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    Here is the video of us breaking Trials Evo. I apologise for my awful filming.

    So you know how sometimes you need to post in TAY for it to update? Well this morning it happened with the main page of Kotaku. It didn't update until 9:15 when I checked out the 360 coffee table article from Twitter, and when I went back to the main page after that, it was finally updated. And there I was thinking TAY wasn't up yet when it had actually been up for half an hour. :P

    I other news, for those who don't get to weekend TAY: I have a new laptop! I woke up on Saturday morning to find extra money in my bank account from the Government for that carbon tax offset payment and Mr. Strange said "you can get a new laptop".
    So I went shopping and found a pretty good one which was actually an upgrade from my old one for only $393 from Harvey Norman for their Super Saturday sale. \o/

      Hi Strange! If it's not updating force a page cache refresh by using ctrl+F5. And yay! New laptop!

      Hi Strange!
      Firstly, what Cakey said - refresh thing is now happening to me too, and (in FF at least) Shift + Refresh clears the cache so all the new posts turn up.

      Second, YAY NEW LAPTOP. Now buy D3 and play with us! \o/

        I'm not sure if it's quite good enough for Diablo 3 but I am sorely tempted to try anyway.

        Actually, that reminds me I need to put Steam on this thing. There goes my internet quota. :P

          It's pretty forgiving for a new game, what are your laptop specs? I can run it on mostly medium at 720p on my lappy, and that has an ATI 6770m (from memory)

          I think I still have one of the guest passes if you want it.

      I had that problem on Saturday morning, actually. Kotaku on Twitter was linking to articles I couldn't see on the main page, so I had to ctrlF5 for anything new to show up.

      It's longer contained in TAY!

      Now you can play that copy of Binding of Issac I got you ages ago!

        Yeah, I feel pretty bad about not playing things people have gifted me. I just don't have anywhere comfy to sit and play PC games anymore. When I have my sewing room sorted it will have a big comfy chair in there and I'll probably use it more for gaming than sewing. :P

    So I finished Mass Effect last night!

    Now I need to think of the best/cheapest way to get my ME1 save into Mass Effect 2 so I can use the Shep code to Play ME2 on the PS3.

    Pretty sure there's a way to get the 360 save and convert it to PC and then boot up my PC copy of ME2 et voila.

    Anyone have any ideas? Might be easier just to buy ME2 on 360 then give it away when I'm done. Any takers?

      There are websites where you can download Mass Effect PC saves. They list all the choices that affect the game. Find one that has the same choices and away you go!

        Playing ME2 on PS3. Not PC.

        It's my Shepard's face I want to carry over.

      You can borrow someone's 360 copy. I can send you ours if you like?

        Aw, thanks Strange!

        But then I'd have to wait and I want to play now! If I move on to another game, ME2 will go back on the pile. Gotta ride this wave!

      Happy to lend mine. I'm also trying to sell my N7 edition if you were looking to buy one for keeps.

        Hi Shane, Freelancer arrived on Friday just before I went to the meat. Thanks again. Also, nice thinking wrapping the disc up in a plastic bag, the envelope was a bit messed up but the disc was pristine.

          \o/ Awesome, thanks for letting me know. Also, for cheap postage, you can't beat a paper envelope and plastic bag.

          #Skinflint #HiHarliTags

    Who am I sending my potentially horrendous drunken footage to of the meat? I have the century egg segment and the nutella segment. I cannot guarantee I am making sense in either of them, nor doing any semblance of decent camera work.

    Eurovision Thread
    (AKA The Bish & Flu Thread)

      I watched the finals.

      All I can remember is those two guitarists doing that weird foot shuffle with the main singer while they sung about something happy and upbeat.

      And Sveden, being all Bjorken and such (it was Sweden who won, right?)

      Weird show, dat eurovision.

        Finals? What the hell?

        I thought Eurovision was representatives of countries sing, counnties vote, the one with the most points wins. When did they add tiers?

        I was wondering why it was on for more than one day.

          They've had semi finals etc. for a while, they just haven't made a big deal out of them until the last few years.

        Yeah, Sweden won by a landslide.

          Please tell me that when Albania didn't win a swarm of bees flew from her hair.

            When Albania didn’t win a swarm of bees flew from her hair.

