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    Just going out for an evening stroll, trying not to knock over any large buildings that are standing....

      Just make sure you don't step on anybody.
      And please leave our dimension as it was when you arrived.

      If you come down my street can you crush the neighbours house?

        Depends. The roofs all look the same to me .

          Well if it helps, 2nd from the end of the bushland end of the street looking towards the shopping centre!


        I really need to get around to reading his stuff. Maybe I'll put it on my list after Game of Thrones.

    Evening TAY. Can anyone recommend some good iPhone games?? Specifically any strategy or RPGS. Jet pack joyride isnt lasting the trains and buses anymore.

      There's a great game featuring me in it.
      It's called Call of Cthulhu.

        That looks quite good. Ya know Cthulhu your not such a bad guy despite what everyone would have you believe.

          Frankly, I don't know why they say those things about him...

            I try to make friends, but every time I go and talk to somebody, they run and flee in terror.
            Also, being surrounded in perpetual darkness and being 300 feet tall doesn't exactly say "friendly".

              I know that feel bro... I know that feel.

              Have you thought about a makeover? I heard Queer Eye for the Straight Unmentionable Horror is coming to TV soon.

      I really like Where's my Water but that's a physics based puzzle game, definitely a "must-buy" though.

      As for Strategy and RPGs, I don't have much but there's Galcon Labs which I thought was pretty cool and if you count tower defence then Plants vs. Zombies (but I'm sure you already have it). RPG anything Chaos Rings, pretty basic but it'll give you a JRPG fix. There's also many Square ports so have a look :).

        Cheers, I see there is a free version of water so I'll check it out

    Is anyone else mega disappointed at Square Enix's E3 Line-up?

      Only interested in sleeping dogs. Not looking for anything amazing just a decent open world game. Assuming it gets rated in aus.

      Not as disappointed as I am in Microsofts.

      I mean... Yay, Halo. But everything else is a bit meh.
      Still if I go in with low expectations it's going to be easier for me to be impressed, right?.. right?.. right?

      Wait when did E3 start? How did I miss this x.x

        Hasnt yet but Publishers n developers are already telling what they're bringing

          Ohhh, right!

          So i'm really only interested in Valve & Rockstar, I shall go see what they have to offer me :D Probably nothing from Valve =(

    Hmm, interesting. I wonder how this is going to get fixed. Long story short, the internet is running out of room to transmit information . Sounds strange but watch and it should make more sense.

      *Wireless internet

      Not really going to impact wired internet.
      I'm guessing better compression methods will be the closest thing to a fix in the short term. Long term will probably require the invention of a new cost effective way to wirelessly transmit data.

      I just realised this could be considered another reason why always online DRM is a terrible idea.

    TAYbies, I am looking for a good quality gaming mouse.
    Any suggestions?

      I use the Razer Mamba. It's crazy expensive as most razer stuff is but does a good job. My only problem with it is that they battery doesn't last a full day of gaming and I have to plug it in if i've got a full day to game!

      Minor gripe and if you don't need wireless then go for one of their cheaper wired options. (or a different brand all together). Oh, and the scroll wheel has developed a bit of a squeak.

        Yeah the Mamba is great, but it only lasts me about 12 hours if that or wireless time. I just end up leaving it plugged in these days.

          The logitech one I had before it had hot swappable batteries. BEST THING EVER! Next time I buy a wireless must I'm so looking for that again.

          Basically it came with two rechargeable batteries and while one was in the mouse the other was in the receiver dock charging If the battery ran out while you were using it then it took a grand total of 2 (+ or - [your degree of laziness + distance from receiver - amount of practice])seconds to swap them over and be gaming again.

      Don't use a mouse. They don't interface well with cats.

      I had a Saitek Cyborg V5 gaming mouse, that was a decent mouse up until the cord frayed and it stopped working.

      anyways, what about the R.A.T. series gaming mice? its fully adjustable and fully programmable, the only downside is that they are quite expensive, especially for the wireless R.A.T. 9

      PS. still not a web bot ;)

        If anything, I'd go with the 7 or the 7 MMO edition.
        I went with the 5, and I've no idea why I just didn't go for the 7 really.

      My G5 that I got around 2005 is still going strong. Makes it hard for me to recommend anything past Logitech.
      Generally stick to wired if you don't NEED wireless.

