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    I like using...

      ARE YOU A SEX MEN!?!?!

        I am indeed a sex men!!!!
        ...I think... therefore I am...
        Additionally... I am evidently...
         sexy I am plural.


      ... REPLY...


      ... wait for it...

      .... FAIL! :(

        ...we all know...
        ...that if there is anyone...
        ...around here...
        ...that loves to use ellipses...'s the loops...


    Also- HI CJ!!!!
    Have you heard of Space Marine? I'd like to share with you the good news, as handed down by the Emeperor Himself, blessed he be.

      Oh oh and Xenoblade! CJ you must play Xenoblade!

        That game is bad and you should feel bad.

          I can't believe you felt this way the entire time! You've made a powerful enemy of the Xenoblade Club, Cakesmith. Watch yourself!
      HI CJ! o/

      Sorry Loops if you're talking about awesomeness you spelled Mechwarrior wrong ;P

        Oh I can't lie to you Loops, Warhammer is just as awesome as Mechwarrior :P

      I have an I played and finished it. But forgive me I traded it in (which I don't often do) but I did enjoy the game

    @McGarnical: I'm also way behind in D3. I'm still in Act II on Normal with a level 23 Monk, and my Wizard alt is only level 8 :(

      Oh well, it's good really. It means we won't burn out on it! I hope to be playing this game for a long time. I really love how polished it is. And by being behind we get the full benefit of patches.

        We should hook up, the three of us.
        Click all the things together, we must.

      You two can play together!
      What I've done is just join in whoever is online and around the same level. That's why I've got so many characters at varying levels. I spend more time just messing around trying out the other classes and redoing previous Acts rather than just playing on one character and I find this more fun.
      Feel free to join in my game if there's spots available :) and I'm sure others won't mind you joining theirs either even if it's only for a little while. The game gets infinitely better on co-op and I can't be bothered even playing solo anymore.

        With regard to co-op, I'm assuming you need to add people's battletags prior to selecting who you can play with, yeah? I've only ever done the randomized "public" games.

          Yep you can find our details in TAYnames or tinyurl/taynames

            Cheers mate, I'll be sure to add you this evening at home, I've got the URL saved on my desktop :)

              I added you last night :P

                Excellent! There shall be many pantsless gaming sessions to be had, beginning tonight if people are free :D

                  I'm mainly playing WoW because my D3 is only a guest edition at the moment :P

          Yes, add us as friends. There is a list in the "TAY names" document. I don't have the link, but I'm sure someone else here has it favourited and can link it for us.

          My blizzard name is McGarnical#1506.

            I am the winrar! I contemplated not posting a link thinking someone else would beat me to it :P

    I get the feeling about 8 pages of TAY will now show up.

      Yeah, it's been like that all morning for me. CTRL+F5!

    I am now the only one in the office. Commence spinning on my chair.

      I've been the only one in the office all day.. and for the better part of the last couple of months... lol

        ...which basically means my chair needs A LOT of WD40

          Dude, I don't think we want to know what you're doing to those unfortunate pieces of office furniture...

    God i am sooo over hitting F5 to see posts... *sigh*
    Comments are sooo broken now lol

      Ctrl+shift+R! The new three finger salute.

    Scored 2 massive bargains on the weekend.

    1. FINALLY picked up the Company of Heroes anthology- EB had it on special for $15. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into it after exams next week.

    2. Both my local Dick Smiths got shut down, so i thought i would check them both out. The first one didn’t have anything, but the second had a copy of Uncharted on PSVita, but no sale signs. So i grabbed it and asked if it was on sale. It scanned in at $17.99… i almost peed myself i was so excited. Needless to say i bought it.

      on a side note i'm REALLLLLLY considering pre-ordering Lego Batman 2 for Vita...
      It's $68... but i get a bonus Lex Luthor lego pack!!!

        Zavvi have Lego Batman 2 and the Lex Luthor pack for ~$52 ;)

          Only problem with that is i'm saving a minimal amount to wait an extra 2+ weeks. Zavvi orders have only once gotten to me in the space of a week, with the longest taking over a month. So it's just not worth it imho.
          Thanks for the heads up though, mate :)

      Dude, nice price on Uncharted! Amazing.