      Amazed that Denmark did so poorly in the votes.
      Also a fan of Italy (Dat Jazz) and Spain (Dat Voice)
      Israel were robbed of a spot in the finals.
      Greece were godawful despite getting loads of votes.
      Glad the grannies didn't win. They had novelty, but that's about it.

        there's a lot of political voting in Eurovision. Countries that are likely to give their top score to another country regardless of how badly they perform, same with the old "Nill points".

          Yeah I know.
          The most hilarious ones are Scandinavia. They all give at least one big token vote to there neighbours, exceot Sweden, who snubs the lot of them.

        Sorry Flu, but Israel was atrocious. Seriously, the vocalist was the lovechild of Rowan Atkinson and Prince.
        Someone hit the nail on the head by stating that their 1974 entry for Eurovision the night before last was great!

      We don't get SBS at our place. No Eurovision made me sad.

        SBS On Demand on PS3

          It's not the same when you don't watch it the same time as everyone else.
          I love that SBS on demand is on PS3 now though, I've been able to watch so many things I thought I'd missed out on.
          The weird thing about our SBS reception(or lack thereof) is that our TiVo trolls us by recording things from SBS. We get all excited, but go to watch it and it's just an hour of a blank screen. :P


      Pretty lame this year.

      Sveden: Meh. I don't know, it wasn't bad, it just wasn't particularly standout to me.
      Russia: Aw man, so close. Would have loved it if they won.
      Albania: She does the singing equivalent of over-emoting. It was terrifying looking at her face. Also, that hair. Also also, that rat-tail.
      Austria: Highlight.
      Israel: Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha
      Denmark: Yeah, I thought they were a rather pleasant group as well. Plus, XYLOPHONE
      Greece and Cyprus and Romania: REVEALING OUTFITS TERRIFY ME
      Montenegro: Ahahaha, Blaghman.

        Holy crap, I'm watching Montenegro now. Future me is pretty weird.

          After reading FutureYou's bio on the Eurovision site, I have newfound respect for FutureYou.

            I don't know if I want to know. The song itself was pretty hilarious. I don't want to ruin that.

        Balghman's new name is Rambo Amadeus.
        Yeah, Albania needs to spend a day at a spa/salon. To relax a bit, and to do something about that... hair.
        Dude from Austria said he was inspired by Eminem and Lil Wayne and I was thinking "Wait, what!? That's NOT Eminem!?" (Also light up butts)

        Hungary should have done better says me :( I liked that song!

    So I figured out a new way to tell that I'm aging on the weekend. I had to take a break from playing Diablo 3 because my mouse hand started hurt after a few hours... this wasn't a problem 10 years ago.

      Yeah, ageing is bad. My hands get cramped and hurty if I play console games too long, I hate to think what they'd be like if I was clicketty clicking a mouse all the time in Diablo.

    So, in three weeks and one day (at the latest), I become a dad for the second time. \o/

    That means just three more weeks of work \o/ \o/
    (Yes, I am a little ashamed that that's what makes me \o/ more than the dad thing, but I am still pretty \o/ about that, too!)

      Now I'm tempted to have babies. Not due to cockiness, just so I don't have to go to work :p

        *cluckiness. Damn phone.

          Best typo ever.

          You will need someone else who is cocky to help you to have the babbies.

          In a related note, I was so sad that you didn't get super clucky around mini-shady(or at least, not that I saw). He was freaking adorabubble.

            He was pretty cute, but I didn't want to freak the poor kid out.

          Let's be honest here. It's mainly due to cluckiness.


      That was the truth sinking home, and a slight flipout.
      I'm okay now.

    Meats = so awesome. I'm honoured that when pez has a house warming, I'm one of the people he invites! You're the best man!
    And of course both of the cooks, shiggy and Bish! Best food.
    My one regret was the running out of alcohol.

      Also, I think I owe you $10.

      Taking money from people when semi-intoxicated was a bad maneuver. I can't remember what I took and from whom.

        Oh my god I left without paying you. Dude, I am so sorry. Next time we meet up I will just throw all kinds of money at you to make up for this. Damnit, I knew I had forgotten to do something!

          no worries man, in all honesty I had drunk a bit so I completely lost track. Just swing me some moolah at the next meat.

    Howdy Tayberinos!

    Looks like your weekends were full of Meaty goodness!

    I played (ar attempted to play) pool all Saturday night, then played Uncharted MP, Portal 2 co-op, and Borderlands co-op all Sunday on a splitscreen, that got me thinking about splitscreen gaming in general.

    So a Monday Morning question: What are your most awesome splitscreen gaming experiences?

