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        He turned to me as if to say, "Hurry boy, it's WAITING THERE FOR YOU"
        Also, crap... failreply/double-pageget indeed.



              I bless the rains down in Aaaaaaafricaaaaaaaaaaa!


                Gonna take some time to do the things we never had


                  The wild dogs cry out in the night,
                  As they grow restless longing from some solitary cooooooooooompaaaaaaanyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Hey dudes, remember to use the report issue form if you come across any issues with the site!!
    We're working on the comment refresh issue now. We started caching the site differently late last week, and it seems like it might have been a bit agressive. We're toning it down right now :)

      I fully expect you to re-route all links on the website to the dance off between you and Mark from the weekend.

      Enter line breaks! :O. I'm sure you got my email but I recall you asking us to use the report issue form last time, yet I couldn't find it. Where is it? Only thing I could find was "Contact" at the bottom right of the page.

        Look harder man:

          To be fair, it's pretty well hidden if yours, like mine, defaults to the "Subscribe" tab :)

            ^ yep mine defaults to Subscribe :P
            Those boxes don't move and since they're up the top of the articles, I never see it by the time I scroll down past the picture.

        I think line breaks are back. I'm sure I saw them.

        Test this!

        Eat this!

        I won't know if this works until I hit submit!


          Did it work?
          Did it?

          Did it?
          I think it did.





          I was thinking of doing a test for this page (before Ben's post was there) as it looked like they were back on the previous page but then again some people's posts didn't look like they were broken up so I was confused :/

    @Mawt: totally agree with you re: Skyward Sword on page 6.

    Incidentally, I wonder what Retro is up to. Been a while since they did a game, and their hiring and so on sort of suggests gearing up to release a game toward the end of this year which is consistent with Wii U launch... Retro doing a Zelda game for Wii U launch would be an amazing system seller I think

      I can't wait to hear what they've got cooking. Even though I didn't hate Skyward Sword, it would be interesting to see what Retro would do with the Zelda formula.

        I think the series is in serious need of some fresh ideas and Retro did an amazing job modernizing Metroid so I'd love to see them take a bite at another big Nintendo franchise.

        That said I suspect that there's too much pride in Nintendo Japan to allow Mario or Zelda to be developed outside the country :(

          You know what would be awesome?
          Miyamoto's already taken a step "down" in order to have more hands-on development again.
          Retro gearing up for something.

          Miyamoto Lead Dev, using handful of Nintendo internals + Retro to develop Glorious brand new IP.

            You know what Mawt? That's a dumb idea. How about you refresh the page and read that Nova has already mention Miyamoto WANTS to work with Retro on a Zelda game.

            I should learn to wish bigger.

              Baby steps, Mawt.
              Baby steps.

                Mario adventure game in the style of Zelda, specifically Ocarina of Time. Dungeon/Temple treasure would be power-ups and different coloured hats/overalls. Ride Yoshi across the open plains of Mushroom Kingdom fields which connects the various "worlds". Sidequest: Collect the 100 golden mushrooms scattered throughout the land to rescue/restore Luigi.

                  I've wanted a more "open-world" Mario game for so long! Not necessarily a different type of game, just one that merges all of the levels into a big map rather than having a choose-a-level menu or hub world.

      Miyamoto has said he'd like to work with retro on a Zelda game, but currently I think there were rumours of them working on a star fox/metroid crossover game for the wii u

    All I want to do is go home and parry some demons. Today is such a DRAGGING DRAG

      I'm pretty sure I've fallen asleep in my chair twice already. Either I totally got away with it, or everyone is being supernice.

      I hope I got away with it, people are usually only supernice about these sorts of things when you have a terminal illness that you're the last person to find out about.

    Oh Yellowius! Sic 'em, boy!

      Is it because of money?

      I'll bet it's because of money.

      I think excercise and happiness goes hand-in-hand more because you're working to better yourself rather than superficial reasons. The happier you are, the more appealing you are to the opposite sex maybe? No way am I posting in there, though. :P

        There was something yesterday about males typically finding psychologically weaker female partners more attractive. I think there's something to be said about the inherent definition of "beta" in that regard, too. The fact that a "beta" is below the level of the alpha speaks volumes, and by association puts them more in line with the females in a social standing, thus coining the term "friendzoned".