        I know. I couldn't believe it.
        As i said, they had nothing to say the Vita games were on special, but against my normal intuition, i thought it wouldn't hurt to ask... Man i was so blown away. Absolutely stoked.

          CoH is awesome but a word of warning it's horrid to patch it. If you can get it done via steam it'll save you a lot of trouble.

    Ok so MokoTAYbikeu Trials Evolution competition is back on. Track this week is Sewage Plant. Best time on Sunday night wins.

    Remember that this competition is about finding others around here at a similar skill level to you and competing with them rather than with Sughly as that will only end in tears. I'll post the times on Sunday night around 8pm.

    I have a Redlynx stubbie holder to give away too so there is technically a prize for this week also :)

    Let me know how you get on. and be sure to send a friend request on XBL to MokoTAYbikeu if you want to participate.

      Cakesmith you bastard I hate you.
      Man, I haven't played Sewage Plant since I first cleared it...

      Looks like I'll pass on this one :p Hate that track with a fiery passion.

        Yeah it's the whole random aspect to the physics of those water pipes. So unpredictable! I hate how the top times just find some loop hole and skip giant sections of the track because of it...


          Sorry, sorry. But the water pipes are so consistent, and the way they move you is entirely predictable, so it's really not that bad. You just have to sit down and maths the course. That's how you win. Maths.

            Yes, they're consistent but landing a tiny bit out of place dramatically impacts what happens. You can't undershoot a jump and correct it anywhere near as much as similar difficulty tracks.

      Remember that this competition is about finding others around here at a similar skill level to you and competing with them rather than with Sughly as that will only end in tears.

      *looks at the two people ahead of me*

        Just to bug you, I think Freyr has better times than you on a few of the earlier tracks now :p

          Freyr or you playing as Freyr? :P

          It's ok I haven't really gone back to earlier tracks :)

            There's a difference? Because you're still losing :p

              Are you saying that you are Freyr?
              Because that is weird.

                Best online ventriloquist act or bestest online ventriloquist act?

                  I'm sorry, but I think we all know that you couldn't pull it off, since Steve-O has by far the best impression of Freyr.

      mannnn... that track...

      Unfortunately i have taken a break from evo at the moment. I have been playing pro evo soccer during study breaks instead, as it's far more relaxing.. i'm saving my evo playing for when getting frustrated won't matter. lol

    My copy of Batman Arkham Asylum just arrived, unfortunately I must have clicked on the vanilla version of the game instead of the game of the year version when I was making the purchase. I guess it's not a huge lose, but they were the same price and I could have gotten the extra maps. Oh well.

      Aw that sucks :(. If it means anything I bought the GOTY edition and didn't touch any of the extra challenge maps and I tried out the 3D mode very briefly (it sucks). So don't feel like you're missing out on too much :D

      Is it 360? Happy to lend you my game. Is it DLC codes or is it on the disc? If codes, you can have them as my 360 no gots internet access.

        It's on the PS3. Thanks for the offer though. Like Greenius says,the maps are probably not that essential.

    Hi, TAY! o/
    There are only three days left in Autumn...
    What to do to celebrate this occasion?

      Winter is coming etc, etc

        Oh hell yeah. Dying to try out my new skis!

          Ooh, what type of skis did you get?

            Volkl Kendo 177cm
            Parents picked them up in Italy earlier this year for about half of what they cost here.

      Oh man, already. I noticed it was cold but didn't realise it was almost winter o.o

    I rewatched the latest Young Justice last night. Got to say, I think it's the weakest episode so far. There's some really hamfisted moments (Babs's little quip after making Nightwing awkward and the simultaneous group giggle in particular) and aside from fleshing out Blue Beetle as a character (he is really getting the spotlight on him, which makes me think I know exactly what the invasion in Young Justice Invasion is about) there was a lot of clunkiness.

    Hopefully this is one of those episodes where it turns out that there's plenty going on that isn't apparent until later episodes. Just like the one with Red Arrow and Aqualad defending the totally not Korean leaders from assassins.

