror movie, without a doubt, would have to be The Thing, followed closely by the original Alien film.

      Have any of you seen an Aussie horror movie called The Loved Ones? It's amazing.

        I see Alien as more of a sci-fi than a horror. It certainly has horror elements to it, but not in the same way as say, Event Horizon.

          Oh, and Aliens > Alien.

            Aliens is the first horror movie I ever saw. I was 11 or 12 and a friend of my parents for some reason told them it was a great movie and we should be allowed to stay up and watch it. Obviously my parents saw the mistake pretty soon in but they figured we'd be better off seeing it through to the end.
            I had nightmares for 6 months afterwards. :P

              I remember my dad showing me Gremlins when I was about 5. Don't think I slept for a solid few weeks after that.

      [REC], Pans Labyrinth (not strictly horror, more fantasy, but freaking horrific nevertheless), El Orfanato, Alien, Dawn of the Dead (original version), The Ring (American version. Not a great movie, but effective as a horror flick). and theres many others, but I cant think at the moment.

      Oh! OH!
      "Dumplings". Get it. Watch it. Eat it.
      Then sell your babies so you can eat more of them.

        ahem.'s pretty damn good.
        also, Audition.

      Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a personal fave.

      But I also have a soft spot for Halloween, Friday the 13th & A Nightmare on Elm St.

      Been waaaay too long since I watched any horror's tbh.

    After spending somewhere between 1-3 hours looking for my VITA charger last night I finally found it! Got to start a little bit of Disgaea 3 last night and played it on the train today.

    I've seen a bunch of you guys mention you play games after your wives go to bed. Does this affect your relationships in any way?
    I've always gone to bed at the same time as my husband, but lately I've been struggling to find time for games and I've also been struggling to sleep so I was considering playing games for a bit after my husband goes to bed.

      My in bed gaming is my relationship.
      I know she'll never leave me so long as I have my Love Plus cartirdge.

        Also, I spent an unreasonable amount of time thinking of how best to deliver that joke.

          And just to emphasise, It was indeed a joke.


          Hoooooo boy, did it just get really awkward in here or what?

            No your fine just stay away from fat jokes unless they are about me. That is some pandoras box shit there.

      My wife works weird shifts. Sometimes she does 6-2, sometimes she does 2-8. So we always go to bed at different times. My advice is: cuddle times. Not even sexy times. Just cuddle times. Whoever goes to bed first, you go in with them, cuddle for 10-15 minutes, kiss goodnight, then the other partner can go do their own thing until they're ready for bed.

      Best of both worlds :)

        Cuddle time, huh? Sounds good. Actually we could probably use some cuddle time, regardless. Currently we're watching an episode of Farscape in bed to wind down before sleeping but he falls asleep in the first 5 minutes.

          *posts mandatory "WOOOOFARSCAPE!"*

            I got Ben Browder's autograph on my Ltd Ed Season 1 DVD in April \o/

              I got a lockpicking set and ski mask after reading that \o/

        Similar thing for me, minus the weird working times. My other half tends to go to bed at like 9-10pm, and I'm usually there by midnight at the latest.

        That is the cutest thing I've heard all day.


        Damn you people and having relationships, but yeah this sounds brilliant.

      Man my grandma hates it when i stay up later than her. She wants us to go to bed at the same time so she can read me my story and give me my warm milk or i never sleep before 9.00. Dont even get me started on my batheing schedule.

      No, not really, though I think she'd rather I went to sleep with her because it sucks to sleep alone

      There are some considerations in my case though.
      1) I don't just play games, I do writing too
      2) My wife probably thinks I'm just writing rather than gaming
      3) If I don't write, I'm hell to get on with
      4) I am pretty quiet when I come to bed
      5) Because of co-sleeping baby/toddler, we have gotten used to sleeping apart
      6) Wife has much larger sleep needs than me

        Oh yeah, there also TV-wtaching cuddle time before we part ways.

    For those asking on the previous page, DAN! and I ate the egg.
    It looks like daemonspawn, but it's like eating eggy brie/camembert in my opinion. Bish will tell you it's no big deal. DAN! and I agreed that it was the thought of eating it that was the most troublesome part.

      It's delicious!

        I don't think I'd call it delicious.
        I don't know what I would call it.

    Why does Windows Vista still exist? Why have all copies of it not been fired from a cannon into the sun?

      Vista? We still use Windows XP at work /o\

      Also Vista disks make pretty cool Frisbees.

      I got poo-pooed because I loaded Ubuntu on my boss's computer for a laugh. Oops.

