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    Don't stop, never give up
    Hold your head high 'til you reach the top!

      Please tell me you watched the shows as well?!

      Oh tits.
      No, never watched the shows, though I've been humming this like an idiot all day, thought I'd share with TAY.


      ...Sorry guys, I'm truly sorry :'(


          I think the mention of the song was painful enough :s
          I mean, my internet connection's gone down.
          No wait, the power's gone out. Dammit, no, my HDD is full.
 eyes can't handle the potentially awesome shenanigans of S Club?

          I'VE SEEN THE SHOWS!! But back then I was a kid and everyone did. Cool as cool can be.

        I hum that in my head every now and then and there's a few S Club fans in TAY :P. I pretty much forgot about the song until a friend started singing it in like year 10 maths one day... She's crazy...



    My "rig" as it were is a $200 crap box scraped from the cheapest parts from umart I could find. I don't even have a video card.

    Come to think of it my keyboard and mouse I recently got are worth more then the PC.

      The first PC I built proper was a P4 frankenstein's monster thing, comprised of compatible parts from about 20 PCs and a rackmount server that I pilfered from my school. Man, I'm kinda surprised the damn thing even ran!

      Yeah, I splurged on my latest keyboard and mouse too. Mechanical really does feel better, something about the sense of tactile feedback, I suppose. The right mouse makes a marvelous difference, too!

      Intel i7 860 CPU @ 2.8GHz
      8GB DDR3 RAM
      12TB Total Hard Drive Storage
      ATI Radeon HD 6970 2GB
      LG DVD Burner
      Samsung Blu-Ray Player
      Dell 24" Full HD LCD (1920x1080) + Dell 22" LCD (1680x1050)
      Logitech G35 7.1 Surround Headset/Logitech X-530 5.1 Surround System
      Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard
      Logitech G9x 5000dpi Gaming Mouse
      Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

      It's due for an upgrade.

        I... wait, what? That seems like a decent machine, man! What upgrades are planned?

          Main upgrade will be the CPU. That's a 1st gen i7 core. But it's also an 1156 socket so I need to replace the mobo as well.

            The word "Xeon" springs to mind...

              Haha, I've been considering it. I used to do a lot of work with After Effects and want to start up again.

        12TB, holy shit mang?!

      It's okay Freeze, we'll get you in the big boy league soon enough =D

      @Aleph I told you mostly what's in mine already earlier when we were chattin' but here's the full list;
      CPU Intel Core i5 2500
      Motherboard Gigabyte Z68P-DS3
      Kingston Hypermax 8GB DDR3 1600MHz
      Gigabyte GTX560 1GB overclocked edition.
      Antec 902 Case
      2x Lightscribe DVD burners
      1x 1TB HDD
      1x 500GB HDD
      800W PSU (totally overkill for this build, but it was from my old PC)
      Razer Mamba mouse
      Razer Lycosa keyboard

        oh and a shitty 17" Acer 4:3 monitor. Though that thing is probably pushing 8 or so years old. Beats what my LG monitor did, only got what 4 years out of it I think..

        Storm enforcer case, 3.5TB HDD space, BD/DVD combo optical, Steelseries 6Gv2 keyboard and RAT 5 mouse.
        I really want a good reason to spend more money, but I just can't justify it >.<

        Thanks for sharing man! Take some photos of dat monitor, wouldja? With the tablecloth that was spoken of a few pages back. I need me one of those tablecloths.

          Haha, I could possibly do that =P

          Unless you have a wife/girlfriend controlling your spending then no reason is required =D

    What up nerdmigos?

      Cakesmith, could you be so kind as to whitelist me on the TAY Minecraft server? I've been informed that you are the gatekeeper.

        Are you the Keymaster?

          Not that I know of.

            If I recall the documentary Cakey is quoting, if you say 'yes, I am the Keymaster' kinky supernatural sex ensues.

            you know... just if you're into that sort of thing.

              Whoa... my script says that he's now meant to open the door and ask me again, at which point I respond with
              "Yes. Actually I'm a friend of his, he asked me to meet him here. "

    Dear Greenius,
    no, you're not the only TAYbie yet to see the Avengers. I'm kicking myself coz I havent yet.

