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    Friday 25th May
    It's 1pm. I leave work and go home. Swiftly get changed. I get in the car and drive to Melbourne. The weather reports have not been good. A months’ worth of rain in a day. There are 2 things I hate when driving. Driving at night and driving in the rain. I am silently voiding my bowels as I start the drive.
    3.5 hours later...
    I arrive in Sunbury. No rain was seen the entire drive. I don't know what these Melbourne folk are complaining about. I get to the house where I'm staying for the night and do the whole "social" thing with them. I'm rather tired though and so I'm in bed at 10:30pm.
    Saturday 26th May
    I awake at 6:15am. 15mins before my alarm is set to go off. I get up and shower. 7:30am comes around and I head to the airport. I collect my boarding pass and go through security. It's 8am. I have an hour before my flight leaves and half an hour before I need to be at my boarding gate. I decide to get some breakfast. Hungry Jacks is in front of me and I decide it's better than nothing. I was wrong. Nothing would've been better. I hate myself as I continue to consume the sad excuse for a coffee. Finally, I head to the boarding gate and take a seat. Finally the call is made for us to get on the plane so I do. I take my seat and look around. The plane is only about half full.
    I arrive at Sydney airport and head to the area where Pez is collecting me, keeping an eye out of Rize and Blaghman along the way. I do not see them. I get a phone call from Pez. I explain I haven't been able to find the Canberians. I decide I have enough time to do one more lap of the area looking for them. Once again I fail. I head to the car park and stand there, watching each car entering for the elusive Pez. And then I see it. PEZMOBILE! He is on the phone as he pulls in to the car park. Clearly he has no regard for road safety. The first thing I notice is the lack of mirror on his driver’s side door. I walk to the car and awkwardly stand next to it as he continues to talk on the phone. When his conversation ends he opens the door and steps out. I'm not greeted by a "Hi Cakesmith" or the likes, the first words I hear Pez say are "Fucking Rize!" I laugh awkwardly. We stand around waiting for them. Pez calls them again and leaves a voice to text message which later comes back with hilarious results. On the second attempt to call him, Pez finally gets through, proceeds to yell at him and tells him where to go. Then I see it. It is glorious. It blows in the wind with magnificence. It is, Blaghmans glorious hair. Next to him walks who I assume is Rize. If it's not Rize than Blaghs has done an excellent job of dressing up a homeless man. We all greet and get in the car and head off.
    We talk about various things in the car on the way to PezPad. Most holds no significance. Rize then finally receives Pez's message. It would appear that it has translated "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god call me" to "Oh Madonna *pause* Madonna Madonna call me". Hilarity ensues. We spot a bottle shop on the way and decide now is as good enough time as any to acquire the first lot. We buy 4 slabs of sider and carry on the trip. Pezmobile is not designed for and 4 slabs of alcohol. Pez then decides to invent a game. Detours with Pez or as I came to know it by Where the Fuck Are We?
    Eventually we arrive at the entrance to the car park. We have to go in a car lift. It is possibly the most horrifying experience of my life. It goes against all logic and every fibre of your being. Why am I in a car while in an elevator? It's just so wrong. We all pile in the elevator to go to PezPad. Pez struggles to get the elevator to work while holding bags and booze. On about the 12th attempt he gets the key swipe and button press action correct.
    The door opens. Inside is people. Harli (HI HARLI!), Masha (MASHAAAAAA), DAN!, Shiggy and Bish. Maybe someone else to. I can't remember. We proceed to throw bags on the ground and stock the fridge. I notice it's after 12 so crack open a cider and do social things. After 4 ciders in under an hour I decide I should probably slow down for a bit because I haven't had lunch yet. Slowly more and more people enter the room. I honestly can't remember who arrived when and what not. I met Alex and his pants, FatShady arrived with Minishady in tow which was also possibly the greatest thing ever as he clutched onto FatShady as he was shy. #35 was there as well. Flu arrives with his glorious voice and Doc What turned up at some stage as well. Freya (how do you spell that? It changes depending on where you are) rocked up with Trjn. CrabJiffy appeared out of seemingly nowhere. Ruffleberg did not criticize the intercom or apartment. Mark and Ben rock up with gadgets. Bish, Shiggy, DAN!, Pez and Pants went on a quick trip to McDonalds to collect the last of Shiggys food requirements and more alcohol. They returned like 2hrs later. I've come to the conclusion that Bish's car is actually a Tardis and was surprised they didn't burst through the door, bearded and asking what year it was.