    Mine is when I used to play Timesplitters with my brother and we worked out that by turning off team explosive damage, we could use remote mines planted on each other's backs for fun and profit!

      It wasn't splitscreen but we broke Trials Evolution's multiplayer during the meat. (see cakesmith's post above) That was a great offline co-op experience.

      Specifically splitscreen? Maybe Speed Freaks on the PS1. It was a really fun Kart racer.

      I tend to prefer local co-op over split screen. Two TVs with two consoles leads to more than twice the fun.

      Gears of War, Halo and surprisingly Army of Two all work rather well for that purpose. Portal 2 is easily the best for this though.

      By the same logic, Diablo is the best damned LAN game for that sort of madness. The best. Click.

        My mate and I used to regularly "link" our PSX's and play Red Alert.

        His TV: Nuclear missle launched.
        Me: Oh shit! *panics*
        my TV: Nuclear missle detected

        Good times.

      SSX Tricky split screen! I had a friend who would come over almost every weekend and we would play split screen for hours on end in the Tokyo themed level.
      That's part of what saddened me about the latest SSX, no split screen to relive those glory days.

        Oh man, I did that at a friend's house after school all the time.

        Best times.

        When I was at uni me and a friend used to love the SSX on tour MP, so much fun

      Yeah Timesplitters was a good one, super speed and double barrel shotguns was a fun mode.
      Halo though, 2 & 3 especially, tops the charts for me. Had many shenanigans with16 player H2 lans in high school and me, my brother and two mates made an unstoppable combo in H3 Big Team games.

      best Split screen memories would have to be Goldeneye on the N64.

      So much awesome.

      Goldeneye 64, 4-player split screen one Christmas.

      So. Effing. Great.

      Playing Goldeneye 64 with a Japanese family during an exchange thingy.
      Coined the use of "ITAAADAKIMAAAAASSSU!" while shredding someone with a machine gun. Which went on to be used by other family members during subsequent matches during my stay.

      I remember making my parents play Duke Nukem split-screen with me on the original PlayStation. That was all kinds of fun.

      Goldeneye, motherfluffing Oddjob.


        Split screen goldeneye was like the reason I even like FPS in the first place. Before that it was all jelly boy and ffvii

    I'm not a big fan of words, so my meat write up is this:

    People are awesome, even if I refuse to talk to them.

    Fun times were had.

    Rize is a particular champ for me, because he rented a freaking car so that we could actually get home.


    I'm really sad that i didn't go to the meat. Sounds like everyone had an awesome time.
    Mind you if I had gone, I would've been really horrible to be around due to being sick.
    I'm still jealous of you all though.

      Come to the one on June 23rd

        I'd love to, but as a Carer for my Mother, I can't really travel up to Sydney. She would probably tell me to go, but if I left her for more then a day it would be too hard for her.

          Then we will come to you.

    I just got the second greatest email possible. One telling me that my motherboard is ready to be picked up.

    Obviously the best one would be telling me that I have been made Overlord Supreme of the Milky Way but I'm still rather happy with this one.

    Now I can click all the things! ALL THE THINGS!

      So this Milky Way thing who would phone you to tell you that you were the ruler.

        They wouldn't be so unsophisticated as to use a phone.

          Yeah it seems like something you would announce on twitter.

      You don't wait to be made Overlord Supreme. You just take the Milky Way and declare it yourself.

        It would save several decades of warfare. That stuff is pretty exhausting.

    Oh god this is so much win!

      OH.... MY...GOD!!!!

        I've been trying so hard to keep myself from laughing out loud in the office while I listen xD

      This filled a large portion of my Sunday Night. Absolutely awesome stuff.

    Yo Masha, you were right. Bioshock 2 does have the DLC separate. But it was on the disc (As tiny downloads on PC and 360)

    Also, hello everyone.

    Sooo, in this post meat haze just a note that for any/all Sydneysiders not heading to Trjn's, there's a meat in the CBD on the 9th of June to celebrate me successfully getting one year older.

    It'll probably be food then drinks of some variety. People are welcome to crash at mine afterwards if they so desire.

      I should be there, then.
      Now I get to scheme up a birthday present.

