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    I had this delicious chocolate cookie that was so rich and delicious.

    And now my stomach is like "I DONT HANDLE THIS VERY WELL"

    And now I am sitting on my desk thinking calm thoughts.

      Wouldn't it be far more ergonomically viable to sit on your chair?
      Or better yet, lie down in the middle of the room groaning whilst your stomach doesn't handle the cookie very well.

        I was sitting on the chair and then I climbed on the desk. And then onto the chair. Though really I was typing on my chair and then got distracted and wrote desk.


          I wasn't typing on my chair. I was typing "on my chair"


            I was going to say... your workstation layout utterly confuses me. "Why is the keyboard on the chair?"
            I must see how this fares at home when I try, though I'm not sure my desk is big enough :s

    Just bought the two season 1 collections of Digimon. Digimon marathon this weekend!

      I did that man, you are in for a treat :)

        Does the dialogue hold up well?
        I'm not going to lie - I'm worried about it...

        But who cares. Its Digimon :D

          Its cheesy but its still the same show, its better than pokemon to because the plot actually advances but there is like 400 episodes in the first season (slight exageration)

          oh man I just watched it recently. The dialogue is a bit terrible at the start of season 1 but it vastly improves later on. I love the Digimon series, I think I've watched season 1 & 3 (is 3 the one where they are in the real world?).

      Awesome. I haven't watched Digimon in years. :P Did you ever play Digimon World on the PS1? I had so much fun with that game as a kid.

        I've still got digimon world 2003 if I remember the name correctly. A strange sort of story where it's a digimon virtual reality world.

        Oh my god! I played like 1/2 hour of that game, total. It was awesome, but I don't know where it's gone!

        I was deprived in my gaming childhood - never had a PS1. Only had an old Pentium 133 :p
        I didn't even know there was a Digimon game!

        oh oh, do you mean the Digimon game that was just called "Digimon World" because there where two versions of that game. The other was called "Digimon World 2003" I think. The original Digimon World was amazing, running around trying to get your Digimon to evolve into what you want. I once got my Digimon to turn into Metal Greymon. BEST CHILDHOOD GAME!!!!

        Also it was terribly translated.

          Yeah the original Digimon World. The one where you had to raise the Digimon from its baby form.

          I actually tried to replay it recently and it has not aged well. xD

    Also Blaghs meet Discussion, i will be there Friday morning-ish so i am glad you guys are coming down that night because i am aware blaghs has alot of stuff to lean on.

      You can go to Questacon or something.

        OMG QUESTACON!!!! I used to love that place as kid. Only good thing about visiting family in boring Canberra. So much awesome science.

          Is that like Canberra's version of Scienceworks? Scienceworks is friggen badass.

          Does that place still exist?

      I'm planning to go on Friday night and leave Sunday sometime. I'm not sure of my leave situation yet still buh. I'll be cashing in my Qantas points \o/

        Then we will buy all the beer while the chumps drink cider.
        Yeah i said it cider isn't as good as you all think it is.

          Still better than beer.

            I don't want to disagree with you because you look like you could murder my face.

              Lol. A mate of mine recently gave up smoking and now he cannot drink beer because now he can taste things properly and has discovered how terrible it tastes.
              I laughed.

              I was about to say Rocketman. Don't mess with Jo because he is big and might have some rusty pipe to shank you with.

                Jo's big?
                I've met Jo. He's scary, but not exactly big.

                  He is bigger than me. And I don't want to be involved with any street fight over cider and beer /o\

          Some cider is, some isn't. In much the same way that some beer is awesome and some beer isn't.

      It's looking 99% sure that I now won't be able to afford BlaghMeat. :(

        Throws money at strange's general direction, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO\
        Its cool mang we will take pictures miss.

        It's Canberra's fault. Flights there are ridiculously expensive. Return flights there cost more than my new laptop did. I wish I'd just gone to Pezwarming instead, Sydney's way more reasonable.

          You could fly to Syd and jump in the Pezmobile.

            That's a good idea. I'm not sure how it would work out with my Canberran sister who I can't go to Canberra without seeing though. Don't really think she'd come to the Meat. :P
            I'll have a think on it and see what I can work out. Thanks, Eff!

