The Best Diablo III Forum Thread You’ll Read Today

The Best Diablo III Forum Thread You’ll Read Today

This forum thread has been making the rounds on the internet today. It’s pretty entertaining.

Give it a read:

First, thank you for addressing so many of the important issues in this patch. After playing a couple of quests tonight, however, I’ve realised that the fight against exploiters will never truly be won.

  • DPS is still way out of control – in some cases I’ve even seen players kill certain monsters before they were killed themselves
  • People are still taking advantage of skills with unintended effects such as increased survival, damage output, and situation control
  • There are several chests that continue to drop gold when opened; there are also still other, more nefarious means of gold farming, such as killing enough monsters that you actually MAKE more gold than your repairs cost
  • I personally witnessed an incident where a player found a yellow item, and when they identified it, it had stats that could be exploited to increase their combat effectiveness – for the class they were playing at the time.
  • Some gear seen on vendors still had stats other than Vitality that could, in the hands of an insidious agent, theoretically be employed toward the end of making combat easier (less dying, and in extreme cases, more killing)
  • Bosses are still able to be killed by players – I don’t have screenshots to prove this, but it is happening. Hopefully your data analysis can pick it up.
  • Some bosses and rares are failing to properly spam stun, wall, poison, set afire, teleport into pools of acid, knockback, slow, and freeze players simultaneously while they teleport-kite the player at supersonic speed, carpeting every square inch of the zone with toxic ooze and letting their invulnerable minions with boss powers one- and two-shot us.
  • I personally was able to set up a bizarre configuration in the auction house search panel where I could find items with specific stats and also be able to sort them in a way that was not effectively random.
  • A friend of mine told me they were playing with some person earlier who – and I’m just the messenger here – seemed like they might be having fun while playing the game. I don’t know how true this is, but if it’s even a possibility, god help us all.

I’m just trying to do my part to ensure this kind of disgusting and cowardly behaviour gets stamped out as soon as possible. If there’s anything I hate in a game, it’s feeling like I’m getting more powerful and that my time and efforts are culminating in some kind of… /shudder… progression. I’m in this for the frustration and disappointment, 100%, and I stand behind you with every patch that brings us closer to those ideals.

Keep up the great work.

No word on whether Blizzard will address all or any of these valuable concerns.



  • I’ve quite enjoyed Diablo until this patch. I worked my way up to Act 3 Inferno and found a decent place to farm gear to prepare for Act 4. Since this patch, I can’t progress anymore and I am now back to farming Act 1. Not fun.

    • Is it any better? I played up until Act 2 Inferno at which point just hit a brick wall. I wouldn’t even call it a ‘difficulty curve’, every mob just had its HP and damage skyrocket so it took 5 minutes to kill something that could instantly one-hit you. I don’t know what masochist it was designed for, but I’d consider returning if they retooled the scaling.

    • What’s interesting is that i’m finding it far easier to farm with the new patch, to the extent that I can now facetank siegebreaker without even using a pot whereas I was kiting the entire fight prepatch (losing the 5stack buff because it took so long from dying over and over). I play a monk so I don’t know how the patch is for ranged classes but for melee, seems a lot easier.

  • I actually started playing diablo3 yesterday. It took me a few of the points you posted to realize they were trying to be funny.
    shame on me.

  • I use to die about once an act, last night I was killed as soon as I entered an area due to the 1 Gold 4 blue and sea of plebs waiting immediately inside the new area and I am now lucky to make if from check point to check point without dying. The only good thing about this new patch is the jewel crafting fees, Pity I’ve already blown over 200K on them.
    I tell you it’s starting to be not fun anymore, and when it’s not fun I wont bother anymore. Hey maybe thats the point they have lost too many subscribers to WOW and are trying to get them back…

  • … isn’t this the kind of post that shows up on every forum when changes are made? I know I saw a handful that were almost identical on the City of Heroes forums when I played regularly. How come this has achieved such fame?

    Oh. Ohhhhhh. Blizzard, right.

    Carry on. 9.9

  • Well, it might just be people complaining about changes and nerfs but it does make me feel like Diablo 3 is trying too hard to smack down hardcore players and noobs like me wouldn’t stand a chance. Maybe I’ll just go reinstall Diablo 2 if I ever get the urge.

    For the record, I was never going to play D3 anyway.

  • Inb4 its from the same guy who started the ‘warlock staff users’ thread all those years ago.. Oh kralnnorr how we miss you

  • Just hit Inferno difficulty a few days ago. It seems like I’m being punished to repeat Hell Act 4 over and over again now because I was late to reach LVL60. This doesn’t seem to hurt the people that have already been 60 for ages now because they have already had the chance to farm Inferno for gear and money as much as they please, and as such, don’t need to worry about repair costs anyway. They love to jump in with ‘Lrn2Play noob’ comments, but frankly I was playing for fun and was enjoying the difficulty curve and enjoying the progression. Now I told I HAVE TO farm the same spot over and over again if I want to progress…. See also Vaas from Farcry 3:

    • I’m a far more casual player than that – I’m only up to level 17. Haven’t even logged on for two weeks (thanks to a new addition to the family), but sounds like I’ll find it a lot less enjoyable when I do… 🙁

  • I still don’t really get why everyone is so surprised that you need to farm inferno a bit. Why was it assumed players would breeze through inferno with no gear considerations? Only having a level 60 monk I can only speak for the melee classes and I can’t even finish Inferno act 1, but grinding the higher levels of the game is a Diablo staple. Not sure how many of you remember the 5000 odd Hell Baal runs you needed to go from 95 – 99 in Diablo 2. At an average 5 minutes a run that’s over 400 hours. 400 hours to do the last 5% of levels in the game. Maybe you’ve all gone soft in the last 10 years. Or maybe you were too young to remember.

    • I think the real problem is that in Diablo 2, farming was actually useful and FUN. You were rewarded for your efforts, and always felt like you were making good progress.

      In Diablo 3, it’s not “farming” because there are no real rewards. It’s not fun, it’s just a pure grind with no rewards other than the slow and gradual collection of gold to spend on the auction house for items that are barely any better than what you’re already wearing.

      If the game would actually reward people with something other than half-arsed rares, and if items had interesting stats on them that made people actually CARE, people wouldn’t complain about it so much.

      • I actually didn’t enjoy farming in D2, I did it when necessary, but I prefer to flow through the game whenever possible.

  • I’m so glad I stood by my choice to never play that god-awful game. In other news, I recently installed D2 and LOD, and for the first time in my entire life, I am up to Hell difficulty with my Druid. The furthest I had previously reached, was about level 45 with a paladin.

    I have to summon a bear, three crows, and the spirit that returns damage, cast hurricane and armageddon, and then grind for about 2minutes per zombie. But I would still rather grind on than ever play D3.

  • Everybody saw the RMAH turning into a nightmare coming from a mile away and now this is just proof of it. Good luck finding good loot in the field, because all of it has a price tag in the Auction House.

    Bad form, Blizzard.

    • That doesn’t make sense. Where do you think the loot on the auction house came from? And in Diablo 2 it would take weeks to find class specfic high end gear, now you can put in the time or the money.

  • Wow what a horrible patch -_-, haven’t been able to play for a week due to moving house and come back to this…. just wow.

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