    Finished watching season 1 of Game of Thrones on Friday. I know, I know, slowpoke.jpg . To reiterate what everyone already knows, absolutely awesome series. Because I've read the book and know what happens I found myself watching it with a bit of apprehension. For most of the season I found myself thinking (rot13): Ab, Frna Orna. Jung ner lbh qbvat? Qba'g tb gb Xvatf Ynaqvat. Bx, lbh'er ng Xvatf Ynaqvat, abj qba'g fgneg vairfgvtngvat Wba Neela'f qrngu. Bx, lbh'er vairfgvtngvat ohg vg'f abg gbb yngr gb fgbc, vg'f abg gbb yngr gb tb onpx gb Jvagresryy. Ab! Qba'g pbasebag Prefrv nobhg jung fur'f orra hc gb. TRG BHG ABJ. Terng, abj lbh'er qrnq naq vg'f gbb yngr. Ner lbh unccl jvgu lbhefrys Frna Orna? Abg yvfgravat gb zr yvxr gung.

    Moving on now. @ Trjn. If I'm awake early enough on the weekends I like watching cartoons on Kids WB because I'm really still a giant kid at heart. Anyway, one of the shows they have on is Young Justice. The episode on Sunday was focused on Artemis and revealing who her family really is. Good episode but I've got to ask, what exactly is the lore surrounding this? Do we find out why Huntress went to jail (her mums Huntress right? Or did I mishear that)? Do we find out why she hooked up with a guy who calls himself Sports Master (because honestly, anyone who calls themselves that you just know is going to be a huge douch)?

    Also, skimming through the last page I accidently read Mark's post as saying her got a lot of pussy at the meat. Got me wondering if these "meats" aren't really code for "crazy sex parties".

      You might want to download Young Justice and catch the whole show. It's damned good. They're eight episodes into the second season now.

      I'm not really that great with most comics and their canon. There are more than a few different things that pop up but many of them are just things that I've kind of just heard somewhere and couldn't really commit to telling you where I know them from or how it ties into everything else. Young Justice is basically what the writers of the show consider the "best bits" of various chunks of DC continuity, all wound together into it's own cohesive little thing.

      I was going to try and do a nice big write up to explain things. It's not worth it. Watch the entire run of the first season from start to finish. Maybe multiple times. They are brilliant at working exposition into things so that you can work out pretty much everything about where everyone stands without any outside knowledge.

      And yes, Sportsmaster is a major villain in the show. He is Artemis's father and hooked up with Huntress (ret.) to raise a family of little assassins, one of which had a heel/face turn and became a good guy under Green Arrow's tutelage.

        Can you suggest where I can download it from? I'm absolutely terrible when it comes to getting TV shows through my computer. I have no idea what sites to go to or anything.

          I'm going to guess that you don't have an account with a site that I would recommend, so I think setting sail for a certain bay of piratey persuasion might be the way to go.

          Just search for Young Justice and look out for the files uploaded by despoiler (there's some funky way it's spelled but you'll know what I mean when you see it). I'm not too sure how to acquire non-torrential forms of the show.

          There were some episodes up on Youtube in Turkish with English subtitles :p

            Thanks. I'll check it out when I get home tonight.

    “Please stow all carry-on luggage under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins provided”

    “Ahhhhhhh…” I exhaled as I stretched my legs out in the cramped confines of the Boeing 737 speeding me toward Sydney. My foot hit something under the seat in front of me. It was a black leather case.
    “That’s weird… I put my bag in the overhead locker. Wait. Whose bag’s this then? Oh shit. I’m sat at the halfway point of the plane. OH SHIT! THAT’S THE PERFECT PLACE TO PUT A BOMB! But I can’t say anything because if it’s not then I’ll look like a paranoid maniac. But what if it is?” Repeat et al for the next 60min of flight time.

    “And the winner is… SYDNEY”

    Sydney airport has an abundance of Pez look-a-likes including “Asian-Anonymous” & “Old Man Pez”, both of whom I waved emphatically at before realising they weren’t my ride. AP turned up and we spent 90min in traffique. I wanted to die. This is where catty Dan & Pez emerged. Everyone’s a target for those bitchy girls.

    “Welcome to my boudoir”

    We drop gear (not heroine) off at the place, grab Masha and head to the city to meet some cool cats for dinner. The roster includes Shiggy, Dawdle, Crabz (what a great guy), Doc What, Number 35 (he’s not 12) & my main man, G-Quick aka Gary aka Fletch aka Keith. Pizza is had, beer is consumed and shit is yelled until I hurt my voice. It doesn’t recover all weekend.