    Dammit, I was too late to the party re: Game of Thrones thread. Everyone was replying at like post-midnight. You crazy cats. There is THE WALL of text on page 5 if you're interested in my opinion. If you aren't interested in my opinion than do not venture to the wall.

      I just read that, you have a rather liberal approach to expletives, which was amusing.

      Yup, that's all I had to say.

      Oh, wait, also: Va gur pnfr bs Glevba, V'z V guvax ur'f fhccbfrq gb unir zbirq onpx, fb gung bayl gur irel gvc bs gur fjbeq tenmrq uvf snpr. V jnf whfg qvfnccbvagrq, nf vg gbgnyyl onyyfrq hc uvf abfr va gur obbx, naq gurer jnf bayl zvabe qnzntr, juvpu V thrff vf rnfvre, gb fubj, ohg znxrf zr nyy fnq.

        Ur nyfb jnf zrnag gb fhssre fbzr snveyl frevbhf bgure jbhaqf qhevat gur svtug. Gurer'f bayl fb zhpu gung pna unccra va na ubhe bs gryrivfvba ohg vg frrzf yvxr ur jrag bhg gurer, pubccrq bss n yrt, tbg fynfurq naq gura unq n shaal yvar.

          Vaqrrq. Qvqa'g ernyyl fubj gur znq onggyr yhfg gung ur'f fhccbfrq gb trg, ohg bu jryy.

          Nyfb Cbq jnf rknpgyl nf njrfbzr nf ur jnf fhccbfrq gb or.

            V yvxr Cbq. Ubcr gung jr trg gb frr zber bs uvz. Ab vqrn jvgu guvf frevrf nalzber. Gurl'er tvivat fcbgyvtug gb punenpgref gung arrqrq vg ohg qvqa'g trg vg va gur obbx (gur lbhat jbys va cnegvphyne). Hasbeghangryl gung pbzrf ng gur rkcrafr bs bgure punenpgref.

            Ba nabgure abgr, jung gur uryy jnf tbvat ba jvgu Ybenf? V qba'g erzrzore uvz orvat unys nf hfryrff nf ur jnf gurer. Gura ntnva, gurl oneryl gevrq gb grnfr gung Erayl unq pbzr onpx sebz gur qrnq. Jryy, nfvqr sebz fubjvat bar qhqr jvgu nagyref ba uvf uryz va n pebjq fubg be fbzrguvat yvxr gung. Pna'g dhvgr jbex gung bhg. Arrq gb erjngpu vg.

      Just to address one or two things:

      Gur jvyqsver jnf rira zber penml va gur obbxf. Rirelguvat jnf oheavat. Gur syrrg jnf genccrq va gur onl gunaxf gb n tvnag punva arg gung Glevba unq sbeprq nyy bs gur oynpxfzvguf va Xvat'f Ynaqvat gb znxr. Va gur fubj vg ybbxrq yvxr gur sver jnf snveyl qvfpbaarpgrq sebz gur svtugvat ohg V'z snveyl fher gur obbxf whfg unir gung fuvg rireljurer. Gung'f jul gur qbt ehaf.

      Glevba'f vawhel vf n ovg qvssrerag gbb. Snveyl fher vg unccraf ba n enaqbz fuvc gung vf tbvat qbja (lhc, gung'f evtug, gurl svtug ba obngf orpnhfr jul abg?). Juvpu rkcynvaf jul ur'f noyr gb fperj hc trggvat xvyyrq ng fhpu n fubeg enatr. Guvf zbzrag sryg n yvggyr yvxr "bu, evtug, ur'f zrnag gb trg uvf abfr pubccrq bss abj".

      Good episode but I had damned high expectations and it didn't quite meet them.

        Yeah, it was rather underwhelming. The only thing epic about it was the song. Still better than the best episodes of most other shows though.

          Definitely true. Great episode by most standards, it just didn't capture the epic chaos that made me really enjoy that section of the book. Well paced and the bits that weren't meant to be bloody chaos were better than they were in the book.

