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    Kia Australia just started following me on twitter, i am seriously so fucked if they read any of mine.

      In the last week I've called my boss a moron and my intern a super hot Korean on twitter.

      I'll wait about an hour and then block them.

        I'm getting paranoid that someone from PR will come up and say "Are you Ruffleberg"

      I take it you work for KIA?


          Well I hope you don't land in hot water over any of it dude.

      You can delete your tweets. Did you know?

        Heh, I've never said anything that bad. Plus my twitter account doesn't actually have my name anywhere on it.

          Well, there's no reason to be worried then!

    The entire town I work in is filled with smoke! I hope it's on fire, that would make for an exciting Friday.

      fire is always a solution to boredom.

      Or maybe someones smoking a massive amount of marijuana...

      Did a leprechaun tell you to burn things?

        Na, he only tells me to burn things on a Monday.

      What town are you in exactly?

        Geelong, I just found out that apparently they're back burning or something close to town, lol. It smells gross though, like burning bogans.

          Funny how you know what burning bogans smells like... :/

            Geelong Beach + Summer + Tanning Bogans = Burning Bogan Smell !

            Flannelette, mullets, and centrelink earning...
            It smells really gross when there's bogans burning!

            *flails arms*

      Doesn't that include your home? :(

    Just tried to login to Gmail at work. Got an error saying my password was changed 13 months ago.

    No it wasn't. It was much more recent than that and that's the password I typed!

    Best Diablo 3 guide.

    Short, simple and to the point. I think I might have to try that once I get to Inferno.

      no speakers at work so I cant hear the commentry (if there is one), but is the general gist 'give up on monk & play witch doctor'?

        coz that seems pretty appealing now that my monk is getting brutalised repeatedly on freaking normal.
        just cant seem to get HP & defence high enough fast enough to be a mele character.

          I'm dominating in Nightmare with a Monk. Just stack Dex and Vit.

            i'll give that a go.
            i suppose one of the benefits of no stat alocation is being able to mod your build on the fly. i'm starting to appreciate this now.

              Be warned, WD feels very underpowered until level 54

                As someone with a level 32 WD, I know that feel.

                  You get the zombie bears at 54.

                  Since then, the only time I've died has been when I accidently two packs of elites at once.

      Cannot wait till I get up to Hell and beyond just to see what the fuss is about. So far nightmare has seemed little harder than progressing through Normal was.

    Afternoon TAY!

    My couple of games of ME3 last night ended up being a 3 hour session. Unlocked a few things, but still haven't gotten my whips.
    Krogan Battlemaster (Vanguard) is freakin hysterical though :D

    I love me some char kway teow :D

    (+10 awesome points to those who know what it is without the need to look it up)

      Is it a Pokémon?

      It's a Pokémon.

      I googled it, but I had my head upside down, so I was really looking it down.
      Do I still get +10 awesome points? :D

      Isn't that just BBQ pork?

        Char siu :(

          I've eaten enough of that stuff that the name has clearly become unnecessary :p

        Fried flat rice noodles. It's a malaysian / indonesian dish IIRC.

      I think I had that once, but antibiotics cleared it right up.


      I took some lessons in that once, but ended up sticking with karate.

      brb booking tickets to go have some awesome char kway teow.

        Wat Tan Hor is also delicious.

      The sound of bullets ricocheting?


      I think those are letters that are formed in a certain sequence to make a word.

      I could be wrong though.

    I've been doing a great deal of thinking about these gender articles of the last couple of days, and I think I've figured out why it's getting to me so strongly.

    This will be the last I say on the matter for a while, I think.

      You always have awesome posts on this topic.

      In my opinion, you've hit on something core to the situation: males and generally told by society in general to act in a particular manner, and if they do they're told off; if they don't, they're victimised by their peers.

      No one should live in guilt simply because of their gender (or any other "defining" characteristic).

      Aware and active on issues, yes. Inherent guilt, no.

      tl;dr: I've always appreciated your contributions.

        Thanks man. That feels like a particularly nice bit of praise, considering the source is Kotaku's celebrated rational thinker! :)

      After reading that post, and with you as a father, I dare say your children will have the best chance at breaking free from the current generation's mindset. I know it's not really helping, as external stimuli still play a huge role in development.
      But I've already made up my mind. I've passed judgement.
      From those words alone, you're a good father, and those kids will be given all manner of opportunities from what they've learned from you (plus perhaps a little extra because of the cute factor, sure).
      But mostly you.

