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    Only a gamer would understand this feeling. I have a pile of shame that is large... but today I have an urge to buy a game.. its not that im playing games that mu ch at all, I don't have time for a new game let alone my existing ones... but i have a burning desire to buy a new game, just for that new game get feeling... It's a strange feeling but Im sure some of you can relate.

    I know I could just buy a game and that would solve it, but them i would suffer from pile of shame regret and that is also a bad feeling... so conflicted... also procrastinating as I don't want to do any more work today...

    Also, I started a twitter movement to stop a bowling company littering on trains and the end result is that im thinking of taking my business cards and dropping them on the lanes while people are bowling, as a protest. I won't do it, but im enjoying the idea of tham being an appropriate protest about their shitty marketing ideas.

    Good day yall!

      drop cityrail timetables all through the place. they'll make the link quicker & it wont get traced back to you.


      It would solve your problem if you bought a game you knew you would jump in and play straight away. Then you wouldn't feel regret because it wouldn't be adding to your pile of shame.

        OK that might be an idea, but nothing has really got me interested. MP3 is what i'd get but because of my fear of spoilers and the like, i have not read a single thing about it.. seen no videos or anything. I assume its great from what i'd caught, but i dont want to get into that yet....

        I have one platinum medal left to get in Trials Evo and after that perhaps i'll treat myself. Secretly im looking to justify my MP purchase I think, but lets see how long I hold out?

      Know that feel bro. #FistBump #Hashtagsoutsideoftwitterdontworkyounerd

      I know the 'must buy a new game' impulse. It's the reason I bought ICO/Shadow of the Colossus on the weekend, when I still need to play MGS4, Uncharted 3, FFXIII-2, Saints Row 3, more Skyrim, Little Big Planet 2, etc.

    Ok so my extremely eco-friendly work place just had a very eco-friendly “Business Improvement” presentation and gave out some awesome eco-friendly paper pamphlets that... wait for it… TURN INTO FREAKIN’ FLOWERS WHEN YOU PLANT THEM IN THE GROUND.

    Am I the only one extremely impressed and amazed by that? Hahaha, this paper is SO COOL. I want everything made out of this flower-growing paper!

    Maaaan, I am easily impressed.

      That is pretty cool actually. And I'm not impressed easily!

      (Wow, a blue car!)

        Man I love me a good ol' simpsons refference.

      Wow that sounds so cool. I'm imagining Eco-spitballs. Spit one at your friend and watch as he/she blossoms.

        YES! "OW MY EYE! IT STINGS, I--'s beautiful!"

        Can you imagine if everything was made out of this paper? It would be awesome. Rubbish on the side of the street? Is now a pile FLOWERS. Unsightly hobo using old newspaper as blanket? His blanket is now FLOWERS. Get an old book and turn a page into FLOWERS! It would be like some magical hippy land.

      We were thinking of doing that for wedding invitations. Something about letting love blossom etc etc

        Do it!


      Lay down your money and play your pa-
      That makes me sound like a prostitute.


    That was like over an hour... so many words...

    Safe to say that QLD SUPER MEAT would be during my holidays so we'll see what's up :), bit far in the future to say anything for sure but I guess I'll consider it :D. I haven't been to QLD for ages and I don't remember anything...

      It's during my holidays as well! o/ (Assuming I don't have a... *gulp* JOB by then! D:)
      Then only thing that could stop me would be the price...

        Oh shit! I totally forgot that I plan to do one of those internship thingies which might be on during then... Doubt I'd get in anyway xD

      Because it's not that memorable, Sir!
      It's the people you remember, regardless of location. The fact that North QLD is an old stomping ground means that I'm always returning there for one reason or another, and if there's a Meat happening around there, all the more reason to get on a plane!

        Oh and totally not related to anything above but I saw your comment while catching up on TAY and just wanted to say that Batguy and Batgirl aren't together/related :P. Batguy's wife is CookingMama (I think?) and Batgirl has gone through a whole lot of other names before deciding on that. Just related by name I guess like me and *shiver* Yellowius. They're the worst.

          Lol, I simply meant it on face(name?) value, and nothing more. I make no attempt to jump to conclusions, least of all with interpersonal relationships across the intarwebs. Thanks for the heads up though! :D
          I've seen Yellowius around a little, is it satirical between you two, or is it a pop-culture reference that is simply sailing WAY over my head?