        Going for a wired mouse, definitely.
        I don't want to keep spending money on batteries.
        My parents have a wireless keyboard and mouse, and the amount of times you have to insert new batteries is rage inducing.
        I'll take wired over wireless any day.

    Knocked another game off the pile of shame tonight - Half Life 2 (still haven't started the "episodes" yet but I figure I've still got several years before HL3 so it's cool!)

    I gotta say the game drags a bit in that some of it's later levels (particularly "Sandtraps" and "Nova Prospect" are way too long and have too many difficulty spikes, but incredibly the last 3 levels (from "Follow Freeman" are the most fun in the whole game so much so that after picking up andputting down this game in fits and starts for the past 2 years - I did the last 3 levels in the past week!

      Feels good doesn't it when you knock a game off your pile, especially one like Half-Life 2!

      Just thought I'd ask... What constitutes being able to remove a game from the pile of shame? Finishing it?
      Playing it even for 5 minutes?
      Well done on lowering the pile though!

        Finishing the game.
        If I'm not mistaken, Shameless Gaming Month is just around the corner...
        Which is basically a whole month dedicated to finishing games that haven't been finished.

          Oh god.. Maybe I can finished some games come then... Maybe I should not renew World of Warcraft for a month & see where that gets me!

            I got the annual pass, so it's always hovering near my ear saying "psst, hey. Aleph. You know you want to..."

            As for my pile of shame, oh god. I think I've only ever truly completed something pathetic like 5-10 games.
            What constitutes the games *I* would consider my pile of shame? ALL my X360 games (I've turned the 360 on twice, for about 1/2 hour each time) along with games I really do neglect. Minecraft, CS:S, amongst others.
            ...How does one "finish" CS:S?

              I wanted the annual pass but didn't get a job intime XD

              and it's impossible to finished CSS unless you count it getting 100% achievements..

        I see it as at least completing the main story of a game, like say GTA IV, whilst completing the main story only equates to about 60% of the over all game I can then take it off my pile. I still laugh at myself thinking i'm going to get 100% in L.A. Noire..

          LA Noire sits firmly atop my pile, mainly because of the difference between what I'd been led to expect and my early experiences.
          Got a bunch of other games in the 'pile' but no excuses for those.
          I guess most of them just didn't grab me at the time I tried them.

        Different for some people I guess but for me what makes a game on the pile of shame is I either haven't played it yet or I haven't played it enough. So for me to knock a game off is to actual play it and finish it, or in some rare cases, just give up on it and never touch it again (L.A. Noire).

          I'm in complete agreement with you on that Greenius. I'm not sure what qualifies as "played enough", but there certainly is a tangible familiarity found within games that fall under that category.

        Yep finishing - this year so far it's this and Halo Reach, though I'm close on Halo 3, Alan Wake and GTA IV (like 1 or two mission/levels in each)

        Of course I haven't helped myself much - EB has this sale going ATM so I picked up Child of Eden for $15 and am a good chance to pick Bioshock 2 on the weekend!

        It's not necessarily finishing.
        It's either that or being satisfied with the amount of progress you have achieved so that you never have to touch it again.
        Play a game for 5 minutes, think it's terribad? Never want to touch look at it ever again? Bam, done, off the pile.

        A game comes off the pile when it's done with. I once managed to knock six games off my pile in a single afternoon of frustrating sub-par gaming! :P

      My shame pile is surprisingly not that bad, i still have a ton of steam games i bought and havent played yet,

      my biggest shame is Uncharted: Golden Abyss, its at this moment sitting right next to me with it still loaded in the Vita but i have lost all interest in the Vita at the moment.

        I have Half Life 2 and its episodes (Never even installed) Portal 2 and GTA 4. Perhaps Ill take up the challenge this year.

    Anyone who hasn't played Limbo - here's a chance to add it to your pile of shame.
    It's $3.99 on Steam right now.

    Think of it as a collection of good intentions, rather than a pile of shame. :)
    Feel better now?

      Oh I love you. I have SO many good intentions!

        What was the Road to Hell paved with again?
        I'm doomed.

          Probably stones. I think you'll be right.

          Officially, I believe it's Atari carts of the ET game.

    No live disk, just replaced the OS in it's entirety :p
    God I'm a little shit at times.

      AHAHA, dude that's even better.

