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    So I'm interested in getting the new version of the AC Encyclopaedia (see: ), but I still want to keep my pre order for the edition I have ordered at EB. So I though, simple, I'll just purchase the encyclopaedia and not the bundle.

    Encyclopaedia + comic + AC3 game = $99 (free shipping worldwide).
    Encyclopaedia + shipping = $50 + 36 = $86.


      Not watch as he he makes the remainder... disappear!

      I was just reading that.
      I don't know what to do. I want the notebook that comes with the other special editions, but that encyclopaedia and comic are awfully tempting.

        I think I might go splitsies with someone who wants a cheap copy of the game, and I keep the books.

          I'll be a part of this


            PS3 or 360?

              360 pls. Do you know if AC games are typically region free? Anyone?

                The link says it region free:

                > "Please note that the game, both the XBOX 360 and PS3 version, will work in EVERY region. "

      Or buy the game and I'll buy the game off you for $30. Everybody wins?

      That is messed up.
      Furthermore, it kind of reduces the value (to me) of the AC Encyclopedia I already own from the Animus edition of AC:Rev.

        I imagine they're going to keep updating the encyclopedia with every major game. AC3 is supposedly meant to tie up Desmonds story and whatnot, so it's probably going to be the last AC game I buy just because I'm a fan. After that, they'll have to give me a really compelling reason to keep buying new AC games. Especially if they still plan on yearly AC games after AC3.

          Desmond is The One. Spoilers! Dumbledore dies!

            Snape kills Benjamin Franklin!
            Morpheus is Desmond's dad!
            That British guy on Desmond's team is a bit of a wanker!
            Lucy reanimates as an exploding turtle!

              Nathan Drake is actually a moron!

      That thing will pop up with free shipping on Fishpond a month after release.

    I'd just like to sanity check this.

    I am not outraged by the Hitman trailer. Sure, it could have been better, and it's slightly embarrassing, but there is a slickness to it that makes me think the development team is going to make a good game.

    I'm also not worried by the "actiony" feel in the marketing to date. I'm fairly sure they've said the stealth gameplay is in there if you want it. In fact, the action was always a little weak in Hitman so if they can nail both it's going to be a mighty fine game!

      I feel that they're showing too much actiony stuff. If they released a gameplay demo where one run through is action and one is classic hitman (dressing up as someone, walking through unnoticed etc.) then I'll have faith in the game. But nothing has impressed me thus far.

      I'm just depressed that they're showing nothing but action. For me, the challenge with hitman was the 'perfect playthrough' - in, out, no alarm, no witnesses, no collateral, preferably make it look like an accident.

        It's more the kind of assassins creed we deserved isn't it? ;)


            Well that's what assassins are meant to do, sneak in, make the kill and get out before anyone even notices you were there at all. Assassin's creed is more "One-man-army-with-infinite-defences-so-why-bother-being-stealthed creed" :P

            I haven't played another AC since Brotherhood, got sick of the whole thing when it almost became a hack'n'slash rather than actually being an assassin where it pays off to be invisible and can actually stay invisible. Yeah the multiplayer in Revelations did fix that but it still lingers.

              I just think "deserved" was an odd choice of words. I think "desired" would have been more apt.

                Yeah true, I see what you mean. Desired would've been a better word, my bad

      I think Hitman: Absolution is going to be amazing actually. There's only one area I'm a little concerned about (besides the questionable advertising) and that's the 'eagle vision' type thing where you can see where guards are going to go. I won't use it, though. :P I really would like to see a Freedom Fighters sequel from IO too.

        Yeah, that vision thing seems like a bit of a cop out. I wonder if it will be disabled in higher difficulty levels...

          Here's hoping. I read an interview on IGN the other day that was pretty reassuring about the stealth aspects. I think they just made a concerted decision to promote just the action, but all the standard ways to play are still there. On a side note, here's hoping the music is like Hitman 2.

        Admittedly, the earlier games showed all the 'enemies' on the map in real time on the lower difficulties. Same sort of cheap really.

