Tell Us Dammit: Defining Moments

Yesterday, at Game Masters, Warren Spector ran through some of the defining moments that shaped him as a gamer and as a designer. It got me wondering about my own defining moments, when I realised the potential of gaming. What are some of your favourite gaming memories?

I have a couple of recent ones. I remember bringing my Wii home for the first time, and watching everyone in my wife's house become entranced by Wii Sports. That was honestly a real defining moment for me. I knew then that the market for games had changed. Every single person, gamers and non-gamers alike, in that room ended up buying a Wii, regardless of whether its gathering dust now.

Even more recent for me was Journey, that game's ending in particular, despite what some thing, was an incredible moment for me. Jus the simple act of moving forward felt meaningful. Pretty incredible.

But what about you guys and girls? What are some of your defining moments when it comes to video games?


    - Morrowind on the Xbox1. The expansive and in depth world wasn't something you'd normally see on an console. It was amazing to realise that I could do what I want when I want, and just to relax into the world. Really groundbreaking game on console even though it was a PC game first and foremost, and still the most in depth Elder Scrolls game to date.

    Grand Theft Auto III, that really defined a lot of things for sandbox games.

    The ending of pretty much every Zelda game. Mostly because you're so sad it's over.
    Playing wii sports tennis the first time. Motion controls! It was cool back in 2006.
    The ending of Okami has go be my most defining moment though. It was so sad, yet I felt so happy for all of the characters. It's the only game that I can say I've had an emotional connection with. The game was just perfect and nothing I've played since has lived up to it. It set the standard for me for what a video game should be.

    Getting a PS1, and becoming suddenly aware of the vast array of games out there to try.
    Playing Freedom Force on PC.
    Playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfareonline with my friends after school.

      Damn hit submit too early! To elaborate, Freedom Force was the first game I played that was remotely like an RPG, managing a party and upgrading their skills. And CoD4 was the first time I'd played anything online with my friends.

    Seeing the various incarnations of the Lucasarts logo before games like Sam n Max, Day of the Tentacle and the Monkey Island games after waiting half an hour to install the games from floppy disks.

    Watching my wife the final achievement on Civ Rev beating myself, my friends, our kids and their friends to 1000 pointing a game. I've never loved her so much :)

    Me and me Ma staying up late at night, finishing Bubble Bobble on the NES. Then finding out the secret stages and finishing that.

    Then there was the time me I was getting dropped off at school by my Dad, seeing me Ma playing Super Mario 2. When i get home, Ma was in the process of finishing SMB 2. To this day, I still cannot beat that game.......

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