        As a beta myself, I often find I get along better with my female associates, though whether this has any standing or not remains untested. Social cliques are determined by social status, and I believe that is where the beta=unattractive view comes from, due to betas being on a similar footing as females.

        The fact that we as a society no longer thrive on these social paradigms renders the above points I've made moot, though it doesn't discount the fact that we're still animalistic deep down. Instinct is a tough demon to purge, for sure. It's about time that we recognise the ridiculous nature of all of this, and move on.
        If you exercise for healthy living, good on you, keep it up. If you're doing it due to narcissistic motivations, you're doing it for the wrong reasons.

        Also tits.

          I dislike the author's opening simplified definitions of Alpha and Beta, purely from a physical perspective.

            Perhaps it would have made more sense if I were to liken "beta" with "omega". Sure, it's another stretch, but for the purpose of the argument, may have helped.

              Yeah, Omega 3 is good for you.

              (I don't know what we're talking about anymore)

                Clearly, I was discussing the socio-economic impact of increased Omega3 consumption in interpersonal relationships between opposing genders.

                In summation of the original linked article, studies have shown that chicks dig Omega3
                Also fish.

                Beta = CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model obviousy)

                So when you see Beta immediately think of the CAPM and write the formula:

                Expected return = Risk free rate + Beta x (Expected market return - risk free rate)

                The market risk premium is obviously the thing in brackets. Remember that a Beta of 0 indicates a risk free market and a Beta of 1 indicates the same risk as the market!

                Beta beta beta beta beta

                Combining Finance and TAY like a bauss.

      Depends on if it's an open or closed beta or not I guess :P


    My DaS char was dex-based. Pyromancy was good for me because it doesn't use any of your stats to scale damage - I didn't need to invest in intelligence/faith to get it doing reasonable levels of hurt. Just the 'souls' cost of upgrading the glove thingy, which is negligible cost once you have decent farming spots.

    Praise the sun!

    Long day is long, so a Tuesday Afternoon question:

    Best time bending/travel effect in a video game?

    inb4 Braid, but I love the 4 Cortez sequence in Timesplitters 3

      I really liked the time puzzle bits in Ratchet and Clank: a Crack in Time, does that count?

        They were fun but there wasn't enough of them :P

        Why'd you have to do inb4 Braid? The time/gameplay mechanics were awesome in that! So um... Sands of Time Trilogy I guess?

          Oooh, SoT was my first experience with time manipulation.
          ...wait, what was that Xbox game with the cat and the time-vacuum cleaner thing?


            Never owned it but I remember messing around on it with demo units in game stores :P. Seemed okay I guess.

      I know it's not really what you were asking, but I love game sequels that let you go back to the places from previous games and see how they've changed over that time period.

      (Part of the reason why I'm so excited for Pokemon Black 2/White 2 :P)

        Portal 2 did tis well, I also liked this in the PSP GTA Games (except they were prequels)

      Ok I'll go with a left field one - The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom

      The first stage is the standard tutorial type mission teaching you to run, jump, float and use switches etc....
      Then in the second level it has your level run in the background that actually effects your run, when 'you' flick a switch in the tutorial, it opens the door on the 2nd level. So if you fly through the tutorial you have to keep the same speed on the second level

      It doesn't really count but the shifting between the real world and the spirit world in Soul Reaver was awesome

    Still no motherboard and at this rate there's a good chance it will be thrown under a bus should it actually arrive.

      Why? What did that mobo ever do to you?! You know what this is reminding me of? That Game box from procastoon that went through all that hardship just for the customer to not be happy :P

        Completely fail to do the task assigned to it: work.


      Now we play guess what Greenius was thinking :P. Fill in the gaps!

        "meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!"


