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    Greetings and salutations TAY!
    Well, I didn't end up playing much of the games I wanted to this weekend, instead I got stuck into DA2 again, as I am still trying to get that last $*%$*&^ achievement.
    I must get it, it has now become my obsession.
    It will be mine, OH YES, it will be mine!!!!!

    So... how was everybody else's weekend?

      My weekend was pretty okay hugo, I went to a party, i ate some nice food and read some comics.

      Weekend was pretty good. Had a nice session playing co-op portal which lived up to the expectstions

      Pretty normal weekend for me. I just stayed in and completed my good playthrough of Infamous 2. I might play some Space Marine next before replaying infamous 2.

      Which achievement? I haven't even finished the game, I really should finish it :/







    I bought my first smartphone this weekend. I really have no intrest in getting one, but it seems like you can't do anything these days without one. I don't know what it is, but they just feel so "sterile" to me. I like the feel of having buttons on my phone :p

      I was like that. You get used to it though. And smartphones are very handy.

        I hope so. :)
        I agree that they are very handy (with maps, GPS, internet, etc) but I don't like the whole "touchscreen" thing.
        And, I'm seriously scared about breaking the screen, and wasting a $600 phone.

          Haha yeah, I'm not sure that paranoia ever goes away but they are surprisingly tough. I'm pretty clumsy but my phone has so far survived me.

            Did you see that vid of a guy using his htc one x as a hammer?

      My phone doesn't even have predictive text. Even though, you have fallen from the ranks of the resistant, I will remain, and light a candle in your honour.

        Thank you kind sir.
        While I have been assimilated into the smartphone generation, I applaud you for keeping up the good fight!
        I hope for a day when physical buttons are used as the primary source for phone input once again.

    Hi everyone. I am at work for three more hours, and then will be "Out Of Office" for eleven glorious weeks.

    Also, my son is being born tomorrow. Tomorrow. TOMORROW. That's really soon.


      Congrats man! Hope you had a good weekend!

      I hear The Lesser Evil is a decent read, if you're stuck in waiting rooms or whatnot.

        I tried it, and thought it was rubbish.

    Supanova Sydney! Got to meet Jennifer Hale :-)

      I heard she's really nice. Was she really nice?

      Way too crowded for me this year. Usually I spend the whole Saturday there but this year I left at 1pm because it just got to the point you couldn't really move anymore.

        It's not the same as Supernova or any other convention but I once went to an IGN Black Beta event to play crysis 2 early. The place was so crowded that I completely lost the appeal of getting to meet some developers or playing the game early.
        As a result events like Comic-con, PAX and E3 may seem appealing in my head but then I realise I'd rather play the game's demo or just watch a developer diary.

        I hope you still had fun though.

      I am jelly. I'd love to meet Hale. What's she like?

    Hey guys,
    I got in the beta.

    What beta?

    I cannot say ;P

      I was going to get into the Charlie, but they pushed me back to the delta. How unfortunate :(

        Echo echo echo echo echo....

          I read that echo instead of hearing it, so technically it wasn't a real echo.
          It was more like a pseudo echo.


      That is if the beta that you have is the same as me ;)

    Morning Friends!

    I hope we are all feeling well! I on the other hand am feeling crap. I'm hoping that it's just a case of extreme mondayitus.

      Its okay buddy, you will be okay, you are awesome and you draw lines all day

        I need to be in peak physical condition to draw lines man!

          Just as i need to be to unscrew screws and type on a computer.

      Somebody bring this man a Tuesday. STAT! :P

      Sick day. You know you want it.

        No point having a sick day until Thursday when new releases come out. Maybe he is laying the groundwork early....

    Wow, so I just got an email at work saying me and another guy's job is becoming obsolete.

    Good times ...

      That stinks, man. Are they redeploying you, do you know?

        Basically what has happened is that I was being trained to work in a certain role. Said role has become redundant (Mechanical Draftsman) and thus I can accept a job in a completely different area doing something I don't want to do or I can walk away.