    When 6:15ish rolled around I realised that Batgirl would be at the station soon. As she has a habit of not knowing where to go I said I would meet her there. I soon realised that I have not been to that station before either and it was only my second time in Sydney and that it was not a very well thought out plan. I grabbed AlexPants and told him to come with me. We got to the station and awkwardly looked around trying to figure out where the train would arrive. Many trains go through the station but none stop. Eventually one does on the far side. We walk over and try to see Batgirl. We do not. Just as we are about to give up she appears. I'm not entirely sure where from. But there she was. On the way back I argue with Pants that there is a better way back to PezPad. We run into Shiggy just as I am about to be victorious. He declares that the way we came from originally is the best way.
    We discover that we have missed Shiggys first meal of the night. Deep fried cheeseburgers. I am disappointed. Then Pez says he saved one for me. I'm not going to lie, it looked like it was something he'd picked off the floor. I eat it. My tastebuds are amazed with what they taste. Every other part of my body wants Shiggy to experience a horrible death. I think my heart stopped several times while eating it. More socialising is done and then we bust out my contribution to the meat. Cards Against Humanity. The party game for horrible people. We play for a little bit and many people join and leave. And then it happens: dinner is served.
    Shiggys...creation is 2 chickens. One is stuffed with McDonald’s chips, nuggets and bread. The other with ribs and BBQ sauce. They are demolished quickly but it is glorious. The paper plate I was eating off turned see through from the grease. I hate you Shiggy. Not really, you are an alright guy.
    Gingerchris, who had also arrived at some point, pulled out a dice game. Pants has no luck. Batgirl has all the luck. I think I've won the first game but then after I end my turn and triumphantly brag about me winning, gingerchris informs me that other people can still win. Batgirl ends up beating my score. DAN! and Shiggy have a dance-off. Shiggy wins. Award winning journalist Mark Serrels also dances. At some stage I ended up outside with Rize, #35, Pants and Batgirl. Pants decided to hide. His foot was still exposed so I kicked it. A little harder than I intended too as well. My apologies sir. DAN! decided it was time to play a drinking game. I discovered that Batgirl had never played a drinking game so pressured her into playing it. Pez also played. It did not go well for him.
    As we are all old people the party died down around midnight-ish. People leave at various points. Bed configurations were thought out and everyone thought the party was over. Then Pez realised he had a 5kg tub of Nutella. I wasn't overly involved in this and pretty out of it at this stage, but I do remember Pez making himself a Nutella beard and then Shiggy licking it off. Best bromance on the internet. Blaghman is the first asleep. DAN! and people to my right are doing...something. I put headphones in to drown them out. They eventually go to sleep. DAN! has the bladder of a 2 year old and goes to the toilet at least 38 times. Every time he does it wakes me up. What a jerk. I believe he also kicked Batgirl in the face. What a guy!
    Sunday 27th May
    I awake. I have no idea what the time is. I'm not sure if anyone else is awake. Eventually everyone appears to wake up. Pez emerges and puts on Pop Asia declaring his love for KPop. CrabJiffy quickly embarrasses him by informing him they are singing in Mandarin. It is decided breakfast must be acquired. We head to some local cafe joint and Batgirl departs. We all order food except Pants. He refuses everyone’s offers to share with him and we are all insulted. After foodstuffs has been consumed we venture pack to PezPad. We play some games and soon discover how the break Trials Evo multiplayer. We think it's hilarious. It probably wasn't. Slowly people left until few remained. We continued just lounging around playing games. 3pm rolled around and DAN! declared it was time to drop myself, Rize and Blaghs at the airport. Upon reaching Pez's car we discover it only seats 4. Apparently this is the first time Pez has been made aware of this. DAN! decides to stay so I farewell him. Pez stops to buy fuel. In front of him is one of the dodgiest looking people I've ever seen. Pez does not get stabbed when he walks by him. We continue to the airport. Sydney roads are messed up. That is all.
    Pez drops the 3 of us off at the airport and zooms off. It's not even 4pm and none of us leave until after 5:30pm. Rize, Blaghs and I contemplate all going through security to access the food court. We soon decide this is a bad idea as Rize has both a giant bag that wouldn't fit through the scanners and a nerf gun. I informed them going through security was probably a bad idea a little too loudly. I then notice the 2 police officers standing behind us. I think I got away with it. We sit at a table and talk about stuff for a little bit. I decide I should head through security. I say farewell to Rize and Blaghs and head to the departure gate. I'm struggling to stay awake. I fall asleep on the plane home.
    Arriving back in Melbourne I locate my car. 3.5hrs until I'm home. The drive is uneventful. I arrive home just after 10pm. I fall asleep quickly.