            Yellowius started as a joke by Freeze. He pops up every now and then when appropriate...or more often when not :P

            Just Freeze S Preston Icequire's joke account. Few months back TAY and Kotaku was plastered with Dick Smith ads (similar to the SAFE ones) about the Vita and the entire background was completely bright yellow. Pretty sure everyone's eyes were bleeding and many dick jokes were made...
            Good times!

    I've spent all afternoon looking for jobs rather than actually working. I'm starting to think I might have to bite the bullet and move to Sydney and THEN look for a job. My bank account is going to HATE me.

      Why would you ever want to move to Sydney? No offence Sydney Taybies

        Because I need a drastic lifestyle change. And sadly enough I call those lovable bastards that are the Sydney TAYbies friends and it's always good to be around friends.

          Yeah, I know how you feel Cakesmith, I'm getting the itch lately too.

          Friends \o/
          If you live in Sydney I can't provide you a lift though. (See future adjustment to the T&C's of Nova Lifts Pty. Ltd. Inc. (TM)) :P

      Oh god take me to sydney with you! I miss it so bad.

      I wish I never moved. ):

      Oh man come on TS tonight, Pyrean and gorzy said that if you need a job in sydney they could probably hook you up? Although in saying that its monitor watching at a security place with night shift.

        Night shift usually means extra money. But you basically become nocturnal. Wait, gamers are already nocturnal (Right?). Yay for stereotypes

          Sadly the job is shift work, not night shift specifically, so their job requires the ability to shift your hours relatively frequently.

          I know that that's besides the point of your statement, but I do so love to clarify.

        I'm at work now but Pyrean should be on TS tonight (he isn't on until 2200. )
        Not sure if the boss is looking for more staff at the moment but we'd be happy to ask him.

        He's a big nerd too so he's happy to offer fellow nerds a job. Especially since the job essentially involves using a computer an d phone. It is shift work though h which is the biggest draw back.

    Misnbrid.... Eijdfnri.... Meat sounds awesome.... Odmkfsdj.... Stupid work.....Kerauidfn

    Ok now that I've all that negativity out of my system, sounds like everyone had an awesome weekend. I'm sad I couldn't make it. I blame Coles, and this time its actually true. Work was terrible on both Friday and Saturday nights, spent the whole time wishing I was at the meat. Ah well, there always next time.

    Speaking of next time, and kinda in response to DAN! on the previous page. Can't make the theme park Meat in December, however I mention on twitter last night (I think) that I will be visiting the Gold Coast in late Jan/Early Feb and would love to meet all the Brisbane and/or WLD based TAYbies at some point. Obviously not going to organise anything for a while, just throwing it out there so people can forget all about it when I rock up on Strange's doorstep and yell HEY THERE!!!

    The count down is most definitely on for my trip to Iceland, Finland and Norway. I'm on a plane in precisely 17 days 19 hours 50 mins. Picked up all my tickets and tour vouchers from the travel agents today. I am so ridiculously excited. I may or may not be bouncing as I type this.

      The next meat is in two weeks, for Pez's birthday, if you missed that in TAY earlier today. Reckon you could make that one?

        Possibly, although thats supposed to be my last weekend at work, so I may have to bail on that one too. Hmm, leave it with me, I'll see what magic I can conjure

          *Insert joke about Nova driving me to the meat here*

            Disclaimer - All future Lifts provided by Nova Lifts Pty. Ltd. Inc. (TM) are forfeited once the applicant has chosen to obtain alternate transportation to a Kotaku Meat (TM) on two or more separate occasions. A waiver may be requested if said Kotaku Meat (TM) is scheduled and combined with the death of a family member, natural disaster or other act of god. Nova Lifts Pty. Ltd. Inc. (TM) reserves the right to alter, adjust and in any way change the terms and conditions of Lifts at any time.

            Thank you for choosing Nova Lifts Pty. Ltd. Inc. (TM)

          That's cool, just wanted to let you know now so you could see if it's possible at all! :p

        Argh! why are they always on the weekend I work!

        I'm going to sit in the corner and cry now.

    Hmm, I’m trying to think of a cool title for my meat write up. I’m thinking soap operas. Let’s see
    1. The HOME AND AWAY meat
    2. The Pez’s NEIGHBOURS are either deaf or really kind meat.
    3. The all TAYbies are BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL MEAT
    4. Like sand through the hourglass, so are the DAYS OF OUR MEAT.