        I'm pretty sure I wont get a redundancy package. In a week I technically wont be employed with them because the contract I signed said something along the lines of "If the job is open I will get it"

          You should definitely get some legal advice on your contract from someone not your employer. Union would be a good choice if you're a member... or the Fair Work Ombudsman. Just make sure you're not entitled to anything before you walk away.

          If they offer you another position (that's substantively the same in terms of wages and conditions) and you refuse it, you forfeit your right to redundancy pay.

      Does that mean you are fired?
      That sucks, email is also not the best way to do those things, hope you can find another job quickly :(

      Well that sucks a huge amount of arse.

      Positive side: redundancy payment?


      Hope it works out for you man.

    Good morning all you charming people. How was your weekends?

    I NEED SLEEPS! Seriously. couldnt sleep last night, decided to clean the kitchen at 2.30 instead of staring at the ceiling. SLEEP OR CAFFEINE! not 'or.' PREFERABLY BOTH!

    in other news, my flatmate has moved to China for three months. \o/ and /o\ at the same time!
    I'm not the living alone type of guy. I tend to get bored & talk to myself & other such oddities. but on the other hand, I've now got the opportunity to watch all the series he bitches about like Firefly & Battlestar Galactica.

    much gaming was done yesterday. so much Diablo 3. powered through Acts 2&3 on Nightmare & gearing up to punch Diablo himself in his diabolical nads possibly tonight. maybe tonight. could be going to go watch Cabin in the Woods instead. but maybe not coz I dont think I'm gonna be conscious much after 4pm... :s

    also, recording Potaku on wednesday with Shiggy, Doc & Flu! pretty hyped for that!

    aaanyway... yeah.

      Cleaning is pretty therapeutic and calming, I find.

        HI BISH!
        I just needed something to do other than just laying there. with the added benefit that now I've got a clean kitchen. i think tonight at 2am I might get a start on the lounge.

        Hi Bish,

        While you are in Canberra this week, will you clean my house please? I heard that you find such tasks therapeutic and calming.

        I won't be home at the time, but I will leave a key out for you.

        Kind regards,

      I've had a few late night cleaning seasons as well.

      Have fun recording Potaku. Don't let Flu's sultry tones overpower you :-)

      Diablo, eh?

    Mornin' TAY!
    In keeping with Mondays being crap, my Monday (so far) has been an overflowing outhouse, because work blah blah usual stuff.

    Looking forward to it not being Monday.

      Can'd meet this weekend friends so at least you have something to look forward to :)

        Yay. I still hope to pop in on Can'd Meat for an hour or two!

          Yaaay! I'm going to bring a wad of cash for you, so you probably should turn up :D

            I need to pay for a new baby, so if I can at all make it, I will be there with many things to sell :P

              The only advice I can give is search for a good discount sale :P... oh wait that wasn't what you meant about the new baby?

    I finished Dark Void this weekend.

    It's pretty bad.

    I honestly wanted to really like this game. But it's just kinda crap.

      That's a shame, that game was getting so much hype before it came out :(

    I survived the weekend.

    Cabin in the Woods. Saw it. Enjoyed it. Am very disappointed that it has a limited release and that people who should see it (everyone) will probably not.

      I'll have to wait for the DVD I think :(

      (or the naughty .avi if it doesn't get released here :P)

        Will definitely be picking that DVD up on release.

      What do you mean by limited release? Is it a local thing only, or simply time-constrained?

        Short run at a few cinemas for a limited time and only in major cities (at first, Brisbane wasn't even getting it).

        Apparently they didn't think people would like it despite being one of the most enjoyable movie experiences I've been to for a while. Not to overhype or anything.

          Truthfully, I'd not heard of it prior to today. Needs more hype, if anything.
          Everything is better with hype.

            It's a movie written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard (wrote Cloverfield). Directed by Goddard.

            A group of college students go off to a cabin in the woods for a weekend of fun...

      Where's it playing in Brisbane, man? I was hoping Event Cinemas site was accurate. :(

    In case you live under a rock or don't have Twitter, Shiggy and I went to Supanova on the weekend and got to meet two of the guys from Roosterteeth. We even got a photo with them!
    I am still really excited about this. It was awesome. Apparently Batgirl got to spend some time with Jennifer Hale yesterday, too, so she's probably over the moon with joy right now. Meeting people like that is really just have to survive the massive crowds, especially the cosplayers with horns or whatever jabbing into you as they walk.