    “Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes after”

    Saturday AM starts fine, my air mattress is deflated and I’m on the floor but it’s all good when Pez emerges in satin boxers and a white singlet. We eat, we plan to get booze, we play vidja games. Pez-daddy leaves to get other people, Harli & Bish turn up and we intro ourselves and start talking more shit. Shiggy and I gently rib Harli about working at GameSpot to hide our jealousy. Bish starts cooking. Masha mashes.
    I’ve decided to skip a lot of the boring stuff like “Cakesmith enters, his ‘fro is damn fine” etc as by now, you should all know who was there. I will say this though; Rize is one handsome, handsome man. I know Shiggy’s got my back on that.
    Once the place starts filling up, Shigstar, me & Pez go get lost in a car park and buy chickens & scotch. We drink a RockStar and need to pee. I contemplate peeing out of the car as it speeds along but realise “speeding” in Sydney means doing 10km/h in traffic so everyone would see my doodle. Catty Dan & Pez are joined by ShiggyBitchy. We bitch about everyone equally.
    Whoever decided that cider was gonna be the drink of choice obviously doesn’t understand cider. That stuff is like juice, man. Somehow in two hours we polished off 2 cartons between 8 of us. We make Bish drive us to get more and I make Pez throw leaves in the air while I pretend to film him.
    With the fridge re-stocked and pretty much errybody up in da club, the Warm Meat starts proper. And shit got mental. Apologies to any parties involved in the next events.
    - Frejyr (Freyr? Fryer?) has had her hands inside a living person. Everyone just think about that for a second. Also long hair, she got it.
    - I screamed Batgirl’s name until she answered because I didn’t wanna introduce myself in case she was just someone’s girlfriend. (That Dan guy, what an obnoxious dick)
    - Number 35 still isn’t 12 but turns out to be pretty great regardless. We spit cookie dough onto parked cars later in the evening. (Or did we? Dun-Dun-Duuuuuuun)
    - Harli keeps running over to me and yelling at me to come drink real booze (read: scotch) I’m like “Lemme finish this half a cider and then it’s on” I finish said cider and then find out she’s passed out on Pez’s bed. I pour a 40 out on the curb for my fallen homie.
    - Bish makes me garlic mushrooms & quesadillas for dinner. I try to open mouth kiss him because it’s so tasty. We settle on a handshake.
    - Blaghman slowly comes out of his shell and I decide he’s a great guy with a heavenly voice. I never tell him and regret it forever.
    - Masha mashes.
    - Serrels is Scottish as shit, man. Eg “Ah breoght a ceeeehhk” –head-butts wall, pulls up kilt and flashes rear end-
    - Shiggy schools me hard at Dance Central
    - Fatshady and mini shady turn up. I start realising everyone is way hotter than I am. I start frantically combing my fringe to make me seem deep. Everyone just sees my receding hairline instead.
    - Flu and I just talk utter shit for the longest time. We also eat shit in every sense of the word. Century eggs (Google it) aren’t all that bad until you think about what you just put in your mouth. Like school camp.
    - Rize is crackin’ wize all of the timez. I contemplate a career as a poet laureate.
    - The Ruffleberg train runs over me in the best possible fashion. “Dan, you’re an idiot because Bayonetta is a terrible game” I couldn’t have asked for a better ‘berg interaction.
    - For some reason we played a drinking game under my guidance. I used almost an entire bottle of scotch on four drinks
    - We run out of booze.
    - All of a sudden Holly & Heather are there and are winning “Best Newcomer Award” for being so great. Shiggy’s on to a winner with that one.
    - I get real seedy, really quickly. I wrap myself in a panther doona and try not to fall down. Shiggy informs me in the morning that I looked like death. Death doesn’t have a panther on his cloak and if he steals that, then it just proves I really am a trend-setter.
    - Everyone wants sleep but I want to practice being a preacher. Holly & Heather are my congregation. Batgirl & Pants giggle like school girls.
    - I eventually pass out without a blanket and shiver uncontrollably. I wake up to pee like a billion times through the night.
    - I kick Batgirl in the face. No context necessary.
    “They’re not young, Dan, they just LOOK young!”