        Thanks dude, that's nice to hear. I don't think I've got it all together, and I definitely don't want to pass on my anxieties, but I guess it'll be a good thing that my wife and I will be on the lookout for issues.

          Without trying to get too metaphysical on the subject, I don't think *any* of us truly have it all together. The best I can envision is most likely the amalgam of beliefs and morals that cover the pitfalls of individuals.
          Society itself is designed on these principles, yet it only seems to work in theory.
          I digress, I'm humbled and awed by your outlook.

      It's easy to forget when we're dealing with the issues of our time, but remember the world is a generally better place than it was ten years back. I'm almost certain it'll be an even better place for your kids in the future. Fact we're talking about this stuff means it's not going unnoticed and it's not the status quo... or something...

        This is interesting, because I’m actually not convinced the world is better now than it was ten or twenty years ago... at least with regards to exploitative imagery and warped perceptions of sexuality. It’s far more insidious now than it ever was before, tied up in marketing like never before, and thanks to the internet, way too easy to access. My generation came through right on the crest of the wave that celebrated and encouraged youthful promiscuity and internet pornography, cut offs for tweens and plastic surgery for toddlers. But I might just be a fuddy-duddy who likes the words, “Back in my day...”

        Honestly though, I worry that we’re talking more because we see it getting worse, and have no idea how to stop it.

          Yep, that's how I say nothing more on the issue :P

            Always darkest before the dawn? :P

            (Actually I was talking more on civil rights, equality and all that kind of stuff. I really need to think through my points more. Heh.)

            We don't know what to do, but I'm not sure that's exactly a bad thing. Twiddling our thumbs isn't the idea here, nor is it what we're doing. It's such a volatile, damnable situation that any action is met with backlash, for better or worse.
            Unfortunately, it's that indecision that is worrying me. Sexuality is a positive thing, and awareness even more so. What I may be attracted to in a sexual manner has no place in a developing child's life, yet awareness of love and empathy has a HUGE amount to do with it, and I believe children should be introduced to that from conception. This criss-crossing, the merging of sexualisation and social norms makes me quiver in apprehension.
            What can I do about it, as one person? Hell, what constitutes censorship with regard to rearing a child? I wasn't allowed to watch The Simpsons until I was 12, is that censorship, or my parents knowing what's best for me? Has this, or more potential censorship similar to this affected my adversely in my day-to-day life as an adult?
            I think all parents would have to face these questions at some point or another. Shelter can hinder just as much as openness. Finding that middle-ground seems nigh-on impossible, but it's there.

              "uphill both ways, barefoot, in the snow. Now get off my lawn."

          I dunno, at least now people acknowledge issues like this, as well as bigotry in all it's forms. It is still a problem but admitting there is one is the first step to change.

    So, I follow the NBA pretty religiously right and today, my team lost for the first time in 50 days. Someone hold me?

      I'd hold you, but I'm a Hornets fan.
      So I'll laugh instead.

    Hey D.C, while you are around on TAY, are you coming to the arcade(AKA Bunny's) on Sunday June 9th? Or maybe even the Mana Bar on the Saturday night beforehand?

      My first instinct is to make something up. :S

      Truth be told, all the Sydney meat write-ups and stories intimidated me. I was already intimidated to begin with. I hope you guys won't think less of me if I just keep being the anonymous guy on the internet, for now atleast. I really do appreciate you thinking of me. Clearly I have deep-seated social anxiety issues to deal with, I certainly hope you guys don't take offence or consider it personal. :)

        Its cool mang we all got our own stuff to deal with. no pressure.

        Nope. It's personal. You hate me. The only way to make it up to me is to show up.

        Most of us are pretty terrible in social situations. That's the fun. Get a room full of socially awkward nerds together and then see what happens. The answer so far is alcoholism and video games.

          Ah, but I don't drink. So there's that. :P

            There will also be meat.

            And fairy bread!

            Neither do Bish and I. I think thats where the corner-sitting, surliness rumours start, everyones jealous of our soberness

              You guys and your sobriety. So... sensible.

                Be quiet, you dancing, singing drunkard.

