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    The grass outside is white.

      Are you sure that it's grass? Are you sure that it's outside?

      It might be carpet.

      Or a cat.

        Good point.

        The grass inside is cats.

    Hidely Ho TAYberinos!
    First off, I would like to thank Freeze for mentioning Lost Odessey, I spent the bulk of the weekend getting back into that game and I am much with the enjoying of it.
    How was everybody else's weekend?
    Come on dish, give ol Hugo all the juicy gossip.

    So, how about that sleep thing, huh? Pretty awesome.

      Sleep is awesome. I am going to spend a whole week doing that.

    The Legend of Korra wrapped up on the weekend.

    Wow. Why can't the next season start right now? I don't want to wait!

      Last episode? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo...oooooo....etc..etc...

      Will have to get onto it tonight. Any word on a season 2 release date?

    Anyone care to remove the razors from my throat?
    Much obliged!

    1 minute of this TAY has already had more comments than 6 hours of last week's :D

    Morning all! I've got nothing planned today so hit me up if you wanna play dem vidya gaems. I hear Halo is tonight? Who's hosting it and should I add them on XBL? (I might already have them though)

    Hope you all enjoyed your weekends and I look forward to meat write-ups!

      Add 'shiggyninty' for #MondayNightHaloFights

        Thanks, already have him :)

        I played a bit of the campaign yesterday and there were some connection issues and lag, hopefully it's gone by tonight :D. Standard 8:30 time again?

        New to Kotaku, Monday Night Halo fights? can you elaborate? which halo and game types? can anyone jump in on this?

    Having spent a decent chunk of my gaming time this weekend playing Magic the Gather Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013, I can whole heartedly recommend that other people avoid doing so.

    I used to play a lot of Magic in my high school years. I thought that I had made a full recovery. Saw the hype about this game and thought that it might be worth a try.

    It really isn't.

    Deck selection is rather poor (as is expected when they're targeted towards newer players) and there are a lot of things left unexplained. Even with my knowledge of the game, there were more than a few things that I simply did not understand, nor could I find any explanation in the game itself.

    What is Intimidate? What about Exalted? How about Battlecry? Magic has shifted towards keywords for pretty much every ability that appears on more than one card. While this probably serves some purpose (like giving players familiar with the current rules shorthand to refer to) it's confusing as hell to someone who hasn't seen these keywords before. Only a few of them are explained in the tips that pop-up in game and a few more can be found it you poke around the Help menu.

    I had to resort to Google.

    Might do up a full review of this game. Just so that I can feel like I got my money's worth out of it.

      judging by what you said about it, I will be avoiding it like the plague!
      I probably would've done so anyway, but now that's reconfirmed!

      I would actually recommend this game whole heartedly to new magic players. This game is not targeted at experiences magic players who enjoy deck building.
      All of the keywords are fully explained by zooming in on a card and clicking more info also tips show up the first time you come across a keyword card detailing its effect.

      Granted the ten decks feel slightly limited on the range of play style however like magic 2012, more decks will be added in the future.

      For new magic players or people wanting to learn a new tcg without the worry of trying to learn from scratch its a fantastic $10 game on steam.

        I tried doing that for the keywords. It didn't work for the ones that did not have tips appear when they were first played (so Defender and Flying were explained but Exalted and Battlecry were not).

          Strange as i had them appear both when playing against them and when zooming in.
          I am pretty new to tcg's so i find it an awesome game which introduced me to the game showing me how exactly it works.

          My mate and I live in an area without an active nerd community and this game got us into a new hobby. Again, if you're a long time magic fan. Stay away due to the limited decks and deck building.

            We're obviously coming at this from completely different angles. I can see how it does appeal to the new player, but having played this game for many years (many years ago, I quit shortly after they changed the card design) the decks on offer felt like poor copies of common deck archetypes.

            Most importantly, I felt like all of the decks on offer were incredibly slow. Even the Goblin and White Weenie decks (traditionally rather quick at putting a lot of cheap creatures on the board and chipping away at your opponent) simply did not churn out anything useful fast enough unless you got really lucky.

            Simply by not having enough of the important cards in each deck, you were often drawing dead or mediocre cards after a few turns and it would turn into a game of "draw, play X, attack, end turn" which is very boring. After the early game, you were incredibly limited in your decisions unless you played the blue deck (which had some interesting cards). That was probably the most disappointing thing about all this.

    I've been playing Knight's Contract this weekend.

    I won't say it's the worst game I've played this console generation, but it's certainly top 5.

    Started the ol' pile of shame. Mass Effect 2, oh yeah!

      Damn those towering piles of shame. I fear I'll never have to time to play everything I want to.

      Have fun with Mass Effect 2, I found it fun but it was my least favourite of the three games. Having said that, it was still better than 90% of other non-ME games. :P

        My pile is huge. I've enjoyed it so far, I have ME3 sitting there waiting. Biodhock DLC to do, FFXIII-2, D3, MG HD collection and a bunch on pre-order... Set for the year!! Need more hours in the day xD

    Morning TAY!

    @Asheleah and I have both been working hard to prepare for our surprise butsecks house inspection this weekend. Haven't had time to play anything.

    How are we all?

      I am good. It's school holidays and I've implemented a system where the kids have to stay in seperate rooms. :P It's doing wonders for my sanity.

        Is that separate rooms to each other, or separate room to you?

    Of all the Mondays for TAY to appear late! I was worried for a minute Serrels hadn't survived his jump....

