Tell Us Dammit: E3

Alright — it's generic and it's predictable, but how could this week's Tell Us Dammit be about anything else? So peoples — what has got you excited? What disappointed you? What was missing? Let's talk about E3 and stuff!

I'm so dull and boring that the things I'm excited about are pretty much the same things everyone else is hyped about: Watch Dogs and The Last Of Us.

As for disappointment — well, practically everything disappointed me, because I'm a jaded games writer and I have no soul. I think the poor games line-up from Nintendo was the biggest disappointment for me. Also The Last Guardian no-show. I was also disappointed that both Microsoft and Sony didn't showcase a cool new game from Xbox LIVE/PSN. I remember being blown away at the debut of Shadow Complex. I love that kind of stuff — just something fresh and new to talk about.

But yeah — you're all probably sick of my ranting — what did you all think? Let us know in the comments below.


    I super excited for The Last of Us and Beyond. Watch Dogs also looks like it could be decent. ZombiU may just be enough to convince me to buy a Wii U, though I have a feeling it'll be banned in Australia so I'll have to wait and see.

    Bit disappointed how little attention Sony gave to the Vita and how there's been no announcement of a new 3DS model (I've been holding out on getting one until a model comes out with two tumbsticks). Also surprised the Wii U's price hasn't been announced.

    I can honestly say I'm a little bleh about this year's E3. It kind of feels like that week where you don't get paid - if you get paid fortnightly - everyone says stuff is going on but I'm trying to focus more on getting through to next week than I am about the big new thing. With games right now I'm more focused on getting the most out of what I have - D3, BF3 + a big pile of shame (Skyrim, Saints Row etc) and so nothing is really jumping out at me and saying 'YOU MUST PLAY ME'.

    Maybe I'm just getting jaded in my old age.

    I keep linking to this because I couldn't be bothered writing it out again:

    TL;DR: Yes, kind of underwhelming. But I'm still satisfied with what I saw.

    Dragon Quest... any possibility to get a cel-shaded Dragon Quest on to PS3 in the coming years?? That one on the PS2 was just SOOOO awesome.

    Also, SSX... I want news on this.

    Well Watch Dogs was game of the show for me so far. I'm slightly more interested in Halo 4 than I was, and I'm even considering buying Black Ops 2, something I didn't think would happen.

    Still not interested in the Wii U. I was never interested in the Vita but I'm surprised Sony didn't try and push it more, that's got to be disappointing for fans.

    I'm very interested in the way Microsoft are expanding what the Xbox will do in the future, especially the SmartGlass interaction. Tthe Xbox might primarily be a games console but it's becoming more and more an entertainment hub of sorts. I could easily see this expanding even more in the future. It might not be exciting, but I see it being very functional.

    With E3 meaning less and less, do you think we'll see the majors pull out and have their own events like Nintendo Space World, on their own schedule?

    I got so excited when Nintendo announced that friend codes are gone, the WiiU will cost $200 and come with 7 games included in the pack. Also the big reveal of The Legend of Zelda: Shoe of Destiny on the WiiU looked amazing, I've never seen such amazing graphics I thought my eyes would explode! Not to mention Super Mario Finally Gives Up On His Plumbing Business and Goes Full Time In Mushroom Kingdom which looked like a totally rebooted Mario game with completely original ideas!

    Microsoft began with a disappointing start but turned things around when they revealed that The Magic of Kinect involved ACTUAL magic! Finally we no longer have to rely on lame technology and simply conjure everything we need instantly by invoking the dark spirit of Clippy the Stupid Office Assistant.

    As for Sony releasing God of War 7, 8, 9 and 15 all at the same time seems like an odd strategy but hey who am I to judge. Also the scene where they melted every move controller ever manufactured and apologised was much appreciated.

    Sorry, I didn't like this E3 so I made up my own.

    AC III. Errrrrrrryday. Looking like its going to the glorious and awesome step up that AC2 was from AC1. Screw side spin off games, number sequels are the true games in the AC series.

    like ubisoft's next E3 presentation should start with them behedding that chick and shooting that guy.

    Apart from that, microsoft sucky as always, we already knew everything beforehand, sony underpushing the vita. pushing another Arc.... sorry "move" device we know will fail as it did on stage. Yet sony being the only of the big 3 who had a reasonable presentation.

    But most disappointing of all, EA WHERE THE HELL WAS COMMAND AND CONQUER?

    Rayman Legends sold me on getting a WiiU at launch but Nintendo only showing Pikmin (groan) had me recalling memories of the Wii and how it gathered dust.

    Watch Dogs doesn't interest me in the slightest from a gameplay perspective, but the way it looked graphically and the way it's NPC's actually had me believing they were leading their own lives grabbed my attention.

    Lack of any real announcements for Vita disappointed me. Both software & business wise.

    Metal Gear: Raiden & Sword Adventure Time looks amazing. Can. Not. Wait.

    All in all, a pretty typical E3.

    I'm equal parts hyped and wary about NFS Most Wanted. On the one hand it looks like it'll be heaps of fun, at least in multiplayer. They haven't really talked about singleplayer yet. On the other hand, it looks almost nothing like the original Most Wanted, which is disappointing.
    I can't really see why people are so hyped about Watch Dogs. It does look interesting, but it just looks a little too scripted. I'm eager to hear more about it, but I'm not super hypey over it.
    Halo 4 looks awesome. Although I probably would still be excited over it if it didn't. xD
    Star Wars 1313 blew my mind. Seriously, that's in game rendering?? It looks like those trailers for The Old Republic. I'm sorta hoping they release it for PC soon, then release it for consoles when the next gen comes out, because I don't think I can wait that long to play it :P
    Oh, and Lego City Undercover almost makes me want to buy a WiiU.