                Thtop uthing wordth with etheth in them

                (Thats was painful to type)

              Me neither! But I’ve never been at a meat long enough to demonstrate my annoying sobriety or surliness!

          I do that solo, the numbers suggest it'd work with more than one person, too.
          And the writeups I've read... holy mother of god, that's crazytimes and all manner of insobriety required.

          No need to force it bun bun, the dude will be fine in his own time.

            Sometimes I want a sarcasm font. Other times I enjoy the confusion it's absence causes.

        My advice, just go. People are really accommodating and you will loosen up in a couple of minutes. I was really quiet during the first hours of my first meat but I had loosened up a bit by dinner time. During my second meat(PEZ's) I had met the guys before so I was more comfortable.

        From experience, the only way to fix these anxieties is to just take the first step and go and meet people. And this Brisbane group of TAYbies is the best bunch to do that with.
        There'll be games and food and drink and we won't even make you talk to us.
        Besides, you promised. :P
        Seriously though, I understand completely and won't judge you for staying anonymous for now. :)

          Now you know what a promise from D.C. is worth. Mwhahaha. :P

          Thanks for understanding. I know you're making all kinds of sense, but I think I'll pass this time. I look forward to being intimidated by your meat write-ups, though. ;)

        To be fair, the Sydney group meat pretty regularly and are a pretty impressively tight group (from what I can tell anyway). Not only do they TAY like champs, but they Tweet, Teamspeak and I’m sure a few other things too. Not a criticism, but I totally get where you’re coming from, DC, and was equally intimidated by the write-ups. That’s not to suggest that you guys aren’t all real friendly and approachable, but trying to break into an established group of mates is a tough ask for anyone with social anxieties.

          Oh yeah, meant to add: this is the sort of thing that I totally dread, but if I force myself to go, I never regret it. Ever.

          That's why Brisbane Meats are better for first-timers. We barely know each other so it's less of a club you feel you have to break into.

            Meant to add that too. Damn my rush to hit submit before the boss sees!

          That's a fair call. Although, quite often there is a newcomer or people who have not met eachother before.

          Thanks, for being so awesome and understanding folks. You truly are the king of kings. :P

          I dunno man, I avoided Sydney meats like the plague until the end of April (so, for five months basically), hopped into a pretty established group, and felt really welcome.

            What I meant is that from outside, it seems intimidating. Meats I’ve been to have been very accommodating, once I psyched myself to go!

              Yeah, I understand what you mean. It's definitely how I felt about it all at first!

        Meats are very scary initially. Then they get a bit awkward. But then they get fun!

        I know how ya feel dude, I almost didn't go to Welbot's meat earlier this year, but Freeze was all "YOU GOTTA GO DUDE!" so I was all "okay" turned out they were all a nice bunch of people and such even Strange who I thought hated me for spoiling things on accident /o\

        Plus Bunny is a crack up, wish I could make it to his meat but it'll cost me something like 60 or 70 bucks round trip from Tweed which is pretty outrageous.

      Now I feel all vulnerable and exposed. That's my cue to leave. Have a good weekend folks! :P

        Quick! Hit his weak spot for massive damage!

    Guys i have a hour and a half left no work to do a half a can of coke zero and a really strong urge to make a pillow and sleep under my desk, Entertain me with tales of what is happening on your weekends or what you excited about. I am interested and i will reply to everyone. So do your worst.

      This weekend I will be forced to do beer bongs in the backyard of an old friends house until I vomit literally from every orifice the human body has, and even some it doesn't. Yes, I definitely could just be like "no thanks, I will drink my beer quietly and gently" but then I will wake up with a face full of a) balls or b) worse than balls. I am not excited about this, I am just letting you know what will happen.

        Coming from the other side of it, I had a huge amount of guilt dropped on me when I made a "friend" do a beer bong years ago. 12 drinks in the space of a few minutes led to a power-spew with enough force to reach back to the point of origin from the point of impact, a full 6'1" away.
        I felt so, so bad for that.

        Haha a beer bong is definitely not fun for anyone involved still hanging out with mates is always awesome.

          Beer bongs can be fun, provided you don't overdo it and you are not being forced into it.

            Just as long as nobody tapes it around your mouth. :P

      I hired a carpenter to create a sleep-zone underneath my desk.
      Too bad everyone can see.
      I'm heading back to the mainland next Thursday! Civilization! Retail pricing! Traffic!