    I’m still not 100% sure about these headings. They feel forced, maybe movie titles will work. Let’s see:
    1. I met DAN IN REAL LIFE at the meat.
    2. CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE-ly meat.
    3. You WILL DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE if you weren’t at the meat.
    4. The beds were ROCKY during the meat.

    Maybe music will work.
    1. SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW was at the meat.
    2. You would have thought Will Smith was at the meat coz we were all getting SHIGGY with it.

    RATIONAL MASHA (RM): Ok, please stop. That was the worst. Getting Shiggy with it, really? That’s the worst Will Smith related thing since Men in Black 2.
    MASHA: C’mon, I was just trying to have a little fun.
    RATIONAL MASHA: Fun is swimming on a hot summer’s day; fun is playing with your dog in the park. This is just terrible.
    MASHA: Shut up!
    RATIONAL MASHA: I prefer the term ‘please be silent’, Shut up is for uncultured people.
    MASHA: What? How did you get in my head? You’re such a pretentious douche! Also, shut up.
    RATIONAL MASHA: Your head? It’s not your head, I knew about it before it became cool you know, now it’s too mainstream for me. There are too many Masha’s in here. Serious masha, eating masha, polite masha, who are all these people? I am the one true Masha.
    MASHA: Oh my God! Who are you? Please get out of my head.
    RM: No, you leave.
    MASHA: Enough, if you don’t leave soon I’m going to punch you.
    RM: How can you? Hit me and you hurt yourself.
    MASHA: I’ll take the risk.
    RATIONAL MASHA: Approach me brother.
    MASHA: It’s COME AT ME BRO, you idiot.


    RM: Wait, he called me pretentious douche and he has a show named after him. What a hypocrite.
    NARRATOR: You’re not supposed to be here.
    MASHA: I told you he was a jerk.
    NARRATOR: Screw the rules of a narrator not getting involved, let’s get this MOFO.
    (Cue Spanish Flea )

      Hahaha, oh MASHAAAAAA that was amazing. But you forgot one thing - MIB 3 was just released, thats probably the worst Will Smith related thing since MIB 2. Or possibly even worse than 2

        Apparently it's on par with the first. I'm yet to confirm this.

          I heard it was good, but not amazing.

            Oh ok then, I was execting it to be terrible. Its a fairly reasonable assumption for a series thats been away for so long. Even if its got Will Smith in it

              The people I know who have watched MIB 3 see the order of the MIB series as 1, 3 then 2.

            I heard that it was MIB 2. Again.

            As such, it was terrible.

              I'm just going to say this but I didn't hate the second one. It wasn't as good as the first one but it wasn't as bad as a lot of people made it out to be.

                I respect your opinion, but politefully disagree.

                Men In Black suffered from the same problems as Ghostbusters.

                Mostly because it was basically just Ghostbusters(Not really, but the filmic DNA is there). While I haven't seen 3, so I'll admit that I can't judge it, the MiB sequels had exactly the same problems as the Ghostbusters ones, in that they kind of missed the point of what was cool, which is the world, as opposed to the characters and the plot within it, so they try to replicate everything of the first, which just doesn't make sense.

                Your opinion on how bad this is will vary.

                Though apparently Josh Brolin's impression of Tommy Lee Jones is pretty damn amazing, even if they do screw over the history of the character and the MiB in general with him.

      Bahaha! What?

      On soap opera point #2. I'm totally amazed that nobody complained about the noise. I guess we weren't all that loud after, say, 1am, but when we were loud, egads we were loud.

        I was surprised as well. I guess the walls must be really thick.

          That's the thing, the few times I was outside the apartment I could still hear the noise reasonably well, so I assume other residents could too. I guess they were just really patient people.

        On that note, when Harli and I were leaving, with Crabjiffy guiding us out, the Indian dude from next door stole look out of his place suspiciously, then went back in.
        Maybe we were just being obscenely loud while we were leaving, or maybe he just hates asian, I dunno.

      Which toads have you been licking recently?

        I live alone so I have a lot of time too myself. The voices in my head consume me.

          FIGHT THE POWAH!
          Consume them first. Then get all high-and-mighty on the metaphysical connotations of your self-consumption.
          Me? I prefer the existential triptych of Me, Myself and I (or, on a more appropriate scale, Father, Son and Holy Spirit). To each there own :3

    Considering the theme park meat has been postponed, can we mix it up a little more?
    Can we can we can we? PLEEEASE!?

