The 3DS XL Getting Its Own Circle Pad Pro

When Nintendo revealed the 3DS XL, Kotaku asked the game maker about the Circle Pad Pro — you know, the add-on circle pad — as it would be too small for the larger 3DS. Nintendo said that the company had nothing to announce at that time. Fast forward to today.

In the recent issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu, Nintendo revealed that, yes, the 3DS XL will also be getting its own Circle Pad Pro. Hope it's called Circle Pad Pro XL.

Whatever Nintendo calls it, the add-on is slated to go on sale sometime this year in Japan. No word yet about a Western release date.

本日発売の週刊ファミ通は、ニンテンドー3DS LLを筆頭に特集てんこ盛り! [Famitsu]


    Wouldn't it have made more sense to put two thumbsticks on the new 3DS model?

      Uh no der, that wouldn't be a good idea at all, for obvious reasons

        But then why would they get you to shell out more for a WiiU controller?

      then they would bump the 3ds price up to 300AUD and everyone will complain. Now they can just earn your money via circle pad pro XL and the total price of the new 3DS XL would be close to 300. Hidden cost just like Vita

      When most games won't be optimised for it, or even use it, probably not.

    So, the 3DS + CPP is about as big as the new 3DSXL.
    Which is just going to make the XL just a massive chunk of plastic.

      what an accurate and well thought out sentiment.

      The extra screen size and longer battery life has nothing to do with the XL. the 3DS and XL are exactly the same, the only difference being size.

      You heard it here first folks

      What about above the ABXY buttons?

    I... but... huh? But you redesigned... lots of space... gah!

      I'm no Japanese lawyer, but it's entirely possible that by including a second stick the handheld would have to be called something else since it would no longer be a redesign or an enlarging of an existing product but an entirely new design. But that's just speculation.

      A more likely explanation was mentioned on one of the announcement article's comment section, that not every game requires two thumbsticks and for a game like New Super Mario Bros 2. (A 2D platformer) a second thumbstick doesn't make much sense. Starfox 64 3D & OoT? came out on N64 with one thumbstick.

        ohwhoops, sorry Bayguy, meant to be it's own comment

    Are you ****ing kidding me? This is a joke right? It has to be... 3DS is the new Facepalm.


    They do a re-design...what's the one thing people ask for...2nd ANALOG CIRCLE Built in

    What do they give us...larger 3DS, no AC Adaptor included (well at least in Japan) AND A BIGGER BOAT :)

    To quote Jaws..."We're Gonna Need a BIGGER BOAT"

    Well it was obvious that a new circle pad peripheral would be coming out from the minute they showed the 3DS XL without an extra circle pad.

    Still, that thing will be HUGE.

    Worst. Move. Ever. I love Nintendo, but this is too much.

    I'm looking forward to it, and will buy it.
    There aren't any games that I've been interested in that use the second thumb stick. Just the Mario games and the eventual smash brothers.
    Only 7 games actually use it, and they are more console style games anyway, not handheld. I'm happy about this decision.

    I would seem to be in the minority that wouldn't want the extra stick on it, for the simple fact that the games it's used for (which is what 2?) I have no interest in and it would be a waste for a lot.

      Exactly. This.
      Those who want the stick are very loud and buy the peripheral, those who don't care or like it the way it is, don't care. Nintendo aren't stupid, they probably looked at the number of Circle Pad Pros that sold compared to the 3DS that sold and that told them whether or not to include it

    This is why i stopped buying Nintendo after the Gamecube. Poor design decisions. Shit games.

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