    Well... I finally got my beta invite for DoTA2, too bad everybody else in TAY has moved on from that already :'(

      Whaaaaaat! I assumed everyone just gets one. I applied to see if I could get it, said I pretty much never played DoTA or MOBAs (I haven't) and picked random heroes when they asked my favourites :P

        hahaha that happened to me too. I only played DoTA for one all nighter when I was 16ish, and that was before Lifestealer was completely changed. He was the only guy I got to play so I listed him and two random others with names I liked :P

      Dota is a good game in it's own right, I just struggle to play it now that I've been playing LoL for so long. Still, give it a go and see what you think. The champion selection/skill set is more varied and interesting than LoL's at least.

        I think the main thing that'll put me off is denying... can't stand that mechanic

    Picked up Lord of the Rings: War in the North over the weekend for cheaps. At first it was a bit mediocre, but once I got used to the mechanics it was actually quite fun. Even better in splitscreen.
    Best thing? Making my Ranger look like a grey-haired bushy bearded hobo. He was the most powerful hobo ever.

      Last week I was tired one night after dinner and told Mr. Strange to play something to keep me entertained. He disappeared into the bedroom and came back out with LOTR:WITN. I didn't even know we had it. Turns out he'd been hiding it because he was going to give it to me for my birthday but then he bought me "better things" so he brought it out of hiding and started to play it. :P

      So my task this week is to catch up to where he is in the game so we can continue together. I'm looking forward to it.

        It's fun. You just need to Monster Hunter through the combat (roll like crazy).

    Anyone been on Battlefield 3 over the weekend? I've noticed since Kotaku ran the piece telling everyone how to cheat, the number of hackers on BF3 has gone through the roof. Some of them are infuriating, 1 shot kills within a second of starting a new map. The DYNA clan seem to be some of the culprits. Anyone else seen these guys?

    Finished my morning coffee half an hour ago. Feeling more tired now than I was before I had the coffee. I think that I might be broken.

    Clearly, this is a sign to go home for the rest of the week and do nothing until my body repairs itself.




          AND THE WINNER IS... ZAP!

          Grats man. Reminded me of Strong Bad talking about being in a game (YOU CAN'T CONTROL MEEE).
          Email me your address (ben.white*at*alluremedia*dot*com*dot*au), I'll get it posted out this week!

            That is the most ghetto comic I've ever seen in my life.

            I love it.

    Hey guys, what's up?

      Just eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winner of the Gravity Rush competition!

        I was going to just leave that there until the end of the day, but I would probably forget :)

          The suspense would've killed me D:

          Grats Zap! (the puppy one was my favourite of the 3 :P)

      Morning Ben
      Apparently cache issues in firefox, ctrl+F5 is working wonders. Although since this is all you get when you pop into tay it is unsurprising you don't stop by more often
      How was your weekend?

    Note to self, stay away from all articles/comments that have the words gay, Christian or ACL in them. All they do is leave me feeling rather down and depressed at how messed up the world is :(

    At least I have you guys to help cheer me up :)

      Such a small minded bunch of biggots.

      But that's enough about the commentors....

      I've no idea what ACL is. You youngins and your acronyms.
      Back in my day, we used to lynch people for using acronyms!

        Anterior Cruciate Ligament. A rather important piece of your leg that if you injure causes severe pain and will hamper your ability to walk for some time. AFL players tend to be rather susceptible to these injuries due to the potential for high impacts causing their knees to go at funny angles.

        A complete pain in the ass. To be avoided at all costs if possible.

      Start a Lobby of your own. One that better represents proper Christians instead of just the bigots like ACL.

        ACLFRY? Australian Christian Lobby Fo Reals To.

      After watching that one with Seamus vs ACL where ACL got way more screen time AND pretty much discriminated us all with the spitting use of "These people", I basically do not listen to anything they say.

        and by "that one" I meant Sunrise (which I also ignore cuz of how biased they are to everything as it is with all media in TV nowadays)

          Fair and balanced is apparently showing the two extremes, allowing the more "interesting" side to get more air time and not scrutinising anything that is said so that people "can make up with own minds".

          It's safe to say that I don't quite approve of the current state of the media in Australia right now.

            It is a really sad state that it's in right now. It makes me never want to turn the TV on again. I'm starting to hate newspapers too... that Metro Mx front page article about the R18+ rating... that made me rip the newspaper in half in disgust as soon as I saw the first paragraph. Seriously if there was any more bias against video games I'd call that journalist an ACL rep. It's just the way they opened the article and the wording, they really wanted to make it sound like "the flood gates are open for everything filthy and sinful coming to your households" and it made me sick.

      I try and avoid any article about video games... I mean, aren't those for kids?

    Hey TAYbes, anyone here have Renegade Ops, Motorstorm: Apocalypse or PlayStation Plus?

    Those two games are free for PS+ and they're a lot of fun. Played both with MASSSHAAAAA over the weekend and Renegade has 4 player co-op (maybe competitive multiplayer as well but I'm not sure) and Motorstorm has 16 player online competitive multiplayer. Both should be awesome with more people and we should definitely play them sometime soon :). So go about obtaining them!

    I'm sure you've all heard of Motorstorm so I won't explain it but Renegade Ops is a twin stick shooter but you're in a car. Lotsa explosions, lotsa guns, lotsa fun!

      I endorse this message.

      Renegade Ops is fun. It's basically drive for a few seconds EXPLOSION, drive some more EXPLOSION. Oh you're stopping are you? EXPLOSION! Out of bullets? Have a cutscene with EXPLOSIONS!!

      Motorstorm is fun as well. 16 players crashing into each other should be awesome.

      Motorstorm was the first game I ever played in 3D

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