              Last time Pez drove Freyr to see her family!
              Just get him to chauffeur you around!
              What a stand up guy he is.

          I had that issue but then I also had qantas points. It is more amazing with qantas points.

          Lol, last time I went to the 'Berra cost me ~$2500 in flights alone >.<

      Last time we arrived at midnight, so you two will have allllllllllllllll the time in the world to chat.

        Midnight? Did you leave at 9pm or something?

          [Chairman Kaga voice]: If I remember correctly,
          We were still at Blacktown at 7 eating dinner Maccas. Picked up Freyr at 7:30, headed off, also stopped at Maccas halfway through for second dinner. Maybe a 3.5 hour trip of actual driving?

            Yeah, we ate a family meal while we talked about how terrifying westies are.

              I guess that explains the late arrival.
              Westies are terrifying.

    TAYbies, I am thinking of gutting an old computer, and building myself a new computer, starting with a bare case.
    I've been looking at PC Case Gear, and have come up with a sub-$500 setup.
    I have an old CoolerMaster case and fan, so no cost there.
    The CPU will be an Intel Core i5 2500 ($219)
    I have already purchased a graphics card, but unfortunately I can't remember exactly what it was.
    The RAM will be 4GB Kingston DDR3 ($29)
    The Motherboard will be a Gigabyte GA-H77-D3H ($119)
    Overall, it should only cost me $367 for everything that I need.
    I will be playing mostly older games on it, nothing really new, mostly stuff like Richard Burns rally, GTR2, rFactor, World of Warcraft, etc; and I may do some digital art stuff on it as well.
    Are the parts that I have listed good for what I will be using the computer for?

      If it's for the older games you shouldn't have a problem with that at all.

      Whilst I haven't checked the prices myself, is great for pricechecking components.
      If you're playing older games, it'll be fine and dandy, it shouldn't have much hassle with newer games either, so long as it's nothing SUPER intensive. It'd help to know which videocard you have, but hey. Sub $500 is a great price anyway!

      Don't be stingy on the RAM - it's so cheap, get 8Gb at least. Especially if you're going to run Win 7. Also you haven't mentioned monitors, hard drives, input devices and software, I assume you have all that already?

        Yeah, I got an old 19 inch monitor from my brother, I have a 160GB hard drive, USB Mouse and Keyboard, 2.1 speaker setup, and I have windows 7.
        So, I'm pretty much waiting on the other stuff.

        This guy gets it. I still haven't forked out for an win7 product key :s
        as for peripherals and whatnot, I was under the assumption that due to gutting a previous computer the peripherals would be coming with it.
        If this isn't the case, expect a little more than a $500 budget for decent gear.

        Is this good for the price?

      Should be more than adequate but it depends a lot on what graphics card you're putting in it.

        I think it's an ATI Radeon 5670, though I'm not entirely sure...

    @Aleph-Null: Current machine is an i5 750, 16gb RAM, Radeon 5850 @ 2560x1440. It's just beginning to really show its age in some games now, though a couple of weeks ago I refreshed the main HDD and memory (previously 4gb, now 16gb (4x4gb) and faster modules) and that's made a big difference. Plan is to wait until the next Intel 'tick' and upgrade then, Sandy/Ivy Bridge doesn't really offer that much over what I have. May upgrade the GPU soon though.

      Yeah, I'll be looking to drive my current build into the ground before upgrading again. I like the idea of a complete rebuild in 4-5 years time, and I'm hoping that Persephone will stand up to the task until then :s
      Out of curiosity, which games are proving problematic for your system?

        SWTOR was running like arse with 4gb RAM and a slow system drive (swapped in after the SSD I built the system with died) and TERA was a bit sluggish as well. Most single player stuff it would stutter a bit at first but then start running pretty well. I generally turn anti-aliasing off (at 2560x1440 it becomes crazily expensive to do and much less obvious when it's not enabled) unless the game supports DX11 where I can use FXAA or similar, eg Witcher 2 runs amazingly well on it all things considered.

      but can it run crysis

        Yes, actually.

          can it run metro 2033 on all high settings without stuttering?

          Trick question! It's so poorly optimised that no, no computer will ever be able to do that.

            But it looks so pretty.

            Well, hideously ugly, but that's the point.

