That's A Mighty Big Box For A Mighty Small Memory Card

Video games and the consoles we play them on may use a significant amount of materials. But even when going digital, it seems we can't get away from the waste.

Reddit user firstmarker ordered a PS Vita memory card. The Vita is a handheld. Memory cards for it are not large. And little tiny memory cards are a great way to store dozens of digitally-distributed games. No fuss, no waste, no physical space. Should be easy!

Or, you know, not. Overkill on packaging is nothing too unusual in the world of online ordering, but for something as tiny and durable as an SD card, that is a rather impressive waste of space.

Finally got my Vita memory card in the mail! Wait, uhh... [Reddit]


    my company once received a server memory upgrade for one of our servers - two stick of RAM. the well known multi-national vendor had distributed it from their Singapore warehouse...

    on a pallet.


      They prolly just needed to get rid of some pallets.

    Just yesterday I got a Vita memory card in the mail after buying it (and uncharted) from the JB 20% off sale. They sent both in a smallish padded envelope, much more appropriate than the box above. Still, there's nothing in the world that can prepare you for how small these Vita cards are. We're talking little fingernail small.

      Yeah, they are tiny. Also, I have to use a smoothing card I got with my case just to open the part to put the game in. My vita is so damn tiny yet so damn awesome.

    THAT HAPPENED TO ME! Bought a 32GB memory card from amazon, had it sent to my Us mail forwarding service because amazon wouldn't ship to Australia, they put it in giant boxes at amazon and it cost me $85 for shipping. Still cost the same if I had bought it from play-asia, but I wasn't happy.

      I've always been curious about a reliable mail forwarding service from the US. Which one do you use?

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