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    Well my plans for the weekend didn't last long.

    Just finished 8 rostered days on in a row. Get woken up by boss asking if I can come in again today :(

      So, are belts also designed to strangle irritating bosses too? :P
      That sucks though. :(

        I actually like my boss. Maybe I'll strangle the guy who decided he wasn't going to show.

        I always thought casual staff were there to fill in the sifts around the full time staff, not the other way around.

    Either TAY is extremely quiet and no one has posted since 3:21, or it's not updating (I assume it's the former).

    So what did everyone get up today :)

    For me I have a Finance exam on Monday so I've been doing some past exams, how fun! :/


      Yeah I was wondering the same thing too. All quiet over here today. Twitter's been loud though.

      Potaku, Greenius! It's up! Go have a listen. Also, today I took a break from studying/assignments and played some Max Payne, listened to some music, and cooked foods because I got bored. A nice rainy Saturday. :p


        I had a listen to the first 5 minutes of Potaku a while ago, I'll listen to the rest another time :D ...dat Scottish accent!

          You will listen to it. Now.

          Man I can't wait for Flu to be a guest on it.

        Great game, huh? I felt the need to sit Max down and have an intervention, though. :P

          Wish I could say the same. :P I spend every chapter scouring each room screaming 'WHERE ARE THE PAINKILLERS I NEED THEM TO LIIIIIVE'

            Don't get me wrong, I still fed the man pills and lots of 'em. I just felt bad about it, is all. :D

      Not much. I nearly bought a vacuum cleaner. I played some Zelda and cracked it with the game as I was too unwell to really care =P

        Get a robot one and put some googly eyes on it.

          I am not sure how the dog would react to that.

      All I've done is work T_T but listening to the Potaku cast atm. Vidya Games later.

        T_T I've never had a job but I assume working sucks :(

          nah its alright. I like my job.

            "I like my job."

            WHAT SORCERY IS THIS!?

              Well ya see being a Barista is great as a coffee snob and that first time you free pour some balling art into a drink it all just clicks.

          I've had very few jobs and I'm currently unemployed but I'm hoping to find one soon. I will need to pre-order a bunch of games Post E3.

      Still working! /cry

        cant be that bad your on Kotaku

          True, not too bad. I get to read up on TAY while I wait for people to answer their phones! I don't even mean that in a snarky way. At least I have non-work related interwebs.

            I spend waaaaaaay to much time on non-work related interwebs when the phones aren't ringing at work. I think I do more browsing at work then I do at home, so bad... hahaha.

              You and me both Bec!
              I'm meant to be building the company website currently (oh yeah, me and all my HTML knowledge, pfft...) but really, it's TAY and the other gawker sites mostly. Seriously, if ever any of you interview me for a job in the future, don't hire me.
              Actually do. I claim mitigating circumstances in this instance.

    Anyone know anything about opening an online store with your own domain/email? I wanna get my own business up and running and was checking out and ... I need something with a built in shopping cart system cause I have no idea how to make something like that.. I do wanna make my own logos and graphics and such though... thoughts!?

    After Mark's video the other day with Good Game Spawn Point I decided to watch their 100th episode tonight. I always watch regular Good Game on Tuesdays but I've never given Spawn Point a chance. It's actually pretty darn good, I thought. Granted this episode was basically a clip show, so I also watched some random reviews on their website for good measure, and the show manages to be kid-friendly without being bad for an adult to watch.
    It left me with a big stupid grin on my face, really. Nice and charming.

      Damn it! I forgot Spawn Point was on/sads

    Anyone know anything about opening an online store with your own domain/email? I wanna get my own business up and running and was checking out and … I need something with a built in shopping cart system cause I have no idea how to make something like that.. I do wanna make my own logos and graphics and such though… thoughts!?

