Team Fortress 2's Pyromania Heats Up With New Weapons And A City On Fire

A trio of heroes armed with powerful new weapons against the man (or woman) that would burn everything they've built to the ground. Day Two of Team Fortress 2's Pyromania update has me feeling the drama. I mean hell, just look at that still from "Meet the Pyro" up top. Oh yeah, I'm feeling it.

I haven't been keeping up with the lore surrounding Team Fortress 2 very well at all, mainly because I'm not particularly good at playing it. I'm not-too-shabby with the Scout and Soldier, but anything beyond that is also beyond me.

But when I see an image like this, I really want to get into it.

That's the top of the City on Fire page linked in the Pyromania Day Two post on the Team Fortress blog. The writing accompanying the image describes Downtown Teufort, a city filled with sewage just ripe for a fiery cleansing.

The remainder of the update details new weapons for the Scout, Soldier, Sniper and Pyro, the latter getting a the flare gun seen in the "Meet the Pyro" scene above. I want to fire that in your face.

See? I'm in the spirit of things now.

City on Fire [Team Fortress 2]


    Someone needs to fix the link - its currently a mailto.

    Ah, this would mean a new maptype apart from desert, more desert, forest and snow.

    Looks like your link is a mailto: link instead of a normal link to

    Super pumped for this update and completing the whole set of Meet the Team videos :D

    Ah man this means will see more pyro running around trying to airblast people and fail. (on average i only come across 1 out of every 20or so pyros who play the class well, airblasting, dodging, switching to axes when on fire and such)

    I haven't played TF2 ages. Is it still full people more worried about trading and making hats then actually playing?
    I just realised I sunk 268hrs into this game before I got fed up with all trade talk.

      Just find a few good servers (either social or competitive) and save them. Generally traders get told to GTFO fairly quickly.

    The scout weps look cool, but their stats are shit. The snipers new SMG will probably get nerfed to mini crits on kill. New rocket launcher sounds cool. Sounds handy for taking out sentries.

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