        Fist bump man i love the mainland its totally not shit. Where do you live when you are closer to civilization?

          Well, prior to moving here, I was living in Canberra like a chump (Sorry Shane!), and prior to that, Townsville. Spent about half my life in both locations, so that's really where I'd call "home" if anywhere.
          As for the foreseeable future though, I'm living on the Eylandt, getting back to the mainland 3-4 times a year for a nice dose of sanity :)
          (I never understood it before, but the idea behind cabin-fever or "mango madness" as it's called here is well and truly present. 3-4 months seems to be the most amount of time people can stay here without going for a short break elsewhere!)

            If you are ever in townsville again give us a bell or a tweet or a post and i will do my best to arrange a meet up. We can have beers or something like that :)

              How 'bout the week after next? :p
              I'm headed to Cairns for a wedding next weekend, and will be in Townsville for the best part of a week afterwards.

                That sounds pretty okay except my best buds 21st is on maybe saturday morning, sunday morning sometime around then. We can sort it out later. Just remind me next week.

                  Too easy man, if I can gain access to a computer, I'll definitely check in here. I'm sure a conclusion will be drawn prior to Thursday, anyway.
                  Are there any other NQLD TAYbies around? An impromptu meat seems to be in order.

      Hello Rockets! I'm so excited about the new Sabaton album that I haven't even listened to the new Sonata Arctica one yet. They are two of my favourite bands but I just can't stop listening to Sabaton so Sonata will have to wait.

        Mrs Strange i remember that i had some sabaton in my itunes library so i started listening to some of their albums last night. They are kind of not exactly my style but not as heavy as other metal which is good. :)

      I have started swimming lessons with my daughter, and have come to really look forward to them. Tomorrow morning.

        i am going to start with awwwwwwwwwww thats adorable :)
        You are a good daddy mr Shane. I did swimming lessons as a kid. Awesome investment in my life. I fell out of a boat when i was 9. They saved my life. :)

          I like this story. Not so much the falling out of the boat bit, but it had a good ending.

            Endings are my strong suit the middle parts of my stories usually end in some mishap.

      Weekend plans:. Boardgames tonight, thinking I'll grab a kebab for dinner on the way. otherwise dinner will be pizza.
      Work tomorrow, new division being put together so masses of planning need to happen for that.
      Sunday: Depending on the weather we might go see salmon fishing in the yemen at the rivoli.

        Salmon fishing, can't you fish for something actually tasty and not horrible :P That also sounds fun. Didn't know other taybies enjoyed wetting a line. Have fun broseph.

          How dare you! Salmon is deeeeeeeeeeeelishus!

            Haha i don't enjoy it as much as other fish. TAY thinks i am wrong.

              TAY KNOWS you are wrong, good sir!
              Oh well, more for me ^.^
              Everybody wins \o/

          Salmon is super tasty if cook right, and my wife can do it well

          *whispers* Also salmon fishing in the yemen is a movie and the rivoli is the cinema we are going to see it at ;)

            Dear Tigs
            I live in a hole, with a rock on top. The most amount of culture i get in a week is touching some dead leaves. Please forgive my ignorance :)

      Hey Rockets!
      this weekend will consist of playing music really loudly whilst browsing job sites. & maybe real estate sites as well.
      and I do believe that at some point, beer, pizza & video gaming will get involved.

        Nice, i have to start searching for a job in sydney or Brisbane or Melbourne but i wont be leaving for another 6 months so i got time. Good luck man. Also pizza /

          thanks man :)

          what line of work are you looking to get into?
          just register with as many agencies as you can & take whatever temp jobs they offer when you first get moved. that way, you've got an income to pay rent or whatever expenses you have while you search for the job you want.

            MY job is electronics technician, WHen i am done here i should have a fairly easy way of getting a job because its pretty in demand. But yeah i dont really wanna think about it for at least another 3 months. Then i will get to planning shit. :)

      'Nuthin much.

        Cool mang, Some Derp LoL games tonight?

          Dammit, that was my attempt at exposing your fake-interest at my compleately boring weekend.
          I should have said "Doing tax" or "Doing an hourly chart of overseas stock markets for fun".

            I still would care, i care what my friends do in a completely over protective and stalky way.