            I veel thank you noht to mock Soviet Ukrainian prrogramming, frrend.

      I too was thinking of getting a new PC soon:
      i5 3570K
      ASRock Z77 MB
      Asus Xonar DG sound card
      8G Ram
      TL-WDN4800 Wireless card
      750W PSU
      Antec 302 case
      Some hard drive/s
      Maybe a cpu fan and SSD as well.

      Never built a PC before tho (currently using a 4 year old imac) so any tips would be most welcome.

        Be scared of static. Seriously, it's a bitch.
        Sometimes things actually *do* require "firm" pressure. More so than feels right. (This doesn't include the CPU, be very gentle handling that).
        Don't be surprised if it doesn't all just work the first time you try to boot, there's usually something very simple that you've overlooked. Ensure that all the fans are connected prior to booting.
        I hope you've got small hands!
        Enjoy feeling like a god once it runs smoothly, and reap the fruits of your labour :D

          Oh god when building my latest PC, I was so paranoid when securing the CPU, I heard this crushing noise and was all "NOOO THE PINS" then realised it was fine >_>

          You don't really need to be *that* paranoid about static unless you live in a desert and routinely walk over shag pile carpets before touching your components. Just touch the inside of the case periodically to discharge any potential.

          Nowadays building a PC is so easy. No need to fiddle with jumper settings or master/slave relationships on IDE channels or matching your RAM to your Motherboard (always a good idea to check the motherboard's recommended memory though). It's pretty much just a case of hooking everything up.

          I will assemble it at work where we have static mats/ grounding straps and all that.

    Wow... Quiet for almost an hour????
    Did people simultaneously explode or something?

    There's a rather large debate on Reddit right now about gun ownership. Let's try not to get into a debate about that. I just can't believe the ridiculousness of some of the scenarios that people are bringing up for the sake of justifying "self-defense" (self-defense is not a genuine reason that you can apply for a gun license in Australia).

    Some of the things people are describing are pretty much straight out of a Batman comic.

      Batman doesn't use guns.
      Argument over.

        He did in Batman Beyond.

        That's why he retired.

        Also some earlier comics before they realised how silly it was.

          Batman used a gun?


      But what if I get attacked by ninjas? A handgun won't cut it - I'll need an AK at least.

        But how can you shoot something you can't see?

          True, will need a thermal scope, maybe some grenades.

      yeah, but what if i'm walking down oxford st & get attacked by a drug-addled grizzly bear?
      what happens if the communists invade?!?!

        Now I'm convinced. Someone get me an Uzi, a Tommy Gun and a .50 Cal!

        Agreed on the One Direction, Seriously. Someone should shoot them and be done with it

      There are reasons to own a gun when you live in a town with bears or you live on a farm with wild pigs and such.

      Batman doesn't use a gun rabbit gawd :P

      If zombies hit Australia we wouldn't stand a ghost of a chance :P

        You kidding? Just head away from the major cities. Sparse population and brutal geography. Zombies and deserts don't go very well together.

          Why is that?

            Heat speeds up the deterioration of flesh. It wouldn't take too long for muscle and connective tissue (you know, required for moving even when you're undead) to deteriorate. They might still be around, but they'd be immobile.

              I'm pretty sure that the normal physiological rules don't apply where zombies are concerned :P

              MY understanding of the absolutely clear-cut and inviolable single set of rules about zombies is that corpses decay until they are zombiefied, and when they come to unlife the decay is arrested.

                You might want to check that. Zombie lore can vary quite a bit and I would imagine that only applies to magically animated zombies.

                Modern zombie lore (the type that tends to consider the outbreak as the result of some sort of infection) seems to show continued decay while allowing for minimal brain function.This isn't directly addressed in a lot of things because the timespan doesn't really allow for continued decay. We tend to see things shortly after the outbreak, not long after.

                  I'd like to see a continuation on the "28 X later" series of events, as that's probably the largest timespan we've been shown, I think.

                  I was attempting to be humourously facetious when i suggested there was a single set of rules.

                That brings to mind the argument of wounds etc. constituting "decay" though. Zombies are unable to "heal" as such, therefore any external stimulus will likely leave a lasting effect (gunshot wounds, shovel-to-the-face wounds, etc). Would this not also be true for sunlight, especially in the harsh climates of Australia?
                Surely they can't simply be impervious to it.