    I really like Origin of Symmetry by Muse.
    Really, really.

    Just in case you were wondering.

      I'm listening to Morris Brown by Outkast at the moment.

        i'm listening to airbrushed (RAC remix) by anamanaguchi at the moment.

          Right now I've got Ocean Princess - Two Steps From Hell playing.

            I'm listening to the sound of the rest of my office having a party while I work because I'm behind in my work :(

          I haven't listened to a lot of their stuff but I really enjoyed Helix nebula after listening to the Gamesradar podcast for a while.

      I remember that album.
      It was a pretty cool guy.

    Ahh... another day, another box of stolen pens.

    Off to see Men In Black 3!

    Let's hope it's not as bad as that GOD AWFUL Dark Shadows.

      dark shadows wasn't that bad i thought, it wasn't amazing, but i was entertained enough

        it was OK... until the ending. "woof" is all I have to say... I mean. WTF? WHERE DID THAT EVEN COME FROM!?

      Glanced at this. Saw 'box of stolen penis'. Need to stop hanging out on Twitter.

      MiB3 is pretty good. I enjoyed it alot to be honest, as good as the others i think.

        I had fun, movie made me tear up like a loser in one part.

        I liked it. :D

    Oh boy... epic write ups meat peeps! Seriously wish I had've been able to make it. One of these days I'll make a Sydney one I'm sure.. I might be old and grey by then, but.. well.. I guess that's only a few years away now! If life keep going the way it is, I'll be grey in a few weeks, so you never know your luck!
    Always fun to play along via twitter though.
    Was a pretty busy night really. Between you guys and RayGunBrown's epic trip to the Valley, many lols were had all around, even from all the way up here!
    And Serrels.. damn! Dance Commander! I'm surprised all the ladies weren't stuffing your pants full of monies! I dun think I could have helped myself if I had been there! You pwned those moves like an arab with oilfields! Stylish brother!
    Bit of a bummer you guys didn't get to make that vid for Elly though! That would have been an epic surprise! Oh wells.. Sounds like she had a great day anyway. Much like you guys! Super jelly!
    Specially of that nutella bucket/barrel/tub/whateverthehellyoucallit! Where the hell did you buy it from and how much was it?! I know someone who'd LOVE one of those!!
    Glad all you Sydneysiders can finally understand why we love DAN! so much up here! Such a fine example of how crazy hipsters can sometimes be the best friends ever! And Trjn! wow! what an epic effort you went to! lol! I hadn't heard a peep out of you since you announced you booked your ticket. Totally forgot you were going! Thanks all for the writeups!
    I know I haven't been TAY'n much these days, but I'm still working hard in the background keeping up with you all, and other.. secret squirrel stuff.. :) Hopefully soon you'll begin to see the fruits of my effort! Til then, stay awesome as always TAY! errr...
    I mean.

      The Nutella tub was from a cafe down the road from Pez's. It was $65.
      And yeah, DAN! and Trjn are great guys! Nice to have them come down /(and the other guys who came up too)


    I'm suing. The recent changes in the Nova Lifts company are distressing. I was promised a consistent and reliable lift service and the recent changes in policy do not meet these criteria. The Nova lift service is an institution as important as the Serrels stare and the McGarnical hang in there picture in the TAY community. I'll see you in court.

      We will organise all the revengeance cupcakes.

      ALL OF THEM.

        As the PR representative of Nova Lifts, please send all 'complaints' directly to me

      *Insert various lines from Ocean Marketing incident in the hopes of sounding funny but instead come off as a bit of a dick*

      I'll have my people talk to your people

    So my predicted wellness did not come to pass. I'm worse then yesterday but better then Saturday.
    So not sure if I'll be on Teamspeak and such.
    Wait and see.
    Also, i have nothing else to talk about. God, I am boring.

      Scree! Happy birthday, and all that wonderful jazz. Mmm, smooth, smooth jazz.
      Jazz is good for the throat-hole, mmyes?

        I don't know, but listening to Flu's voice(which Jazz reminds me of) is bad for my health, as my throat tries to replicate it constantly, so I explode.

          That reminds me of

      Japanese food is good for the wellness, all soup with exotic ingredients and Asian herbal knowledge

        I have cough syrup and stuff, but it seems determined to be a super cold.