        Awesome prank, i'm gonna assume, live boot disk? :P


    I put the trailer on the start of EVERYTHING at work last night. Best idea.

      i just thought i should say that before i say i am kinda excited for prometheus


          Oh cool cool cool.

            Do yourself a favor man and sit down and watch them. At least Alien and Aliens. Alien 3 if you can get your hands on the assembly cut (it's part of the Quadrilogy set). Alien Resurrection isn't AS bad as people say it is, but it's not as good as the rest.

            AvP are just....yeah....

          Count the first AvP but not the second. Also don't count Alien 3.

          Just watch Alien, Aliens, Alien Resurrestion and Alien vs Predator and you'll be good.

            Alien 3 assembly cut is actually pretty good.

              I'll have to take your word for it. I don't think I can sit through Alien 3 again, even if it includes 30 minute of extra footage. I'm normally pretty forgiving when it comes to films (I didn't think Crystal Skull was that bad for example) but Alien 3 is one of the only films I can say that I fully and completely hated.

            Sorry Dire Wolf, but are you saying that Alien 3 is worse than Resurrection?

            Bahahahahahahahaha. *Wipes tear from eye*

            Err, I mean, you're welcome to your opinion...

              A:R isn't as bad as people say it is. They tried something different (a more artsy approach) and it didn't exactly work.But I'm with Blaghsy. Alien 3 is better. Especially the assembly cut.

              I didn't think Resurrestion was good per se but I thought it was a lot better then Alien 3. That human/alien hybrid thing was pretty cool in a creepy wtf is that kind of way.

              But Alien 3 *is* worse than Resurrection.
              Before Cakesmith has to pipe in again, assembly cut did, in fact, do wonders to the film. However, the previous screenplays that were written are all undoubtedly better than what we ended up getting.

              Resurrection had implied sexy human/alien hybrid on sexy robot girl action.
              And dem failed clones.

                I think we can just all agree that Aliens vs Predator: Requiem was the worst.

              I'm sorry guys, but that clone was terrible on every account. For the movie, the screenplay was bad, the directing was bad, the visual effects were dreadful. In fact, the only redeeming feature it had was Winona Ryder, and only because she's kind of cute.

              Alien 3 had problems, most noticeably the removal of the grounding characters from Aliens(terrible decision on the writer's part), but it managed a pitch perfect showing of the stages of depression that someone who has accepted their death goes through. It manages some great moments within its rather bad framework.

              Oh, and while I'm here, I may as well say that I prefer Alien to Aliens, though I'm willing to accept that most people prefer them the other way around, they're both brilliant, and that's what matters.

                Me too Blaghmang. Alien > Aliens. But Resurrection has one other thing going for it: Ron Perlman!

                  Ron Pearlman makes everything watchable.. Even Hellboy, still no idea how I managed to watch the first one.

    Fucking youtube reply girls.. they have to be amongst the most brain-dead individuals on the face of the earth....

      I disagree. The people that fall for them are the most brain-dead individuals on the face of the earth.

      Good news though. There's a browser extension that lets you see the like/dislike rating for videos before you click on them. Let's you filter out the shit reply videos.

    At the risk of triple posting, has everyone seen this site:

    I've used it a couple of times. Very handy. Effectively ecogamer but without having to wade through piles of crap to find the price comparisons for games.

      I use but this looks better.

      Dude I have never seen this site, thanks!

        Oh there's about 3 PC games in the list =/

    Hi guys. Interview in two and a half hours!

      Good luck Jordi! Just serenade them like you do to us on TeamSpeak.

      Good luck! If it helps you in any way, I've had the "single female lawyer" song stuck in my head for the last few days. :P

      Don't be to nervous you are awesome they are crazy if they don't want you. Just no FanFic talk.



      I mean


      Hopefully you'll get released on bail. Just tell them you didn't do it.

      GOOD LUCK!

      Pro-tip: Rest your hand on your lap during the interview. Not only is this a sign of openness, but you can wipe your hands on your pants/skirt as you stand up after the interview before you shake your interviewees hand, in case you get nervous sweaty palms (you probably won't). Also works for gravy/tomato sauce if you are stupid enough to messily eat a pie before an interview like me!

      Good Luck!

        It is also a great way to hide your awkward boner.
        .......I'll show myself out.

      good luck yo!

      Good luck.


    Sorry guys, I have to pull out of the Can'd meat to get in Pest Control for my apartment. I gotta call in the big guns.

      Oh wow, that sucks. It's just not a Canberra Meat without Pez.


        Also, how was no one that slept there affected?

          I don't even know man but at this point I'm beyond caring.