      Dear #35,

      Woo! Now I know that I'm not the only one :)


        we can totally go on a interstate bro-date to see it**

        which would basically amount to both of us going to a cinema in our respective states alone at about the same time & watching it.

        **this is totally a thing now. and it's just as awkward as it sounds.

          Only if you stay on the phone with the other while in the cinema. And laugh loudly at inappropriate moments. You'll be the most popular people there!

            We'd probably be the only people there. Seems like everyone has seen it plenty of times already :/

              Well then you'll each be the most popular people by default.

              avengers was AWESOMEEEEEEE. I wanna see it again!

        Whats avengers?? some sort of thing?

          The Avengers (1998)
          Synopsis : British secret agent John Steed teams up with scientist Emma Peel to investigate dramatic changes in the earth's climate. Under the direction of agency boss Mother - and apparently with Father's help - the trail quickly leads to kilted ex-agent August de Wynter who seems always to be ahead of the game. Peel and Steed have to work fast and closely if they are to save the world and themselves.

            but if you're after a serious answer & not the stupid BS that i've posted ^up there^ this link might help.

              While I'm sure the avengers is a decent flick (it must be obviously) I have no interest in going and seeing it.

    @ Aleph
    I replied to you re; my rig on the last page. Didn't realise there was already a new page. Sorry.
    Also I didn't realise how long it was till I saw it posted. (It's hard to tell from this little post window)

      Hey, thanks for the notice :D
      That definitely sounds like a decent deal mate, and yeah, warranty is a big thing :s
      I believe most of my components have a 1-2year warranty, though that's exactly it. Individual.

      As for cable management, I hate myself for it :(
      My case is filled with spaghetti through and through... not pretty, man.

        It's nothing to brag about, but I'm fairly sure it was the best I could do on my budget at the time.
        Just a pity about the graphics.
        But even then I'd consider a newer one next year, and re-purpose this one as a media centre.

        Cable management an old enemy of mine. Sadly the 902 case is kinda cramped so all my cables aren't able to be routed nicely, I tried though =(

        I want to get a Silverstone RV02, such a purdy case.

    Hi everyone,

    Tonight I decided to try parrying again, and realised that I'd forgotten everything I practiced yesterday. If it's one of those skills that is exactly not like riding a bike, I decided "Hell with this" and just went ahead and took down a Black Knight and Havel the conventional way.


      But again, didn't get a chance to play Dark Souls!

        You should. The real Demons Souls starts there.

          Sorry, this was a riff on a joke I made this morning ( ), but it didn't quite work this time. I am six hours into Dark Souls, approximately 2% of the time you have put into it :P

            and loving it, I meant to say. It's pretty much fantastic.

        Funny this morning, not so funny now. Quiet up, Shane. Too much silly red avatar down this part of the comments page.

          This is how you got 2nd most frequent commenter last couple of weeks: replying to yourself with addendums and things you probably should have squeezed into one comment, or not said at all.

      Oh yeah, and my heart was pounding pretty good by the end of the Black Knight fight. Think that I had my 'moment,' the passing of which commemorates the point of no return and my complete and utter commitment to besting the game.

      A fat man smooshed my face with a thunder hammer.
      It made me sad.

        At least you can always play Dark Souls when things like that mar real life.

      Capra Demon is DEAD. \o/

        So jealous! Took me forever to take Capra down. Those stoopid doggies. :(

        And all this Dark Souls talk is making me sad. I want to be able to play it again. Oh, man am I gonna get slammed when I first start it up again! :P

          I just got to work, and all I can think about is Dark Souls. Gonna be a LONG day :P

          Oh, and I think I only had to take down one of the dogs. I think the Capra demon took care of the other one... (does he do that?)

          Tonight I take on the Depths and the Gaping Dragon \o/

      I started a new character to try parrying my way through last night and man that is definitely hard mode.
      So much more efficient to just block and counter attack.

    My sister got married like 4 months ago and I still can't bring myself to change her name on my phone. Apparently this is weird.