      It would appear my paragraph about Bish's cake was not copied. The hell.

      Bish made the most glorious cake guys! It was amazing!

      I should have thrown my arm around you and pointed to something off in the distance at one point.

      Best page get.

      People like hitting me. D:

        Not the face! Anywhere but his handsome face!

          Batgirl kept slapping me on the forehead. My handsomeness was spared!

            I also hugged you. I'm clearly bipolar when I drink.

              I don't remember this happening. Seems I only remember the pain.


        I totally had the chance to ask how your injury was in person and completely forgot to.

          Ohh yeah!! Totes forgot. Nw there is always next time.

      So re-reading this I noticed this line "I believe he also kicked Batgirl in the face. What a guy!" and when put in context with what I said before it, it came across as "he woke me up, he is a jerk. He kicked Batgirl, what a legend". After last weeks...incident...I want to say this is not how it was intended to sound.

      Epic write up man 10/10. I am rather jealous of you all! Sounds like it was worth the trip!

    I don't know if this is news or not, but Beyond Good & Evil HD is 400ms points on Xbox live right now.
    I never played the game so seeing it at that price was pretty much a no-brainer.

      That is one of my favourite games.

        Both that and Psychonauts were on my list of games I was ashamed I had never played.
        Now I legitimately own both :D

      Purchased this after someone mentioned it in TAY last week. Yet to play, but feel better about myself as a result.

    So I just bought Mass Effect 2 on 360 for $19!

    Does anyone, who has an Xbox 360 and, for some reason, doesn't have Mass Effect 2, want it? For FREE?


      Do you make a habit of buying games for consoles you don't have? :P

        I have an Xbox :P I needed the copy to get my Shep code to play through ME2 on PS3 after playing ME1 on 360. :P

      I played through ME2 on a friend's copy but I've been thinking of going through the ME games all over again, so if someone more deserving doesn't step up in a day or so I'll take it off your hands :)

        It's a pre-owned "classics". As long as you're okay with that, it's yours!

          I'm down with that, but let's see if someone who hasn't played puts their hand up first. Don't wanna snatch away someone else's chance at playing ME2 for the first time :P

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      Whoa, there's staTAYstics now?
      I was not aware of this.



            Ketchup is icky-poo with weird ingredients. Tomato sauce is where it's at, dawg.
            As for beans (or indeed, any legume)... you disgust me, good sir and/or madam.

        It's a thing Batguy created and used to do, but he seemed to get too busy for it so I started doing it. Since I started doing it, I think Iv'e posted 10 or so (should be the last 10 weeks).

        It gets psoted a bit later than it used to because a) I'm in Perth and b) I tend to do it after getting into work, which is generally pretty late. D:

          Oohh, I don't think I've met Batguy, though I've met his female counterpart, the illustrious Batgirl.
          I don't believe I've met you either, fled. HAPPY BORTHDAY I believe is the appropriate greeting :D
          Very cool idea though, these stats. Intriguing to see just how much I'm being paid to chat with awesome people during work hours.

      Came in 35 with 35 posts. Now that is skill. You guys wish you mad my mad skillz.

        I came 2nd for 2nd week running. Up high for weird number coincidences! o/

    I need to upgrade my HTPC. It's not very old but unfortunately the media landscape (for me) has changed. Specifically, I watch (watched :( ) a fair bit of anime on it, but all the encoders out there have assburgers or something, because they've almost universally shifted to 10-bit Hi Profile h264 encodes, which have some minor quality benefits. The downside to 10-bit is that there's no hardware acceleration, it's got to be done in software.

    My little HTPC is an AMD E-350 APU. 1.6ghz dual core with an AMD 6630 on the same chip. Sips power (whole system sucks ~60W at full load) and sits inside an incredibly small case. The CPU's not powerful enough to do the decoding. :( It needs desktop-class CPU power to handle it. Really sucks because it barely breaks a sweat on standard 8-bit stuff thanks to the hardware accelerated decoding.

    So anyway, it's time to renew it. I'm currently stuck on deciding whether to build a cheap new system that's just for video, like the current one, or since I'd be getting a desktop-class CPU anyway, getting something I can stick a decent graphics card into and turn into a Steam Box. Kind of stuck trying to make a decision either way. Regardless of the direction I go, I'm pretty sure I want a mini-ITX form factor again. I'm also considering whether it'd be faster and more efficient to go looking for an off-the shelf system e.g. a cheap Mac Mini.

    So lately it's been "take charge of yourself Jordi!" phase for me. And I was like "no I don't want to" and then I did anyway and I spoke to a recruiter and now I have an interview!!!

    Also I may in a possible manner of speaking may go to Canberra for that meaty thing. Who should I direct my enquiries to?

    Single female paralegal. Fighting for her clients. Wearing sexy miniskirts and being self reliant!

      Pretty much picturing a paralegal as a person who works with law-related stuff but parachutes in, despite what dictionaries and google say.

        I like the idea of a paranormal legal.
        fighting for ghosts rights & stuff.
        like if Ghost had a sequel, Jordi could represent Patrick Swaze in the divorce.

          I was gonna add that Jordi could also represent Patrick Swaze in real life, but decided against it coz today, I'm making an effort to be less bastardy than usual.

            and with that, my bastardry is back up to full power.

              I'd just like to apologize to Patrick Swayze, firstly for not really knowing how to spell his name & being too lazy to google it, & also for plagiarising his screenplay for Ghost 2.

              please dont sue me.

        Trust me, no dictionary has the right answer!
        I used to be a paralegal, but then my chute didn't open and I took an Earth to the body.

      You could make your own TV show!

        It probably wont be that much fun. It will just have me eating different types of cake.

      Good luck Jordi, hope this all works out for you.

      If not this one then the next one. Make sure you pack your chute yourself, some parts of your job shouldn't be outsourced.

      Good luck!