                  Does that mean that thirst affects zombies? That if not lubricated regularly by water, their insides dry up and turn to dust? How do they move if the muscles aren’t being fueled by a beating heart and pumping blood? Given that there is a finite amount of energy in the universe, where does a starving zombie get the energy for movement from? Also, re: decay, bodies decay very quickly and any outdoor zombie would basically be a useless puddle of smelly goo within a week or two, whether in the desert or not.

                  In conclusion: I think there are some general inconsistencies here that need to be acknowledged but not dwelt on, for fear of actually disproving the possibility of a zombie outbreak :P

                  But you have to admit, a zombie that can cross any terrain for any length of time in pursuit of you is a pretty damn terrifying prospect :)

            The heads per square kilometre imply that an infection would only ravage densely populated regions to begin with. Survival in "the outback" will be your best bet, and for the locals, the gun ownership rates are far higher anyway.
            All 'round, it's a much better situation to be in.

              Yep, got that much, i was wondering about the desert thing. I thought rugged climate would be harsher on humans than zombies.

                Don't forget that the food sources for the zombies are far less plentiful in deserts. They would be attracted to the more populated areas where they have better chance of chowing down on some delicious brains.

                  Isn't Rigor Mortis also a factor to take in, with flesh that's dead going stiff and unusable within days?

          I think i would be fine. I drive 40 minutes out of town to a friends fruit and veggy farm. Stay there and eat grapes.

      Guns don't own people,

      I don't know how to end it. But that's what Gun Ownership is about, right?

      I have my .308 winmag for target shooting, and that's about it. I don't go hunting (no real opportunities here) and have no need for firearms in the case of self defence. It's a recreational thing, personally.

        WHich is fair enough cause you live in remote area. Hey stevo we have another capricornian :P

          I thought Aleph was a top-ender?

          I'm an Aquarius, dammit! :p

          @Trjn, yeah, NT is "home" for now >.<

      Guns, cool things. But not really for civilian use... Though I think the Colt .45 M1911 is one of the most badass handguns ever created along with the .357 Magnum/ .44 Magnum.

      As a side point, I was reading some articles about inductive charging and resonant magnetic charging, and it I am dumbfounded by how stupid people are...
      I mean, I know that the internet is full of morons posting opinions that no one wants to hear, but these articles were on reputable scientific and technology sites, where I expected the average reader to not have the IQ of a peanut. I'm truly afraid for the future of the human race.

    May i interrupt your conversation to say that Carmageddon Reincarnation has a kickstarter campaign going on, They have already reached their $400,000 goal but the more money people donate the better the final product will be.

    I have pledged $30, as a reward for pledging that amount you get 2 digital copies of Carma Reincarnation, a copy of Carma 1 and Splat Pack from GOG early beta access to the game from steam. I think you can choose one of the copies to be DRM free which you dont have to use steam.

    PS, i am saying this as a long time Carmageddon fan and not that i am a web bot ;)

      I am saying this as a web bot
      WHere do you guys come from i swear this happens like 4 or 5 times a week someone comes on TAY advertises something cool and then vanishes from the earth. How do you guys even find this place?

        That's ridiculous!

        I'm not a web bot, i tried hard to not make it sound like one.

        I dont come into TAY all that often, i am more of a Gizmodo stalker myself.

        To prove i am not a web bot Spamdespamspamspam, i bet that isnt in a web bot vocabulary.

      Hi Luke, stay a while and listen.

        am I the only one that continuously mishears that as Cane saying 'stay a while & glisten'?

        yeah. thought so.

      Oh yeah i'd already signed up for this. Look forward to it. I actually played the older game but at a mates place when it was out as I didnt have a PC.. should be fun. worth 15 bucks for me.

    But... but... the zombiepocalypse is coming and I need my flamethrower, rocket launcher, sub machine gun, shotgun, semi-automatics, fully-automatics, ultra-automatics, hyper-automatics, and something bigger than a breadbox if I’m gonna live through it.

      Nuts. Reply fail.
      Now I can shoot myself!

    I just walked into our kitchen to see someone helping themselves to my milk for their coffee.

    What’s the etiquette in situations like this when the person is otherwise a friendly person?

