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    TAYbies of TAY! I'm heading to Melbourne from Perth on the 11th of June, sticking around til the 15th - I'm on my own and will be looking for things to keep me occupied. Dare I say, meetup? Mana Bar? Or hey, just tell me things to do!

      Hi Brendan!

      ACMI at Federation Square often has something cool. Otherwise, I'd check out Brunswick St. Great for a cafe breakfast or a lunch or a drink at a decent pub in the evening. Lyon St is another institution: get a gelati

    Hell yes, fresh of the press, Stainless Games has announced that the original Carmageddon is Coming to iOS and Android this winter sometime.

    Got a hand-written birthday letter from my federal government member. Interesting! Isn't it nice of her secretary or whoever wrote this to tell me to "have a great day"? I didn't even vote for her.

      " I didn’t even vote for her."

      That's why you got the letter! You think a politician would be bothered with someone who's vote they'e already won? #cynical

        Well! She's got to work a bit harder!

        Though I do find the idea funny that she has enough spare time to write a hand-written note to every person who is celebrating a birthday in her electorate on any given day.

      Maybe the secretary has a crush on you.

        Hm... There IS a return address on this card... It must be a hidden romantic message!

      I'd love it if it said 'Powalen' instead of your real name.

        Implying Powalen isn't my real name.

          Wow I just realised I know a lot of TAYbies' real names...

          Not like I stalked them or anything I just read/heard it somewhere and remembered :P. I SWEAR I JUST HAVE GOOD MEMORY!

            I have a fair number on Facebook, that's how I know their names. BEST SYSTEM.

              I remember someone mentioning a TAY group on FB. I looked for it a while ago and couldn't find it :P.

              I like to keep my gaming away from FB and I don't use it much anyway but...

              STALK ALL THE PEOPLE

                It's because it's a secret group of hidden joy.

                  \o/ I am part of a special group!

    Hey Sydney TAYbies!
    For anyone who wants to come chill with me on my B'Day on June 9th, I am eyeing off either Yumei or the Lownbrau to nom at. Given that I would be happy with either option, what say you, oh denizens of Sydney?

    It probably won't be a super crazy affair, just dinner and a few drinks. If people need a place to crash the night, Casa De La Pez is open as always (and as long as you stay out of my room chances are you won't be eaten by the bug denizens of hell).


      I don't know either so I have no opinion!

      The potential bed bugs in your place sure are concerning, though.

      I won't be there! So it's probably not worth doing. Just saying.

      I won't be there because I'm going to Trjn's meat. Damn you and your scheduling of meats on the same dates!

    Finally back in business. Spent the afternoon installing Windows Server 2008 R2 on my work desktop :(

    Out to see Carl Barron at panthers. My first live comedy show. Hopefully I don't get picked out of the crowd and ridiculed :)

      Just don't sit in the front row, don't arrive late, don't make loud noises, don't heckle and you SHOULD be fine :P

      I've never been to a live comedy performance but that seems to be the general trend when I watch them. It's hilarious as but I'd be shitting myself if I was picked...

      Do not wear anything that makes you stand out. I went to a comedy thing once, the guy did the whole joking-about-people-in-the-crowd and I was nervous I would get picked. Thank god the woman next to me was wearing an outrageously large hat! haha

      Also don't have a laugh that stands out. Don't get up in the middle of their routine. Generally, containing all bodily functions is a good rule. Easy!

    I am going to go play SFxT now in preparation for having people over tomorrow night. I'll do the whole "Oh man, I haven't played this game in SO LONG. I'll have to re-learn the controls!". Then I don't get as embarrassed when I failed miserably :)

    Hey, TAY. Its been a long Friday, and I smell like a cafe. Anything exciting happening?

      Why do you smell like a cafe?

        Im a Barista. And today I made ART!!!!1! and then I drank it.

          II tried that once and failed miserably!

          A barista, you say?

          please come to every single Sydney meat from henceforth on.

            Only if you supply the machine

    Oh God that was hilarious. Haven't laughed that since LBP2 at the Can'd meat last year. Didn't get ridiculed, quite a few others did though

      It's so much better being there in person, isn't it? Everything just becomes instantly funnier when you're in an actual audience.

        Yeah, although there was a few times when I couldn't hear exactly what he was saying, but you laugh anyway

    Warm Meat video.

    Get it up in your eye holes.


      I love the random shot of the back of my head.

        More importantly. Pez's face after Shiggy licks him. SOMEONE MAKE THAT A GIF.

      Oh my god. Carl Barron is now the second funniest thing I've seen tonight. Amazing work Senor DAN! How I wish I was there...

      Ugh... that egg...

      Otherwise: \o/

      Brilliant cinematography man. Those were some sensual hazelnut scenes towards the end.
      ...I almost busted a nut(tella).
      Seriously though, looked like an awesome time! I'm definitely keen to join you guys for a meat at some point, awkward as it may be to begin with!

      That was awesome, good editing dude!

    DAMMIT I missed out on sending noms.
    Obnoxiously drunk Aleph is obnoxious, and would like to wish everyone a wonderufl weekend, in the most obcoxnious manner possible.

    For the LOL players/observers out there

      I have no idea what I am seeing there.

      But then I'm not a player or an observer

        Pretty much this

      I keep watching it. So trolly.

        The moment I saw it I thought of you Blaghs. I'm just going to pretend it's because you used to play Fiz a lot.

          Oh, those were the days, rolling as Fizz, back when our opponents didn't know how to build health, and when I was actually good at focussing the weak characters...

            Duking with the long grass, giving your support multiple heart attacks.

    Doom 3 holds up really well. Can't believe it came out in 2004!!