            I haven't read the books though and I won't until the series is done and with that knowledge in hand, this was the best episode to date. Not only because of Qbt'f ghea naq syrrvat - juvpu znqr uvz frrz yvxr n erny crefba nf bccbfrq gb n yvgrenel pbafgehpg bayl uryy orag ba qrfgehpgvba. V ernyvfr ur VF n yvgrenel pbafgehpg ohg Trbetr EE boivbhfyl xabjf ubj gb punenpgrevmr crbcyr jryy naq zbfg bs gung unf genafyngrq gb gur fperra (V nffhzr qhr gb gur fhpprff) ubjrire Qbt jnf whfg n punenpgre gung jnf 2Q gb zr naq guvf znqr uvz 3Q, 4Q, 5Q. Nobir nyy ryfr, Qbt orpnzr bar bs zl snibhevgr punenpgref cheryl orpnhfr bs gur cbffvovyvgvrf vg bcraf hc.

              From your comments about the Hound I'd guessed you hadn't read the books.
              I'm in a great position of having the read the books but not the latest one. The last time I read one was when A Feast For Crows came out so my memory of exact events is fuzzy enough for me to not compare the show too much to the books.
              I was reading the first book while pregnant with my daughter 12 years ago so a lot of the earlier stuff is extremely fuzzy which makes me enjoy the show a bit more, I think.

              I had the thought last night that the actor who plays Joff is really going to have a hard time getting laid (when/if he's old enough). Every time I see his face I want to punch him, and then throw up(but not in a Rocketman way :P ).

                I'd hazard a guess and say that most people who don't read fantasy novels had never even heard of Game of Thrones pre-TV show announcement. I certainly hadn't and no one that I know IRL did and hell, I consider myself pretty 'in the know'. People, such as yourself, who were lucky enough to read it all that time ago and then have it made into a tv series, I have a little bit of envy for.

                I often like to read the book before the series/film but in this case it was just too extensive to get into before the show started. I didn't have the time to catch up. As a result, I think I will be waiting a long time to read it because now I don't want to spoil things. That's quite okay though, I definitely have plenty of other things to read.

                The next HBO series I am mega excited about is American Gods.

    Today's menu: MOAR CHIKIN
    With sundried-tomato and philly cheese sauce.
    I think I'm subconsciously hoping that the growth hormones injected into my lunch will start working on me too.

      Sounds tasty. Man I am hungry right about now and where's the hormones, in the cheese?

        We must create cheese hormones.
        For science.

          Cheese on 'roids this can only end so well! Lets get a kickstarter going pronto!

        Probably. I don't care much for where they're kept, so long as it ends up inside me, all hormonal-like.
        Sauce was sundried-tomato, philly cheese, parmesan cheese, chilli, garlic and onion. Sooooo nommy.

      Chickens (and other animals) in Oz aren't injected or fed hormones.
      They might have antibiotics or other things added to their feed, but no added hormones.

        Flu's on the money here, what I was getting at with my comment xD

        So any butcher claiming that their stuff is hormone free is stating the truth but also implying others have hormone fed animals which is completely false.

    I have "My Sacrifice" stuck in my head.
    Dear song,
    Please, for all that is holy, get out of my head!
      Here you go

    My sister's been playing Mafia 2 and I've had this song stuck in my head for days. I thought I'd share the pain:

    Actually, I kind of love it. :P

      I <3 Mafia II. I was totally impressed by that game, except for two ridiculous difficulty spikes.

        The checkpoints in particular were pretty screwy if I recall correctly. I remember having to do the same easy nine minutes over and over again just to die again in the minute that followed. :S Incredible atmosphere, though.

          Muscle memory got pretty good for that eearly bit :P

        Where were these?

          Warehouse on the docks was the main one.

            Stuff like that makes me hesitant to replay the game, same goes with the boss fights in Deus Ex: HR.

            First thought: Where... you had to move a bunch of crates? That was annoying, but not hard, Shane. :/
            Upon remembering: Ah. Yes. Quite right.

            Had a bit of trouble on all of the massive action sequences, actually. The combat in that game (IIRC) was functional, but hardly great.

              Angered up the blood good and proper.