            Just draw two steeply decline red lines.
            Label one of them "Greece" and the other one "Ireland"

      Parents are away! Sadly no partying to be had as there's a week left of semester so there's assignments to be done. But it's nice to feel so independent for a while.

        Invite a girl over and do nasty things to her, like draw on her face with permanant marker. Thats the way to her heart. I really do love when i have the house to myself, except at night time. That scares the shit outta me.

          I have a tendency to double check all the locks in the house to make sure they are definitely locked. They always are, but I'm paranoid. I blame horror movies!

            I was living with my best mate and he had gone out saturday night to grab some pizza and beer. I went to have a shower got my towel and went into the shower. Dickhead thought it would be funny to scare me so he started banging on doors and closing windows. I finished got dressed and he jumped in front of me. I threw my leg up in defense and nutted him. never tried it again :)

              Hahahaha! A lot of your more successful moments seem to end in violence. If I had a mate like that I would most likely do the exact same thing.

                hahah it does seem that way. You should see the first girl i dated. I accidentally punched her to
                (that didnt actually happen thank god)
                Spews everywhere.

              When I was younger and home alone I used to carry around an assortment of kitchen knives. Probably best that nobody played that sort of trick on me. I still have a bunch of knives in my room and will admit that once or twice I've reached for one after hearing a suspicious noise.

                You are shitting me?
                Wow flu flu is as dangerous as he is mysterious. Must come from growing up on the mean streets of paramatta

      I'm going for some quiet drinks at a mate's place tonight.

      More importantly, to get there I have to ride for an hour on the train, and I have a copy of Xenogears on my PSP that I'm about to dive into. I haven't played Xenogears since I was a teenager, I am more excited about this than I should be.

        Drinks and train gaming, sounds like a pretty awesome start to the week of ends. WHats xenogears? I haven't heard of it?

    So last night I gained a little understanding into those of you who play trials.
    Being part of the master race I have only ever played trails HD and it didn't really grab me, I found it way to difficult. That sort of game was not for me.

    However that all changed last night and the cause, snuggle truck. Still difficult and I am not great at it, but as I played I began to understand the allure of a slightly better time, the sense of achievement getting a gold or 'platinum'.
    I managed to platinum all the beginner tracks and am working towards unlocking the extreme tracks (8 medals to go). Not sure if I will stick at it long enough to gold it all but if nothing else it has given me an insight to how that feels, and for that I am please I bought it.

    Its only taken me 6 months but I'm finally installing Batman Arkham City. I feel like there should be streamers and fireworks or something to celebrate

      Make sure you play it for 20 minutes then uninstall
      Oh nevermind nova enjoy the game, the yellow in your avatar confused me. I finished batman:AA at the start of the year so I should get around to doing that as well

        There's only a small patch of yellow in the middle, so I'm like Cakesmith at heart? At least he usually plays his games before ignoring them, there's a few games I've bought and never played. Not the same extent of course

      I... can throw cupcakes at you?

        Harsh, what did he ever do to you?

          He dissed my Jellicent. Said a Carracosta would be better.
          Nobody disses my Pringles Pokemon.

            I stand corrected on the Jellicent issue. But we agree that Bisharp (hehe) is clearly the most badass poke introduced in Gen V, right?

    New gameplay trailers for Dishonoured, Tomb Raider, Castlevania lords of shadow 2, MGS: R and more are up on YouTube:

      I'm not going to watch them. I want E3 to matter.

        Was about to watch the Tomb Raider one until I read this. Good point. E3 is already seeming underwhelming, why ruin the only part that may actually be interesting?

        Which is nothing against anyone who's watching them now, just my preference.

          I don't think I've ever done this before for anything, but dammit, I like E3.

          I am simply waiting for more information on The Last of Us. That's all I really care about from E3.

      the tomb raider trailer was quite interesting, it looked very uncharted, but a more... darker uncharted...

        The trailer looked interesting. I hope the game is more open though, uncharted is awesome but I hope Tomb Raider offers some decent exploration options.

