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    Bowling last night was good, very close match and we managed to win by so little. Also tried a new champion on LoL last night, dived right in with Jungler Amumu in PvP and I wasn't bad at all :)

      Sorry this was meant to update TAY I never meant for it to be a page get :(

        Have you tried using Ctrl+refresh/shift+refresh?

          That breaks everything cuz of my work's proxy and then it still doesn't work with the comments part of it

        So? Talking about our days and nights is what TAY is all about. No need to feel bad for getting a page get. In fact, it is an awesome thing! This page is yours now, embrace it.

          Well I usually have nothing positive to talk about hence why I don't do that much. Last night was a bit different cuz more than one thing went right for me that evening, and the parents didn't foul my mood at all until this morning.

      While we are on the topic of have the LoL people checked out the new Pantheon skin? It looks really amazing!

        That helmet is just weird in that art. It took the in game model to tell me it was an animal head helmet, not weird helmet ears. Still pretty cool. I have my eyes focussed on robo amumu though hence why I tried him out last night :). Anivia's next tonight

          wait, there's a new amumu skin?

            Yep, have a look!


            And his in game model look

      I really need to get back into LOL. I keep getting rostered on the afternoon shift though which means I leave before everyone gets home and get back after they've gone to bed.

    Hmmm so I was procrastinating yet again and hopped on the piano to mes around a bit. Then I thought about looking up some piano covers of the Game of Thrones theme on YouTube. It went something like this

    Game of Thrones Piano covers
    Game of Thrones panel at some convention
    Interviews with different members of the cast on various shows
    Auditions tapes of different members of the cast
    Jason Momoa doing the Haka in his audition for Khal Drogo
    Lots of Rugby Haka clips
    Lots of other Haka clips
    Haka flash mobs
    Lots of normal dancing flash mobs
    Prisoners doing Michael Jackson dances

    Gotta love the random YouTube Suggested video chains :P

      It doens't matter what I start watching, somehow, I always end up at melbourne shuffle videos...

        How good is that little asian kid. He is amazing. I usually watch him once a day just to get happy.
        I usually end up of the music video for the suburbs by arcade fire. go watch itf you havent seen it, will blow your mind hole

      You play the piano?

      So Asian man. So, so, Asian.

        So do you, So Asian with you and your identical twin.

        Can't remember what I did but I also ended up on a bunch of your videos earlier today as well as some of Serrels and other random Kotaku competition entries from really old comps (Killzone, ME2). Cool guinea pig phone man.

          Thanks man. Pip was the best assistant I ever had.

          That was for the competition where Sughly made that absolutely adorable animation with his son narrating it.

    So, who want's to help me hack a Comstar terminal? ;)

      I can't even see anything that's being typed or shown, just lines :/

        Welcome to ComStar Mu/Delta Terminal! (v1.0.0)
        Thursday, May 31, 2012 10:10:00 AM

        Documentation: type "help"
        Sorry! The FileSystem APIs are not available in your browser.

        Add files by dragging them from your desktop.

        (Click&drag over the page)

      ...there's a beta keys text file in there.

        where is that? It seems to work fine in chrome

          I'm in Chrome and can navigate well enough, but interaction commands aren't doing much.
          From root:
          cd /Users/kyle/TOP_SECRET

          Should have a single text file there.

      I'm a bit over ARGs but I will let this one slide because Mechwarrior.
      Also looks like we're getting some big reveal around E3 time

      input commands come back with these annotations;
      usage: cat filename
      usage: cp source target
      cp source directory/
      usage: mkdir [-p] directory
      usage: mv source target
      mv source directory/
      usage: open filename
      usage: theme default, cream
      Version 1.0.0
      MWO Operative #51822 - ComStar Mu/Delta Terminal
      usage: wget missing URL

      Looks like the forums have been right through it so far...

        Can't install the terminal, Chrome keeps crashing.

    Currently getting really into Mass Effect! So glad I went back and played the first game instead of continuing 2 (Which I then restarted). Looking forward to ME3! Anyone have the game on PS3 for multiplayers?

    In other news, break-ups suck :(

      WHo broke up?
      Im here for you buddy, women am i right?
      But seriously you will be okay. I still love you.

        Do you love me, Rockets?

      Yay! Mass Effect!

      Break ups are horrible things. you ok?

        assuming that its you experiencing the break up thing, that is.

      Wait, what?
      Please tell me you're just talking about breaking up in Mass Effect and not real life. Because break-ups really do suck. :(
      *supergigantic hugasaurus*

    Writeable books in Minecraft are pretty cool. So are large biomes.
    Can't wait until the 1.3 update comes out :D

      I would say that 90% of the books people write in would say some form of expletive in them.