      It's weird? How so.. She's your sister you've always known her with the same last name as you, so yeah I don't blame you...

      I kept my own name when I got married. It just seemed weird to take a different name.

        My wife and I both hyphenated. It's cruel to our kids, but fairer for us :P

          As in "yourlastname-herlastname" (or the other order)? My friend has that except it's a pretty funky uncommon name. He may have been teased and it's super easy to google it and find info on him and his sister since I'm fairly sure they're the only people in exisitence with that last name :P

            Yeah. I was Smith. She was Walsh. We are Walsh-Smith.

              Ahh I thought your middle name was Walsh :P

              At least those are common last names unlike "Lenehan-Moustafa"

    As I head to bed early because tomorrow is a busy day, I can't help but remark that damn, you people in the Minecraft server go all out with some of your creations! That lighthouse is huge, the sorta village in the trees now has a farm and what looks like an escalator to nowhere, and Blaghs seems to be continuing work on his church-amabobby. Dedication, guys!

      Lol I put random stairs on Bish's pool thing...

      Needius noticed you didn't mention his and Becaroonie's tree :(

        I'll join you guys tomorrow evening, seeing as I managed to appease The Gatekeeper with potential sexytimes. (Cakesmith, you're the little spoon next time).

        I haven't played minecraft in sooooo long!

      I've lost all motivation to finish my castle town. I haven't even come up with a name for it yet. :P

      I'll finish it one day!

        Oh! Oh! Can I be the princess?!

          First VP of the insomniacs club now a princess.. How demanding are you? =O


              You need a pink shirt with the word 'princess' in sparkly letters..

              I once knew a person who got another friend a shirt like this, I think she wanted to tear his balls off. It was hilarious xD

                I'm pretty sure I had a shirt like that when I was 10.

            There's an insomniacs club?

              There is as of last night on Twitter haha.

      So that's probably not my lighthouse you're talking about, right?

        I don't think so. I think he's referring to the original one we thought was yours near Harli's house. This one has cobble and red/white wool

      Hooray for someone finally noticing "old McNob's farm"

        And someone noticed my lighthouse! Yay! The only problem is that it's too tall, and you can't even see the light up the top standing at ground level on normal render distance...

    So I decided to finally check out the 'reality' show Moonshiners, it's not bad, it 'documents' the making of a Moonshiner making the stuff, I highly doubt this is real or if it is it's done all in legal & controlled environments and if it is then i'm okay with that.

    I've had bootleg booze before, i'd prefer to drink paint stripper than the stuff I tried ever again xD

      One of the moonshiners is called 'Tickle' best name.

    So looking at getting a scorpion sometime in the near future :D

    Mum won't allow a pet spider or snake in the house but a scorpion is fine, heh. Still not sure what kind I would get or if i'd get one or more D=

      My cousin is in the army... he was on an exercise with some yanks and a few poms.
      The major doing the briefing before hand started running through the natural hazards and fauna they may encounter in the Northern Territory.

      He started warning them about crocs and poisonous spiders, wild boars and cane toads, wedgetail eagles, hoop and other breeds of snakes, insects that give you malaria and various illnesses, undrinkable water and drop-bears. He made mention of the heat, high humidity and occasional flash flooding.
      The Australians in the room, aware of the few fictitious creatures nodded sagely with each one.
      Finally, an American marine raised a hand and asked: "Is there nothing in this God damned country that wont kill you?" to which the major replied...
      "Well son, if you're big and healthy enough... you can live through the scorpions, but it'll still hurt like a bastard."

        haha yeah, that surprised most of the scorpions found here are "harmless" though it is advised to seek medical advice if one does sting you yhough.

      I got home from work one night to find a small scorpion on the lounge room wall right next to where I sit on the couch. Couldn't have been more than 3 inches long - probably smaller. Black.
      After much heart pounding, a fair slam with a telephone book took care of that little intruder.

      I felt like a God! A GOD I TELL YOU!!!