    So, went to the footy, saw Geelong vs GWS behind glass.
    *adjusts monocle, breaks it*
    GWS managed to stay with the Cats right up until half time, from which we blew them out of the water.
    Not to mention, we didn't have a full strength side, but a 6 goal win is still a win.
    I am happy.
    And now I'm trying to draw....

    I ate too much cake.
    Now I feel sick again.

      That calls for more cake, cures what ails ye!

    Mr. Strange won $100 online betting credit in an online footy tipping competition. Had to be used in one go so I suggested he bet it against his AFL team so he'd be happy whether he won the bet or not. So he did. His team is Essendon. He just won $1100. \o/

      So, can you use that to come to Canberra?

      Kidding, kidding.

      But that's pretty damn lucky/skilled.

      Holy damn, that's awesome. This is how it starts, though. Next stop, the high roller lounge. :P

      Thanks guys. And no Blaghs unfortunately we can't use it to get me to Canberra. I very much wish we could though.
      Instead we have to use it buy a new vacuum cleaner. Our floors haven't been vacuumed in a few weeks and it was going to be at least a month before we could buy a new one. There'd probably be enough left over to get me to Can'd Meat 2.0 but I very much doubt Mr. Strange would let me use it for that, he'll probably want something fun for himself. :P

    So it turned out I derped when refitting my cases fans when I built the PC the other month and had all them set to exhaust instead of intake. Now setting them to intake has knocked between 5-10 degrees off at max load and about 5 at idle, i'm happy =D

      Hooray for realizing human error! The amount of times I've managed to improve performance simply from realizing past mistakes is nearing on immeasurable. Awesome feeling though :D

        Yeah, it was easily over looked because it wasn't too obvious of the direction of air flow was unless you powered them on.

          Mate of mine got his back from a shop and they forgot to plug the fans back into the power. Almost fried his machine.

            eesh, that's pretty bad :S

    It's raining, cold and I've got He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother playing in the background. If there were any Vietnam flashbacks to trigger, this would surely do the trick. :P

    I managed to colour my drawing that I did for Drawing Day.
    I think it looks quite nice.

      What medium did you use to draw it?

        I used my drawing tablet.
        I really need more practice with it.

    So does Cthulhu only appear after midnight? Is he haunting the TAY?! But hes not a ghost so I guess he cant really haunt...

      I make time to show up in between spreading chaos and destruction.
      And just to let you know, it is always dark when I am around.
      Your precious sun fears me.
      That is why she hides at night.
      I am darkness, I am destruction, I am Cthulhu...

      Okay, now that I've cleared that up, what's with all this rain?

    I'm out of coffee and it's after 1:30... and I can't sleep...
    What to do?

      A destructive rampage?

        I'm Crazyguy, not Sadisticguy.
        I'm far too compassionate.
        Not every thing in life has to be destruction and darkness, you know.
        Try catching the rain in your wings... you might have fun with it.

          Okay, then.
          If you insist...
          This is kind of fun...
          I like it...

            Im in sydney and I havnt seen it rain once today. But everything is wet.

    Sorry, just had to clear my throat.

    I'm slightly worried about NFS Most Wanted. In both of the photos of it, none of the cars have been customised. It better have car customisation in it, it just won't be right without it.

    Mornin' TAY!!!
    What's on the books for today?

      Might get that new vacuum cleaner today \o/
      Possibly also a blanket \o/
      Maybe fix up my knitting and also start on the bird window painting. \o/?

      Most likely I will end up napping, going on teamspeak and being completely unproductive.


        One of us, one of us, one of us!

          I know, I totally am. I'm meant to be working on the bird stuff now.
          What am I doing? On Tay =P

        Scree, I think I've caught your sore throat :(
        Who knew you could share diseases over the internet? :P

          I'm sorry /o\
          I suggest black tea. Lots of it. Or butter menthols.

      Vidya games most likely. \o/


    So while browsing the interwebs I found out that the crazy zombie attack (dude eating other dude's face) might've been caused by BATH SALTS. I don't think anything will happen if you just pop it in a bath but he must've snorted it... Crazy...