        The autobiography of the creeper:

        Chapter 1

    Sega are possibly the worst company at managing their properties. So apparently they're trying to add all the terrible mood-destroying English-only music back into the HD Re-release of Jet Set Radio. So we've got to suffer through having Rob Zombie again.

    I have nothing against Mr Zombie or his music but it never belonged in JSR and the fact that the HD remake wasn't going to have that crap originally was a good thing, not a bad thing. :(

      Petition time?

        Maybe while we're at it we can ask them to:
        - Release Valkyria Chronicles 3 in English
        - Release the Sakura Taisen games in English
        - Stop making crap Sonic games
        - Release more of the Shining series in English
        - Skies of Arcadia sequel
        - Finish the oft-promised half-developed Streets of Rage sequel

        And all the other problems they have. Seriously weird company, Sega. They balance all their awesomeness with terrible decisions.

          There's a lack of Yakuza here.

            In what sense?
            Miraculously, each Yakuza game has been released here mostly unscathed.
            They cut the hostess thing and minigame from 3 (the minigame quiz was apparently an arseload to convert to English, and it was mostly Japanese stuff anyway, so I don't think that's a significant loss), and... managing hostesses is... weird.
            4 came out intact, as did Dead Souls, and 5 is being developed.

              Yakuza Kenzan did not. Nor did either of the Black Panther games on PSP.

                For what it's worth, Kenzan is the only one I care about that they didn't bring over. Still can't understand why not, it seemed like it would have more potential outside Japan than inside it, what with the whole historical setting and Samurai and stuff.

              Mainly the release dates being ~1 year after their Japanese releases. And like Neg said some games (Kenzan) didn't come over.

                Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh, yeah that's right.
                Yeah that would have been cool.

                Still, for really what is a very Japnese-y title, that's a pretty good track record.

      I'm not familiar with JSR, but unless it's some weird creepy horror game, then Rob Zombies music doesn't belong..

    Has anyone read any of the Witcher novels?

      I liked the first more than the second.

      Yep! Only 2 are translated into English right now, I think. I've read The Last Wish which is a stand alone, the rest are a part of a series if I recall correctly. I found it to be an enjoyable read.

      Yes, the original, in the original language...

        Don't suppose you've also flipped through the English ones too? Wondering how much was changed through the translation...
    How could they get that wrong?

      Because the UNSC doesn't have a logo separate from the UN logo, but they weren't to know that, so someone searched UNSC, found that, went "coolio" and nobody who checked it had played Halo.

      Or, someone was a troll, put that in, and nobody who checked it had played Halo, then they acted like it was a genuine mistake, for the lols.

        Or the BBC wanted more hits on their youtube channel and engineered this whole 'debacle'

          Or the UNSC is working on a secret super soldier project, which will be the basis of their transition to UNSC.

    To celebrate all of the clicking that I'm doing, I'm considering upgrading from my trusty old Logitech MX518. The problem is, I have no idea what would be an upgrade from that.

      Nooooo! But me you and Blaghs can be mouse buddies :(

      I think Freeze said he got the model after it or something, he seemed pretty pleased with it :P

        There's the G400, which is the new MX518. I don't think that's really an upgrade though. Just the same thing in a new shell.


            Pretty good chance I'll be getting a Razer mouse when I need a new one. They fit my hand fairly well and have enough variation between each one without compromising the shape and fit for me.
            Definitely not getting a Naga, though. Maybe a Naga Hex?

              Naga Hex is definitely more appealing than a Naga. Both are a little much. I don't think I need more than 3 side buttons on a mouse. 2 seems to be doing the trick quite neatly at the moment. A third would be useful but I can survive without.

              Eight is overkill but I could probably work out something to do with most of them. Twelve is right out.

              I wouldn't get a DeathAdder, never liked those things. Might consider a SteelSeries, depending on how they feel in hand.

                Couldn't stop laughing at the second paragraph :D

                "Three shall be the buttons thou shalt have, and the number of the buttons shall be three. Four shalt thou not have, neither have thou two. Twelve is right out".

                SteelSeries always look nice, but I've never heard anything good OR bad about them.

                  I was actually going to go back and rewrite it after I did the "twelve is right out" bit.