        I've never seen a scorpion in the 'wild' (outside a pet shop) in Australia :P


        But you can't be too careful I guess :P

    Yeah, I didn't need that sleep last night. Stoopid rooster waking me up at ridiculous times in the morning :/
    My sister got a rooster yesterday. She didn't want to let it sleep outside last night, so it slept in a cardboard box in her room.
    Brilliant idea...

      I hope it's sleeping outside tonight!

    Hi TAY.

    How shit are bedbugs?

    Pretty shit.


      Someone gave you the nice housewarming present of bedbugs?

        Not sure. Woke up on Sunday morning with a nice sized insect bite on my arm and it's gone downhill since then.

        It's pretty much fucking terrible. I let off two bug bombs yesterday and I don't think it got rid of them.

      Fucking horrible, got eaten alive by bedbugs while backpacking in Rome. It was an utterly terrible experience to deal with. You have my sincere empathy good sir

    So, pretty big news today: Jason Rubin is now president of THQ. He co founded Naughty Dog and was not only a great game devloper there, but was also pretty good at running the studio. It'd be really interesting to see how THQ fares in the next few years, but I think having someone who's made games will benefit THQ a fair bit, mainly that they'll start to focus on good games and not just the monies.

      Oh hells yeah! I really REALLY don't want to see the end of THQ any time soon. So many of their games (any involvement) were awesome, or at the worst, interesting.

        I guess my problem with THQ is that they made too many licensed/shovelware games. I think they've ditched all licensed game franchises now, and I have no idea why anyone would think uDraw would be any good on PS360. I was worried after the success of Saints row the third they'd try and annualise it, but fingers crossed they don't. Also am keen to see what inSane (Guillermo del Toro's game) looks like and whatever Patrice Desilet is up to.

      I don't think Bilson was really the problem though... I think the issue resides with their CEO.

    Got into work this morning. Found a box on my chair.

    Guess that drama's finally over. Hope I've got time to install the motherboard and get Diablo downloading before I head out to pretend to have a social life tonight.

      Shane will be disappointed, I think he was planning to write a story about your dramas. :P

      But yay for them finally getting their shit together!

        I'll throw it off of the roof onto a busy street so that there's more drama.

        Except I want to play Diablo on something that can actually play games. So maybe not.

        Maybe it'll be the wrong package, or maybe they forgot to fix it after all. Hope is not dead.

          It definitely is my motherboard. Not so sure that it works. Won't really get to test it tonight because I'm going to head home and then head right back out the door.

      I hope for your sake that it's the right box and everything is in perfect working order.

      Hooray! Now lets hope it doesn't fail again on you dude!

    Mornin' TAY!
    Played a crapload of AssCreeRev yesterday. Finally starting to really like it.
    My only gripe this time is that I suddenly have some of the best armour in the game (Master Assassin's) cause I was focusing on levelling apprentices etc. Not a big whinge, but I gotta whinge about something :D

      Yeah, that's what happened to me, too. I changed back to regular armour because the Master Assassin one won't let you change the colour of your clothes. :P

        Same here! Well, after trying out the Turkish armour...

    Another Diablo 3 patch, another Monk nerf. Let's see if we can keep this going.

    So. Diablo 3. I'm downloading it now (Thanks for the Starter code, Cakesmith!).
    I'm not getting my hopes up though, I don't even know if it will be playable on my laptop but it's definitely worth a try. *fingers crossed*

      One the plus side, you get to find out for free :)


        ...gonna be a long day. :P

          Going to be even longer once you get it installed...

            The time will disappear amazingly fast once it's installed. It's the time between gaming sessions that drags on :p

      In the options for the downloader, turn off "peer downloads" or whatever it's called. Speeds the download up significantly.

    So, still unwell, but getting there. About to take cough medicine and it tastes disgusting. Blergh.
    But that is not the point of my post, the point of my post is this, does anyone else feel guilty when they can't work on stuff due to sickness?
    I was going to play Zelda, finally feeling well enough to tackle a console game and I felt guilt.
    I should be working on the cosplay.
    I wshould be working on those cushions I promised people.
    People are still waiting for their items, I should be working on that.
    If not, I hate my mind >_<

      Why should you feel guilty when you're sick?
      You should only feel guilty if there's no reason not to be working on stuff and you don't do it. And even then, it's your own choice so what's the point of guilt?