        I haven't watched the trailer yet but Kotaku's main page tells me Lara Croft takes a beating in it, which sort of worries me. All the announcements I've seen surrounding this game seem to focus entirely on the fact that Lara gets hurt, a lot. I get wanting to have a vulnerable protagonist who isn't some sort of untouchable god hero like you normally get in games but at this point it sounds like all the game is going to be is Lara getting punched in the face repeatedly while someone screams at us how deep and realistic the story is. Maybe I should watch the latest trailer before making any judgements but as Blaghman said I don't want to spoil E3.

          I actually liked the darker tone it took, and some of Lara's injuries made me mutter "ouch!". But if she survives it all damn, she's ONE TOUGH MUDDA.

          I remember watching the E3 demo last year, which was basically five minutes of her sobbing and screaming as she continuously got hurt or stumbled around or fell into an inconveniently placed hole or whatever. I get that it's young Lara and an origin story, but it seems so different from 90's Lara.

          I know that's judging a game off of five minutes, but it's always made me a bit weary of this game. Still interested, though.

            yeah, a lot of her dialogue in the trailer was her yelping... it was sorta annoying

      I'll wait a bit and hopefully watch them through E3.
      Man I want this E3 to be big, I WANT BOMBS TO DROP DAMMIT.


        I see, for me trailers aren't that big an issue. E3 is mainly for the press conferences and the gameplay demos on the show flow for the next few days. The trailers just wet my appetite.

          Trailers, conferences, all the coverage, I love it all.
          So much HYPE!

    I am officially a sad panda, I went to my local EB Games to try and convince them to release PC Max Payne 3 early to no avail, i even tried to pull the old "but it unlocks on steam tonight" argument but they were being stubborn sods, to make things worse, i wanted to put the Borderlands 2 Loot hunter edition on pre order and they had sold out on all platforms.

    I think the moral of this story is that i have to stop being a sucker for all these shiny special edition games, i have definitely putting the Aliens: Colonial Marines special edition on pre order when it comes available and i still thinking about putting the Assassins Creed 3 Freedom edition on pre order as well.

      Sorry, Borderlands 2 Vault Hunter edition.

      Yeah, I think I'm going to get the B grade special editions for both Borderlands 2 and ACIII

    Anyone's job involve regular contact with companies in China and noticed an increase in phone calls?
    I'm wondering if the've had a big price drop in international calls or something.

      I talded to a Asian guy on the phone once. He didn't like me that much, then i found bish in the airport and he drove me to my hotel. TRUE STORY

      I talked to a Asian guy on the phone once. He didn't like me that much, then i found bish in the airport and he drove me to my hotel. TRUE STORY

        Wasn't any better the second time, Rocket.

          I spelt it better the second time, double posts ruining my comedic timing. :P

          I dunno, the second time meant we already identified with the characters and thus are far more emotionally invested in the story.

            Whilst there was a minor change in the sequel, it didn't stray too far from it's roots.

      Why is there corrugated cardboard in that image?

      More importantly, why is that the first thing I notice?

        To soak up the excess oil.
        More surface area to absorb, y'see.

      That is what I imagine dinnertime at a meat to be. In all it's glory.

        For the first 30 seconds. You eat before Bish gets to it, or you don't eat at all

          Look, Freyr should have been there but she wasn't so I ate her burger.
          That's just the way it is.
          You snooze, you lose.

            Don't act like you didn't plan it that way from the start

      Those burgers look lame and tasteless

        om nom nom nom nom

    Hi everyone!
    I played more Zelda today \o/
    I'm up to the boss in the great sand sea. =D hopefully I will play more tonight

      HI SCREE!
      *waves erratically*

        HI RIZE!


    I finally remembered to send in noms, but I think I was a little late...

      No I'm sure Mark would have got them in time...

      Community Kudos
      Mark Serrels Kotaku AU Today 5:00 PM

      Oh, guess not

      I sent mine at like 3:40, and they weren't there. So sad.

    Well GAME at my local shopping centre is no more =( Sucks because the employees there were always friendly and liked to chat.

      Yeah, there were a couple of cool staff members at my local GAME too.

        I hope they were able to find jobs quicksmart somewhere else, esp my mate from school who scored a job there.

        I will admit I didn't pop in often due to the fact their only PC games consisted of Rift, WoW & one or two FPS. Since I have no current generation consoles lol.

          Yeah, the wollongong GAME shut down as well. The staff there were really kind and I hope they land on their feet soon.

    Every time i see someone say "tomb raider looks like Uncharted" i want to facepalm so damn hard...