    Does this change if
    1) It’s just a splash of milk
    2) The milk expires tomorrow anyway

      if you are opposed to them using your milk, which you have every right to be, then you can shout 'oh god, dont use that! it was left out overnight!'

      if you're not opposed, i'd let it slide. but be wary that they may see your lack of opposition an an open invitation to your milk.

      & no, quantity nor expiration date a relevant factors to the office-milk situation.

        or better yet, if you're opposed, & you catch em doing it again in a few weeks, you've got the perfect opportunity to claim that its breat milk.

        they'll never do it again.

          **breast milk.

            Whoa whoa whoa...
            I always drink breast milk.

            You're saying nobody else does?




              fair enough then.
              i still think that theres a psychological difference between drinking non-descript breast milk, & drinking milk that was recently lactated from your co-workers wifes' breasts.

      Bring your milk in a different container! Make it look scary! Dye it green!

        I love this suggestion. I remember a (Ninja Turtles?) promotion run by Rice Bubbles when I was a little kid, where if the milk turned green, you won a prize. Man, I really, really, really wanted that milk to change colour! Green milk Rice Bubbles would lend closure to that particular childhood disappointment.


      You put orange juice in your milk and leave that in the container.

      Nobody will ever touch it again.

      Make sure it is the pulpy stuff for extra cringe factor.

        I think that might make me a bit sick when I try to drink it :P

          It's decoy milk, man!

          DECOY MILK.

          You only need to do it once. Unless you like the taste.

          Which is weird, but who am I to judge?

          Sounds like the pasteurised version of the moldy ziplock bag. Brilliant!

      Just put it in a different container and label it: "Milk". Including the quotation marks.

      That would make me think twice, at least. :P

    I pressed the beautiful Batman fabric, laid it out on the table, found Batgirl's measurements and went to my computer to bring up the pdf pattern I was planning to use...oh. I'd forgotten it was still on the other laptop's harddrive.

    So I press the beautiful surprise fabric for Jordi's skirt, found her measurements, grabbed the paper pattern I'd bought to work from...oh. I don't have enough interfacing.

    I think the universe may be trying to tell me I should just hem my Mother's curtains instead before beginning skirts. :P

      Start a cape for rocketman for when he becomes supreme lord commander of the earth and doesn't use enough glitter glue.

      Well i am assuming thats why my cape is running so low on glitter.

      Awww It's time to call it a day and sit back and watch some telly/play some games/eat delicious food.

        It always comes back to delicious food with you. Speaking of which when are we going for tasty japanese food? New job celebration?

        Is hemming curtains as difficult as it sounds? The actual hemming might not be that hard but manhandling all that material has to be difficult.

    Morning All,

    Few questions about a couple of games im looking at.

    the new shot recon? worth buying? I have played the previous versions and this one looks as good. Anyone recommend it?

    Also the spyro game, is it worth a buy, just for the nostalgia associated with the original games?

      ghost recon dammit

      SPYRO. I miss that game. I think it is fun enough.

      I'm interested in Ghost Recon. Need to finish up some other games first though. Haven't played a GR in quite a while, so keen to check it out.

      You mean the PS1 Spyro's or a more recent one? Original Spyro still holds up pretty well today. Especially with some sweet sweet nostalgia mixed in. Can't comment on the newer games though. :P

      Skylanders? I got that for my kids. It's actually a pretty good game. Add to that the addiction of collectibles and it's a winner. But your wallet will hate you. :P

    Getting sooo impatient waiting for the announcement of a CE of Fall of Cybertron.... Want... collectors... dinobots.... GNUH!!!

      I was really hyped for Fall of Cybertron - until I found out it wasn't getting a PC release. Sadness overload.

    Hmmm, what's happening in here?
    Also, hello.

      'Sup Cthulu.

        Not much.
        Bringing chaos ,panic, and darkness to Earth.
        Y'know, the usual.

          pretty standard for a wednesday then?

            Yeah, except I missed breakfast. :(

              And I can't work these tiny keys.
              Stupid large claws.

              thats no good. go & nom on something. you'll need the energy for when you're bringing the chaos later today.