      I loved that game. I thought they did a good job keeping the atmosphere like the originals.

      I used to end up jumping at everything after about 30 min on that game.

        Are those scares or startles, though?
        It was pretty atmospheric sure, and while I don't ever recall having an issue with the use of the torch at the timein hindsight I feel it was more conducive to startling, because I don't remember being actually fearful for my life or anything.

          Probably more statle then scare, but it's pretty hard to scare someone who knows what they're playing/seeing is fake.

          Though I've never played amnesia.

          I did just buy that humble bundle so I guess i'll see.

          Also. I figure part of the reason it ages well is because YOU CAN'T SEE A FRIGGEN THING! so graphics don't come into it much.

            I've been spending quite a bit of time playing the "Classic Doom" mod. It's fantastic. They've remade Episode 1 of the original Doom in the Doom 3 engine. It's so much fun. Very hard too.

            Running mods on steam games through Desura is just fantastic. I hate fiddling about and this makes it so easy.

    We played Risk tonight. Lots of fun!
    We played with a very old board, using the original rules. I didn't realise how much the game had changed over the years.
    There was a first-time player and she won the game, so it looks like we have another convert.

      I love that game.

      The new two-player edition is excellent.

        Tell me more?

          I bought it online from Games Paradise in Sydney.

          Here is an Amazon link for more info:

    It is now Drawing Day.
    Draw with all your might!
    (If you want to.)

    Where is everybody?
    Even Dark Lords get lonely sometimes....

      Cthulhu it is I here once again. But alas I must be traveling to the realm of dream post haste.

    I've never played Zone of Enders but I've heard good things about it. I might check out the HD collection when it releases :). Anyone else interested in it? Has anyone else played the originals before? Thoughts?

    I know not everyone reads Kotaku articles but you can sign up for the Dawnguard (Skyrim DLC) beta for the 360. Apparently if you're chosen you'll get a download code for it and it'll be the full thing, achievements and all.

      It's fairly decent robot pew-pewing.

    Woke up today with horrible back pain. Last time I had back pain like this it was pneumonia.
    Fingers crossed that I just pulled a muscle

      Morning friends,

      I'm completely hung-over this morning. Went out for "good-bye" drinks with a few guys at work and then nothing and then I woke up in my bed. I possibly could have also found $10 in the whole blank part of my memory. Anyway haven't gone out on a night like that for a couple of years.

        oh wow

        sorry scree still kind in a haze didn't mean to reply /o\

        Drinking away your troubles now that you're past 21?
        It's all downhill, mang.

      Gosh you are all broked aren't you. Might me time to go see a doc mrs scree.

        Yeah, but our doctor charges to see on weekends, so it'll have to wait until Monday.
        If the pain is gone by then, it's a pulled muscle.
        If not, it's pneumonia.

          I hope you feel better soon, you have been sick for a bit to long.

            It's only been a week and a bit. Colds and flu's tend to last 2 weeks.
            Also i found out that colds are actually your immune system going mental. \o/

              You have lower standards than I for what dictates a "\o/" anyway feel better soon frond.

                Thanks, i hope the same.
                Well it means that colds aren't really a problem. It's more like an allergy.

                  I have some replacement spines, if you're in need of one?
                  Get better soon, Scree!!!

      "I hope your backpain is just you pulling a muscle" is what I would say but that seems like a odd thing to hope for.


    How is everyone on this Saturday morn?

      Package got delivered to my door this morning. It was.... * drumroll* a G13!
      Thanks man! You truly are a smith of cakes!

      Will shoot you an email soon to sort out a reimbursement of postagement!

      I'm OK. I just woke up tired for some reason, despite sleeping at 10pm. Too much sleep perhaps?

      Planning on listening to a bunch of podcasts (including Potaku) while playing games this afternoon.

      Woke up found out have to walk to work. On my way! Now don't think I'll be late

    Just saw you updated your wishlist, I think I may have Crysis 2: Maximum Edition.
    I can send it to you if you'd like?

      Wait, I'm a horrible person, a liar and a cheat...
      It's Crysis: Maximum Edition /o\

        Ah, crysis. I spent so many hours playing the demo. I never actually bought the game though...
        Actually, of all the game demos I played hours and hours of, I've only ever bought the full version of one of them, Batman Arkham Asylum...

          I don't think I've removed this from the case, to be honest. Still has "new-game-smell" :p

      Haha, nah all good man. My wish list is basically so I can remember what I want so I can buy it when I can xD

        When I say that, I mean when it comes up for super cheap in sales on Steam =P

    I have found proof of god. Last night I was at a event where all the youth groups in Ipswich came together and had a big night of music and stuffs. I spent most of the time down in (admittedly rather tame) moshpit, and I didn't get hurt once. Not once! It was a miracle. It's proof of god, I tells ya! PROOF OF GOD! :P

    I also hit the dancefloor, and won. My fist was a little bit sore afterwards though. KIDDING! Why would I punch a dancefloor? That would be ridiculous! I did win though...a cap, that is. Apparently I had good dance moves, or something :D I didn't think of getting my brother to film me, even though I had two phones in my pockets. :(

    Anyway, all the way through this, I was one of 'those' kids, the kind that wear their trousers lower than their undies. I feel dirty now. Admittedly, it was because I had forgotten to wear a belt, and I did keep pulling them up, but I still feel a bit guilty... :P

      At least you didn't have a belt on and didn't know how to use it.

      When I see kids with that I'm always tempted to show them how a belt is meant to be used. They are designed to strangle kids with their pants half way down their bum.

    Potaku was great! Looking forward to coming weeks of this awesome creation, good job guys.

      It also reminded me of Web Zeroes where the guys venture to make a podcast, but it went better than that haha.

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