      Also, Blaghman is the meat guy. It's his birthday or something.

      To expand further on what was said last night, if you were going on the convoluted route through Sydney.
      Typically we drive down in cars. 4 in a car, and based on the responses thusfar from people who have previously been, there might be 2 cars this time. It's a 3 hour drive down. Shiggy and Pez were the previous drivers but a few of us others still have cars if need be, I suppose.
      First time we left on Saturday afternoon and spent not even 24 hours there. Second time we left on Friday evening and got about 36 hours. The problem with this, I imagine, is coming back on the Sunday night. You'd have to catch a flight back to Melbourne on the Sunday night or Monday morning, which would be arse.
      If not going the Sydney route, feel free to ignore.

      his name, at

        If you guys leave Friday evening let me know. Either way I might need a lift to Sydney on Sunday since I want to meet some friends there (taking Monday off).

        Overall I am still a major tightarse who hates paying double to get to a shitty territory. I mean a fabulous territory.

          I think the shitty part is accurate. Though, to be fair, if we're going to compare territories, it probably beats NT.

            I heard that.


                You know, they're both pretty shitty, in their own ways.
                The NT populace is backwards. The ACT has stupid public transport.
                I want my own nation.

                  The ACT also has all the Polly's, which is a point against it.

              You may have heard it, but I hear no objections.

    Hellllooooooo TAYbies!

    It seems like after a meat that it's obligatory for me to come and check for any meat write-ups and such.
    From CrabJiffy's account of Saturday night at Pez's, it was super duper awesome and I should have been there.
    At least I got to have chocolate banana crepes off the menu at work for my dinner that night \o/

    Will see (most of) you guys again on Pez's big day!!!!


      You will be forgiven for not attending the housewarming only if you attend the PezParty. Bawble is now officially part of the TAY fraternity (whether he wants to be or not).

        Was he not part of it before? :P

        I'll make sure my boss doesn't make me work that Saturday night!!

          Well, he was already, but now he's cemented himself there after playing kings with us.

      Sorry for bailing on dinner plans. Things just kind of worked out in a way that didn't let them happen. Crabman sounded really disappointed on the phone about him. You should totally comfort him.

        About it*

        It was all good because he ended up staying home and playing Diablo 3 all night. : )

    @#35: did the package arrive?

      Havent seen anything yet, but I'll check again when I get home & let you know via the twitter.

    So I know I say this every time (you guys don't, but you will, oh... you will) but lunch was absolutely disgusting. I might try for a huge salad tomorrow, methinks. Hail Caesar!
    And now for something completely different, can anyone recommend any particular online-education service? I kinda get the feeling (especially after reading last week's post about people studying various degrees etc.) that I need a *little* more than the piece of paper that states that I passed year 10 by default...

      HI, ALEPH

        I've not heard of OUA (kind of wanted a general opinion/consensus prior to looking into it at all. To much choice makes Aleph's brain confus) But I'll check it out :3

          I think it let's you do different units from different unis

    Thanks to anyone who came to the Boss Fight gig the other night. If you missed out, here is a taste:
    Looks like we have another gig coming up at the Zoo on 13th June, I'll post details when it's a bit closer.


      Nerds that write music? Are you chaps in Sydney?

        Oh sorry I forgot an explanation. We play exclusively video game music. F-zero is an old SNES game with a rad soundtrack. We are based in Brisbane.

        Nerds that write music? Next you'll be telling me a short dude fisted a jar of Nutella.

      Nooo, anther date I can't make it to. How about I tell you a date I'm free and you organise a gig for then? No?! What do you mean that's self-absorbed of me? :P

    The New World grocery store in New Zealand has started a new ad campaign featuring shots of employees (actors) working in the store while a voice over talks.

    One set featured people stacking shelves and went "We stack the shelves while you stack the savings". Okay. That makes sense.

    Another had people packing bags. "We pack the bags while you pack the savings". Um... I guess that works.

    Newest one was a girl scanning items at the checkout. "We scan the groceries while you scan the savings". Wait. I scan the savings? What? How do I scan savings?

      I'm going to assume the NZ accents obfuscated the actual words :P


        YAY \o/
        Uh wait...

      As a former New Zealander I have to say that the best New World campaign ever was one they did when I was about eight, where you would get stamps for shopping there on a card, and once you got enough stamps you could buy various bits of crockery. Casserole dishes and stuff. We got several pieces. Nearly two decades later despite constant use the stuff is still completely fine. Not often that you get promotional goods like that which are actually well made and useful.

      Scan over the figures with your eyes, on the receipt or the little screen when they go 'beep'

    The Rains of Castamere by The National -

    I don't know why, but I really like this. Kinda creepy and haunting. Also, new Game of Thrones day!

      I love New Game of Thrones day!

      Best day. Except that it's monday, but shut up.

        Oh man, I want to download GoT now! But I'm at uni! Don't exactly fancy getting in trouble. And I have homework to do. Balls.

          Wait, you get in trouble for downloading stuff?