        Because if I'm well enough to play a game, I'm well enough to work on stuff.
        Plus, the people have been waiting long enough =(

          That wasn't my point. My point was to own your actions. Don't feel like working on stuff? Then don't. And don't feel pointlessly guilty about it.

          And also, if you're sick you definitely shouldn't work on things for other people because germs.
          If you think you should be working on stuff for yourself but you're not, then the only person you're screwing is you. So no need to feel guilty about that either. :P

          Crafty things are projects you need to be in the right frame of mind to do, otherwise the risk of messing up is greater.

      I fully understand where you're coming from, though perhaps it's a good thing that you're trying to play vidjagaems. When people are unwell, we like to try to do the things that we always do in our downtime, it's a coping mechanism of sorts. If cosplay/cushions doesn't fall under that category, but vidjagaems do, so be it.
      Personally, I can't stand to look at a screen at all when I get my cluster headaches (or when I'm sick in general) so games are out. I definitely know where you're coming from with the guilt factor involved though.

      Think of it this way. If you’re sick and your reflexes are a little off, if you screw up in a video game, no real harm done. But if you’re sick and doing sub-par craft work, you pretty much have to live with that.

      So: procrastination \o/

      That said, totally get where you’re coming from. Anytime I have free time and I’m not working on my writing, I feel kind of guilty. As much as I’m enjoying Dark Souls, I know while I’m playing it that I probably shouldn’t be ‘wasting’ my time on it :P


    I love the smell of TAYpalm in the morning. How are we all on the day before Friday Eve?
    (Can I take off my "I'm-pleasant-in-the-mornings" face yet?)

      Mostly apathetic.
      But I managed to get a free Snickers bar! \o/

      "the day before Friday Eve" is a disheartening way to say Wednesday. So close to Friday... yet so far.

        I like to think of it as false hope. In my current dazed and disordered state, I struggle to view it as anything but pure, genuine hope. The world is okay, friend.
        Or we could just agree on it being Wednesday, and die a little more on the inside :D



        The week is all downhill from here!
        ...wait, that's not it...

        I prefer to think of it as Odin's day! Much more enjoyable.

      I read "day before Friday eve" and thought "its Thursday today! :D"... Then I figured out I was stupid.

    I am ruined today. Long day yesterday was long. And I have to do it all again tonight!

    There seems to much more stuff to do than what I remember haha.

      Silly mang.

      You are leaving. Why work so hard?

      What are they going to do - FIRE YOU?

        I've done bugger all work this week at the job I'm leaving. I started again at my old job last night (keep the income happening and what not) so I worked 8:30am-5pm then 5.30pm-1am

        Doing it again today.

          Shit those hours are intense...

          Well TAY is here to keep you company on your second job (which I assume you have time to browse TAY) :P

          Does your day job allow for periods of respite? If so, capitalise my man!

    Shane, I can't believe you just casually took out a black knight and Havel.
    Havel took me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages to nail.

      I couldn't believe it either, to be honest. I was really in the zone last night. I went straight on and blitzed the Capra Demon too.

      Will probably be overconfident tonight and get slaughtered in the Depths.

      Okay, now I'm imagining you and Havel in...courtship. :P

        Yeah, I was thinking the same thing...
        Flu loved Havel goooood and proper.

        It was easier when he stopped moving...

        Too far?

        You can't tell me that club doesn't look a little bit suggestive?

    My son is looking at the Batman fabric I'm going to make Batgirl's skirt out of.
    Him: *points to The Joker* Who's this guy?
    Me: The Joker
    Him: Does he tell jokes?
    Me: Umm...sure.
    Him: What jokes does he tell?
    Me: Err...he plays mean tricks on people. He's a Bad Guy.
    Him: He's funny. I like Bad Guys!

      Well, I can't find a flaw in that logic yet.
      I like this kid :D

      I liked the joker when i was young because he wore facepaint.

        The joker in the past was a silly villian.