          01101100 01100101 01110100 00100111 01110011 00100000 01110011 01100101 01100101 00100000 01101000 01101111 01110111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100110 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110011 01101111 01101100 01110110 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011

        "I seem to be having trmendous difficulty with my lifestyle." At the very moment that Greenius said this, a freak wormhole opened up in the fabric of the space-time continuum and carried his words far far back in time across almost infinite reaches of space to a distant Galaxy where strange and warlike beings were poised on the brink of frightful interstellar battle.

        The two opposing leaders were meeting for the last time.

        A dreadful silence fell across the conference table as the commander of the Vl'Hurgs, resplendent in his black jewelled battle shorts, gazed levelly at the the G'Gugvuntt leader squatting opposite him in a cloud of green sweet-smelling steam, and, with a million sleek and horribly beweaponed star cruisers poised to unleash electric death at his single word of command, challenged the vile creature to take back what it had said about his mother.

        The creature stirred in his sickly broiling vapour, and at that very moment the words I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle drifted across the conference table.

        Unfortunately, in the Vl'Hurg tongue this was the most dreadful insult imaginable, and there was nothing for it but to wage terrible war for centuries.

        Eventually of course, after their Galaxy had been decimated over a few thousand years, it was realized that the whole thing had been a ghastly mistake, and so the two opposing battle fleets settled their few remaining differences in order to launch a joint attack on our own Galaxy - now positively identified as the source of the offending remark.

        For thousands more years the mighty ships tore across the empty wastes of space and finally dived screaming on to the first planet they came across - which happened to be the Earth - where due to a terrible miscalculation of scale the entire battle fleet was accidentally swallowed by a small dog.

        Those who study the complex interplay of cause and effect in the history of the Universe say that this sort of thing is going on all the time, but that we are powerless to prevent it.

        "It's just life," they say.

        something along the lines of this i believe

      Now that is a very informative piece of text human. Very informative I say!


    Well I believe thats everything. Turns out im number 86 on the list. (How often does a new TAY get put up?)

      Every Monday morning assuming Mark gets out of bed on time.

        Unless there's a public holiday or something. But generally yeah, Monday 8:30AM. Remember not to post in the old TAY! (the previous week's)

          I fell in there before and got very lost.

            Yeah but at least old TAYs or even old pages are a good place to mess around in if you want to try out/test something (like formatting things [b][/b] etc.). I see you've gotten yourself a picture :)

              Messing around with stuff is fun.
              Like being able to make that gap(there's a few ways), even when line breaks weren't as obvious.

              My main problem though is remembering how stuff works, so I think I should be able to <>Type this in bold.<> But I can't remember if I placed everything properly.

                Dammit. I think I meant: <b>Type this in bold.</b>

                If this doesn't work, I'm going to cry.

      Number 18 once you've been put in alphabetical order ;)

      Once a week, I believe. Enjoy these fleeting moments, friend! We may never have such a wonderful time as now, we may never make such connections again!
      But! Each moment is as precious as the last. Each flickering emotion, every movement on the clockface is just as fragile, just as valuable. Embrace it!

      And just like that, a new TAY is borne unto us.

    HOME TIME!!!
    Pants are already off, I just need to find a lift home now. Who's coming with me?!

      Dude, top end of Australia, you can keep it :P

      Isn't it cold outside?

        Going off the typical weather patterns, yes. It's a positively chilly ~24 or so.

      In my experience people are much more helpful and friendly when you're not wearing pants. You'll have no problem finding a lift home.

    Hi all,
    So yeah, I think I may have a flu.
    I don't think I will be on as much due to headaches and muscle aches.
    Also, I look like a ninja when I wear my cat hat and scarf and people keep giving me funny looks. =(
    Don't make me self conscious, this is for your sake, not mine!

      while on the topic on funny hats

      i have a penguin hat and a shadow the hedgehog hat


        I love novelty hats. =D

      Ninja Scree!

      Swiftly and silently apologising to people. Her victims have no idea about the impending apology. One second silence, the next "sorry" and the following second? There is only silence.