    Surprised: nothing
    Disappointed: everything

    I get why people have been saying e3 is becoming irrelevant. This has to be the worst show in history.

    I have paid as little attention to E3 as possible and don't really plan on getting on board with the hype train. When the games are closer to being a reality, then I'll care. For now, there really is no reason to be that interested.

    Exciting: The Last Of Us, Beyond, Watch Dogs.

    Disappointing: Pretty much everything else.

    I'm guessing Sony have got all their major internal devs working on PS4 stuff at this point because there were a few too many no-shows from teams that should have something to show by now. And no Last Guardian :( And they appear to have hung the Vita out to dry. I don't now if it's a symptom of the general malaise affecting the wider Sony organization, but the gaming division just seems to be wandering around without any real sense of direction. Hopefully there is actually a direction that will become apparent at next year's PS4 reveal, otherwise they could be in trouble.

    MS: have completely lost the momentum they had early in this generation and are now serving up nothing but sequels, Kinect bullshit and online services designed to get us watching as much advertising as they can throw at us.

    Nintendo: Had the most to win or lose from this E3. They managed to lose the most. Not even Nintendo themselves seem to understand what the Wii U is supposed to be for. The range of controllers (tablet, Wiimote, "hardcore") combined with lack of killer app to use them with suggest a company flailing around trying to find a way to follow up the success of the Wii, but not really sure how to do it. Hopefully they've got something big up their sleeve for between now and their launch at the end of the year because time is starting to become their enemy. Hard to remember a new console that's generated less buzz at E3 this close to its launch.

    Nintendo have completely failed at making me want a Wii U...I'm sorry but there is nothing on that system so far that could convince me to pay a supposed $400 (depending on what the price is at launch)

    Miiverse - looks like a cluttered mess that I would want to turn off at the first chance possible...I don't want text messages popping up in the NSMB hub just looks like a cluttered mess to me. Cool concept but doesn't interest me due.

    New Super Mario Bros U - I like these games...but not enough to spend a possible $400 on.

    Pikmin 3 - Same thing as NSMBU

    ZombiU - kind of cool idea, but I a little zombied out. Plus I must say, graphically speaking, that game isn't impressed. Looks like the Red Steel Enginge to me...just bumped up in Resolution

    Nintendo Land - Nope sorry Nintendo...why isn't this just pack pre-installed to the machine?

    Nintendo have just utterly failed in making me want to buy this system...

    Things that I did like....Watch Dogs, The Last of Us, Retro City Rampage, Assassins Creed 3, Beyond Two Souls, Jet Set Radio on the Vita. Just to name a few

    The three main presentations for me all had their upsides and downsides... Microsoft had Halo 4, Splinter Cell, Tomb Raider, Gears, and SmartGlass, but also had sport and Kinect. Sony had Last of Us, AC3, and FC3, but also had a Smash Bro's clone and Move. Ubisoft had FC3, AC3, Rayman, and Watch Dogs, but also had those god-awful presenters.
    All in all, my hype for AC3, FC3 and Last of Us is up, very excited for Watch Dogs (especially with SmartGlass, or related technology) and new Splinter Cell. Hype for Halo 4 is down, slightly, as it looks more like Crysis than Halo.

    This year's unbelievable amount of build-up and hype did A LOT of damage, in my opinion. The show WAS a howler no matter which way you cut it, but this year is was a three-part combination. The fans doing their Mass Effect 3 Ending schtick again, but this time about every game on show; the quite-frankly-offensive malaise displayed by the content providers; and the fact that nobody really wants to buy anything of anything right now (it's the economy stupid).

    Wii U is not a Nintendo University? There's no Watch Dogs + Catz! Worst E3 ever!

    The only game that has really got me interested is ZombiU. Zombies might have been done to death (ha) but it looks like a really excellent way to do survival horror, and only having one life per character? If this doesn't turn out to be another Red Steel fiasco I'll buy the WiiU for this alone.

    I don't get what is so exciting about The Last of Us. Uncharted 3 really bored me and this looks like the same sort of gameplay style and similar environments.

    Top 3...

    The Last Of Us - Health Bar, Limited Ammo, Brutal... looks amazingly tense and yet the whispers of closed door screens of the same section with people avoiding any combat at all. Best of Show.

    Watch Dogs - Best surprise! The game looks amazing and has some very interesting gadgets to play with in the world, seems like there are many possibilities. Shooting looks solid also, with no bullet sponges.

    Assassin's Creed 3 - Franchise burnout? Maybe prior, but this new game seems to still be the same, but completely different at the same time. Naval gameplay looked amazing and more fun than tower defence!

    Notable Mentions
    God Of War Ascension, Assassin's Creed Liberation, Sly Cooper : Thieves In Time, PlayStation All Stars, LittleBigPlanet Vita, Guacamelee, Unfinished Swan, Rayman Legends (though I want a PS3/V version) and I'm sure there are many more...

    Oh and one more thing... Journey Collector's Edition, yep that happened and will be double dipping on whatever they plan on releasing.

    South Park definitely! That game looks like everything you could dream a SP game would be. Please come quick, March 2013!

    Highlights for me were:
    -Splintercell Blacklist
    -Halo 4
    -Last of Us
    -Watch Dogs
    -Sony Battle Royale
    -South Park: Stick of Truth
    -Dead Space 3

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