              As a Naga owner and user, I have to say that I couldn't live without the thing, however that's only because I play a lot of MMOs. SWTOR in particular the thing is vital, you have far too many abilities to efficiently hotkey everything and it means you don't take your fingers off the movement keys. I do find the really high stuff (nums 0-+) is hard to hit accurately though, feels like my hand's contorting. Also while playing Diablo and TERA (which have less ability buttons but more *useful* abilities) I wish I had gotten a Naga Hex instead, just because there's a no-button zone in the middle of the pad. I may actually go get a Hex at some point and use them interchangeably.

                I do admit the 12-button Naga looks retarded though. Like it was conceived by a crazy person.

                  You appear unfamiliar with the Razer brand :p

            You want a polar-bear -dog for clicking on things? That seems highly inefficient.

              But awesome.

      IF you can find one get the Logitech G9x.

    Hello TAY

    Half of my face is numb and my mouth is full of blood. How was your morning?

      I suspect I will be the same way in about 2 weeks.


      Better than that.

      When are you getting your dental surgery ?

        This morning, this will hopefully be the last time i visit for this root canal for about 5 months.

      did the date with your intern go badly? :p

    does anyone know when the PC Max Payne 3 is supposed to be released, Steam says June 1st but EB said its supposed to June 5th.

    I wonder how many lost pre orders EB are going to lose because of the wait, if i had the standard edition on pre order i would cancel it and buy it on Steam, even though its supposed to be a 35gb download, it will still be done quicker then EB pulling their fingers out.

      To be fair, that's not exactly EB's fault.
      That's someone at Rockstar or wherever throwing around arbitrary dates.

        I phoned up my local EB Games store and they said it was a "distribution error"

        I heard from a friend of a friend who works at EB Games, that the PC version came in with the console editions but for some reason Rockstar didnt want to sell them at the same time. The friend is reliable, i have gotten a few good deals from him but i dont know if its true or not.

      I've pre-ordered from ozgameshop. They've been saying June 1 for ages. Up until last week Steam was saying June 6. If you're saying it's now listed as June 1 then that looks like it's been updated.

        I just checked my ozgameshop order and it says it's been dispatched... so yeah MP3 incoming!

          Lucky, but i wont be surprised if i get a phone call from EB saying its available either later this afternoon or tomorrow.

      THIRTY FIVE GIGS?! WHAT.. I thought GTAIV was massive at 16GB :|

        Thats what the official requirements says but the requirements were vague anyways so i dont know how big the official download is, this could include a HD textures pack that could come later down the line.

          Good point, oh how I wish that Rockstar would support a HD pack for GTAIV =/

            There is always the icenhancer mod, couple that with the better city textures mod, and you have one graphically impressive game, if you have the rig to handle it.

    Guys, guys, guys, guys, manly men, of manliness.

    Shut up and take my ridiculously manly money.



      I'd forgotten they were making this film. Looks awesome.

      I still haven't seen Les Mis. Definitely will correct that mistake with this version. Like the look of the cast.

        And yes, I realise that having read Night Watch by Terry Pratchett many, many times doesn't come close to counting. Even if it means that I know all of the plot points/story beats (I prefer the term story beats but it doesn't seem to be a very popular term).

          Night Watch isn't a real close analogue to Les Mis.

          Also, super excited for this.

            No, it's not really, seeing as the characters get twisted around a fair bit and Vimes is Vimes. Or so I'm told.

            It's a bit like Lion King and Hamlet. The elements are there, just arranged differently.

              At least Lion King kept the singing warthog/meerkat duo.

        I also find Hugh Jackman attractive.

        I saw an amateur production of it a couple years ago and ever since I've been keen to see it done by professionals. I'm exited for this film.

          Whenever I feel the need to get goosebumps this is my go to clip. :P

          I saw a semi-professional, but small scale production quite a few years back, when I didn't actually like Les Mis, I want to see a proper version one day, but until then, this is quite an acceptable substitute.

      Holy, damn. I love the new Universal logo. That is all. :P -- Here's the full version.

        Go back to your regularly scheduled conversation. That trailer was decent too, by the way. I like how the song sounds rough and broken.

          Yeah, I was a bit worried at the first line that somehow they had just let her balls up the song, but then it comes through, and the whole thing sounded pretty good.

    Tonight is our annual industry dinner. As has become the tradition, I have fallen sick. Ergh.

      Go any way so you can be the talk of next year's dinner as "that guy that threw up on someone important".

      It's your only real option and a guaranteed way to further your career.

    It's the last day of Autumn... kick all the leaves!

      Hurry everyone!
      It's your last day to accurately quote Game of Thrones!

        As the Lannisters always say. "Hear me roar!"

          I don't remember those words at all in the books, it was always: "A Lannister always pays his debts"

        Brace yourselves.