      T̘͉̯̹̙o̫̹̭̺̠͔̔̔ ̡̜̫͎̳̰͒ͨ̑ͫ̉ͯi̦͕͇ͤn̜v̶̗͖̟̄̒ͣͅö̰̬̞͕̜͉̊ͩ̆ͫ͒̇k̮͕͖̖͈̠̎̅ͤ͒ͅȇ̙̮͔̑̔̓̒͊̈͢ͅ ̙̽̌͋ͬͭ̅̋ẗ͙̳̠ͦͧͣ̑ͪ̚͡h̯͙̺e̺̦̎ͥ̊ͩ̂̏ͥ́ ̮̘̱̥ͅh͍͖̗͇͎̘ͥi̜̎v̘̹̹͙ͨͧ̆̌͐̀ẻ̹̬̹ͨ͡-̝̠̖ͮ̾m̴̙͇̼̲͆̓ͦ̾ͦ̐̚i̮̋̊ͧñ̹̩d̙͎̓͂̍̉̍͆ ̬̠̬͂ͮ͆ͧr̗̗͙̬͇̳̼ͫ͗ͣ͊̐e̛̍̂ͥ̍̈́p̥̉ͧͥ̊̄r͍͚̪̣͕̥̆̒͝e̬̣͙̓͝s̠̫̣̆̀e̡͓ͥ̔͌ͨͭ̏n̸̅̓̚ͅt̗͓͕̳ͨ͋ͬi̧͖͖͔̩͈ͫ͂ͮͯ̏ͬn̮̲̬̲͔̆ͥ̈́̄̎͢ͅg̨̮͂̽̈́̋̍ ͧͯ̓͑ͯc͇̥̣̺̀̊͝h̠̙̟̖͉̥̜̔̈̈́̄̑͋̃ã͕̙̹̺̯͍ō̞̤̹̘̦͕̣͗̅̀̀̚s̗͕̥̤̖͑͋͌̍̒.ͬ̊̽͏͍̦͔̭̪͔̜
      ͮ͒ͣ͑͗ͤ͏̲Ǐ̟̮͍̣̤ͧ̚n̬͕̭̲͚̎͊ͧͭͧv̫̿ͩ̿̾o̴͖̰̣͕̼̮̒͐͒k̤̯̦̠͗ͧͮ̌͐ͣ͐͢i͝ṅ̷͊͌g̩̬̱̯̞̜̥ͦ̐ ̷̰̭̜̖͒̊̈́̌́t̻͕͕̟̼ͩ̾̇̍̔ͦ͢h͖̳̞̦͙e̿ͧ͑̍̔̔ ̴̥̲͖̰̊͂ͮ̒̾̓̚f̗͉͍̳ͭ͠e̱̩͉̩͚͂ͫ̽̿̈́̌ë́͗̉̒̍҉̼̘̫l͖̹̥̺̓ͪ̃ͧ͌͝i̊͂̐̌͋ͮ́n̹͇̞̹̺̜̬̎ͫ͛̃ͨ̇g̢͙̠̥̹͚̜̩ͩ̓̽ ̱ͤ́ͦ̉͜ȍ͕̇̔͘f̫̫̥̫̯͕͊̋́͗ ͐͛ͫͨ̀̄̅҉̘̗̭̭̪c̠̅ͫ̍̾̒ͥh͎̥̦̟̫̮a͚͔̍ͧ́͟o̰̥̜̘̰̣̭ͪ̅̃̓̐̐ͫ͜s̓ͯ̂̂.̩̺͊̄͗̅̕