    I also found this:

      NOPE, not clicking

      Ahahaha Awesome!

      But yes, in America bath salts have become a new drug. They snort it. It's stronger then LSD and various other drugs. Also, it's completely legal. Because they're not using it for it's intended purpose (baths), they can't really police it. So yes, completely legal unfortunately.

        Which is what makes the whole thing a lot more scarier and crazy :/. When I first read it I was under the impression that it could happen to any of us who simply use bath salts, but upon further reading I doubt it since you have to snort it :P. I don't think many of us are going around snorting various substances.

        I skimmed a random article on an Australian news website and I think the real potent ones (that they have in the US) are illegal in Australia unless you have a licence.

          Pretty much. But it's completely legal in the US. That is pretty frightening.
          Even worse they had to shoot the man. Someone is dead and another person is scarred mentally and physically for life. All because of drugs.

            Don't forget the officer that had to shoot him.. Fair enough shooting someone is extremely traumatic but the crap that the officer would have seen.

              Yes, that too. And other witnesses. horrible

    TAYBIES!!! Best place to buy a domain+email?


      Depends what you need, I guess. For small stuff anywhere is pretty good. I can't think of anywhere off the top of my head that you should steer clear of.

      Personally, I'm pretty loyal to Dreamhost. They're more expensive than a lot of places, but I've never had a single problem with them in the 6 or so years I've hosted with them. For a cheaper option, Crazy Domains hasn't been too bad for me, either.

        Weeeell I wanna set up my own online shop, I was just looking at shopify and big cartel since I have no idea how to code anything and they do it all for you n' stuff. Though I want my own domain not something lame like "".

          Oh ok. This shopify looks like it offers domain name registration though, so couldn't you just do it through that?

            The name I want is actually taken as .com and they don't have .au domains. :(

      I don't have a clue, but my dad uses crazydomains.
      Although that's pretty awkward when you forget its name and have to google "Pamela Anderson Webhosting"...

        Ha! I did find crazydomains via google and when I saw the front page I was like, "Oh yea this looks cool I guess I-- wait... is that pamela anderson!?" hahaha.

          What are you planning on selling?

            Bird toys

              you didn't make it sound awesome enough...

              to elaborate; FREAKIN' AWESOME BIRD TOYS.

              I have 2 birds and there's seriously not enough amazing bird toys in Australia like there is in America, so I'm selling hand made ones that will blow birdie minds.



                better? :D

                Just make bath salt dispensers for birdies.
                That's a surefire way to blow some birdie minds! ...just be sure they don't start eating other birdie faces though.

                  One of my parrots is vicious at the best of times, I can't imagine her on bath salts. It would be like small, fast zombies with wings.

        ahahahaha, that's classic.

    Oh damn! AC 3 game announced for the Vita. Stars a female assassin in New Orlenes. I might have to look at getting a vita.

      The premise sounds pretty damn incredible. Wasn't the Louisiana Purchase much later than the War of Independence, though? So still a French territory? I'm over thinking this. :P

        Well it takes place between the end of the French and Indian war. 1765-1780. Looks like the main character is part African maybe judging from the 2 concept arts they put up.

          Sounds good, man. There's something about the early U.S. history that interests me greatly.

    Afternoon all. I'll put this up again on Monday, but I've spent most of today cleaning out my room. I've decided to get rid of a bunch of my DS games. I thought I'd offer them up here first if anyone wants them, otherwise I'll just trade them in and my $3 each for them. Up for grabs are: *drum roll*

    Pokemon Diamond
    Professor Layton and Pandora's Box
    Professor Layton and the Lost Future
    Mario Kart DS
    Dragon Quest IX
    Zelda - Phantom Hourglass
    Zelda - Spirit Tracks
    9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

    First in first served. Go nuts

      I'm tempted by those Layton games and Spirit Tracks...but I don't want to be too greedy.