        You can always say that quote. Even if it's already winter, winter will happen again the following year. It's always coming.

        Well, until we discovered fossil fuels at least :P

        "I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face, and my butt smell, and I like to kiss my own butt" - King Joffrey

    There is something horribly wrong with me - i am finding myself wanting to play, more than any other game, Pro Evo 2011.

    I started a Master League career and all i want to do is keep going and going... I may need an intervention!

      Bad Chupathingy... play Halo!

        ... If Halo is my only option, i think i'll stick to Pro Evo...

      Demon's souls. I know you own it.

        You're making me feel bad about my distinct lack of progress in Dark Souls. I think I need to jump in and make a desperate attempt to get somewhere near you.

        I've played it for like 4 hours :P

          The more I play it, the more I love it. It might well be my perfect game.

    I came to a realisation earlier this morning.

    I used to think it was a bit weird when I'd talk about my internet friends to my real world friends.

    Now I think it's weird to talk about real world people to internet people.

    Luckily I then found ten dollars, thus redeeming the whole thing.

      I think the meats have really broken down the idea of most of us being a bunch of strangers.

      To change the awkwardness back, you could tell your IRL friends some guy from the Internet took you for a 3 hour drive at night time. Your choice :D

        Oh I've already told them that story.

        Not really.

        I haven't spoken to any of them for at least a week...

        That's not awkward at all, how else was he going to experience the meat

          Well, it was more "how else was I going to get home."

          We'd already had the meat.

      I make it easy on myself by not having any friends.

      It's great... no, wait , it's that other thing...

      yeah, sometimes i have to explain to my friends that i will occasionally play games with my "internet friends"

      always an awkward thing to say...

      Best thing about most of my IRL friend is they all have internet friends and we all game together etc.. I've met some of my best friends on the net who're not awesome irl friends!

      But yeah I use to be like this in school, since apparently it was weird making friends online..

    So 2 days ago I got Knightfall part 2 and yesterday I got Final Crisis. I've decided that i will try to read both at the same time. Knightfall during my lunchbreaks and Final Crisis when i have some free time at home. Although I'm told that Crisis isn't that great of a story (apparently it's not even coherent in the slightest) the art is awesome.

    Reading two graphic novels at once probably isn't the best idea, but whatever.

      I do that sometimes but its only with stuff thats not massive. For instance dont read something else while reading watchmen.

    Where did we end up getting with the December Movie world meeT?
    I ask, because I've got to book some leave...

      Nowhere it would appear.

    So, that rape article has got me thinking once again how I'm either incredibly lucky or everyone is over exaggerating when it comes to trash talking. I'm not referring so much to the article itself, which I believe took a lot of guts to write and I respect the author for it, but more to the articles like it and the comments those articles always attract.

    I've been playing games online for years. Xbox, Playstation and PC. Halo, Gears of War, Killzone, L4D, WoW, LoL and numerous other games. In all that time I've almost never come across any sort of trash talking. A majority of times people just don't talk at all and when they do I've never heard anyone say anything that bad. Occasionally you'll get someone saying they've owned someone else but that's normally the worst of it. In L4D you do get people saying someone's being raped but 99% of the time they'll be referring to the actual character and not the person playing it. Like both teams will joke that Francis is being raped when he's got a Witch ripping him to shreds (not that I approve of the way real life rape has being trivialized by things like this, but I'm focusing more on talking like that to other people then referring to virtual characters).

    I've also played with many female players over the years and I've never once heard one of them talked down to because of their gender. My sister's also played games online for years, though she focuses much more on MMOs then shooters or the like, and she's never encountered that sort of behavior either.

    As I said, maybe I'm just lucky. I find myself more inclined to believe though that it's just people hanging onto one or two bad experiences they've had and then bringing them up and exaggerating the details every time the discussion of trash talking or xbox live or whatever comes up and the incidents are being retold so many times that it's painting a false picture of what online play's really like, because with the amount of complaining you see about how others have acted online even the complainers themselves must be responsible for multiple acts of douchebaggery.

      For ones like LoL, in the lower levels you won't see it, very very rarely. When you get to level 30 summoner, you'll definitely see it spiking, especially in ranked play.

      I don’t play multiplayer games – I just assumed it was as bad as the articles said.

        Depends a lot on the game and the time of day you're playing.

        I believe some games give/should give the options to turn off the entire thing, from chat to voice. So you can just play without a care in the world, but only in the unranked style of matches

      Maybe and maybe not, its not just games though it is game streams: WHen Harli was casting that fighting game tournement. Reading the stream comments made me rage so hard at what they were saying about her (i will not include because seriously it was bad) But i play games online and yeah it is as bad as people say.