        Then followed by a second sorry. Most likely.


        comment for you up the page

      awww poor Strange.. I'd give ya hugs, but you know... germs! ewww! ;)

        Err...Scree is not me, Welbot.

          ahahahahaha LOL I just glossed over the avatar and saw S at the beginning of the name.. oops!
          oh wells.. ;) Soz! Hugs since your not germy!! ahahah

    So I went to the TAY Names document to add CJ to my 360 friends and realised I'd barely added anyone there. So I went on an adding spree. If I've missed you, feel free to add me, I just got sick of adding names and didn't finish the list. :P


      lol this reminds me.. in case you missed it on the weekend, Rocketman now has a theme song! :p


    hey flu and chuloopa (and anyone else with a vita, they are the only ones i know who have one)

    there's a sale on the PSN store, modnation racers, reality fighters and everybody's golf is on sale for $22, i went and bought everybody's golf, because apparently it's quite good

    but yeah, just informing you guys

      I'm low on gigs, but might be able to clear some space. Let me know what you think of Everybody's Golf.

        well, i think everybody's golf is only 1.2 gigs, if i checked right, so that might help

        and in reply to neg-zero it is the AU store, in fact, i think it's across all european stores (i got the info from gamesradar UK)

    Mate and I have been discussing going to see Avengers for at least 3-4 weeks now. Last week he asked if I wanted to go see it, but I was busy. Today I asked if he wanted to go. He responded with:
    "Why the sudden urge to go see Avengers?"

    What a goddamn retard.

      your friend sounds like me. Are we friends flu cause this is kind of happening all to fast i don't know if i can handle that sort of commitment. Wait friend means having kids together right.

        Let's do it! Let's just go nuts and pump out babies until our cloacas are stretched into oblivion!

    Question for WoW players:
    How many TAYbies do we have that play?

      I used to! Uni holidays coming up in two weeks so I'll probably get back into it again.

      There's a page on TAYNAMES with MMO stuff. Best to start there I think. I don't hear much talk around these parts though (I've never been much of an MMO person anyway :P)

      I do \o/

      What server/faction? :D

        I started my first (and only) character on Kil'Jaeden (US Server) to play alongside a friend from the states. Was later abandoned, so I ride solo.
        *cue image of Han Solo mount*

        Level 71 Night Elf Discipline Priest. And yourself?

          I mainly play on Khaz'Goroth (Cakesmith is also there) I have a Human Rogue which is my main. I then have a few other 85's..

          I also play Horde on my mates server Aman'Thul.

            Lol, I really feel as if playing an MMO solo is more of a waste of time than playing an MMO.
            I might keep leveling the priest until I hit 85 (or is it 80?) for BoA equipment, at which point I'll likely move to a server where there's others to play with.

              Yeah 85 is the top level these days, 90 will be the new 85 soon come Mists of Pandaria :P

              BOA gear is a life saver, I have 22 pieces of it >_> all the stuff minus the healer & tank gear xD

                Heh, I never bought any heirloom gear. Only really had a single lvl85 char (and an alt for crafting) so no biggie, I guess.

                  I decided to level one of everything at one point :P

                  I got to a certain way with some and gave up, as you can see here =P

      Lapsed subscription, but probably renew sometime before or around MoP to go through new content.

        I can send you a scroll of res should you wish to get back in on it mate. Mum's the word.

          Thanks for the offer but I made a told Virus__ that I'd get one through him if and when I was going to get back into it (if they even still have them then).

          I was about to just prior to D3 release, but thought it would be a bit stupid to have two large timesink games on the go at once.

            I totally forgot about this, haha. Eh feel free to take who evers Scroll dude, I don't mind :P

            Haha, I know the feeling. My pile of shame grows larger and larger. This "life" game takes up too much time these days!


      I need wow friends.

        Whyfor you no TAYnames?

          I no do it cause I no know what it is! D:

          I pray horde... originally alliance though. Met most of my wow friends there, when faction changes were introduced we all switched. Now they've all quit or dropped off the face of the earth or changed servers or died or something. so ronrey.

          So I now I wanna reroll faction/sever and play with people again. :D

              Awesome! Thanks! :D

                No worries!

