The Amazing Bruce Campbell Gets Extreme In The Amazing Spider-Man

Since his role as the ring announcer in the first Spider-Man movie, B-movie and television star Bruce "Ash" Campbell has been a fixture in the webslinger's video games. Next week's The Amazing Spider-Man is no exception.

Campbell plays an over-the-top journalist in the game, putting Spidey through his paces in a series of challenges that will task all of his radioactive spider powers.

And here I was hoping he'd take on a more subdued, dramatic role.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits stores next week.


    Bruce campbell can have my babies - i want a remake of a fist full of broomstick!!

    Interesting that he's in it considering it was normally because it was a Raimi Movie.

      Shows you it's his TALENT not his FRIENDS getting him work.

        Sam Raimi likes to give a cameo to Bruce, and to his car (is it an oldsmobile or something?), I doubt it counts as work (I suspect it's more a "shits and giggles" thing between two old friends).

    I'm still sad they never made their Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash movie...


      Read the script treatment available on the net and you'll be a lot less sad.

    Bruce Campbell aside, I was very impressed with the look of the game - and Stan lee is looking amazingly healthy for a man of his age.

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