      Those weren't horns. Or maybe they were... TOO mUCH INNUENDO

    I think I've finally convinced my mum to let me do a bachelor of something game related instead of the double degree in IT and engineering she wanted me to do.
    I'm looking at the Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment Major in Games Programming at QANTM College right now. Not sure whether I want to do that, or a major in Games Design. I'm leaning a bit to towards the Game Programming, because it has some subjects on game design as well. I think I also remember reading something once about how people who study games programming are more likely to get a job than those that study game design.

      I don't know what the degrees you're looking at have, but I think having programming skills would be more versatile than design skills. Congrats though! Are you starting next year?

      That's awesome man! I've got a couple friends who study at QANTM (or studied, can't seem to get my tenses right currently).
      Best of luck!

      Hey Lambo, do what you want. not what your parents want. I've had friends stuck in courses they hated only to quit one year in and just start again doing the course they wanted to do from the get-go.

        Then again, it sounds like they're letting you do it anyway. So i don't really get why i had to throw my 2 cents in there. Carry on.

    Hi, guys!
    Le Mans was watched, food was ingested, and my body paid the price....
    But I feel good, and my tower is nearly ready!
    How is everyone, by the way?

    I think I have a new most favourite song. 'Girl Named Tennessee' by NEEDTOBREATHE

      I won't have a chance to listen to it 'til this afternoon, though I certainly will once I get home!
      I've been REALLY digging Purity Ring lately, although I only have 2 songs. Either way, that's at the top of my playlist currently!

    HI, TAY,

    I'm pretty sure I'm hungover from excitement/adrenaline because I interviewed Tricia Helfer and Jennifer Hale yesterday. I was like "WHAT IS AIR? IS THIS A DREAM? HAVE I DIED AND GONE TO NERD HEAVEN". I want to go to the next one in Brisbane or Adelaide in November. I've got the con bug reaaaaly bad. Also, I want to dress up as a character this time. Only found out I was going like the day before sooooo yeah.

    And that was my weekend. I mean, I worked on Saturday but who wants to hear about that!

      What's Hale like? Please say she's nice and cool and awesome. I'm a huge fan of her work and like anyone who I'm a fan of I want her to be a likeable person in real life.

        She is the nicest person. Not in a put on way, you can see it's genuine.

          Glad to hear it. I'd love to meet her myself one day if for no other reason then to tell her she's awesome (which I'm sure she hears all the time).

          How can you tell its genuine? I ask this out of curiousity not spite.
          Glad you had a rad time miss, sounds like you needed it.

            I don't know. You can usually sense when it's forced.

      I DO!
      Saturday work is almost as bad as Sunday work :(
      Because weekend.
      ...but penalty rates, I hope?

    Hi Kotaku-ites!

    Inspired by Serrels' article from last week (I Want To Tell Their Stories) which was important to me, I wrote a new post in my blog ( if anyone wants something to think about on a Monday morning.

    I had a 90s party on the weekend and went as a Super Mario Kart cartridge (released 1992)!

      Nice article. Thanks for sharing. Emotional engagement with games is so important to me and seems particularly hard to find from time to time

        Thanks for your response Shane, I see your posts every day (The Dig!) and I'm glad you read through it.

        What are some important games to you?

    There are two, apparently decent, cafes within walking distance of my house.

    I rarely see the damned things open. Is it so hard to be open on Monday morning? That way I can have my coffee without having to drive anywhere.

      My coffee tastes like it's been filtered through my work boots...
      And to actually contribute, perhaps you could open a cafe nearby, that is open EXCLUSIVELY on Mondays? You know, to be exclusive and ironic, and to stick it to the man and all that :D

        But really, you should do it. I'd go there every Monday, without fail.
        It could be called MonTAYs. Everyone would laugh, and we would rejoice at the advent of this newfound coffee-consuming utopian reprieve from Mondayitis.