          I'm losing sleep and losing sanity to the continual bites and itches. The DE dust I've tried to use to quell the situation apparently also poses a health risk, and despite the fact it's not meant to be a major issue my nose is irritated after sleeping in the same room I applied it overnight.

          So yeah, fun. It's sorta consuming my life and I just need it to stop.

            On the plus side, you get the chance to sleep in a different city, so you'd be away from the bugs :P

            Have you actually seen any bugs or anything? A few weeks ago I had something similar and it turns out it was just some psychosomatic bullshit.

            Or could it be a skin irritation? Have you changed laundry detergents lately?

              And now I have Frontier Psychiatrist in my head.

              I'm actually going on the hunt for them tonight. The thing that I'm confused about is it's meant to be easy to spot the signs of bedbugs but I haven't noticed any of them. Going back tonight to completely vacuum the pesticide out and will take a closer look. Either way I can't get an exterminator in until I can 100% confirm it's them. I've assumed it was them up until this point due to the bites being in rows of 2/3 and a concerted 2x bug bomb effort doing nothing to stop the bites.

              It could possibly be an irritation? Not sure - getting a lot of these bites/welts on my hands, arms and legs. I've changed laundry detergents lately but not sure how that would explain the welts on my hands?

              I'll hire David Attinborough to come along with his crew. He can do one of those night-time after-dark things he does where he gets all excited about insects. Should be funsies.

      You can have you own Can'd meat. With blackjack...and hookers...

      But that sucks man. I'm not sure if I can go either. It means spending money which I'm trying to save. Plus there's the whole thing about it being in Canberra.

    Wow, holy sweet merciful crap.
    Say what you will about Kotaku US, but that Patricia Hernandez article* is like a punch to the stomach.

    Is Xbox Live really that bad? I'm not doubting her I just have never seen anything like that on XBL in Australia. Maybe it's because I'm not online all the time or perhaps it's a difference in cultures, but god-damn.

    *probably best not to read if you like to keep faith in gamers online and humanity in general

      XBL can indeed be that bad. I haven't been a part of it for some time but I've definitely seen stuff like that.

      The situation she describes is kind of weird though. She was playing solo against a team of people trying to boost. Trash-talking back and generally stopping the others from doing what they wanted to do. It was a case of assholes being assholes to assholes because they're assholes. Nobody was the good guy.

      Sledging is an interesting thing. There should be no malice and you don't cross certain lines (the episode of Scrubs where JD tells a dude that his alcoholic sister started drinking again because he doesn't get trash-talking is a good example). The problem is that most people on the receiving end don't get it. They just think that they're being bullied. So they turn it around and do the same. The entire thing gets warped and we get this weird cesspit of hatred.

      Without the ability to shake hands afterwards and meet up at the bar for a few drinks with your opponent, trash-talking becomes a terrible thing.

        Just to be clear, not supporting the other guys but why deal with assholes that you don't have to deal with? No shame in walking away from them. Buying into what they're doing and feeding it helps nobody.

        Yeah trash talk is one thing, but this whole 'raping' business in Gears?
        Tea-bagging is all over the place but now there's an actual taunt that is actually referred to as 'raping'?

        Shit on a bloody stick.

          I don't know about anyone else... but my xbox generally has 'live' set to mute.

        I don't really get people complaining about trash talk and stuff on XBL or anywhere else. Can you not mute people? Or start a private XBL party so you don't hear anybody else?
        Also are people really so thin skinned that a 13 year old stranger in another country calling you a bad word or tea-bagging your pixelated avatar is so hurtful? People can be jerks, everyone should know this by now.
        I do understand the competitive nature of games giving rise to the use of trash talk or getting genuinely frustrated and angry at people. But at the end of the day it is your own choice how much you get involved.

        As the first commenter said - the author took part in the trash talk and teabagging and then felt bad about it. Ok.jpg Do some self reflection and move on.

          Don't get me wrong, I take part in trash-talking. Hell, I think I've done it on TeamSpeak a few times. The thing is that I only do it if people realise that I'm just having fun and that I don't mean that stuff in any malicious way.

          I'll only reciprocate trash-talking if I think they're doing the same thing or if I think I can make them feel like an asshole for being an asshole. Most of the time, it's easier to just not bother.


    I'm seeing Frankenbok tomorrow night.

      YOU BASTARD!!!!!

      Man they are so freaking awesome live!!!

      Oh my god, they're still going? Freakin' awesome man, punch someone in the face for me while you're there, PLEASE?!?!

        They are. I'm not actually going to see them though. My friends band (The Departed) is supporting them. It's actually the new project from the old Frankenbok singer (Adam B.Metal).

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