    Sunday morning and I feel proper terrible. I’m slowly realising that I’m not as young as I once was and that hangovers last all day instead of just until I eat. We meander our way to a café and order breakfast. Everyone who came to that breakfast is terrible at remembering what food they ordered. Like, so bad. A typical arrival of food went like this:
    Waitress – Who had the scrambled eggs?
    Everyone – silence
    Waitress – Scrambled eggs?
    Everyone – silence, giggle, blank stare.
    Waitress – Okay –starts walking away-
    Repeat for the 12 people at breakfast.
    Sunday was filled with a final rearing of catty Dan & Pez joined by Cakebro, Rizechops & Blaghmang. We played games and I felt old and loudly proclaimed as much whenever possible. My mouth tasted like death almost all day.
    Finally it was time to head home, but not before breaking vegetarianism for some KFC. So I guess my count’s reset, Harli.
    These things aren’t community hangouts anymore, gang. They’re just a bunch of friends doing stuff together.
    Always end on a joke or a high note.
    I farted while Trjn tried to read his book at the airport. He totally noticed.

      My dick just got kicked by the sheer awesome of that tale.

      I did indeed notice.

      And seriously, they DO just look young.

      Look at Bish - he's 53!

        They all know kung fu as well, flu told me that as we were walking into china town. I saw jackie chan like 50 times.

      I liked everyone except the main character he seem like a bit of a dick. Also why didn't he just sleep with pez already the sexual tension was obvious, he should of just made a move.

        I've gotta keep some stuff for the video, Rocket.

          I still have your tie... *wistfully looks into the distance*

            Will you treasure it forever and always?

      I remembered what I ordered.

      I just didn't hear the waitress the first time she said anything(old man ears), and then my brain didn't click into gear.

      My other excuse is that I thought the bacon I got with it justified its own mention, so I was waiting for that.


      Who's this Holly and Heather I keep hearing about?

        Just a coupla rad chick-a-deez.

        Translation: Shiggy's GF & her pal.


        Awesome write up. Dan, is an awesome dude. I was happy to be a part of him breaking his vegetarianism for a day. Apparently it only happens once a year. \o/

        Also DAN forgot to mention he's in love with FLU's voice and Cakesmith's hair. I'm imagining the perfect TAY frankenstein monster made up of:

        Cakesmith's hair,
        Flu's voice,
        Bish's cooking skills,
        Rize's awesomely muscular chest,
        Pez's Chesticles (which Dan constantly mentioned as we ate pizza)
        Shiggy's Ass crack( which was everywhere despite our best attempts to avoid it)


          Dat ShiggAss, man.

            Rize managed to drop a penicl in there at some point. It was just as glorious as you'd expect. Probably. I only got to witness the aftermath.

    Pezwarming meat : Pretty damn amazing.
    Hi-Fives are due to
    - Pez for being a top host & welcoming everyone into his home & generally making it happen.
    - Bish for slaving away in the kitchen for, like, 24 hours or something & producing the most amazing cake ever.
    - Shiggy for doing magnificent things to chickens.
    - Actually, everyone who was there really. You're all pretty freaking cool guys & girls. Even DAN!

    So yeah. Thanks for an awesome time y'all. 'til next time.

      You're not 12.

      Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

        NOT 12!

        i wish he was that way i would have a taybie to play lego with. :P
        BTW no school today cause i faked a sickie scores, im playing CoD on my xbox and smoking a bunch of noobs

    Hey all,

    sorry I couldn't stick around that much for the meat. It was great meeting those who i actually got a chance to meat. fun games, and great cheese burger... It was still fun hanging out with a bunch of you and sad i couldn't stick around and drink... perhaps next time Pez buys a house?

    Thanks to Pez for opening his house, it was a great night and weekend by all accounts.

      Hey man! Was awesome to have you and the Minishady in attendance, didn't get to watch you tear everyone a new A in trials (though I did watch you breeze through a few extreme tracks - I hate you).

      Thank the minishady for those shapes, though I suspect Bish has already eaten them... and dat vodka is going to go down real smooth. Thanks for coming! :D

      Nice to finally meet you as well. MiniShady was too cute, sticking close to his dad the whole time.
      Also it's freaking amazing how you figured out the Konami code stuff right there on PEZ's couch.

      Mini Shady was soooooo adorable. Thanks for coming FatShady :D

    Ozgameshop seems to be selling board games now:
    The range is almost entirely Monopoly at this point (although there is a Metal Gear Risk in there) but this could be very very good news for us Aussies. I hope they start stocking games from Days of Wonder.

      Actually board game pricing (for proper board games and not that monopoly / risk nonsense) in Australia doesn't have the usual Australia Tax that you get on card games etc. They're not printed locally and so the specialists that deal in them generally buy from overseas wholesale anyway. Add on the cost of shipping - bearing in mind that some of those games weigh a ton and can be in enormous boxes - and 10% GST and you'll find you're really not paying much more here than you'd pay to import the games yourself from the US or Europe.

