That's No Moon... It's An Insanely Detailed Death Star Made Out Of A Ping Pong Ball

Japanese craftsman tatumaru5963 took a ping pong ball, cut a piece out of it, made some alterations, painted it up and hey presto. A teeny tiny version of the Second Death Star.

I look at the size of this thing, I try to think of the skill needed to get it looking this good, and I just can't do it. My head explodes.

デススター2 by ピンポン玉 [PixIV]


    what a waste of time

      So, impressive craftsmanship abilities is a waste of time?
      Tell you what, you stick to masturbation as a hobby and leave the artistic talent and expression to the rest of us.

      said the guy commenting on a forum.
      Please p tear enlighten us what do you use your time for?

        Nice hypocritical argument there champ.

          Howso? I don't see Epic Fan claiming that he's not wasting his time by commenting here.

    What's with the smokes? And agree what a waste of time

      For a reference of scale.
      And you stick to masturbation too.

    Woah, settle down guys. This is pretty cool and while I'd never have the patience to do this, remember this is a video game site so it is safe to assume we have all wasted countless hours doing something many would brand (sometimes correctly) a waste of time.

    The only waste of time here is those first two comments. And any reading of them that occurred.

    I want those seconds back.

    That's really cool, I have next to no artistic talent whatsoever (I can occasionally do a passable Virgin Mary in my toast's burn marks) so I really appreciate people doing shit like this.

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