    Shane's nightly Dark Souls update: Undead Asylum (return) and Stray Demon are done. I like Dark Souls.

    I perished twice against the Stray Demon in armour, then went naked and won. What a game.

    I used the bonus 20 000 souls to upgrade my Halberd to +8, so now am no longer using the n00b crutch (Drake Sword). Also picked up some pyromancy and upgrades. Also was fortunate enough to get a Black Knight Shield to drop. I now have some pretty wicked equipment to bring into Blighttown, starting tomorrow evening! \o/

      I hate the fact that you're actually good at this game, whereas I stumble through it, grinding to survive.

        I was not expecting this. I truly was a disappointing Demon's Souls player. Even though I beat the game, I exploited every ranged attack tactic I could find.

      Just tried out my new weapon on the Titanite Demon downstairs from the blacksmith, and wiped him out in under a minute. First time I have felt legitimately overpowered against a boss in a Souls game.

        More of a tough enemy rather than a boss :P

          For the sake of my ego, I'm calling any nonspawning enemy a boss :P

      I beat the fat man by taking advantage of the fact that he does not seem to be able to circle around pillars.
      And then I went up the elevator and got terrified by a lady with giant boobies.

      So then I went to play Dark Souls to calm myself down.

    2 things, firstly, Game of Thrones Watchers who know the books, you've probably seen this stuff already, but if you haven't:

    Bx, fb gurl'ir pbasvezrq gung gur guveq obbx unf orra fcyvg vagb gjb frnfbaf (fb ybat nf gurl xrrc vg gvtug, guvf pna bayl or n tbbq guvat). Ubjrire, engure zber vzcbegnagyl, gurl'ir pbasvezrq gung gur Errqf jvyy nccrne, juvpu vf irel tbbq, nf gurl ner xvaq bs vzcbegnag, whfg n yvggyr. Fgenatryl, gurl'ir nyfb fcrpvsvpnyyl zragvbarq Orevp Qbaqneevba, juvpu znxrf zr jbaqre vs gurl znl unir erpnfg uvz fvapr uvf engure oevrs nccrnenapr va frnfba 1. Gurl cebonoyl unira'g, ohg vg frrzrq n ovg bqq gb zr.

    Secondly, that Dawnguard trailer. In case you haven't seen it by the time you read this, as unlikely as that is. Looks good, exciting. though there was one bit that looked a tad derp there.

      Can you throw us a link about that rot13 stuff?

      Also, they really needed to do that.
    Okay... now I've seen nearly everything.

      AWWW YEAH.
      I'm surprised how versatile that particular comment appears to be today.

    Sorry for the multitude of posts guys... but something just occurred to me. I used to play RunEscape, though stopped quite some time ago. I still visit a particular fansite, and on the rare occasion will even log into the game. My main interest with it lies in that for the longest time, it was all about the score. I didn't care about enjoying the game after a while, I just needed a higher rank, a higher level, to be better than the next person. I got addicted to the grind.
    This ties together because I am still following the hiscores, and in active discussion regarding the idea of numerically "finishing" the game. To gain the maximum allowable amount of experience points, which at this point is 500,000,000,000.
    Yesterday (perhaps the day before) the rank 1 player managed to break the hiscore system, in a sense. Due to Runescape being 32bit Java, the maximum value for any given entity is 2,147,483,647 as a signed integer. This is the case for in-game items and such. Turns out, the high scores are unsigned integers, meaning that once the top player passed 4,294,967,295 experience points, it overflowed, counting from zero again.
    In one day, Rank 1 became rank 1975.
    It's expected he'll reach 5b total exp sometime early next year. It's ten years in the making.

      Not 500,000,000,000. Oh god, that's a horrible idea!

    Everybody's talking at me,
    I can't hear a word they're saying...
    Only screams and panic
    As they lose their minds....

      Is it cold where you are, Dark Lord?

        Why haven't you gone insane yet?
        I've been here for ages, and nothing has happened yet.

          Insanity is my speciality.
          So, yeah.
          Curses from dark gods trying to make me go mental have no effect on me, you see.

            I on the other hand, have simply gone through insane one end then fallen out the other. That way I get to be insane it a sane way. It's completely insane!

      I got that last time I went shopping.

      Next time I'll wear pants.

        Hmmm, what are these "pants" you speak of?
        Are they able to cause destruction?