      I'm not outraged by the Hitman trailer. I thought it was pretty cool. I'd still think it was pretty cool if 47 was taking out fat dudes in overalls.
      I saw the sexy nun thing as an over the top stylistic choice. Like something you'd see in a grindhouse or Tarantino flick (think Daryl Hannah wearing the nurse's outfit in Kill Bill or Lyndsay Lohan wearing the nun's robes in Machete). They were tough baddasses in ridiculous sexy outfits.
      I agree that sexualisation of females in games needs to be toned down or more selective in order for the industry to be more welcoming towards a wider demographic, but I think context plays a large role in whether or not something like the Hitman trailer is acceptable.
      As for the matter of females being killed in a brutal fashion. I have no qualms with it. Why let gender compromise your actions in that kind of scenario?
      I get why people might be annoyed or put off by the trailer. I don't think it warrants the level of controversy that it's attracted. I do believe people who are "outraged" have a right to be, but I don't necessarily agree with them.

      I'm outraged by the continuing trend of trailers that have absolutely nothing to do with the game they're trailerising.
      I didn't watch the trailer for Hitman so I'm not outraged by it. Sexy nuns, over the top violence, blah blah blah. Even though a lot more people seem to be up in arms about sexism and violence these days, I don't see it as having suddenly become any worse like people are making it out to be. Yes, it's a worry but at least games, their creators and audience are aware of it and discussing it. Music, TV and Movies are hyper-sexualised and violent as well though, so I don't see it as a game industry problem, more of a society problem.

        Yeah the non-gameplay trailers have gotten 0 interest from me for a long time. Yeah I'll watch them, but with no expectations. The last time I fell for it was Dead Island :P

        I see non-gameplay trailers as a method for setting the theme of the game or universe the game is set in and giving you a more detailed look/understanding of the character/story that you wouldn't gain via a gameplay trailer.

          I see them as a way to make a game look better than it really is to convince you to lay down money on a pre-order so that when the game turns out to be average it's already too late.

        The best way I can think of to describe the trend in marketing video games lately is that controversy = conversation.

      My feelings too, bang on the money.
      Although the slickness of the trailer doesn't give me hope for the game, the gameplay they showed last year does :)

      i just don't get why assassins need to dress like that. Kevlar and body armour please?

    Also, I'm pretty excited that there's going to be new Dark Souls content. I always intended to finish that game a couple more times and this is a good excuse to get back into it.

      I beat the game twice on my tank character.

      Going through it now with my dex/int build, still having so much fun in it!

        Part way through my 1st NG+ run. For me this is a mark of how great that game is - I NEVER replay games.

        I don't even know what build my character is. I just did what made sense to me at the time. What a great game.

        I think my weapons are dex weapons, and I use a maxed-out pyro glove. What's that, a dex/pyro build? I wear medium armour and my favourite weapon is the silver knight straight sword. Two handed, I can kill just about anything pretty quick.

          That's similar to my build, except I have invested more into magic / attunement rather then dex. Not to say I have no dex, I just built more int

          I started as a thief, but am all-rounding my stats (currently only level 31), boosting: Strength, Dext, Endurance, Vitality (and will start on Faith soon to get into that covenant)

      I'm mad keen to return to Lordran, especially since the DLC seems to revolve around a certain interesting character ;)

    Also also, this:

      I want a one!

      Everyone jokes about Skynet, but its geting closer everytime something like this is envisioned.

    Saints row the Third is $20 on steam! Go go go!

      I already have it but nobody to play with.

        Do it have it on Steam Rocketbuddy? I'll play it with you.

          Yes mang i started playing it cause i got it really cheap from greenmangaming. Have barely tested it.

            We should play it then. I haven't even launched the game yet.

              You need to go to some sort of group therapy session.

                I'm up for SR3 co-op. I actually finished the main storyline. It's a fucking awesome game.

                  CRAZY IDEA! We should play it together. Or is it 2 player only?