      And now I want to say it so I can see you facepalm in a damn hard manner. :P

      I hope Lara Croft is voiced by Nolan North.

      Tomb Raider looks like Uncharted.
      Tomb Raider looks like Uncharted.
      Tomb Raider looks like Uncharted.
      Tomb Raider looks like Uncharted.
      Tomb Raider looks like Uncharted.
      Tomb Raider looks like Uncharted.
      Tomb Raider looks like Uncharted.
      Tomb Raider looks like Uncharted.
      Tomb Raider looks like Uncharted.
      Tomb Raider looks like Uncharted.
      Tomb Raider looks like Uncharted.

        Oh dear flu, loops probably has a headache by now.

      Why? There is some truth to the statement but maybe people aren't communicating it well.


      It's so silly as Uncharted was kind of like tomb raider cross Indiana Jones really.

      but, it seriously does look like uncharted, down to the "you jump onto a rickety ladder of some sort, it breaks, but you manage to recover"

    It's probalby been talked about before but the current humble Indy bundle is insanely good!

    I think that's every indy game I'd head people raving about I the last year.

      It's a really good bundle. I bought it this morning. The good thing is you get a steam key as well as a DRM free version.

      a bit annoying because i just bought the double fine bundle on steam....

      but i wanted bastion, so i got it anyway

    @Aleph-Null re: the wireless communication post back on page 15

    I'm liking your thinking where it comes to using Pidgeons in place of radio waves for wireless communication but I'm a little concerned as to their leavings.

    is it possible to toilet train pidgeons? I'd hate to have to carry and umbrella with me whenever I went outside.

      I think I mistyped my exact idea. It was meant to be "Pidgin", akin to the bastardised forms of language found in cultural cliques. I like to think of it as a form of whispers, that game where the message is passed from person to person, gaining and losing information as it is passed through each junction.
      This'll take off, for sure.
      As for birds of flight, surely we could just fit them with colostomy bags?

    Btw, it was raining sheep in Melbourne. =(
    No one was hurt aside from the sheep, but they put down the ones who were badly injured. Worse then letting them feel pain.

      Umm... truck crash?

      some kind of freak hurricane?

      A Newzelander found a lamp?

        Truck crash.
        It rained sheep, poor sheep.

          :( Poor things probably had no idea what was happening.

            No. Some survived, but the RSPCA is pissed that they had to put so many down.
            Luckily no one was injured though.

              I don't know the RSPCA's problem here.. The sheep were more than likely destined to have their lives ended one way or another.

              Also it was a B-double in the city right? Those things shouldn't be allowed on roads outside of the new england highway, they're a god damn danger when coming through on the pacific high way here..

    TAY has probably slowed down, what with it being the weekend and all, but I'll still ask this question.

    What do you guys do with your old games once a HD collection is released? With all the HD collections lately what do you do with your old PS2 copies?

    Personally, I keep them until the reviews are out or until I've seen whether the HD transfer is good enough. For example the Prince of Persia HD collection wasn't very well done so I kept my PS2 copies, however, from all accounts the Jak and Daxter HD trilogy is well done, so when I buy it I'll be giving away my PS2 copies or selling them.

    Sometimes I just keep the PS2 versions and rent the HD collections and play through them again for the experience and the trophies.

    Finally, I think HD collections can help with space management. If I need the space I might sell/give away the three PS2 discs and replace them with one HD collection disc.

      I'm a collector, so I collect* them.

      *Collect may also mean hoard. I haven't decided which

        I'm with scree. I don't think I've ever been able to separate myself form any of my old games. They're all packed away in various places.

        If life was an RPG old games would b my potions.

      Come to think of it... I've never bought a HD Collection of something that I already owned the games of :P

      I only have one HD collection (Jak and Daxter) so I've never thought about it really. But to me, the original games are too precious to get rid of. At least in this example. I guess it depends on the game.

      I had a lot of 'naughty copies' of games on PS2 so it was a pretty easy decision to just buy the HD collections as my way of saying "sorry" :P. For games that I did already have when I bought HD collections or just other updated ports (Pikmin/Metroid Prime on Wii etc.) I've kept my original copies.

      Just a collector like everyone else I guess, wouldn't want to give up the old copies even if they're considered 'inferior'.

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