          Then can, but only when appropriately form fitting.

            And when fitted correctly, makes the ladies squeal... sometimes it's in adoration, sometimes it's in horror.

    OMG I FORGOT. Company of Heroes 2 I really want to see at E3. (AC3 is still the big one personally)
    Just something fun to do if you're still awake.

    Late to the party, but Shane, that was an awesome, awesome smackdown in the nun article.

      Cheers man. Apparently people like it when I get mad... :P

    Welcome back Friday. I've missed you!
    I stopped behind a drilling company ute on the way to work this morning. Their motto was "Your hole is our goal"
    I laughed for longer than I want to admit publicly.


    Bastion (if you pay above the average ~7.35)
    Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP


    I've played and owned all the games (except Amnesia) but everyone's heard good things about it :)

    Definitely going to buy it!

      Ok moar spam:

      Usually the promo videos for these bundles are kinda meh but this one was actually good, definitely worth checking out :D

      And that makes this the 3rd copy of Limbo I've purchased :/ (XBLA, on disc with Trials and Splosion man, Humble Bundle)

      Damn - I just bought psychonauts the other day. Still interested in amnesia and sworcery though. Can you gift unused keys to people?

        For Steam games? You can create a Steam key and give it to someone else but they bundle Amnesia, Psychonauts, Limbo and Sword and Sworcery together as one key and Bastion in another separate key. So you can't gift away Psychonauts and Limbo unless you give away the key containing all 4.

        I thought if I redeemed it they'd notice I already had Psychonauts and give me a giftable key but sadly this is not the case :(. But you can just buy it again for $1 (minimum for Steam keys) and just gift someone the whole bundle rather than individual games :)

      Best Humble Bundle yet and by a pretty decent margin. Will most definitely be picking this one up later tonight.

      Thanks for the heads up Greenman, the minute I saw your post I needed it. In my pants.
      ...the bundle, that is.
    Wow Someone at lifehacker really doesn't like me. Writing a whole article dedicated to help me with my very sexy problem.

      It's because you're imba, Rocketpony.

        I am starting to think you mean that i am mentally imbalanced. Cause although its probably corrected i resent the implication that you knew that 8 months ago when you started calling me that.

          You are but that's not what imba means :p

      I don't want to be friends with you, you nothairy wog!

        Coming from you Asian who claims he is green, Green with what envy of my radical good looks, brilliant personality and ability to not tell dudes from chicks. Haters gonna hate

          ability to not tell dudes from chicks

          ahaha Rockefeller, you so funny.

            Did you really have to quote that its like one line above. Its like me in a conversation repeating the line you just said.

            Nice weather we are having

            Nice weather we are having, good call rocketdouche

              Did you really have to quote that its like one line above.


                Did you really have to quote that its like one line above.


                Best comment.

                  Did you really have to quote that its like one line above.


                  Best comment.

                  Thank you Shane.

                  Did you really have to quote that its like one line above.


                  Best comment.

                  Well, not really best, but it was okay not bad no wolf etc...

              Nice weather we are having, good call rocketdouche

              I have to disagree. It's cold and annoying . Well in real life I'd just say "good call" after a good call. Wanted to point out which bit I liked the most :). Best story rocketdude.

    DARK SOULS DLC!!!!!!!!!

    Praise the Sun! \o/

    I want it now. I've never been good at the waiting game. /o\

      DLC better not have boobies.
      That was the most terrified I have been in that game.

        Also, that Knight Solaire guy.


          BEST IN-GAME FRIEND!!!!


        Note to self: refresh before posting or you look like a moron parrot

          I don't think you give yourself enough credit Shane! A parrot that is capable of manipulating a keyboard?
          We need to go on tour with this.

    It was so cold in my room this morning my phone had a layer of condensation on it.

    Also last day at this shitty job!

      Hi5 mang i am happy for you. Go tell them they are dicks. Actually dont do that burning bridges is silly. Have a nice day.

      Hang in there, McGarnical!


    I'm a little worried, this morning I actually had somewhere to sit on my express train into the city... what the hell is going on?! :P

      Zombies, did you not hear the news?

    I was going to wait for the GOTY edition of Skyrim (I've already waited this long) but that DLC trailer looked so bloody uninspired. I might as well just buy the regular game, because I can't see myself getting too invested in the DLC.

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