              Name: Becaroonie
              PSN: Becaroonie
              XBOX: Becaroonie
              STEAM: Becaroonie
              Battlenet: Beca--

              ...I need to get more creative.

                Well at least you're consistent! Unlike me :D

                At least there's less chance of you forgetting!
                On the other hand... If you DO forget, well...

            Name the server and faction, and I'll be there. Kindasorta. I'll still play it, but I really wanna get some BoAs before I really commit to anything else 100%

      I use to play WoW (actually only quit recently). My guild was in like the top 15 guilds for Deathwing 10man progression. Unfortunately the guild fell apart so I quit. I might play again when Panda comes out though!

      I haven't played since 4.1, but I have a couple of level 85 characters on Alliance side on Proudmoore-US.

        And one Night Elf Drood that was hovering around the 71 mark or so. I couldn't bring myself to level through Northrend a fourth time (I also have a long-abandoned Horde level 80 on an RP server somewhere, used to play with a friend but ditched when he quit)

      All the TAYbies who play should re-roll on a server together and make a guild :D

      That would be fun, that or we could use my old guild that has been put aside as a bank guild for me & my mates lol

        YES! so much yes and win and good stuffs.
        Again, mum's the word! :D

        I'm not sure I could face starting over in WoW again. It's so hard to go back to it after more modern MMOs.

          If join us everyone get 4 netherweave bags & 100 gold :P

            If we join my current server (not saying do it) I can actually make the bags! AND I have the mats!
            Gosh, I'm resourceful ^.^

              So do I, so much spare netherweave o.o so many Burning Crusade raids re-run xD

                I've only just reached WotLK level, so frostweave seems to be the flavour of the month this time.

                  Man tailoring is such a WHORE to level, and frostweave bags are expensive to make :P

      I've played on/off for the last six/seven years. Pretty much over it at this point. Pretty much over SWTOR, too. Not sure if I'll play an MMO again any time soon.


    I saw your post. I was also thinking of doing a full dex build but I wanted to try something different. I have finished the game twice as a full melee tank build. I wanted to go a full spellcaster but thought I wouldn't handle the huge change too well. So I'm going with a dex/int build. Once I finally get my weapon ( I will hopefully rip enemies apart.

      Cool stuff :D

      I was just trying to highlight that Pyromancy was completely disconnected (in terms of damage scaling) from your stats, unlike the majority of other things (you were asking about Pyro a page or two ago?)

        Yeah, I'm pretty sad I didn't use any pyromancy on my melee tank. I thought it was based of int but read the Dark Souls wiki and it proved me wrong :(

    evening TAYbies.
    hows stuff eh?

    so this Dragon's Dogma thing. anyone got an opinion on it? (that is to say, have you played it & do you find it enjoyable?)

      I've played the demo (I'd recommend going this route if you haven't already) - was looking for a Dark Souls-y type experience, but seemed much more button mashy. The world seems pretty (slight framerate chug in one part, on PS3). Looks like it might be a big timesink (not meant negatively), but not one I'm going to sign up for at the moment.

        thanks for your input good sir. I'll give the demo a crackle when my download quota resets :)

    Tea time, whats on your plates?

      Stew \o/

      Oh an welcome btw! Added you on Steam and noticed you're in the clan AEF, my mate reckons he knows you from when he use to run with them in Bad Company 2 :P

        Yeah thats me, but now its BF3 obviously.

          Well how about that! Man I need to check out BF3.. It looks amazing.

            BF3 is awesome looking foward to the new DLC out in a few weeks.

            I'll second that. Even though my only insight into BF3 is Birgirpall's videos (don't try to pronounce it), it DOES look mighty fine.

              Pffft. Anyone who knows anything knows that CoD is obviously the superior choice for a higher evolved gentleman.

                You're starting to generate Yellowius in normal mode bro D=

                I don't think I could actually play a proper FPS for that reason alone :s

              The thing I find with BF now is I cant play it by myself I have to be playing in a group. Its better that way any how cause it makes working together easyer

      Can't be bothered cooking, so boiled eggs with toast soldiers.