          ANU was hilarious, while there was a limit to your downloads via the ethernet access, if you were running off the wireless, even if you logged in, they didn't measure it. Was great.

            No, there's unlimited downloads for IT kids, but they check what you use. Friend of a friend got busted for torrenting 100gb of Anime. Also I kinda need interwebs and computater access whilst at uni, otherwise I'll have no reason to come into uni. Which means I'll just sit at home and procrastinate all day everyday.

      Do most people watch GoT on Monday night? I usually do a 500 odd word over-review of the show on a Monday night for a bunch of friends, but I might port it to Kotaku for the lulz. I just don't want to ruin it for anyone is all.

        ROT13 is your friend for all the spoilers or just link to your blog.

          Noted, it's not a blog thing, it's just a facebook group between friends. It is usually just filled with obscenities and analysis of how "hot" each woman is, a scale of how much Tyrion we see in the episode and is it enough, and thorough appreciation of little Arya and her wondrous scenes with Tywin.

    Good afternoon TAY.
    Looks like some people had a great weekend :~)

    Bajo and Hex from GoodGame were in the ANZ4 DayZ server last night which is pretty cool. I think they are reviewing it for next week or something. Hex respawned as a bird at one point.

    Currently on 400+ zed kills with 2 Bandit kills and 0 murders. Feels good to be #1 on server scoreboards.
    Well, gotta get back to work, stocktake tomorrow, no time for TAY unfortunately.

    Sam Tsui x Kurt Schneider's AMAZINGGGGG cover of Taylor Swift's "Safe & Sound":

    Why do people have so much talent??

    So the Kotaku MMA fan club (that anyone who isn't a part of is a total loser BTW) had an unprecedented 4 attendees on Sunday. For two of the people it was their first time watching. The first thing they saw was a guy get his face busted open so badly that his forehead resembled a leaky tap. Within 2 mins the entire octagon was covered in blood. It actually put one of the people off their lunch. It would have made me squeamish had it not been for the years of playing them violent video games.

    Anyway, i was going to buy a Vita last weekend but Serrels actually convinced me not to. And by that i mean i said "I wan't to buy a Vita" and he said "Don't do it" Anyway, i still went to my local Dick Smith to see what deals they had on it only to find that the store was closing down. Pretty much everything was at cost price. PS3 games were going for like $10 Blurays were $1 but 90% of the stock in the store was gone.

    I managed to pick up Rayman Origins for $5 and the bluray/DVD of Dragonball Evolution for $2. The movie is awful and the game is ok so far.


        Yes you you need to experience that shit first hand.

        Now Shiggy, don't be too mad cuz i schooled you bigtime in MK.

          Yeah I'm sorry I got a girlfriend. Don't rage quit on me now.

      Rayman for $5? That's amazing!

        It's a pretty awesome game so far, I'll write a more detailed review after finishing it.

        So far i love the art style minus one very bizarre art choice.

      Did Mr Serrels expand upon his no-Vita policy reasoning?

      (Aside from the fact that as a former Gamecube owner he is clearly a Nintendo shill)

        Don't become the new hate on everything guy, you know what happened to the last hate on everything guy. Well he isn't around anymore. He had a baby boy and got married to his lovely wife and just could not be doing better.

        Not really.

        So far the Vita as a bit of hardware looks pretty awesome, but i think it'll be at least another 1 or 2 years before the developers are really comfortable with it and start making the better games.

      $2 for a Dragonball Evolution coaster! That's a steal!

      (you.. didn't actually watch the movie... right?)

        I did watch it, some of it anyway. It was hilariously bad.

      I really wish the Octagon was not illegal in Victoria =(

        Don't worry, UFC will make it happen. They've had shows in Syd and Brisbane later on in the year it's only a matter of time till Vic jump on board.

    I was feeling all rejected and unloved before I realised I posted in an old TAY! REPOST TIME!

    Anyone into photoshop/inkscape/vector art? I tried out inkscape and vector art for the first time last night, it’s awesome! It took me about an hour or two to understand what the hell I was doing but after I got the hang of it, it’s pretty easy! I wanna use it to start up a website with my own t-shirt designs.

    Even with all the fiddling around with tutorials and messing up my first few layers it still only took me about 2-3 hours to do, normally it takes me about 5+ hours to draw something in photoshop from scratch. I think I’ll be able to get it down to 1-2 hours once I get better at it. :’D

    Here’s what I did! One of my favourite scenes from Adventure Time.

    I really like working with vector art but… at the same time it feels like it’s not my own drawing, it just looks like a glorified traced drawing, ya know? I think I’ll be happier when I’m vector-ing my own drawings.

      I have no better thing to add but ITS SO CUTEEE....

        THANKS! I thought this scene was adorable, poor little raggedy baby Marceline!

      That's awesome!

      I know what you mean. I do all my ink work in Illustrator but it never looks as good as the raw pencil lines. Very lifeless.