      Generally for board games I buy mine periodically from a company based in Sydney. Could get them locally but that requires me to walk to the store from work. I like making the AusPost man bring them to me.

        In my experience, a Days of Wonder game - for example - will be about 50% more expensive in an Australian shop.

          But have you factored in the cost to ship it to Australia? That excuse is pretty much bullshit for something like a game in a light plastic case, but for a board game it's not. They can weigh upwards of a few kilograms and they're in bulky boxes.

            It doesn't quite get you to a Mind Games price. The place I go to, a comics shop near Spring St in Melbourne, has good prices. They're a little more than the US price. For example, $80 for a $60 game. not like the $120 Mind Games charges.

      Homans! Meandering around Sydney with Freyr and man-Freyr yesterday, we ended up at some board game shop that had Battleship in the window with "Now a movie (strangely)" or something like that. I had seen a picture of that on the internets!

      But more importantly Ludo plushies are now available for pre-order

    So did people see that Zone of the Enders is getting a HD re-release on 360 and PS3 in a few months? October 25th in Japan at least, I imagine we'd get it around the same time.

    Personally I never played these but I know they were quite popular and I must admit I am partial to giant japanese space robots and the fighting thereof.

    Oh what the diddly, might as well try a meat write-up as well.
    The Before Times:
    On Thursday night, some people on TeamSpeak suggested that I get my furry behind to Sydney to join in the festivities. Apparently flights still weren't that expensive. It seemed like a good idea, so I decided to sleep on it. After sleeping on it, I realised that I had no earthly way of paying for my tickets. What with me waiting for the bank to send me a new card.
    I was sad.
    Friday afternoon, I got home from work to find a shiny new card in the mailbox for me (wrapped in an envelope and several pages of paper for some reason). My computer was accessed, flights were booked and that's the end of that chapter.
    The Meaty Part
    I managed to take a wrong turn on the way to the airport and navigated via iPhone to the wrong parking area. After a quick intercom conversation with some dude, I found my way to the correct parking area by doing a three point turn where I really shouldn't have and getting some weird looks from the one other person there.
    Check in. Flight. Arrival. Getting picked up by Freyr and man-Freyr. Grabbed breakfast food for lunch. Crawled along Parramatta Rd and discussed this stupid marketing campaign about "What is Can't".
    We made our arrival, man-Freyr made his departure. People were shocked to see that I had somehow managed to travel 1000km at the last moment (I'm fairly sure 90% of my conversations with people for the first time involved "I didn't expect you to make it" "Me either").
    There was cider. A lot of cider. Turns out that it wasn't enough cider so later more was purchased. That still wasn't enough. TAYbies are a thirsty people.
    Fighting games were played by people that weren't me. It turns out that puppies beat puppets but puppies vs puppies becomes incredibly odd after the initial novelty wears off. Neither of them were able to hit each other without some weird puppy mop sprawl thing attack. Oh Japan...
    Blaghman was in a corner.
    I compulsively cut a deck of cards one handed. Eventually I put the deck down and started doing my coin thing. It's just what I do. Shut up.
    Conversations about things. Drinks. Trials. Trials fails. Bail out finishes. Failed bail out finished. Best wiggle finishes. This all makes sense. Honestly, it does.
    Some of us found some floor space near the door (best space) and played Warlords/Scumbags. After introducing a new person to the rules pretty much every round as our group grew, we eventually gave up as we had more people than you can reasonably play that game with only one deck.
    Cards against humanity was nifty. Everyone was showing their possible answers to the people near them which only meant additional enjoyment until the final reveal of what terrible answer people went with.
    More drinks. More Trials. Did I mention that Shady is a witch? He's a witch. He might have been gone at this point in the night but he had clearly demonstrated witchcraft at various points throughout the night on a Trials bike. There's no denying it.
    People danced. Mark Serrels, award winning journalist, got his groove thang on with quite a bit of hip gyration. Shiggy served Dan. Dan got served.
    There was food at some point. I think for Bish there was food at all points because that awesome dude never left the kitchen. Except when there was a need for someone to do driving stuff. Clearly Bish is the greatest person to ever exist. Screw those famous people throughout history that did good stuff in the name of humanity. It's all Bish. He's pretty cool.
    This all feels rather out of order. Bugger it.
    We attempted to sleep. Dan and his congregation did their best to impede this important task. They finally failed and the room rested. But not until after the giant jar of Nutella was opened, fisted by Pez and then smeared on his face all beard-like. Shiggy licked some off. Rize high fived Pez.
    In the morning there was a half assed effort to remove the inflatable mattresses that had consumed all of the floor space. I managed to step on a power cable and now have a interesting little bruise on my foot. Rize had stepped on the same power cable in the middle of the night. He was bleeding and had little to stop the flow of blood thanks to a lack of toilet paper in the main bathroom.
    Then there was Pop Asia. K-Pop is weird. This is something many of us already knew but it was reaffirmed.
    We meandered off to a place to get breakfast. Practically everyone ordered a large latte and big breakfast. Except MASHAAAA (who I should mention is also a pretty chill dude that loaned me a blanket. Well, a bed cover that conveniently functioned as a blanket) who ordered a smaller latte and that caused some confusion.
    We all went back to Pez's. Empties were transported downstairs. One fell on the pavement, poor thing.
    Crabjiffy and I buggered off. He gave me a lift into the CBD so that I could be all introverted and hang out with a smaller group of people (Freyr and man-Freyr). We were going to grab some dinner before I headed off to the airport. Because I'm a terrible person, that didn't quite happen. Other arrangements, like getting to the airport, kind of got in the way. Sorry mang! You're still pretty awesome.
    At some point, Freyr and I were playing Trials at her place. I beat some of my own times on her account. This is not a good thing. I now have to beat myself so that she is no longer beating me. Also, Lego Harry Potter is kind of shit.
    People showed up to take me to the airport. Dan and I were crafty and shit, managed to claim seats with an empty one in the middle so that we had all of the space. Dude farted while I was trying to read. I noticed.
    We land and my car is not in section 2Q of the parking lot. This was troublesome. Fortunately, I can be a smart bunny occasionally and took a photo of where my car was parked before flying off for my jet-setting weekend. My car was located. Dan was dropped off at his abode. I made my way to my abode (turns out it's not that far from his place to mine. How did I not discover this earlier?).
    The End Times