    Just bought that amazing Humble Bundle. Have played exactly zero of the games so is an amazing deal

      I don't have Amnesia or Limbo. Seems almost worth it for those two alone!


      Also, confession time: I've never played Psychonauts.

      I'm sorry.

      I'll leave now.

        Neither have I!

          Neither of you need to be sorry, because you can buy the bundle and play it now

          Jump to it

        +1 I have a signed copy of the Soundtrack sitting right next to me

      I just bought it, but already had Bastion on Steam, and have played Limbo on 360. So I gave away my Bastion key!
      Looking forward to Psychonauts. Not so much Amnesia...

      Already owned them all. Played none of them.

      Way of the Cakesmith

        Dude, I saw your list of Steam games earlier. That's insane!

          It's also the cause of my shame:

            Good point, I really should update my backlog at some stage

      I want to pay more than $7 but I got Bastion already! /o\

        Pay more and gift the code to someone :D

          Who hasn't got Bastion though?

            True :P

            but then again before buying it Shane hadn't so there's probably others out there!

              Yeah, if no one else can take the key I can give it to my brother after I sell him my gaming laptop

      I'm going to pick it up tonight or tomorrow - I only have bastion and limbo and have ALWAYS wanted to play the other games in the bundle - plus Limbo is one of my favorite games of all time! :D

      I'm in the same boat mate.
      I shall build a house from bricks of shame!

      Oh man, I JUST bought Bastion as well. I knew I should have waited. I was telling myself it's sure to be in the next one! Oh well, I can give someone the Bastion code if they want it. Not sure how I feel about getting Amnesia though... I'm too chicken for something like that. :P

      I have all of those games except S&S so I put in another $15. I feel that the Humble Bundle is worth contributing too every single time, regardless of if I am interested in the games or not. It is an amazing job those guys do, as well as the developers that put their games in the bundle. Plus CHARITY.

      tl;dr Humble Bundle is the best thing ever.

    Dear people who use the term
    "deus ex machinama"
    Saying that makes me want to head my desk even if there is no desk to head


      Deus ex machina is an awesome term.
      If people use machinima instead of machina, they deserve to be punched in the dick.

      I don't have a problem with the term being used.
      I don't like it being overused, and I don't like the way douchebags use it as an instant "I'm clever and cynical, and can critique a whole film using a handful of latin and 'MacGuffin'" card.

        I think the main thing for me is people use it to make sure people know that they know the term if that makes sense. I will say that the term is cool but i have heard it like 15 times in random web articles in the last few day and a person even used it to describe a song. It just shows ignorance and self importance which annoys me. Also i am a hypocrit but what ever i am not perfect.

          It's a fun term, but I much prefer "ass pull". Not exactly the same thing as deus ex machina refers to something that resolves the plot whilst an ass pull is much more general.

          MacGuffins are also pretty nifty. Then again, TV Tropes has ruined my vocabulary.

      I like the term, but it needs to be used in the right place at the right time. Like Flu's point, a lot of people use it just to sound smart.
      Jewsex :P

    Scuttlebutt is that there are going to be a whole bag of PSV announcements at E3, including the upcoming PS+ re-build that incorporates PSV games for members.

    I'm somewhat excited. It actually sounds like Sony will be going full tilt this year for games.

    I have a bruise on my hand [insert masturbation joke]. It's actually on the back on my hand and has left a dark red spot.

    Or is it a radioactive spider bite?

      yes, you are now spiderman. The bite also turns you into a man. Lesbians everywhere fly your flag, you fight for truth justice and the Tasmanian way.



            I rest my case:

              That was easily the dumbest thing i ever saw in ANY superhero movie.. venom parker was just stupid. There was NOTHING malicious about him in any way shape or form - it probably just made him more of a dweeb.

                Hahaha. The only time I hear 'dweeb' anymore is when I listen to The Offspring's Self-Esteem.

        Oh god this bite was a curse!!!

      Spider masturbation?

        Acid jizz?