          Hope you're better soon Scree!
          I went to work today but they sent me home after a few hours. Still sick.
          Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

            I hope you're also better soon! \o/ Here is the sick buddies hi five I owed you o/
            Money is important, but at least they know you're not faking it =(

          If it's a cold make sure to drink lots and lots of water! Works for me. Get well soon!

            I'm terrible at drinking water, so I'll use tea.

              Orange/cranberry juices are apparently pretty good for colds as well, so you could try them. I mostly just drink water though. If I'm really focused on getting better I'll usually just keep a massive jug of water with me and drink constantly throughout the day. The down side is that it makes you need to go to the toilet every 10 minutes. haha

                Vitimin C is mainly a preventative for colds the way I understand it but I'm sure it couldn't hurt. Lots of water is the best but I'm sure tea would do a good job as its most parts water.

                I think I remember hearing somewhere that green tea is suposed to be good for colds but that may have just been from someone selling green tea.

                Trust me, I'm (not) a doctor!

                  I'm allergic to green tea. I would end up in hospital.
                  Possibly vomiting blood.

                  Zinc is the only supplement that has actually been found to have an effect on colds in a lab.

    oh my, MASHAAAAAAAAAAASS post reminded me, so many new people, so many people who are not aware of the serrel's stare!



      Yeah I must admit I was slightly disappointed with Hermes and Thoth's Serrels Stare. It's just not right without the swivel chair!

      Oh thats gold. Where did it originally come from? Some sort of interview by the looks of it

        Serrels appeared on the ABC news channel, talking about the PSN outage. for it.

      Haha, oh god. Feels like the still image is attempting to steal my soul D=

    So I suddenly had a thought that since it was getting late Kudos should have been published by now.
    I have the feeling this is going to be a long week


      TIME TRAVEL!!!



    I just realised I'd been posting and hadn't stopped to check under what user name.
    It would have been confusing if I'd said I'm at work but Pyrean doesn't have to be here until 2200 under Pyrean's name.

    Dat game of thrones episode.

      I know, right?

      That line of Tyrion's? Best line.


        The books are on their way, but still.

        Also, The Rains of Castamere. Perfect.

      I've never seen a GoT episode, nor have I read the books. I know there's a lot of hype about it, but can anyone give me a quick summation? I'm worried that if it's as good as people say, my sleep schedule is going to be destroyed, what with True Blood airing shortly.
      "Quiet kids, Aleph's watching it's stories..."

        There's lots of characters and lots of stuff happens :P

        I've never read the books (or even heard of them before) but gave the show a crack after hearing good things about it from friends and seeing its rating on imdb. I didn't even know what the show was about or that it was fantasy before I started watching but I certainly enjoyed it. It's really hard to sum up what the heck is going on in a little paragraph but if you like TV shows, fantasy, action, a good story, gore, sex etc. then you'll like it :)

          Well, that certainly sounds like True Blood to me. My waking hours are going to skyrocket, I'm sure :(

        "Game of Thrones is like Twitter; it has 140 characters and terrible things are always happening"

          And for the record, the show is great. The first season is a faithful adaptation of the first novel. The second season deviates somewhat from the novel. But the novel is so huge with so much happening that it would be impossible to fit it all in 10 episodes.

          TL;DR: The show is great, but the books are better. Also, you don't have to wait another three years to catch up ;)

    Metal Gear Solid 4 is awesome so far. I'm really liking the idea of the SOP (Sons of the Patriots) System, with warfare being micromanaged globally by (presumably) the Patriots. I'm looking forward to seeing how Liquid defeats such a ubiquitous system. Old Snake is also a bit of a badass, and I'm diggin the OctoCamo.

      You make me want to play MGS3 and Peace Walker and MGS2 and MGS4 again.

      Damn you Cracks.

      Damn you.

        That reminds me...

        I bought the LE of the HD Collection and Twin Snakes but still haven't gotten around to either yet :P :(

      Only ever played MGS2. Really liked it, but everyone tells me it was the weakest in the series. Good omen for whenever I get around to playing the others

        I need to find MG:S for PSX again.
        And Tenchu: Stealth Assassin
        and Ridge Racer
        and FFVII
        and Crash Bandicoot
        and SpeedFreaks (whoever mentioned that earlier, thanks for the nostalgia!)

          Oh my best friend had Speed Freaks. I spent so many hours getting my ass handed to me in that game. Good times

            Speed freaks was awesome. Getting the gold wheels on the different racers was gruelling.