      You should tell him the joke about how he got those scars....

    Sooo... I know its a long shot, but are any TAYbies going to Dappled Cities on Thursday Night at OAF in sydney? My mates have pulled out on me but I dont particularly want to be that creepy loner guy...


      Not really but you can pretend I'm there.

    Anyone else work in customer service? I really have no words for the stupidity I just experienced.

    But here a few anyway.

    Dude calls up, won’t give me ANY information to open up his file, asks if we called him yesterday. I begin to tell him I’m not able to tell if anyone has contacted him because I can’t open his file, if he can give me a name or date of birth or address or something I can check for him… dude then proceeds to scream at me, calling me unorganised and useless, yells at me that he’s on a mobile and even though he is “extremely wealthy” I am wasting his credit, (yeah cause wealthy people are still using pre-paid phones), then calls me a c_ _ _ face before hanging up on me.

    Like… wat?

      Yeah, that sucks.
      Customer service cop the worst flak for trying to help out.
      People do that to them are buttholes.

        Yeah I'm getting that a lot recently too in my work :'(

        most customers suck! I don’t know why they are so horrible most of the time, I mean, would they ever be that rude to someone they knew or to someones face? I kinda doubt it, I think it’s because there’s somewhat of an anonymity over the phone and they don’t have to look at the person they’re being horrible to.

        I would never be that rude to ANYONE, let alone someone just doing their job.

      I man the phones for a Owners Corp. Pretty much that except they tell you they own units. Every day.

      C word dropping because he couldn't simply give you some of his details? People are the worst...

      *in a Tech Knight voice*

      Look on the bright side, you're going to carry on with your business happily for the rest of the day.
      That guy's day has probably just been ruined.

      You win :P

        YAY I ruined someones day! :D

      Maybe he was returning a missed call from his phone and didn't want to give any details until he knew what it was about?
      Doesn't excuse him being such a rude bastard though.

        maybe... but I don't even work for a debt collection or bill company or anything! we actually mostly call with good news if we do call anyone, haha.

      By the way he was acting, maybe he was trying to give you his details and c_ _ _ face was his name?


      "People are stupid" is customer service's mantra.
      I work as tech-support/sysadmin/office bitch for a whole bunch of builders and various other tradespeople. I may not cop the flak I once did in a service role (fast-food is the absolute worst I've experienced from the public) but the idiocy (Read: tech-illiteracy) remains.

      still, directing expletives towards someone is no way to get anywhere. It's a shame he hung up on you, as you can't just brickwall him then. "Let me put you through to someone" is always a favourite.

      Same for me except even people who don't even buy stuff from us and then are demanding. I am not gaining anything yet they still feel so entitled. I still try and be helpful because i know whats going on usually and i am a nice person. :)

    Hey Sydney TAYbizzles,
    Who is going to the CAN'd meat towards the end of this month? I am taking the Pezmobile, and Shiggy has suggested he will also drive if we have more than one carload.

    My car has 3 spots free. Who wants a death-defying ride in the Pezmobile?

      I was considering driving down too, but double checking my time and stuff

      I still maintain the unreasonable right to sass your driving skills.

        That's because Asians are great drivers. We drift our way down.

        at least I don't take up two lanes when driving and am trying to help the environment with my spider enclosure (aka right-hand-side mirror)

      If no one takes him up on those 3 free spots he will be driving alone. Because Pezmobile has delusions of grandeur as discovered on the weekend.

      Could someone please post the details of this meat again? After finding out it's 'only' about a 3hr drive I got interested. :P

        It's on Sat 23rd June so we'll be driving down on the afternoon/night of Fri 22nd.

        It's a road trip so the 3 hours generally flies. Time is spent marvelling at how much Bish can eat at the Macdonalds on the way there and back.

        Blaghs is also an excellent host and barely ever throws guinea pigs at you if you misbehave.

          I really need to go to this....

            You'll get to see drunk Rize attempt to stand on two feet! (if the last can'd meat is anything to go by)

      I'll grab a seat if you're willing to come pick me up. Does your car know how to swim or fly, perchance?

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