The Amazing Spider-Man Marketing Team Have It So Easy

The Amazing Spider-Man Marketing Team Have It So Easy

I bet the folks that do public relations and marketing for innovative and thoughtful games like From Dust and Journey spend days and days brainstorming inventive ways to communicate complex ideas in ways that appeal to the consumer. Meanwhile The Amazing Spider-Man UK marketing team nipped off early after putting in an order for footy pajamas.

While the marketing team is down the pub having some crisps, Spider-Man is up the street waving and having his picture taken, the man inside the suit no doubt counting his blessings for being the right size for the costume. He stopped by the Oxford Street GAME store and spent the morning puttering about.


Spidey was spotted taking in the busy tourist sites early this morning, including Big Ben and St Pauls, mingling with commuters on Westminster Bridge and making calls from a London phone box.

Spider-Man created cutting-edge web-shooters featuring a chemical compound unlike anything humanity has ever seen, yet he has no cell phone.

Tomorrow the Spider-Man model will be playing hide-and-seek, travelling from GAME location to GAME location, standing around being Spider-Man. UK fans will be able to follow his being driven from place-to-place on Facebook.

Somewhere in America a marketing specialist is passed out at her desk, blotter stained with tears of frustration having spent all night trying to figure out how to push a video game that explores the wonders of the human psyche through tower defence. Where is her Spider-Man?


  • Not to nitpick, but surely they could use the right spiderman outfit. I like the classic spiderman, but if you’re going to advertise a new game with a new suit, use the damn new suit.

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