      Words said to Trjn:
      "HI TROJAN!"
      "I hope..." (was going to say "it was worth it", but then figured it wasn't so continued with) ..."it probably wasn't worth it, huh."


        It's okay. I can be a dick on TS and you can call me a dick on TS. That can make up for the lack of conversation.

          Pretty sure I tweeted a off-the-top-of-my-head recipe for Cookie Dough Pizza with Nutella, and then GourmetLiving ‏ @GourmetLives decided to follow me.

          Healthy gourmet food and cooking. A health conscience gourmet lifestyle, tons of recipes!


            Just uh, thought you should know, Trjn.

              And now I do.

      Nice write up, It was nice to meet you as well Trjn.

      Also small lattes are legitimate dammit!!! It's not the size that matters it's what you do with them that counts.

        I got me a small flat white! Small coffees for the win! They might have given me a large though. No idea. The choices were between "regular" and "medium". That gives nobody any indication of anything!

          For something to be regular, one would assume that its dimensions and properties did not deviate significantly from mean, median or medium values.

          ... How then do they differentiate medium and regular?

          I could never drink coffee; I totally don't understand the coffee-ordering lingo.

        I don’t drink coffee, but aren’t small coffees more hardcore than large coffees, because the only difference is that the large coffee is diluted more by extra milk?

          Some places put an extra shot in the large coffees. Some don't. I have no idea with this place.

      Was man freyr as dreamy as described
      She has never described him so i assume he is dreamy as she is trying to keep us from knowing someone dreamy.

        Sure. Why not?

        I did outnerd him a fair bit. Aside from when they were talking medical terms and stuff. That doesn't count though because it's in another language.

      That car park was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.

    Anyone with videos of the Meat, DM me on twitter @dkzeitgeist (If you don't already follow me, I'm private so I'll just need to approve you) and I'll give you my email to send a link to.
    Alternatively, just DM me a download link on Twitters.
    Cut off time is tomorrow, 6pm as I wanna try and get it up on Wednesday (if you know what I mean)

      Sticking Meat where it doesn't belong
      Best title and works on like 3 levels.


    Aleph's on a health-binge this week.

    So this is exciting (for me). My dog is on a Yarra Valley Water website:

    That's totally my puppy up there on the top. She's a bit older and curlier now, but that's her with her fluffy puppy coat on!

      I remember when my dog used to be cute.

      Oooh celebrity. Can I have her autograph?

        Just send a stamped self addressed envelope and a plastic bag and he will 'collect' one for you

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