      ̪̗͉͖͚̞̈̈̍̌̆͐̚͠Wͮi̙̥̘̙͉̟͍̓ͩ̋ͥ̊ͭṫ̸̈̀h̸ ͇̹̬̮̠̭o̙̗͇̱̩̠ͪ̔u̜̠̬̦͋̂̊̔̎ͪͬt̞̜̜̝̘̰̀ͪ ̪̩̘ͮͭͥͪ̌̔̚ỏ͙̟͇̠̖̯̙ͫͪͮ̿ͭ͌ŗ̺̹͉d̥̓̿ḛ̲͎̠ͯ̉̏̃̾̄͊̀r̘̼̂͆͟.̶̜̪
      ͏͉T̰ͩh̩̲̆̓͊̄̾e̫̖͆͆̐̋ͣ͘ ̨̲̮̀͒̚N̮̻͍͍̖̾ͦͫ̑ͣ̚ȅ̯̪̹ͫ͜z̥̙̠̠̫̝̘ͬ̈ͥp̍ͧͦ͌ͭ̈͢ế̾͢ř̨̥̮͌̂ͦd̷͕ͤī͗ͭa̸n̢̝ͅ ̺̞͔̣̪͜h͈̤̼̉͛̍̓̀̾i̷̬̯̗͆̉̐͆͊ͅv̢̤̜͔̝̓̅̐e̹̰̣̣͉̪̔͗ͅ-̂̈̂ͫ̿͏̲̖̙̻̞m͖̞̲̗͓̊ï̟̥͈̈̎n̶̞̗̒ͩͦͅd̻͕̟͎̳ͥ̍̏ͮͅ ̘̖̍̂͛̈oͭ҉͇̙̳̜̰f̯̟̥͖͈ͧ̈ͥ͟ ̓̑ͦͫͬ͑҉̲͇c̴͎̯̏͋̎̆ͧh̵̪̜̺̞̜̟͚ͨ̊̔̇ͧă͒ͭ̔͒ͭ̉҉̩̝̲̪o̼̺̭ͫ̈̈́̎ͪ͆͝ͅs͔̬̀ͅ.̘͍̰͕͇̏ͮ͌ ̩̤̙̜͗ͮ͒ͅC͓͉̼͍̖̭ͪͅt͓̦ẖ̸͈͚̩̬̭ű̜̹̟̹͈͖̖ͫl̨͍̗̱̦̣̅̉u̘̫̟̭̺̣.̛̤̫̪͎̝̱̜͂̆̓͑̄ ̹̟̣̤́̑̑̿
      ̋̆͂҉̦̲̝̥H̵̦̙̳e̐͏̹̹̭͖ ͈̱͇̻̹̹̣͐ͪ̎̉͒̚ẘ͈̻̞̲̬̝̗ͥͫͥ̈́h̅ö̶͓̪̠́͋͊̚ ̳͉ͥ͋̑ͦ͊Ẁ̲̱̣͖̱̐̉͒ͯ̀̎͟a̱̠̬ͧ̔̕i̩͚ͥ͆̍́t̯̖͕͙̋͂̑ͫ̐s̜̹̞͙̥̦ ̪̟̺̃̓̄̍͐̿̀B̹̲̩͊̇̚e̮̦͈ͪ̈͂͢ͅh̻ͧ̾̽ͩ̉̅în͑͝ͅd͙͇̠͎̘̭̗̎̉ͩ̀ͫͨ ̢̟͇͕͈̃̔Th̖͍̪͕͖ͨ̏ͨẽ͞ ̺̰͚̫̘̼̉ͫͫ̑́ͥ͘W̍ͦ̽̒̄̊͘a̢̼͇l̸̥̺͚ͬ̌̽̄͊l͚̹͙͙͇̠ͧ̍ͨ͂ͬ̂̽.̥̫̝̦͇