        I had no idea what was going on - but Blagh's hinted at it. Not pleased, but best thing is to ignore it. Remember, stream monsters' comments are mainly just a very vocal minority and the majority of people watching are largely silent.

          Good mindset. Just don't even bother reading it. Let the moderators worry about it being inappropriate.

      I missed this article, which is this in question?

          Ah thanks dude!

      I'd say... yes and no.

      I played a couple of Halo 3 matches online ages back with a girl who had a pretty cute voice. She seemed genuinely thankful(And I mean, actually thanked me, which was bizarre) that I just treated her like another player.

      I also used to take part in a lot of SC2 stuff, where we'd watch some of SEA's best players, and shoutcast, and stuff like that(all in game), and nobody did anything differently for the few females involved.

      As a final point, while it wasn't in a game itself, reading the comments relating to Harli when she was commentating at... Shadowloo, was it? Ergghh.

        yeah shadowloo showdown

        and those are just stream monsters, they don't count as people

        Stream monsters have definitely earned their name.


      i trash talk a LOT when i'm with my friends.

        I wonder how much you trash talked when facing us in LoL :P

          ah, when I say 'trash talk' i refer to the act of actually saying it to opponents.

            Oh right, the main thing I remember from it was "Damn Techy, you scary!" :P lol

            I thought you meant you trash talked while on mic to your friends only, cuz I do that :P

        I'm pretty sure I could give you a run for your money.

        Just sayin'

      The worst thing I've had said to me in an online game was in TF2. An in-game chat message: "get f'd pow" (they said "f'd", I'm not censoring :P).

      Then again I don't purposely troll/target people or do anything that would lead to annoyance (other than beating people, I suppose), so maybe that has something to do with it.

        Have you heard how I was cursing Rize as he repeatedly killed me with his sniper class? :P


            To be fair you were the only one killing me with no contest... but you did it so fracking much you little FRASAGASARASAFALAGAH! :P lol

              I actually felt bad the whole time. I was laughing, but felt guilty cause I ALWAYS hit you each first shot. Everyone else I missed once or twice :P

                Hey I was the one holding the chaingun trigger down so therefore I was slow moving, I wasn't hard to hit but I had a medic too lol :P

      Unless I knowwho i'm dealing with... I mute by default.

      I have to admit that hearing about it is enough. For me, it wouldn't be worth the time and energy to deal with.
      Before TAY, all my multi gaming was LAN, but this isn't something I really have since I moved interstate a few years ago.
      Hell, I had never used a microphone before my few timid steps I've taken with TS and a few games of L4D2 with some TAYbies.

      I've never really been subjected to trash talk from people I don’t know. If I play online (especially console games) by myself, I rarely, if ever, connect a mic/listen to other people. I find it more annoying then anything, even if they were talking about the weather or how nice their mothers are, I don’t find it fun to listen to other people talking about random crap while trying to play a game, ya know? With friends it’s fun, but otherwise, ehh.

      I find the majority of girls who say they’re constantly subjected to horrible, rude and sexiest comments when gaming usually insist on playing with their mics and/or talking to the other team mates, even if they don’t know them. (I won’t touch the attention whore aspect of this) I’ve also noticed that guys cop just as much abuse as girls usually; the comments just doesn’t include things like “make me a sammich” or “get back in the kitchen” etc.

      Everyone knows games like Halo and CoD have a really crappy online community, just play with friends and enjoy it or play without a mic and enjoy it, right?

      Never really heard much at all, though on Xbox I am often in a party with friends or have mute all turned on.
      Hear it sometimes in LoL games - sometimes just competitive banter though when peeps are actually trying to be insulting it just comes across as pathetic rather than offensive mostly.

    All these controversial topics on Kotaku today. I feel like I need to get off my high horse. :P That's my cue to sit in front of the TV and watch Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. :P

      I saw an infomercial with her on it the other night.
      She hasn't aged a day... A DAY!

        I think the last time I saw her was when Barney tried to sleep with the professor on How I Met Your Mother. Good times.

    If sugar is the main source of anaerobic energy, then does that mean that sugar free energy drinks are detrimental?
    I.e. They don't give you any extra energy, they just give you caffeine.

      It depends on what you consider detrimental. Sugar free drinks still have things inside them that your body will convert into energy(In some cases, your body will gain more energy from a sugar free soft drink than it will its sugar loaded buddy), not to mention the adverse effects of some of the chemicals, which make it so that your body will attempt a minor hibernation mode after inducing them, thus causing your body to attempt to burn less energy.


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