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    I got mad:

    I actually told someone to click off. i'm a monster.

      Worst person on this site....

        sorry, mcgarnical.

          It's been a while since that comment exclusively applied to me. I'm Ok with it. it's been socialised.

      When Shane gets mad, he gets... eloquent.

        Yep. Take another look at all the Dear Bish letters I've written over the last few months :P

      Not only that but you are an enabler, look at Shoggoth's reply after that.

    Well folks, it's official. Aleph's getting an edjuhkayshun.
    Cert. IV in Business to begin with, anyway.

      Awesome. When does that kick off?

        The minute I get my login credentials. With me living remote, I have to do it all online, but I think that'll work out better for me anyway :D
        Unfortunately, that particular course isn't eligible for Government funding, though I get various other rebates, so it still works out cheaper in the long run anyway.
        And because I got in today, I got $500 off anyway!

      Hahaha took me too long to work out what "edjuhkayshun" was :P. I didn't bother sounding it out and just assumed it was either jibberish or some sort of reference I was missing :/

      And awesomes :) g'luck!

    Errybody gettin' bent out of shape TODAY!!!


    Massive Meat emails.

    If you haven't already, get 'em to me on Twitter (@dkzeitgeist)

    Emails going out on Sunday (aka Funday)

    Thinking of you,

      Where's the vid?

        It's coming.

        The issue is I haven't got a story to follow. With the first one, I shot enough to kind of follow the day.

        This one is just footage of people coming out of elevators.

        But I'm on it. I got's an idea.

      Didja get my email on the Twitters, good sir?

      Is this about the December meat? Bit too early for me to say anything final yet but I'll DM you my emailz anyway.

      wait, which meat is this? the funpark one?

      You already have my email, i think.

    @Blaghman from last page RE: RL friends vs Online friends.
    I find it weird how much harder it is to stay in tough with RL friends. I spend most of my spare time online or with my family, so if my RL friends aren't online, it makes it quite slow and hard to communicate.
    I used to play WoW very regularly with alot of RL friends. We would speak almost every day, then as that wound down, we did more RL stuff together, then when we all stopped playing WoW, communications broke down.
    I thought, we'll they are gamers and they are online as much as I am, I'm sure we'll stay in touch, but they don't use steam (WTF I know right?) or any other raptr/xfire type thing, and therefore there is no way to easily communicate.
    Social networks are fine for the odd catch up or update but not hanging out and talking shit most week nights.
    I miss the old MSN days. everyone used that coz it was the only thing around. These days if someone doesn't use facebook or twitter or steam its like they are in the dark ages.
    Hell, the people I'm talking about even live about 10 min from my place. And yet communication is so much more difficult now.

    I'm gunna get home this arvo and tear up some more ME3 multi. Want those whips, man! Even if they suck, they look fun to try out!

    Oh, by the way, I've noticed that (at least on silver) you only go through 12 waves now, rather than 20. So now each wave is progressively much harder. There's also new objectives like "grab this, take it here" stuff.

    Everyone, I have breaking news.

    Sit yourself down, but be ready to be blown away.

    Serrels just replied to an email in like, 2 minutes. I think we should schedule an "email" day for him every day where he sits there, reading emails, responding, and browsing twitter.

      First zombies, now Serrels is replying to emails promptly. I think I've seen enough evidence. Initiate the end of days.

      I got one of these last week. I thought the world was ending, or I'd blacked out for a week and a half without noticing!

      I assume he doesn't read mine.
      Last 3 noms I sent in, he's just copied and pasted the contents into blockquotes and called it a day.

      Man, that guy.
      I want his job.
      "Day Caller".

      but... doesn't he usually?

        Hey new person, my name is rocketman it is very nice to meet you :P
        Please feel free to introduce yourself

          Is that an Oar you're carrying or are you just happy to see me ;P


        Maybe for those he likes. :(

        He'll often just not reply to emails of mine, leaving me wondering if he just disapproves, then two days later a reader review I've done will appear on the site, and I'm left wondering what on earth just happened.

          That's pretty much how my Pokewalker let of some steam thingy went

          I figured he didn't like it then one day I look at Kotaku and there it is!

      Pfft, that's nothing. I got a reply from him in under a minute a few weeks back! I sent the email, switched to TAY tab, reloaded it, then saw I had a new email.

    I have to share my excitement. I just managed to copy my old ps one games and get them working on my psp. So incredible haha. I miss spyro

      The original Spyro? :)

        the original spyro, and riptos rage and all of my original psone games!

    I have just been doing some research on book burning.
    My question is ,what is the serious usefulness of burning any form of literature, whether it be a story, a religious text, or some memoirs?
    All for what?
    Power, control, anonymity?
    Works should be celebrated, ideas should be allowed to flourish.
    The immolation of literature is, to my mind, an abhorrent act, one that should not be enacted upon.


      Bonfires are more efficient than trying to take several thousand copies of Sarah Palin's biography to the tip.