      Dude don't trade them in for $3 each :P

      I have a naughty card and I've played and beaten Spirit Tracks on it. It's the only Zelda game I do not own a legal copy of, so if it's alright could I take that one off you? (assuming no one else wants it). Thanks in advance Novahkiin!

      I'd love 999 and/or the Pokemon. I've never played a Pokemon game, and I've also really been wanting to check 999 out.
      I'll pay $3 each if you like. :)

        Oh, also I wouldn't mind grabbing a Zelda for my daughter. Which is the least frustrating?
        By the way, I'd actually pay about $10 each if you want.

          Phantom Hourglass is definitely the easier one, it's just a bit more tedious (you have to return to this same dungeon a few times, getting further each time). Spirit Tracks had some pretty tough puzzles that I had to shamefully look up :/

          Never played Pokemon!? WHATTTT (your daughter should love it too but there's only 1 save file!)

          Well I finished Hourglass a couple of times, and probably only got about halfway though Tracks, so take from that what you will :)

      I imagine Screedle-dee might like a cheap copy of 999.

        Okay, guess I'll try for Pokemon, then. :)

          Well, it's not like I'm speaking on her behalf or anything.
          We will see!
          I am happy to send you my copy of 999, Lady Strange!

      Ok so far we have
      Pokemon and Phantom Hourlgass going to Strange
      Spirit Tracks to Greenius
      Professor Laytons x2 to The Man With The Pants (potentially)
      and maybe 999 to Scree

      If you want to send an email to jones (underscore) 11 (underscore) is (at) hotmail (dot) com with your addresses and such and I should be able to send those out some time this week

        You're not doing much to disprove the notion TAY folks are extremely generous. :P

      i would have liked 999, but like, 3 other people seemed to have dibs it, so sad face

    Oh man this exam tomorrow is going to be interesting... surprising how much easier things get when you actually do the work :P

    But boy oh boy do I hate long questions! The exam is out of 100 and worth 70% of the final grade of the unit. The final section of the exam is a giant 20 mark comprehensive problem with many calculations. All it takes is one wrong mistake right at the start and the whole thing is messed up :(.

    Thankfully the folks who run the unit were nice enough to put up solutions to past exams and tutorial questions, making the whole thing A WHOLE LOT EASIER to study and learn :D. This is the only unit this semester that I have a decent chance of getting a HD in, so hopefully I get it :). My other units... that's a whole different story... Pretty bad average for each of them throughout the semester, I have very basic knowledge in each one and NO SOLUTIONS WERE PROVIDED. Gahhh!

    Feel free to ignore that, just needed somewhere to express my thoughts while taking a break from all the studying :D have this funny! .gif

      Good luck, buddy! If there's one thing I don't miss about Uni, it's the exams. :P

      "Feel free to ignore that" Oh, so you tell me that after I've read through it and generally not-ignored it

      70% D:

        Yeah bro D:

        My exams have ranged from 40% to 70%. I've had 4/9 (including this one) exams that have been 70% :O. 1 more this semester! (the one I'm most worried about :/ )

      You'll do well mate. Just make sure you get a good night's sleep tonight.
      I found that sleep helps a lot before exams.

        Yeah, some friends used to stay up the whole night "studying" for something only to be extremely tired and pretty much useless for it. A good night sleep is the best :D

          Each person is different.
          You'll have some people who are super prepared and will study starting two weeks beforehand. You'll have some people pulling all-nighters.
          I only used to get into the swing of things about 5 days beforehand, and that's when I'd find the motivation to study.
          The only time I pulled an all-nighter was when I had something like two of my worst subjects on consecutive days. I like my sleep, but I also operate on not much sleep fairly well, so I stayed up just to try cram that little bit extra in there.


    and anyone else who needs to download java.

      And here is the Horror based ...thingy for people \o/
      It's called Ib, and pronounced like Eve, with a b in it.

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