      What? I work late and I've been sick!

      Also - welcome CJ o/

    Is there a english-only filter on here or something? The post I'm trying to make is disappearing into the ether o.0
    Also, superstitious-post-to-refresh-after-CTRLF5ing-etc.

    Also, what's your rig, guys? I'll post mine once I figure out why the hell I can't currently :s

      ewww, non-intentional grammatical errors make Aleph's neck twitch.

      I think there might be some sort of gibberish spam filter in the comments. It filters out ROT13 pretty often lately (for me anyway). People haven't had a problem posting specs and things in the past though.

      Anyway, my "rig" is an iMac. So there's not really much to discuss. :P

        Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler, 60GB SSD (boot drive), 1TB HDD, 8GB DDR3 RAM, HIS HD6970 2GB, Intel Core i5 2500K, Asus Xonar Essence STX soundcard, Sennheiser HD598's, Dual 23" monitors.

        Now to get a second 6970, and fend off further urges for ridiculous upgrades :s

      I'm running a GTX 580, i7 2600, 8 gig RAM. And I have an SSD as my boot drive.

      And with all this, I still get tech envy. That 690, so pretty.

        *face melts*

          And I'm unemployed!

            Sounds like you're doing alright for being unemployed :D
            Still. I want to see a 690 in the flesh, so to speak.
            Seriously, face-melty goodness!

              I bought it basically as I became unemployed. Best idea.

      My rig is just a mumblemumblemumble.

      Sorry, it's a mumblemedioncomputerfromaldi.

      What? Speak up man!
      Sorry sir. It's ummm... well... it was $600 at Aldi last year. It's all I could afford OK!
      Don't judge me.

        Dude, nothin' wrong with affordability :D
        If you don't mind me prying though, what're the specs on it? It's all about the numbers, y'see.

        With that in mind though, I *did* recently build a computer for mum around the same price point. Add $200 for shipping onto your current price, and it's essentially the same cost. (Yes, it cost ~$200 for shipping... and ~$300 for mine).

          It's actually a pretty good machine for the price as it was last March. It's now $499 if you can find one.
          The Graphics is the main weak link in the setup.

          AMD Quad-Core A8-3820
          AMD Radeon™ HD 6550D Graphics
          4 GB DDR3 SDRAM
          1 TB HD
          5 USB2 ports
          3 USB3 ports
          1 eSATA port
          multi-card reader
          DVD burner.
          8 Channel Audio
          ...more stuff I can't be bothered typing
          Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit with recovery partition on the HD and recovery disk included.
          Office 2010 Starter edition.
          and the BIG selling point - 2 Year Warranty! You don't get that when you build your own.

          It's actually pretty well put together. I've had a look inside and it has tidy cable routing and no clutter.
          Much better than I've seen from shops who build their own machines.

          When I got it last March it came in cheaper than I could have built it for sourcing all parts at cheapest online prices, plus there's the warranty and Windows and Office included.

          I probably should have just linked you here

            Well if you want to get technical about warranty so does a custom made one :P

            My CPU, Motherboard & GPU have a 3 year warranty I think my ram does too =P

            and whatever WD offer on a Blue drive (3 years as well I think)

      I've got an i5 750, 4gb of RAM, 1tb HDD, Nvidia 9600gt and a 17" monitor...

      my rig is total overkill on the basis that I will never upgrade it & want it to be decent for at least a few years.
      i7 2600K, HD6990, 16GB RAM, 120GB SSD Boot drive + 2TB HDD, 24" monitor.

      & a pretty case.

    Is it possible to feel tired and awake at the same time?

      Also... WoW... why do you have to be 10GB?
      Can't you be a smaller size?
      Please? :(

        Lol, my install is pushing 20gb >_>

      I get that all the time. Usually right about bed time, or at 4AM.

    The Avengers was AMAZING. That is all.

      Probably the only one here who still hasn't seen it :P

        Nope I haven't either. I'm not a huge fan of movies outside of horror or Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings =P

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