      The destruction you don't agree with.

      Let's look at 1984. While many parallels are made to the communist regime in Russia at the time(Okay, it was only written thanks to it), and it's horrible and all that the government is so oppressive, the biggest crime in there is the destruction of language. If you don't have a word for something, it may as well not exist. In that regard, book burning makes sense. If nobody has the language to convey a point then they can't convey.

      But it's mostly so that the plebians get a show of force, and something to do that demonstrates your power as a government.

        Err, what is that first line?

        The destruction of that which you don't agree with*

          Blaghman confuses Blaghman.

            It hurt itself in its confusion!

              That's a change.

              When I do that normally it's thanks to depression.


                  Blaghman, making things awkward since 1991.

                  I was kind of joking, I haven't cut myself in about 6 years. Little me was a bit of a downer.

        The destruction of communication is double plus ungood. Unfortunately, we're in the process of destroying our communication through language ourselves through "internet slang" (for lack of a better term). As a brief example, look at the way "win" and "fail" have rapidly come to define good and bad things. If we want to really emphasise the "goodness" of the good thing, we can say it was an "epic win". Think also of the number of uses "lol" now has. It's almost at the stage of replacing the comma's use as a brief pause.

    Just wanted to say that Shane, Tigerion and James Mac are AWESOME dudes. That is all.

      Due to the way they conducted themselves in the hitman trailer article, I totally second this.

      & I'll third it a well just Coz they are the rest of the time as well

      \o/ thanks, you're pretty awesome too

    So remember when I mentioned I hide my husband's parcels that arrive for him so he has a good surprise when he gets home from work? Remind me never to talk to my son about it or show him where I hide them.

    No sooner had my husband pulled into the driveway tonight than our son was yelling to him "Daaaadyyyy! We have a parcel for you in the bedroom! It's a surprise! It's music things!". :P

      I like your son he is amazingingly cute from the stories you tell.

      Just be glad he didn't leave it at "DAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDD, Mum has a surprise for you in the bedroom!"

      because that would have really got the neighbors talking.

      hahahaha they are cute at that age.

      My niece went through a stage like that during christmas. She wanted to help give out the presents but would hand it to them and say "Merry Christmas Daddy, here is your digger" or whatever the present was

    I really need to get some decent programming / concentrating music for work. So much noise in the office. I use this to work with, a random collection of OSTs

    If anyone wants a reasonably priced Ice Cream Sandwhich tablet, Aldi have one coming up next week for 250 bucks.

    Specs are average, but if you could grab one (knowing Aldi each store will have what maybe 10) they would make a pretty decent web surfer I reckon!

      I could really go for an ice cream sandwich right now...

    i went out today and bought a new keyboard, because the laptop one i used has been mighty uncomfortable, oh and i managed to grab shadows of the damned for $15 from EB during their sales, score!

      Yeah, I saw shadows of the damned for $15 and I thought about picking it up. I might do it next time I'm at EB.

      Ooh, thanks for the heads up, man! Might go pick that up tomorrow, then.

    E3 2012 in a nutshell for all you good folks.

    PS. sorry if someone else posted this.

      I really want to come back with some witty comeback here, but the gif is right :(

      I have to admit, between Always online DRM and now companies trying to turn every game into subscription based like MMO's I'm starting to feel gaming is dead for me. Spending more time on my other hobbies.

    so apparently Anarchy Reigns (or Max anarchy) is fully translated into english for the japanese release, and since the official english release is yet to be announced, i do believe i'm gonna buy a japanese copy of the game, it looks too good

    Haven't really been able to keep up with TAY this week, so dropping in to say HELLO EVERYBODY!

      Hi Mr Cracks!

        The two of you make me want to create a Pokemon avatar.

        I'm thinking Tyranitar might be appropriate.

          There was a time many TAYs ago where a heap of people changed their avatars to Pokemon. Some of us just never changed them back. xD

          I don't recognize that name. I believe there's only 160(161/162 counting Mew and Missingno.)

    Hooray for my secret stash of band-aids!
    Needless to say, the pair of scissors was justly punished for its heinous attempt at mutiny.

      You hurting yourself all the time used to be funny but now I'm slowly becoming more convinced that the universe is out to kill you.

        Quick! To my padded cell lambo cave! Nothing can hurt me there! I think.

        At least he hasn't broken a finger on a balloon :P

        ...well not yet anyway

    /o\ it's 90 bucks for tickets to Slash, god damn it!

    Hi everyone.
    I still feel like crap, but at least I'm on, right \o/
    Also, just read the Gears article. I'm amazed by how many have their hands in the sand

      Today's Kotaku left me feeling kind of upset, riled up too I guess. I don't know why, for the most part it was all civil. :S Hope you feel better.

        Thanks. I wrote a huge thing at the end but I doubt anyone would read it.