      MGS4 was weird for me. I'd only played MGS1 before it (which I really enjoyed) and I was having a lot of fun while playing... Then it finished and I ended up feeling like it wasn't that great after all. :P I'll have to try and replay it one day.

        MGS1 was the first game I truly played through again and again. Something so simple and yet slightly gamebreaking as that bandanna for an endgame reward... you've just gotta do it all again!

      I've never played a MGS game.

        Nor I.

        Further more... I do not like stealth games.
        So, Splinter Cell and Hitman are both on that list.

          Not even Tenchu? The first one was fantastic. Ninjas!

        That's a bit sad. I remember when the PSX Metal Gear Solid came out. It was so incredible and unlike anything we'd played before. Everyone who saw it was blown away. Anytime anyone was playing there'd always be a huge crowd just watching and being amazed.

    @ Powalen
    I have ONE chicken leg, does that count?
    Also, I just realised that I play all these vidjagaems, solo. Aside from steam, where everyone simply never seems to play anything (not JUST you guys, mind) are there any other communal gaming mediums TAY uses that Aleph may take part in?

      Oh, I got called a racist today for giving a bloke a lift from his broken-down car on the side of the road, too. Fun times!

        ...I don't see how that is at all racist :|

          Well, nor do I frankly. Perhaps it was the fact he got annoyed that I had no money or cigarettes or jerry-cans in the back of the vehicle that he could take. I deliberately leave my money at home throughout the week, and only take 3 cigarettes to work each day for that exact reason.
          It's the last time I lend a helping hand outside of work hours henceforth, anyway.

            Oh right you live in the Northern Territory, so you were helping out an indigenous person? Sorry if i'm stereo typing from what you said, it just sounds so typical =/

      Well... if you only have one leg, then I suppose that's OK? But it'll have to be extra skinny to beat these stems! They're essentially each a tibia wrapped in skin (I exaggerate of course, but they are quite skinny :P)

      And most TAY gaming stuff is posted in TAY. It's just been quiet recently. When something is planned in advance we usually get pretty good turnouts!

        Talipese FTW! One normal, well developed leg, and one super-scrawny chicken leg.
        To be honest, I only started wearing shorts this year. 23 years of nothin' but pants, meaning I *should* rank pretty highly in the "illuminate a dark room with that unearthly glow" category :D

      Do you own Brink? Because I was going to suggest a Brink night for Wednesday. It's been too long since I last played that game. (maybe only a month and a half...)

        I have it on X360, though I don't have a net-connection for it. The majority of my gaming is PC these days, predominantly WoW, Clickablo 3, TF2, Minecraft and a few others. So many multiplayah gaems, so little playahs to play with :D

    No context:

      And here I was putting hay bales in front of fireplaces in enclosed rooms like a sucker!

      I always thought I was pretty awful when I played the Sims, but this is pretty darn cruel.
      And I love it.

      Oh that's gold. I really do need to frequent the chans a little more, if only for gems like this.
      Thanks for sharing Cakesmith!

    Yay! I have a xbox live gold sub again. That 2 months for $2 deal is too good to pass up. Someone play some co-op Saints Row the Third with me. WE'LL KILL ALL THE HOOKERS <3

        Sloth love Chunk!



        Why is the right side of the image in the same resolution as the left? Not cool, mang.

          As I mentioned on twitter...

          They Have no neckbeards and their waists are narrower than their shoulders.
          Also, their arms are the same size... normally PC master racers have one big arm from all their internet porn.

          It's just not an accurate depiction.

    ♫Revvin' up your engine
    Listen to her howlin' roar
    Metal under tension
    Beggin' you to touch and go♫

    @Becaroonie/Doc What: I mentioned earlier that I overloaded Illustrator at one point doing vector tracing of an anime image. Found it:

    It's funny, at the time I thought it looked awesome. But now I look at it and think it's kind of crap :( I guess I see all the flaws. Always your own biggest critic I guess.

      Wow, looks good to me!

      I totally understand being able to see all the little flaws in something I've just finished, though. xD Happens to me all the time.

      No way man, that looks amazing! Even the parts that were covered up you managed to get, looks really good. :)

      I agree with you and Powalen tho, I always notice like 5 mistakes once I've saved my final copy of a picture and have to go back and fix it only to notice another mistake after that, haha.

        It's also that I'm looking back at something I did in late 2006.

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