              This scene more than made up for it, though:

              For that bit, the only way I could get through it was to drive my car into the warehouse at top speed, use it to run down one of the guys at the far end, and then take cover behind it for the other nearby guy, and then run and gun the guys coming down the stairs. After that, things got hard because the guys upstairs were all ready for me, with molotovs and overpowered rifles. The only way to beat it, I found, was to memorise their positions, and creep out so that only one could target you at a time and snipe them down. After that, it was a hellbent flight up the stairs and into the office so you could take down the main guy.

              Would have been an amazing battle if it wasn’t so damn hard and so cripplingly different from the rest of the game’s action sequences. A little too much trial and error for my liking.

      I really dug Ain't That A Kick In The Head by Dean Martin.
      Also, Fallouts 3 and NV, similarly rad radio stations.

      It's nice that games can take people as young as us (well, as young as you guys; I'm 63) can take us back to those periods. I suppose in entertainment media it's probably more stylised and glamourous than it really was, but I always find it a bit of a fascinating glimpse into the past. The style, the culture.

        On that train of thought, I've noticed that when music is typified by it's era (60s, 70s, 80s etc) I assume it to be only the "pop" of the decade in question. My listening style is typically by genre, as opposed to era, though it's funny to see entire eras get classified as a genre unto itself.
        80s music is best music, btw.
        Holy crap, the 90s and 00s don't stand a chance if that's the case.

        I still remember how insanely creepy it was to hear "How Much is that Doggy in the Window" while exploring Rapture in BioShock.

        Music does an incredible job grounding you in the world.

    Dear TAY.

    I mentioned this yesterday. I am currently evaluating my options for replacing my low-powered HTPC as the AMD E-350 in it is not powerful enough to play all my media. My requirements for replacement is that it needs to be fairly small form factor (I haven't got a lot of space) and accommodate a desktop-class CPU rather than a low-power Intel Atom or AMD Fusion, as those simply lack the power for my needs.

    In terms of graphics performance, I'm of two minds. If I had a system that could play PC games decently @ 1920x1080 (i.e. a Steambox) I'd totally go for it. However it's less of a requirement and more of a nice to have thing.

    As I see it, my options are to build my own Mini-ITX system again, or to buy something off the shelf.

    If I built my own, I'd be looking at a Silverstone SG06 case, i5 2500 / 2500K, standard mini-ITX board and probably throw a 560 Ti in there since it'd fit easily. Recycle some spare RAM and a 2.5" HDD. Downside to this is noise, heat, size and the fact I have to build it myself. This would set me back ~$700 I believe.

    As far as off-the-shelf solutions go, there's really not much out there aside from the Mac Mini. The only thing I know of that's in a similar ballpark is the barebones stuff that Asrock makes, but those are upwards of $1000 and still require you to add memory and a hard drive. Everything else is more in the 'nettop' category when you go small form factor, and lack the power. So Mac Mini. $700 or $900, with the $200 diff getting you a middling-quality discrete GPU, 200 mHz CPU boost and double the RAM. Probably the low end (with RAM swapped out) would do the trick, but the higher-end would be a bit more flexible.

    - More Power
    - More Flexibility
    - Marginally cheaper due to ability to re-use some components
    - Doesn't run OSX
    - Space (not that large, but large enough)
    - Noise
    - Heat

    Mac Mini:
    - Tiny
    - Powerful enough
    - Low effort
    - Lower power usage, less heat & noise due to use of mobile CPU/GPU
    - Runs OSX (and only supports 32-bit Win7 for some insane reason)
    - Lower power
    - Higher cost

    I'm kind of stuck making a decision here. I suppose there's always option #3: just transcode all my shit down to 8-bit. I could possibly even build a server designed to do that on demand I guess. Haven't really explored this option thoroughly.

      Lack of proper line break support in comments makes me sad. :(

      Get a rasberry pi board
      Trollhat on.

        If it wasn't for aspie anime encoders I probably could, but everything has to be 10-bit encodes because the imperceptible improvement in quality easily outweighs the fact you need a dual-core desktop CPU to view it in their minds. Only problem with Raspberry Pi is it's a bit slow to run XBMC well.

      Custom build. Don't buy a Gigabyte motherboard.

      Runs OS X should be a positive.

        OSX is an utter turd. I may be biased given my employer, but I grew up using Apple computers and still use them because they're basically the only company that balances looks, build quality and hardware power properly at the higher end, but OSX absolutely shits me. Also Apple's trend toward the walled garden is worrying as well.

