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    Note to self, don't start giving away games before disappearing to work for 4 hours. If you sent me an email, I'm in the process of replying now

    Holy crap guys, I just had a conversation with a lyrical idol of mine. It's so strange, I can't quite get my head around how someone (effectively, a stranger) can have such a profound effect on oneself.

    Have you guys ever conversed with someone you've personally put on a pedestal?

      I talked to Shane once.
      Canberra's favourite son.

      I find that kind of thing odd - I have never considered anyone an idol or hero or all that.
      Admire someone sure but people are only human.

        You're right, though I probably have an insufficiency complex or something. Either way, I truly admire the guy for what he's done, and how he's managed it. I guess it was more knowing that they're still grounded, able to talk with the "lower denizens" if you will.
        Losing scope of the idea that we're all human happens all too often. It was a nice reminder :3

      Nah, I'm too nervous to do that.

        Wait, I did send a fan email to an author a few years back, and his response then was pretty humble and humbling. So yeah, guess I know what you mean! :)

    Hi Dilly Ho TAYberinos. Hope this message finds you well.

    My Dark Souls weekend. Took out the following:
    * Butterfly thing
    * Hydra
    * Undead Dragon
    * Quelaag spider chick

      You are some sort of monster, being all able and skillful /o\

    Well, I'm off to do some housekeeping in R'lyeh.
    So long, and thanks for keeping me company.

      Man, cleaning is the best! What a champ you are, Cthulhu. We should be housekeeping friends!

        Even a dark lord knows that when people arrive in a sunken city, it should be a tidy sunken city.

    Goodbye first TAY. You were fun but our time is fleeting

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