          Funnily enough, that's a storyarc they've done. Well, not so much acid but radioactive.

            Ewww, flashed on the dirty bits of Mallrats

    Wow.. my work has quality material, it just BSOD'd while switching the two screens in the layout with primary/secondary monitor settings... great job Toshiba, once again, quality hardware :P

      Hammers and concrete shoes will fix it.

        I'd rather just open the window and throw it out. This laptop is pretty new too with an i5 CPU

    In other news, I need a new portable work laptop.

    I'm kind of trying to wait for the new Zenbook Prime because ASUS are awesome, plus Ivy Bridge.

    Where are the announcements, Intel? I need release dates!

    Hey guys.
    $8 Liscened Tees!!! AND FREE SHIPPING!

    Picked myself up a silver surfer and vader one last night, just because i like simple a somewhat-subtle tees over ones that are effectively big posters. lol

      only until 1pm today,. by the way!


      I saw this sale last night on a bargain site and people were complaining about the random sounds that play when you're looking at T-shirts. So turn down your volume or prepare to get a fright :P

      I'm quite picky with my nerdy shirts, I like to wear wear my nerdy heart on my sleeve yet wear something that is stylish. Not a big fan of nerd shirts that are just cover art or branding for the game, it's like free advertising.

      Here's an example of an official Halo Reach shirt done right if ya get my meaning.

        I'm with you man. I don't like big slogans and the such.
        That's why i went for this

          And while this one does have the title and such, it's tonal so i can wear it with pretty much anything and still look decent

    So, Errybody's getting their sale on.
    EB has Dark Souls for $47. I was thinking that I should get it. Question is: should I get the 360 or PS3 version?

    I'll probably be more inclined to play it if it's the 360 version if there's not much difference between the two.

      PS3 is seen as the canon version because Demon's Souls is a PS3 exclusive. I've also heard the slowdown is slightly worse in the Xbox 360 version. Can anyone confirm?

      I have it on Xbox and it's great. The slowdown is there in Blighttown but it's not that bad. From what you've said I'd say get it on Xbox. As far as I know there is hardly any difference at all.

        People kept yammering on about the slowdown in Blighttown but I never noticed any. I played on PS3.

          I played on Xbox and the slowdown was there but it wasn't that bad. It didn't ruin the game at all. I hated Blighttown for other reasons :)

            haha yeah Blighttown is horrible. I also had a slight slowdown in Blighttown (I have it on the PS3). I don't think it really matters what console you get it on. I just got it on PS3 because I don't think I should have to pay to be able to play games online

      Also, re: platform, if you have a choice, pick the console that you can download the patches onto. Some people complain about some of the changes, but I've found that rare items drop with reasonable frequency, framerate issues are mostly dealt with and the game is pretty well balanced.

      If you'd rather glitch your way to victory, don't patch that game :)

        I spent ages lurking on the Whirlpool forums when the patch dropped and I think it improved the game a lot.

          I only started playing it two weeks ago, so can't comment with authority. But I've done a fair bit of reading on this, and I approve of most/all of the changes I've read about :)

            I miss "YOU DEFEATED!". :'(


              Although a good change is that you actually get souls when you kill skeletons!

      I'm curious about this as well - I got the PS3 version just so it could sit beside demon's souls on the shelf.

      Hmm. Ozgameshop *is* cheaper. And by enough to make the long wait probably worth it.

      Also, Shane, as I said last week, if your ME3 is still for sale, let me know.

        Oops sorry man, did I reply to you last week? I don't recall.
        ME3 is available. Can you shoot me email please? shane @ shanewsmith .com

        I think you should wait a bit longer. Namco has said they will be releasing a prepare to die edition for the consoles as well. It will have the full game and the upcoming DLC.

          Ooooooooooooooooh. I think I will be buying one of these.

      Like others have said you can import it cheaper from other places but if you wanna get it locally then that's fine. As for which console I remember reading that the PS3 version is slightly better but there's basically no difference between the two. I went for PS3 because Demon's was on it and I'm rarely a Gold Member on XBL and wanted the online features.