          I only get every second Monday off work. Was a public holiday last week :p

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    Post #1: Powalen on Monday, June 11, 2012 at 8:32 AM

      I hadn't realised but last weeks TAY was tiny. Only 2164 comments.

        Whilst I think I've only been here for a month or so (holy crap, a month already?!) it seems to be around 4k~ posts. Is that about the norm?

          4k used to be a lot but then it became the norm due to a combination of some new people coming in and people just posting more in general. It seems like things have calmed down a bit now though. It's 11.20 and we're not even on the second page yet, which surprises me. I think some regulars are off on holiday or something?

            4K-5K posts per week, then Harli stops posting as much.... now ~2K a week. thats cause & effect right there.
            Also, with his many handles, Pez probably accounted for half the total count.

              also, i think a fair bit of the TAY conversation has migrated to twitter in the last few weeks.

                It's all Twitter's fault! And because the last couple of weeks have had heaps of events on. Queens Birthday, E3, Various Meats. It's all happening!

          It was when I joined in December/Jan, but earlier this year we started getting about 1000 more each week.

          So like 3k -> 4k -> 5k -> 6k and I think 7k or so was our highest? Sometimes we hit like 1.5k in a Monday :O it's insanity!

        That explains why I'm in the top 10, what the? Don't forget though we had the public holiday Monday

        I find myself posting less and less on TAY but talking to TAYbies more on Twitter these days. My twitter feed moves so damn quick.

      Slipped to third. Oh well. Top 3 for five weeks running!

      Wow, 41st? Only 14 posts?

        I beat you :3
        Okay, so it was only by 3 posts, but still. #winning

          Yeah, TAY has quieted down in recent weeks. Twitter is more convenient and faster but I hope TAY doesn't become empty.

            I personally find that I don't like twitter. It's... painful?
            TAY seems to suit better for me.

            I spent more time on twitter than on tay last week, because I was busy and it's a lot easier and quicker to use than tay. Except for when you have something to say that won't fit in a tweet...
            But I'm not as busy this week, so I'll be spamming posting here more!

      Back on form after lingering below some joke accounts for a couple of weeks

      I've decided I'm going to stop posting here and on all the other sites I frequent for a little while. I'll still be reading from time-to-time, though. Take it easy, folks. (Especially Shane and Strange, the rock on which TAY stands! You guys are truly awesome!)

    @Rocketman, after seeing that stuff on Reddit about LoL's future new map, ARAM, I suggest we change it to a 3v3 ARAM tournament :) instead of Twisted Treeline. Yea or nay?

      Meh, im not sure yet,we shall see, we can play around with it and see if it is actually fun or pointless and infuriating. I dont want to lock anything in cause it might just piss everyone off amd not really require any skill.

        Fair point, I just know that Twisted Treeline isn't exactly great to go on, and Summoner's Rift is way too large for a 3v3 to work. I'll be interested in giving it a whirl anyways.

      I think using a new map could be cool because none of us would be used to it.

    So... who's up for some iSketch sometime soon (later this week/on the weekend)?

    We haven't had it in a while and some people have asked, or have expressed interest in playing again. I figured I might as well find out who'd be interested in playing and then set a day for it :)

    So, who's interested in playing and what day works for you? Anytime after Thursday is coolio for me and I assume evening/night would be preferred as most people have this strange thing called "jobs".

    And for those of you who've never played or heard of it before it's basically online pictionary :P

      Have we ever played iSketch while on Teamspeak? T'would be fun. I'm up for some iSketchies any night this week!

        I'm not sure. One time Bish asked how to draw a ballerina on TS, but forgot that Blaghsy (who was also playing) was on there too.

      I'm interested in playing! I can't on friday or saturday nights though.

      Interested but with work and stuff who knows what time I can play. Set and time and if I'm around at work or home I might jump on

    Morning TAY.
    Monday calls for some Vidya Good Times Nostalgia. Here's something to get your toes tapping:

    I'm trying to install Ubuntu onto my tower so I can dual boot it with Windows 7, and I'm honestly unable to even get started.
    Not for lack of trying, it's just that I have no idea how to install Ubuntu.

      From experience, it's one of the simpler ones, unless you're experiencing hardware compatibility issues?

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