      I shall watch you on dA when I get home (But not that much. Been over a year since I uploaded anything)

      I'm cronotriggr on there

        Thank you! I agree, I think they look a bit lifeless compared to other drawings too. I can see how vector is awesome for making graphics and it's going to be really helpful for my t-shirt designs, but it really doesn't compare to hand drawn, original stuff.

        It was really interesting to do though, I loved having the freedom over the lines. It only took me like a half hour to get a beautifully perfect line art as opposed to the 2 + hours it takes me in photoshop, lol. It was SOO confusing to learn though omg, I’ve used nothing but photoshop for years and to suddenly using this crazy inkscape program was so frustrating, haha.

        I’ll wait you when I get home too! :D

          I LOOOOVE the crisp, thin line I get in illustrator *o*

          Here's an example of some of my work where I think something got lost though the clean up process.

          All my Illustrator knowledge has been acquired through messing with the program so I'm still fairly ignorant of what it can do and how to do it. One day I'll find the time to watch tutorials and stuff...

          One day...

            I love giant hand lady.
            I know its perspective but i love teasing you about it :)

            You're making me want to fire up Illustrator again when I get home from work. I haven't touched the program about half a year I think.

            Ooo that's awesome! I love how you can see how you changed the right hand post a few times, haha. My sketches look nothing like my finish product. Man, I wish I could draw people like that. ): My people are always 2D, I suck at trying to draw anything even remotely 3D. ):

            I got an inkling for my birthday this month, I’m hoping it’ll be a little easier to style my pictures with it since I have trouble sketching naturally on my graphics tablet.

            I love the crisp lines too… so beautiful and perfect; I don’t want anything else now! It’s like lineart crack.

              I have a tablet but prefer to do vector stuff using a mouse. Which probably means I take twice as long and produce stuff half as good, but I don't care.

              Broke a mouse doing it once though. If you thought Diablo involves a lot of repetitive clicking...

                I used a mouse for the vector I did! I think it would actually be harder with a tablet... maybe. I might try it out!

                I have a crappy $10 mouse from harvery norman 'cause my stupid bird always chew the mouse wheels off, so I just buy cheap ones to replace them, and it's all jittery and hardly precise, I kinda wanna get a good mouse just so I can use it for vectors... and effectivally ban my birdie from visiting me at the computer so she can't eat it.

        I think it comes down to style a lot of the time. I really like that sharp contrast and those crisp lines you can get with vector art.

      I tinker around with Illustrator periodically but I'm a crap artist so I spend most of the time taking low-res images and vectorizing them by hand. Takes hours but it's pretty cathartic.

        I was going to TOTALLY LEGALLY PURCHASE Illustrator but decided just to use inkscape 'cause it was already free, Illustrator looks nicer though, I'd probably like to get it instead...

        ps: there's no such thing as a crap artist. ;D

          I consider myself to be crap. Primarily because I haven't really practiced at it. I used to be okay but developed in other directions I guess.

          I tried out Inkscape years back and it was very crashy. But I suspect what I do when I'm playing around (which is generally making high-res vectored anime art from low-res screencaps) is basically Doing It Wrong anyway. I once managed to actually break Illustrator by creating too many paths. It overflowed some part of the format and I had to disable the PDF compatibility to get it to be able to save & load the file correctly.

            Broke illusterator by creating too many paths… or overloaded it with pure awesomeness?

              I was pretty happy with the result at the time, it came out nicely. But it was definitely a case of too many paths, or maybe too many points.

      Well you can check out redbubble if you are after a quick and easy way to start you online website printing empire
      Loops, Scree, Doc What? have stores on there so if you need any info they are probably a good place to start.

      What sort of original works do you plan on doing?

        Ohhh awesome! Thanks heaps!!! It's blocked at work... :( I'll have to check it out when I get home!

        This is great 'cause I was really struggling to know where to even start with it all.

        I wanna do mostly kids designs, I have "cutesy/cartoony" style and a lot of my older friends with kids and my co-workers are always wanting things on shirts already, plus my mum has been bugging me to do something with my art for years now, so I figured I should get started on at least something. I also have a few original designs I wanna draw for adult sizes too. Mostly still cartoony stuff though, and probably cute/geeky, monsters, robots, zombies, puns, pop culturey things etc.

        You wouldn't happen to know the details of selling t-shirts with trademarked characters on them would you? I kinda wanted to make some unique invader zim, mlp, adventure time, star wars etc shirts but didn't wanna get my ass handed to me in court.

        This is true! I have a store on there!

        I even sold a shirt yesterday!!!! OMFG!


          Do you get any monnies when you sell stuff?

            You get it when you sell enough. In a big lump sum! \o/

            I don't sell that much cause I'm lazy and don't pimp ma shirts!

            You can increase your markup to get more cash per shirt. I make just under $4.50 for each shirt sold although it really depends on the AUD to GBP exchange rate. I get money once a month if I make more than $20. If I don't, then it rolls over to the following month. That goes straight into my Paypal account.

              That sounds pretty awesome tho, no having to worry about running your own website, making the actual shirts, posting them etc... Man I'm totally gonna check this shiz out when I get home!