        what the hell have you done?!?! YOU BROKE IT!

        ...are you an Old One?

          Needless to say, I am not as New as I once was.
          Some know me as Gol-Goroth, though most have forgotten...

        Blaghman broke TAY with his crazy text squiggly arm man once :O

          I love Squiggly arm man. He's like one of those Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men.

        Ha! Two can play that game!
        Okay, maybe two can't...

    I just got this email, all I can say is what? Spam emails coming into my actual inbox now x.x

      Email him back asking if you can get a 352 inch one!

        Shall I give him your details for delivery, Lambo? =P

          Lambo is under age virus :\

            But he looks older than you Rockets!

          I could use a few bladeless fans. They're more lambo proof than normal ones. :P

      Ooh, you're a purchasing manager, fancy.

        I know right?! I had no idea I was this important until moments ago!

      First thing I thought was "that middle one doesn't look like it'd fit".
      So many pills to take, inches to gain, and women to please. And now bladeless c___rings.

        I'm more concerned about the now in that sentence. It implies that all previous ones had blades 0.o

          You know it!
          What better way for the Old Ones to improve stamina?!

      NO BLADES?!?!

        Better yet will they make our voices still sound like T-Pain when we speak into them?!

          Freakin' A!
          Holy crap, I loved sounding like a robot when I was younger, talkin' into the fan and shiz.


    I have no idea why, but I want to try this:
    Get over here!
    \o/ \o/

      replace the last line with
      & its like the world most violent high five

      If you want to make yourself feel really cool with your basic html knowledge, you should set up a page with the "\o" to the left, and then have a banner(is that the right term? It's been a while) with the rest of it, so that it scrolls across the page.


      And impractical.


          That failed. Tremendously.

            ( /^ ^) /                                                \ (^ ^\ )
            ( /^ ^)/                                 \ (^ ^\ )
            ( /^ ^) /               \ (^ ^\ )
            ( - ^ ^)(^ ^ -)

              ( o.o) \ (^ ^\ )
              ( o.o)/ \ (^ ^\ )
              ( O.O) \ (^ ^\ )
              \(O.O\) \ (^ ^\ )
              \(O.O\) \ (^ ^\ )

              oh god, hugs, get away from meeeeeeee

                Well, you get the idea.

                  I don't. Do it properly.

    Hey guys (and gals),
    Can I get your opinions on something please?

    Below are links to some logos I'm getting made for my company. I've decided on Concept 5 or 6 on the second link, but I'm not sure on the colours. Some people like the blue, some like the orange, I like the teal/turquoise from the first link.... I can't decide.
    Help me TAY, you're my only hope!

      Reposting due to moderation.
      Hey guys (and gals),
      Can I get your opinions on something please?

      Below are links to some logos I’m getting made for my company. I’ve decided on Concept 5 or 6 on the second link, but I’m not sure on the colours. Some people like the blue, some like the orange, I like the teal/turquoise from the first link…. I can’t decide.
      Help me TAY, you’re my only hope!

        second link

          This may sound silly, but have you tried Teal and orange?
          I find none of them really "grab" me. A lot of movie posters use teal and orange, so that may help people to notice it.

          I'm liking concept 1 on the second link and the blue/red/orange logo from the first link.
          The orange against the blue really jumps out and catches my eye the most.

          Helps if I read properly. I think the Orange, But I'm Biased :p

        I think the word "Alert" looks better in bright colours so my vote goes to concept 5.

        The blue & orange looks pretty swank, I like that combo. Though I am partial to those two colours :P

          I agree but it's cause they're complimentary colours, and I love basic colour theory.

        Blue, teal or purple as the main colour. Doesn't really matter as long as you do that graded orange colour for the contrast in the circle. Looks more alert-y.

        The orange/blue ones stand out more than the mostly blue ones. When I clicked the first link, my eyes were drawn straight to the fourth down in the rightmost column (the one with the dark orange curved line). As far as the ones in the second link go... I'd say Concept 1. I think the gear-thing and the broken curved lines in the logo look better when they're the same colour.

        Obviously I'm no professional, but those are my thoughts. :P

          I agree.
          This is what I wanted to say but couldn't be bothered describing which one from which, and now you've done it for me. :)

        What's with the replies being new posts?
        Also, orange is the way to go man.

          My fault - I replied to my own post that's in moderation. Sorry Ben

    My first comment in moderation, I'm so proud. So is 2 links bad? Or is it the type of links?

    For the first time in a long time. Mum slept in and I got to play Zelda.
    I was so excited because I got past that bloody robot pirate. The first time I broke my shield and failed miserably.
    I might finish the game yet \o/


      Still feeling sick?

        Yeah, but I'm feeling a lot better then the last couple of days.
        As well as playing Zelda I also made a bookcase and started another knitting project.
        I might be on team speak tonight then \o/

    So, it appears the page has been broken...
    Okay, now I'm mad...

    Well, it’s be nice knowing you guys. I’m off to invest in a bunker and several types of weapons, seeya!

    Who broke TAY? /o\

      Inquisitorsz, clearly. The silly billy replied to his unmoderated post.

        That's what I was thinking, but didn't want to just blame him D=

        Yeah in hindsight, probably not the best idea. Although, it's not broken for me. Everything looks like it should =P

          Wrong. Best idea evar.
          So much more attenshun on the forevernew post at the bottom of the comments :D

          So it was you! :P

      I think I did.

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