          I'll make a point to read it now. :P

            You don't have to, but here's a link to make your life easier

              Well said, scree. I was also bothered by the Hitman thread where some folks reduced people's defense of women to the world becoming more 'effeminate' and 'wussy' too. It amazes me human's got through the civil rights movement if white men aren't allowed to empathize with the world around 'em. (Although I guess white knighters didn't exist back then. :P)

                White Knighters annoy me, but there's a very big difference between being a White Knight, and having taste, and understanding.

                And thinking that something is a bit crass.

                There's my input on that point!

                  You phrased it better there than my entire paragraph rant.

                  Well done. :P

                They way i see it, it's less about white knights and more about human decency.

                  I just worked myself up over this again. haha. Might forget those threads exist. :P

              You might be interested in the stuff I posted on that article following your comment:


                It is interesting. It's about time something was done with it

              Thank you. I some how missed this article and was wondering what gears story. I'll make sure I read your comment as well. Or at least start it. Depends how much you wrote and how busy work is :P

          I read it!

            Really? I thought, no one will probably read it, but I'll put in my two cents anyway

          I just read it and I agree with what you said.

            \o/ Yay, I made a legitimate point!
            (Almost said illegitimate)
            I never use the word rape or c**t.

              I said "bitch" really loudly once in a PvP scenario.
              Then I felt bad.

                How dare you!

                  I know.
                  It was really awkward after that.
                  I was on TS at the time playing with the guys so I don't think anyone was offended, just... yeah. I pulled off the most magnificent kill ever, but it felt really inappropriate.

      Finished reading both!

      I didn't bother reading the other comments though. I thought it was too depressing. I glanced at one of the comments after your comment chain and that was enough.

    I placed my beer on my coaster, and then I leaned over to turn my computer on at the back....
    My desk is now covered in beer... /o\

      I've done that with a Pepsi Max and a laptop. Was not good, man. :P

      Crisis averted.

        And I have now just thought of a game.
        Think of an innuendo, and replace it with "Combine harvester", being said in a Southern accent.

      I actualy noticed something today. Pyrean has a habit of leaving 1/2 full cans of coke everywhere. My computer is on the left side of his computer desk. He drinks with his left hand. This makes me nervous....


    "That’s pretty much how my Pokewalker let of some steam thingy went

    I figured he didn’t like it then one day I look at Kotaku and there it is!"

    ...What? I tried to understand that comment but can't :P

    Also this on page 11:

    "And I can’t even reply to the right Person! Now it looks like I think I’m Cakesmith! everyone know’s i’m really Greenius."



      ["everyone know’s i’m really Greenius.”

      What? ]

      Don't try and deny it Greendude. Everyone knows you're behind half the comments on TAY.
      You're like the worst 37 people on this site.


        Wait? i'm in the bottom 37?

        I mustn't be trying hard enough! must make bottom 10!

          Don't try and confuse me! I'm totally onto you Greenius!


      Haha, sorry to confuse you Greenius. I accidntatly hit reply button on a question that was directed at Cakesmith.
      When I realised this I figured I should point out that I know I'm not Cakesmith, then decided I'd be silly and pretend to think I was someone else. Your's was the first name to come to mind. Mainly because it were at the top of the screen when I was typing.

      As for the other comment, remember the articles Mark used to post called "let off some steam" where you could write in about something you needed to get off your chest and he'd post it?

      I did one about the Pokewalker.

      I didn't get an email back from mark and figured he thought it wasn't interesting enough to use but then one day it was suddenly posted.

        Haha np, that clears things up!

        Man anything with a pedometer I'd just be so lazy about it. Pokewalker? Sit there and shake it, 3DS? Sit there and shake it. I took it to school once cause... why not? Don't know why I did... And now it sits on my desk, unused and collecting dust for nearly 2 years.

        I can't say I remember these articles but I just found the one you wrote ( and I definitely remember the pic for "Let Off Some Steam". I have a habit of not reading articles and just reading the titles.

        Every now and then I'll go back to old Kotaku articles for the nostalgia. It's also fun seeing comments from people who I didn't know back then, but I know now. There's a few TAYbies in there :D including... this PETER fella *gasp*.

          I did cheat shamelessly on that thing. I worked out that if I put it in my boot when I rode my motorcycle it'd think I was reenacting the '500 miles' song.

          I still have mine around in case I ever manage to get it working again too.

    @Aleph-Null: I was just playing TF2 and someone joined my game named 'Aleph'. I was like "Aw he came into my game and played Medic just so he can heal me! Isn't that kind of him!". Then I realised your Steam name isn't Aleph. Hah... hah... I taunted at him constantly as well...

    @TAY: We should really have another TF2 night some time. I haven't even had a go of this server we have!

      I would be so damned up for that. Also, I'm playing now. Join meh!
      I'll even be your own private pocket medic :D

    Freyr! You up to much this weekend?

    I need to get back into practice on LOL and will need someone to DPS!

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