      Both slow down like crazy in a certain area in the game though :P.

      PC not an option? I doubt the slowdown will be fixed in it though.

        PC is my LoL/D3 box. Also, sometimes I buy games on Steam or GOG and then play LoL/D3.

        There's something I didn't think of - do you miss out on the connected aspect of the game if you don't have gold?
        That could be a major factor.

          Looks like Gold is needed

        PC not an option? I doubt the slowdown will be fixed in it though.
        *shakes fist* You take that back, mister!

      Played on 360, loved it.
      Some slowdown in Blighttown but that's a given with the game.

    After a fun and successful recording of Potaku Ep 1, we are planning Ep 2! With one slot remaining and anyone able to come on and talk, express your interest to me via twitter @shiggyninty or email me on [email protected] Ep 1 should be up tomorrow for you all to listen to! Feedback is appreciated!


        Stupid phone submitting before I'm finished.
        Is this a podcast? I might be interested in joining in, maybe. Although, all I'd probably say is "I haven't played/seen/read that" :P

      I'd love to join on this but I doubt I'd be interesting enough. I only got PC gaming really under my belt and even then it's a select few I do play on it (LoL :P)

      I'll love listening to them though

        Yes, me too man. I'm good for mindless banter and drivel, and probably not a lot else :p

          Well I like putting down how I feel about something and when I know what I'm talking about I love explaining things too, I just don't think my knowledge is broad enough for a podcast is all.

            Oh absolutely, voicing and sharing opinions is what gets my motors running, and I'd love to do something like this too, for sure. I've found however, that my baseline "general knowledge" comes essentially from this website, this community. Not *such* a bad thing I guess, as it means I understand exactly what's being spoken of here.
            Not so much good for bringing anything new to the table though.

              Indeed, I work full time, and I more like to play my games than read about them on sites while I'm at home. I get some information from watching youtube channels like Totalbiscuit and The Gamestation podcasts but that's about it

                I've yet to sit down and watch a Gamestation podcast in it's entirety 0.0

                  I do that on a weekend, and they're good to listen to, I love the points of view they can put forward and the occasional humour attached to it. Yeah 3 hours is a big ask isn't it?

                  They're good to put on in the background while doing other things (like minecraft)

      Can't wait!

        HI HARLI!

          HI CAKESMITH!!!

            Shouldn't you be breaking the Gamespot site? How goes the new job? How is your injury (totally forgot to ask you this earlier in the week!)

              Just... AWESOME. Words cannot convey how much I love it here.

                Wow, I didn't realise you thought we were so bad.

      Shiggy, when you say should be up, what do you mean? Are you uploading it as a streaming MP3?

    Going to a VPL match for the first time since last year!!!
    It's going to be cold as hell frozen over, but DAYUM is it going to be fun!
    And most importantly... GLUHWEIN!!!!


      Visible panty line?

        Victorian Premier League... but there certainly has been quite a few Visible panty lines on the players that still actually wear jocks

    Good morning, everyone, and dark lords.
    How's everyone feeling the chill?
    Also, is porridge a good idea for breakfast today?


      Porridge is the best breakfast for a cold morning. Especially with Sultanas in it, oh maybe a little bit of honey too.


      Now I want porridge.

        I used a different bowl for porridge yesterday and misjudged the volume of oats.
        Ended up eating what was probably around 1kg (wet weight) of porridge. Filling though!

      It's 27 degrees outside. Not what I'd call chilly :p
      Porridge is ALWAYS a good idea.
      Crazyguy, you're an ideas man. I like that in a person.

        He dances that fine line between crazy & genius I think.

    I guess it boils down to a morality discussion. Also a warning to parents, it's quite a heartbreaking story.

    Has anyone read the following article on Giz?