        Your dislike of Gigabyte motherboards is because of bad experience or is there something I should know about their mini-ITX boards specifically? I've never really had issues with their stuff before though personally I prefer Asus.

          My current motherboard (if I can even claim ownership of the damned thing at this point, seeing as I can't seem to reclaim possession) had a serious fault where it was unable to turn on or if it did turn on would get stuck in a boot up cycle.

          Last night, when I tried to pick it up from the store (failed miserably at that, see below and elsewhere :p) there was someone else there. Same motherboard. Same fault.

            More of a problem with Umart than Gigabyte though right? I mean, mobo failure happens sometimes regardless of the brand.

              It would be, if there wasn't someone else there with the same motherboard and the same fault. Could be a coincidence, sounds more to me like they had a pretty terrible run with these ones.

                What were you replacing?

                  What do you mean? What was this motherboard replacing? I used Gigabyte pretty much exclusively up to this point.

          I'm rocking a Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4-B3, and it's been smooth sailing since purchase. Unfortunately, this is the only MoBo I've ever really dealt with personally in terms of installation and foreseeable troubleshooting (of which there has been none thus far) so my view will be understandably skewed.

            GA-Z68XP-D3 over here.

        What's the matter with Gigagyte, Bunny? I've never had a problem with their boards. My first one lasted 5 years (2 years after the warranty wore out) and now my new PC has one.

      Could always go with a FASTRA II build, though it probably doesn't meet the small form-factor requirements you're after :D

        You should see the machine we use at work for indexing files.

      I would self build any day. But that's just me.
      I hooked up my PC to my 42" plasma last night and played Diablo3. It was so awesome I'm thinking of getting a wireless mouse (or finding my old one) and kicking back on the couch permanently.

    Turns out the devs are done sending out beta keys until after E3.
    'Tis a shame but at least I don't have to constantly refresh my email twenty times a day now :P

      Was reading up on the family warfare they have planned. Looks like we might all need to select the same if we want to fight together.
      Either that or create a TAY merc group

        I was planning on rolling Merc anyways, I like the idea of a TAY posse doing sorties for the highest bidder :)

          I'm actually getting quite excited about this. Is there a released date planned?

            I think they said Summer 2012, so that's winter here.
            I think the open beta starts in July but don't quote me on that :P

          I assume you have updated your profile with all the questions they had?

    I got my haircut not by my usual lady, i got all freaked out and was like oh god oh god this woman will want to talk about mindless stupid chit chat that i am not good at really don't care about. I sit in the chair and a skrillex song came on and she is like "best song"
    We then had a discussion about the evolution of dupstep as a genre since its conception. Then she asked me where my last name came from and we had a discussion about her heritage and being from south africa.

    I got to admit was not expecting to have a meaningful discussion about stuff while getting my haircut. Maybe i am just to judgemental about all the people who live in my town.

      Buy a razor, stand over the sink Max Payne 3 style. Works for me. Ends the haircut predicament forever. :P

      Where did your last name come from?
      Are you from a rare lineage of noble birds?

      I'd hardly call dubstep meaningful discussion

        Hey techy you know what i am gonna do, i am gonna take something that i know you like alot and then i am gonna devalue it just because i don't like it very much. Oh no you don't like that well now you know how i feel.

        Well to be honest it probably isn't the most deep of conversations but i would rather talk about that then talk about the weather for 20 minutes.

          Well, no, he has a point, dubstep itself would not make a meaningful conversation.

          "Wub wub wub wub wub Screechee Wub!"

          "Wub bwabwabwabwa Wub Wub."

          However the development of any form of music is usually both fascinating and interesting, which, hey, is what you were talking about.

            I know people do the wub wub thing alot but there really is a skill in making all those what people see as random noises work together so well. I understand that sometimes people dont appreciate the music which is fine but as someone who likes all sorts of music it seems a little shallow to me to bash the genre with a stick because its not something they enjoy

              I just hate that all these people are like: LET'S TAKE THIS SONG AND REMIX IT AT DUBSTEP! BEST IDEA EVER!