    Also, also, DustForce OST. Best.

    Judging from meat write ups, you guys like Cider? First song is called Cider Time. COINCIDENCE? I think not.

    Monday Mind-Blower: Hermes and Thoth is actually only one person.


      Monday Mind-Blower: Pez doesn't actually wear a Fez.

        Monday Mind-Blower: I misspelled the last half of this alter-ego.

          Monday Mind-Blower: I'm not actually notorious for anything.

      MONDAY BLIND MOWER: You my good sir are a idiom
      Monday Blind Mower: Brought to you by arnotts BBQ shapes

        Monday Mind-Blower: You're not actually a rocket, man.

          I have a rocket so its pretty much the same asswipe :P

            That is definitely not a rocket in your pocket.

            At the very most it is a match. And lasts about as long as one.

              I didn't hear rufflebergs mum complaining.
              I am so hoping he reads this :P

    My house has a poltergeist visiting or something. My son is asleep and all the doors in the house are shut tight but I keep hearing noises like doors opening and closing, and footstep sounds. It's creepy.
    Think I'll go wake my son up so he can comfort me. :P

      Yes your 5 year old son will defend you from the monsters. I like how your mind works strange.

        Err, he's 3 years old. And yes, he was just talking today about how he's very strong. :D

          sorry about the age thing i can be a bit scatter brained you are not 2 years older. I won't make him grown up any more quickly. I bet he is strong as long as mum and dad are holding his hands :)

            More like I'm strong as long as he's holding my hand!

            And yes, if he was 5 that would make me almost 38. Eek! :P

              *Looks around, makes sure the coast is clear*

      That's weird.

      I mean, I'm in your house and don't hear anything. Maybe I keep missing it as I move from room to room?

        I'll leave some pretzels and a can of Dr. Pepper out for you if you promise to stop to scaring me. :P

      This poltergeist has very poor timing. Trying to freak you out in broad daylight? Come on, old ghosts, what's up with that? Although you did say it was visiting, so probably just passing through on it's way to an actual haunting and accidentally kicked a door or something. You'll be fine. ;D

        Or maybe it knows that daytime is the only time I'm ever alone in this house. And that I have an overactive imagination....

      Does your son have any lifelike dolls around the house, and was your house maybe buried on some sort of ancient burial ground?


        Well there is all those bodies of TAYbies past buried in the back yard.
        And my son has a teddy that I have to hide before he'll go to sleep. He doesn't like it looking at ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES STRANGE A DULL GIRL. ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES STRANGE A DULL GIRL.

          Dammit Strange, way to ruin the ending of that story that I never update!

            I like to keep all the TAYbies close to me. Forever.

      Set up a whole bunch of cameras and poor salt in front of every doorway. Also play with a ouija board.

        Fun fact:

        the Ouija board started out life as a board game. The name was apparently a nonsense word that came from use of the board.

        It had no occult connections for around the first 20 years of production.


      You know that a lot of 'hauntings' are actually the result of subtle things on the edge of perception being interpreted certain ways by our brain right? Very low frequency noise (heating fans, natural resonance of some spaces etc) and vibrations can cause people to experience odd things which they can attribute to supernatural forces.

      Do you have ducted heating?

        Nope. No ducted heating. No washing machine or dishwashers on either. Not even the TV on.

    SO many Meat write ups to read. So far behind.
    I need something cleared up.... AlexPants, you mentioned Bish freaking out about a car elevator - WTF is that all about? I must know more.

    Also that weekend sounded amazing, I can't wait to come to a Melbourne meat some time.

      He started screeching like a howler monkey and threw macdonalds fries at us until it reached the visitor's parking level.

        that may or may not have been an embellishment of what actually happened.

      A car elevator is exactly what it sounds like. An elevator, for a car.

      It is so freaking weird.

        So freaking weird.

          It sounds AMAZING!

            I'm going to be disappointed if ALL the THINGS don't have elevators.

            It sounds amazing until you get in it, and then it's goddamn terrifying.

      The car elevator is pretty much what it sounds like it is: an elevator for cars. We used it to get into the parking for the apartment complex. It takes you underground, I think there were three or four different levels you could go down. But the lift itself is really small so Bish was worried his car was going to hit something on the way in. Also, it just feels weird being in a car in a lift, so that was freaky too!

        Yeah, we used it on Sunday as well. It's really compact and I kept thinking it would suck if the car lift broke down and PEZ, DAN and I were stuck there.

          Except for the company, it would suck!

    Tonight I learn how to parry in Dark Souls. I never learned how in Demon's.

      I never bothered in Demon's Souls, either. But I decided I was going to try in Dark Souls and practiced on those shielded guys on the way to the merchant in Undead Burg from the Bonfire. Close enough to the bonfire, and easy enough to get to so that there was little risk.
      When I managed to do it first try I was so proud of myself and overconfident that I foolishly got myself killed next time. :P

        Yeah, that's where i'm going to practice too. I have unfinished business in that area. (Black Knight, slay merchant, unlock lower undead burg, etc)

          Why would you slay the merchant? You monster! :P

            I hear tales around the bonfire that he has a pretty sweet sword. Also, my character is a thief, and I need material for my “And Then I Found Ten Souls” stories :)

          For what it's worth... I found that merchant was a useful source of arrows early-game.