    I found this an incredibly interesting article, however one thing bugs me.
    I’m not a parent so I can’t begin to understand how it feels, but keeping a person alive in such a condition and for so long with very little progress seems almost cruel. Why force something to live when his own body is trying to kill him in many ways. He will never lead a normal life, he may well never develop past that of a baby. I know it’s a terrible thing to say, but improbable mutations like this are natures way of saying NO.

    What are your thoughts?

      It’s an impossible situation. Obviously the parents are holding out some hope for miracle advances that can arrest the decline and cure the child, but even without that, I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to say that his life’s value is nought.

      He laughs in time with laugh tracks on TV – there is brain function, and he is clearly responsive to external stimuli. He is their child, and as long as he isn’t in too much pain, they have a right to get to know him as best they can in the time they have together.

        I'm with Shane on this one. If there is hope for a solution, then I can't blame the parents for keeping the child alive.
        However, if the child was in constant pain or ceased functioning mentally, I would consider it selfish to keep him alive.

          It's a slim chance but if there is any chance that he could have further development, I can't blame the parents at all for pursuing every last option.

          It's heartbreaking to read what they're going through. At the least, it doesn't sound like he is in constant pain. The seizures would definitely suck but maybe they can end them and he can have a few years of peace.

          On top of that, what about the next child? Bertrand might be the only person to ever suffer this. He might not be. If he isn't, every step his parents taken is a lead that the next set of parents can follow.

          I don't know if they're doing the right thing. The only reason I wouldn't do the same is because I might not be strong enough.

          I was attempting to write the same thing, but you just did in half the length of what I had.

      Morals and how other people are fine in a theoretical discussion. That shit gets thrown out the window because people are selfish. Plain and simple. If someone i loved was brain dead i would like to think i would do the right thing if it was up to me. In reality i have no idea how i would react.

        But this child is not brain dead. He laughed at the TV. He’s just not a fully responsive person.

      I believe these are things we will never fully understand until we have children of our own.

      Besides, if ‘normal life’ is the only life worth living, would you advocate terminating a Downs Syndrome baby, or an severely autistic child, or a moderately autistic child? What about someone who has whatever Stephen Hawking has? Or a quadriplegic? Is the worth of a human life determined by the impact they will have upon others, the intellectual contribution they make to society, their physical ability, the tenacity of their hold upon health and vigour... or is it simply enough just to be alive? Engaging with the world in a ‘normal’ way (whatever that is) is just one way to live.

      Also, to be pedantic: improbable genetic mutations lead to evolution as well as situations like this. It’s not nature’s NO, it’s nature’s way of saying, “Let’s try something different.”

        obviously it's not black and white. I would argue an downs syndrome child is not necessarily in pain. It's living a different life sure, but not necessarily suffering. The child from the article lives with constant seizure, heart, brain and liver problems, sever eye damage and requires round the clock care.

        My comment about nature saying NO should have been worded differently... What I meant was, nature "tried something different" and it didn't work. I'm all for evolution but like with everything else some experiments fail.

        I guess it comes down to what is considered life. Like you said, is it enough to simply be alive? I'm not saying everyone needs to contribute to society, but I would argue that at the very least a human should be able to live (relatively) without constant suffering and pain. I think the kicker for me is that he is not likely to develop. He is 4 with the brain of a 3 month old. If someone has a disorder but can still grow, learn, develop and enjoy life then I have no problems.
        I guess I'm asking what is the definition of mercy?

      There's worse fates than death, but I wouldn't presume to know better than the parents. I feel for them.

      What if they do manage to cure him and he lives the rest of his days like any other healthy person and goes on to become a motivational speaker to talk about how he lived the first 5 years of his life? What if?

      Whilst I haven't read the comments in this thread, I just finished reading the actual article. This kind of thing is a moral and practical paradox. It shouldn't happen, it shouldn't ever happen.
      As for the reasons for keeping the child alive, well. Depends on who you ask. Those that are not involved, are not attached, will benefit from the studies being carried out. That much is a given, and a boon to us as a whole. No, I don't believe one person should suffer for the benefit of others without that being an active decision on their part, but there's also the position of the parent. I can't envision calling an end to the life of a child, however nor could I live with myself keeping someone in a constant state of agony.
      I never wish to be put in such a position, and my heart truly goes out to those that have. My brother was born with Cystic Fibrosis (also mentioned in the article) and that was tough enough seeing my parents go through that pain. This doesn't even compare though.
      A sobering thought, and realisation that the we really are susceptible to the most minute changes.