              I don't want to hear Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around with massive bass drops. You want to make your own music, go ahead, just don't ruin other peoples.

                Yeah it's more the whole "remix-to-make-it-'cooler'" trend that's been happening and dubstep being the latest is what bothers me about it.

                HAha i heard johnny cahs dubstep. That's how my laptop screen broke Completely agree pants man. But i completely disagree in another. Experimenting breathe creativity. I am not a fan of remixing non electro-house songs into dubstep. But innovation is always pretty cool, except don't mess with uncle johnny.

                  In terms of experimental/innovation, you really can't go past mathcore or sum dat smoove jazz :D
                  Thelonious Monk was(is) a GOD.

                  Man, seriously, how good is Johnny Cash. I used to cop so much shit for listening to him haha.

                Kinda doesn't have the same ring to it. With that said however, I do enjoy dubstep occasionally. Of the newer stuff, Dubba Jonny really knows what he's doing, and doesn't destroy songs just for the hell of it.

          It's rainy and cloudy here.

          That said, I guess it would be weird if it were raining with no clouds here at all.

          Your turn.

            It is cool and sunny here. I guess it is going to rain later tonight because of the gathering storm clouds.

              I feel enlightened, and more knowledgeable about the weather patterns affecting Australia today.
              I am glad we had this discussion, Rocketman.

          Hey the weather is a nice subject at least :P

          Dubstep sounds like robots being tortured non stop and their screams put on speakers

            A reason why i love it so.

            Yes that was a jab
            No i didn't hurt your feelings
            you are human not a robot.

      ... And then you took her home and ravaged her.

        Nope, because she was a fatty boom boom. Not really i just have no game and wasn't really interested. She also had a short haircut and her boobs weren't that noticable. Didn't want to make that same mistake twice.

          A fatty with no chesticles? THIS IS MADNESS!

            aha i really shouldn't be so terrible people will think i am only cared about peoples looks, which i am, i just don't want people to think that.

              Being superficial is being human, mate. Me personally? If they're too big, it's not on.
              Not something I openly judge people on, but hey. We all pass judgement, with varying levels of secrecy and conviction.
              As for the internet? Have at it, friend!

    Motherboard update: Just got a call from Umart, the couriers returned the damned thing to the store because they were unable to deliver to my office. What the flippity flopping fuck.

    Apparently they needed my extension number to deliver. What extension number? Just take the elevator to my floor, go to the front desk and ask for the only male on this level of the building. They're giving it back to the couriers with my phone number.

    Now I probably won't get this damned thing until tomorrow. Despite me having been at the store yesterday to pick it up and now having had a courier sent here today.

      Seriously best company ever. I love Umart.

        I love you too rockets

      *sigh* that's pathetic man. Just makes you want to strangle the person involved in making it difficult to pick it up doesn't it?

        I'll start with the engineer who designed the motherboard, work my way through to the purchasing officer that bought the components that made it up, spend a little time in the factory where it was made, then move on to the people who delivered it to Umart, the employees of Umart (except Ray because I used to work with him at Subway), the owners of Umart and then maybe, just maybe, some random hobo.


          I'll join in, the only 2 things I purchases from the Milton store both didn't perform to satisfactory standards. These being hard drives one a laptop other desktop, they only wanted to work as storage drives not running operating systems.. Returned them got replacements from the Southport store, all was swell.

      This is awesome entertainment. Keep it up, man.

      man, that Umart... they've never had the best customer service available.
      & it really sucks that they're screwing you around.

        also, "What the flippity flopping fuck." is now my favorite sentence ever.

    Man, I love Vietnamese rolls. So good.

      I love it when they ask you if you want butter and it's a giant bucket of margarine and you're like "..... sure."

        often it's a mix of mayonnaise and butter

          Still so grossly looking /o\

          But so delicious

      What is that brown meat-paste they smear on it?
      I could totally eat a bucket of that.

    I think I've been more stressed in the last 13hrs than I have ever been in my life before. Thank god that's over with.