          In fact, I restarted my (thief/dex) char when I accidentally killed him.

          My advice: make sure you have access to other merchants carrying useful goods before killing him...

            Yeah, I remember before one of the big patches that that merchant was the only guy to buy arrows from. And a lot of people kill him accidentally. :P

              Yes. Accidentally. *eyes dart from side to side*

      Parrying is for chumps. Real men run around crying like little girls to avoid being hit.

      I could pull it off sporadically, but circling and backstabbing was my method of choice in the majority of encounters.

      Extras->Writer's commentary: I felt good about writing 'radical' above, even if it was encased within a spoly coccoon. I watched TMNT as a kid.

      A skill that I also did not learn in Demon's Souls. I am yet to fire up Dark Souls however. I am quite literally afraid of both the challenge, the hours I will sink in to it and my sanity.

      Why parry when you can just lug around a huge slab of metal?

        I very cleverly chose Thief class, and my guy can barely heft a sword :P

    Woo new desk is installed! So much more real estate on this thing! Finally allows me to have my PC tower on the desk too!

    Also like my awesome table cloth I have on it? :P

      God that table cloth ages the room by about 40 years

        It was the darker one of the 3 mum presented me with haha. It's not that bad..

          Lose the table cloth it looks like a pair of golfing pants my grandpa wears :P

            Lol, oh Rockets. I need a table cloth, mostly because it's a glass top and glass is cold/slippery =P

              I don't think you heard the man. He said to lose it.

              I mean, you could always just replace it with something else, he didn't say. But you should listen to the man.

      I like the tablecloth, man. It really ties the room together.

        Does it smell like mothballs?

          I hope so - saves him buying some of that hard-to-find mothball-fragrance air freshener.

          Also, do you mean the pesticide, or insect anatomy?

        See this guys gets it!

    Hi gang,
    The planned Pez album launch later in the year was cancelled a few weeks back and people lost their shit. Also mine, & I'm assuming a few others, lack of funds at the moment means that going to the Gold Coast for theme parks etc in the next few months would be hard to pull off.
    There's gonna be rides, beaches, bikinis (on me) and every mutha effin one of you is going to sort your shit out and attend. There will be no excuses accepted.
    Partners you ask? They're welcome. Kids? Bring 'em along. Pets? Sure, why the hell not.
    It's still in the planning stages but it's looking like the weekend of the 15th & 16th of December will be the one. Let me know if that doesn’t work but keep in mind that the three weeks preceding that is schoolies.
    Preliminary details/rules are
    - Twitter DM me your email addresses. (@dkzeitgeist) If you’re not on Twitter because you’re taking a stand against social media, let me know and I’ll get you mah deets. A lot of this is going to play out in emails.
    - Nothing will be booked until whoever is booking rooms, tickets, cars etc has received every persons cash. That way no one is out of pocket.
    - I’ll be throwing out jobs for whoever wants one because this is too much for one person. So if you think you can help out, let me know. (read: Strange, get ready to take over)
    - All must attend.
    So let’s get the ball rolling now so we’ve all got plenty of time to organise cash and everything else.

      Dear Dan,
      You have my e-mail, it's the one you get all those exotic merkin pictures from when I ask for your fashion advice.


        Ya merkins make me smirk(in) lol.

      *pops up*


      I'll be in Taiwan. :(


      DM'd you!

      I'm not really a summertime/beachy person...

        Me either. It's going to be pretty damn hot around here in December. If there's any beach-things happening we'll have to find something more interesting to do while everyone else goes and gets sunstroke.

        Yeah, but there's some good scenery here on the Gold Coast in Summer =D

      What sort of price range do you think we'd be talking for this? Not factoring in transportation (I'd probably not want to drive there from Melbourne)

        I found flights for about $220 return. Either to GC or Brissy (from Melb).
        If we organise it properly we can probably hire a large car or van (or 2). Should be affordable when split between lots of people and much easier than having to catch a bus to the theme parks.
        Accommodation is the big unknown, and you probably won't know for sure till numbers are confirmed.

      Oh man I need to get this job fast. Count me in as a prospective attendee. I've sent you an email and I'll let you know in the next few months if I'm 100% in.

      Ok, since I've never been to a theme park in my entire 22 years of existance, I feel like I totally need to go to this.

      But WHERE IS IT!?

      Queensland I'm guessing? Oh sweet zombie jesus it will be hot in december.

        "I’ve never been to a theme park in my entire 22 years of existance"


          ...I am ashamed.

          I am also scared of rollercoasters.

          All this must change.

        Gold Coast.

        Think Australian Mecca... but for tourists.


        How embarrassing...

      This would be awesome! The only problem is money :P

      I have been before and it will cost a truckload so probably not for me.