    So, I should have gone to bed last night, but instead I decided to step foot into Blighttown for a bit. Man, I got owned so bad, a bunch of times. Haven’t yet lost stockpiled souls (only 7000 but still), but I’m quietly confident that I will :P

      Dat poison...

        It's not really the poison that annoyed me, it was those damn toxin guys. :(

          Oh yes that was the word I was looking for :P. I forgot the name of the more potent one, toxin is the blowdart stuff right?

      Blighttown? More like Blframetown, amirite???


        I don't understand these people who didn't have framerate problems. It was so choppy.


          I think it got choppy at one point which was when I was throwing a giant fireball at a group of 4 enemies (3 flying bug things and 1 of those weird fire guys). I was also getting shot at by a fire-whip-thing & being poisoned by the bugs.

            I was on 360, and all of it was choppy.

            Maybe I'm just too used to silky smooth framerates, or something, but the whole way through it was chilling at like, 15 fps. So bad.

          To be honest, at least on PS3, I hear it varies.


        ... but haven’t had that problem yet!

      Yeah, I'm still surprised Mario Party still sells as well.

      Theoretically, the name is based around the idea that the older brother thinks his sister is a cutesy little girly girl, only it turns out that she's an otaku, with all this other stuff.

      Then in like Volume 7 they start dating, thus ensuring that it will be forever not remembered as yet another weird freaking Japanese thing.

      The things you learn on wikipedia, because you couldn't believe that the name actually meant that!

        So in Volume 7 the brother and the sister start dating each other?

          Apparently, though they break up in the eighth.

          I'm trusting Wikipedia on this matter.

      Its based on a best selling novel of the same name.

      Well it is hard to be cute AND portable

      I still like the conception one better, lawls. Anybody got the link to it?

    stupid update post...


        Doesn't work for me unless i'm 'signed in'.
        My work computer deletes all history and cookies when i close the browser

          My work computer does the same thing. I normally just keep a browser open with the company's webmail onscreen, and open a separate browser for my "unauthorised" web surfing :P

    I'm getting so sick of clicking on the damn Samsung add "white space" every time I switch windows....

      AdBlock is your friend. Had it installed ever since the Dick Smith incident *shivers*

        I've tried it before and never really noticed that it did much... it would only block some adds. Maybe I was doing it wrong?

          in fact I just checked. I've had it added to chrome for ages but for some reason I can't remember I had it disabled.

    Had porridge for breakfast, and am severely disappointed.

      I had toast with Vegemite and butter. I was satisfied.

        Me too! o/

    I had this horrible dream that i would never play a game so awesome it made my testicles explode.
    When i woke up i remembered i has Space Marine, and i went back to sleep dreaming of teddies in power armor.

    True Story.

      My dream this morning immediately before my alarm woke me up:

      Mordin from ME was throwing fruit at me. Except the fruit were actually bombs in disguise and they exploded. I was deflecting them like a boss though.

      I have weird dreams.

    Things I have discovered:

    - UbiWorkshop do not seem to be great with security, seeing as they emailed my login and password in plain text when I signed up.
    - Homework is super boring.
    - A Clash of Kings arrived and I really really really really really really want to read it.
    - Emacs is awesome.

    Went to a Vietnamese roll place for lunch. I asked for chilli. They giggled as they put chilli on.

    Somebody hold me. I'm terrified.

      There there, it'll be okay. They'll get what's coming to them!

      That was very underwhelming. Barely hot at all. Clearly they were giggling because the poor white boy wanted chilli and they were denying him.

        Heh heh heh...

        What, that isn't funny to anyone else? Just me?

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