      What happened, dude? Regardless, glad it's over

      o/ for surviving

        I have a dog called Milly. After I eat dinner, Milly likes to go and lounge about on a chair in the front lounge room while I return to my room for some gaming. When I go to bed I call her and she comes bolting up the corridor and jumps on my bed. Last night I called her and she didn't come. So I went looking for her. I found her in the hallway having trouble breathing. I took her to the vet where they did some tests and found she had a partially collapsed lung (how it happened we're not sure, she was fine when she went up to the lounge, so she might have taken a fall or something). As she is an older dog (12) they said there was a high chance it might be better to put her down. Now I know it's cliche to say this, but she really is my best friend. They put her on some oxygen thing and kept her overnight for observation. I got a call from my mum as I went to lunch who said she'd got a call from the vet saying she was improving and they are now expecting her to make a full recovery. She's on antibiotics and needs to take it easy for awhile.

          Dude! Holy crap, glad to hear those 13 hours are over, and certainly glad to hear that Milly's on the up and up.
          Keep us posted, and take it easy. Things are looking better!

          All the best, man. I love my critters more than any thing, I understand the feeling. Here's hoping it all turns out well.

    Somehow the 390ml coke zeros in our fridge have magically become 450ml

      It evolved!
      You're just lucky no one pressed B to cancel it.

        Shhh Bish. Don't give them ideas - we already had that whole ice-cream pokemon debacle.

        Cokecan has evolved into Cokolotron!

      If they're growing and changing lik e living creatures, then you might want to think twice about drinking them

        So your theory is that my office usually drinks them before they can hit puberty?

          Drink them before they gain 'intelligence' and decide to rebel!

    Finally grabbed Skyward Sword (cue cries of anguish from Greenius).

    Still hasn't convinced me not to wish a fire related death upon waggle controls.

      Apparently it takes a while to really get used to. I have not invested that time.

      Dude how are you by the way are you more sorted out than last week. Its cool if you just need some space though.

      Also my skyward sword has 52 hours clocked on it 0 hours of those are mine. My friend played all the way through. He has used my wii more than i have this last year.

      It might have succeeded in proving the motion controls were worth it if it was a better game. Unfortunately it's still filled with waggle and constantly feels like it would be more precise and enjoyable with a proper controller instead.

        You are lucky i know you enjoy japanese anime and games because otherwise you would totes be the new hate everything guy. Ruffleberg you ain't so thank god for that.

          I don't hate everything, I just have high standards due to constrained time. My 3D Zelda experience is limited to Ocarina, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, and Skyward Sword I felt was by far the weakest. The waggle controls add absolutely nothing and feel like they're tacked on gestures to make Link do thinks which previously were just a button. The inability to use the shield to block more than one or two hits before it breaks is daft, and the addition of the stamina meter is straight up poor design, forcing you to slow down when you want to cover ground faster, and speed up when you need to take your time. Plus it intrudes right in the middle of the screen. Movement controls are still floaty and you're still constantly wrestling with the camera - which you now can't control properly - to line up jumps. The level design is poor, with huge outdoor areas that are a chore to traverse and only a handful of actual dungeons, which felt far too straightforward. And don't get me started on the stupid bloody sword chick that keeps popping out to explain every single damned thing to me. Let go of my hand, dammit. :(

          Wind Waker is still the best.

            So you, you need to meet the berg. Having not played the game myself i will not comment on the points that you have made though because i feel like they deserve a proper answer rather than me defending a franchise which i have barely partaken in.

      Actually... Zelda is my favourite game series :P
      Waggle can get annoying in SS and it wasn't registering all my moves properly, causing me to fail badly in combat. I think it's cause I sit too far back from the sensor but I dunno...
      Xenoblade doesn't have waggle :)

      I loved the controls of SS. Didn't feel like waggle to me and they were fairly accurate (in that they registered what I wanted them too). Maybe because I sit so close to my small TV? :P I had trouble at the start but it worked a lot better once I slowed down a little.

      Confession time? Possibly somewhere in between unpopular opinion and truth-bomb:
      I'm embarrassed that Skyward Sword is a Zelda game; Nintendo should be embarrassed too. It comes pretty close to undoing all the good that the previous games spent the last 25 years doing. My hope for the future is a) Skyward Sword is the last Zelda game, b) the series is given over to Retro Studios.


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